• Startups
    The Lean, Agile Way to Build Your First Product4 preview lean agile startup
    In part four of our series on launching a startup, you'll learn how to build your first product, using concepts like agile product development, minimal viable product (MVP), and lean startup principles.Read More…
  • Startups
    Startup Idea Qualification and Risk Elimination in the Early Days2 preview early risk elimination idea qualification
    Learn how to gather the critical external feedback that you'll need to make an informed decision about pursuing your new startup idea. Eliminate some of the avoidable risk of launching your startup by qualifying your idea.Read More…
  • Startups
    How to Come Up with Startup Ideas Worth Pursuing1 preview how to startup idea generation
    The first post in the new "Launch a Startup" series provides would-be founders with a framework for new idea generation and self-validation.Read More…
  • Products
    5 Steps of Idea Validation in The Real WorldIdea validation
    Discover a five-step process for idea validation. Learn exactly what you should do and how to do it. In this video tutorial, you'll even get a few tips on how to find your potential clients, as well as what exactly to say to them when you meet them for this exercise.Read More…
  • Products
    How to Test New Feature Ideas4 ideas
    Before throwing all of your resources at building a new feature for your product, you need to establish that you’re pursuing the right idea.Read More…
  • Products
    How to Create a Product Roadmap3 roadmap
    Unless you’re planning to sell just one single product and not change it the entire time you’re in business—a plan that most business experts would advise against—you need a way to decide how to continue to improve and evolve your product. The same holds true for services, by the way.Read More…
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    Why You Should Productize Your Services2 services
    Offering a service is one of the fastest ways to get a new business off the ground. As long as you have a skill set that’s useful to potential clients, you can start freelancing or consulting with minimal startup costs. Yet, selling services comes with its own special set of challenges.Read More…
  • Planning
    How to Track Feature and Service Requests1 folders
    When you sell your customers a new product or a service, you’re offering what you expect they’ll want. How well you sell, or don't sell, depends on how your offer taps into their needs and desires.Read More…