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  • Hiring
    How to Hire a Quality ProgrammerPreview tests for geeks
    Hiring a programmer is hard work. You need to know they've got the right passion, experience and skills to do the job. In this tutorial, we show you how to find quality programmers, and how to check they've got the right coding skills for your needs—using tools like Tests for Geeks.Read More…
  • Startups
    Launch Day: Generating Initial Buzz for Your Startup5 preview startup launch day buzz
    Our series on launching a startup concludes with a look at the launch itself—how to generate buzz, how to plan a successful launch event, and what to do on day one of your new business.Read More…
  • Startups
    The Lean, Agile Way to Build Your First Product4 preview lean agile startup
    In part four of our series on launching a startup, you'll learn how to build your first product, using concepts like agile product development, minimal viable product (MVP), and lean startup principles.Read More…
  • Startups
    How to Rebrand a Startup: An Interview with Layla FoordPreview rebrand layla ford envato studio interview
    Today we sit down with Layla Foord, the General Manager of Envato Studio, which is a project formerly known as Microlancer. They recently did a major brand overhaul and changed course shortly after crossing their first million in sales milestone for this project. There are interesting lessons here on being agile, discovering where your customer value lies, shifting directions as needed in your startup, and planning your company's path forward. Read More…
  • Startups
    Recruiting a Team of Founders: How to Attract Talent to Your Idea3 preview recruiting founder team
    In this third article of our startup launch series, we explore strategies for attracting talent and cofounders to your new idea. Every startup idea needs its champions. It’s time to start considering human capital needs in the context of building out your founding team.Read More…
  • Startups
    How to Tell if an Accelerator Is Right for Your StartupPreview startup accelerator
    In this guide, discover the evaluation process, and key considerations, to determine whether an accelerator is a good fit for your startup. If it is, inside are some great tips on how to increase your chances of getting accepted. Read More…
  • Startups
    Startup Idea Qualification and Risk Elimination in the Early Days2 preview early risk elimination idea qualification
    Learn how to gather the critical external feedback that you'll need to make an informed decision about pursuing your new startup idea. Eliminate some of the avoidable risk of launching your startup by qualifying your idea.Read More…
  • Startups
    How to Come Up with Startup Ideas Worth Pursuing1 preview how to startup idea generation
    The first post in the new "Launch a Startup" series provides would-be founders with a framework for new idea generation and self-validation.Read More…
  • Valuation
    How to Calculate the Value of Your Early-Stage StartupResearch survey
    As a startup founder, you will invariably face a time when you need to think about the valuation of your company. This article focuses on the steps you should take to calculate a reasonable valuation for your early-stage startup, with some context added that explains why that number becomes so important should you hit the proverbial startup homerun. Read More…