Business Series

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Management coaching series preview

    Team managers do more than call meetings and shuffle paperwork: they coach their team members to help them improve performance, manage relationships, and overcome obstacles. Learn the skills and strategies you need to become a great team coach.

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  • Series kickstarting your online microbusiness

    Would you like to launch and operate your own microbusiness? A business small enough to require only yourself and maybe a few contractors, but profitable enough to fund your biggest goals. This series on starting an online microbusiness will show you how.  

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  • Series thumb

    Trying to nail down a job that’s right for a person is tricky, let alone mapping out a career path. 

    In this series, you'll learn how to create a plan that outlines you future career goals, includes detailing incremental steps to achieve them, and ways to overcome any obstacles. Discover how to land that first job, springboard into the next, and push your career forward.

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  • Series cover business public speaking

    In this series, you’ll learn how to leverage public speaking to promote your profile, bring awareness to your products and services, as well as drive in direct income to your business. Learn how to land the lucrative speaking engagements you're aiming for and use speaking as a platform to reach your goals.

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  • Preview series build your productivity system

    Too much to do and feeling overwhelmed! You need to find your way out of this mess and put a long term solution in place. 

    In this multi-part series, you'll learn how to develop a productivity toolkit. Start by learning the productivity tools that get you out of your current predicament. Then experiment with more advanced systems. The aim is for you to craft a custom productivity system that matches your needs.

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  • Preview series funding a business

    Finding the right source of funding is a key problem for small businesses and startups. It can be hard to attract investors or secure debt without a proven track record of success, and even if you can get funding, each form has its downsides as well as benefits.

    This comprehensive series looks at the popular funding options available to businesses, which ones are most appropriate at different stages of growth, what the pros and cons are of each, and how to practically implement these strategies. If you're an entrepreneur looking for business funding, then read on.

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