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35 Best Keynote Presentation Templates (Designs For Mac Users 2021)


If you've got a presentation coming up, you might be feeling the pressure. That's understandable because there's plenty to do. Keynote presentation templates can help.

Aiony Modern Keynote presentation template for Mac
Are you ready to fire up your Mac and design a great Keynote presentation like Aiony?

As you create your keynote presentation, you need to:

  • Take an idea and build a cohesive story.
  • Put those ideas in a visually engaging Keynote presentation.
  • Rehearse your message and delivery to the audience.

But what if you're staring at a blank screen on your Mac? Or, struggling with designing great Keynote slide layouts? 

Keynote templates can help. In this tutorial, you'll find some of the best keynote design templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

The Challenge of Making a Great Presentation Design (On Your Mac)

It’s challenging to take your business goals and narrow them down until your message can be presented with clarity.

It’s not easy to reach an audience, get their attention, and make a meaningful connection with them. A lot might be on the line when you're preparing to present, like helping you:

  • Get the funding you’re seeking. 
  • Lead to a sale you’re pitching. 
  • Or deliver key insights to stakeholders.
Slide design Theon
Use slide designs like this one from Theon to build your Keynote presentation in less time than ever.

You've got to design every slide so that it clearly delivers each part of your business presentation. Your presentation design needs to make an impact!

If you’re finding designing your presentation to match your goals a bit difficult, don’t worry, we've got you covered! What you need is a professional Keynote design template so you can get a jumpstart in the right direction. 

With a quality template, you've got pro design slides and the best features pre-packaged, and ready to work with. That way, you can quickly get a professional presentation put together.

The Best Keynote Presentation Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best Keynote presentation templates on Envato Elements. And there's a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Apple Keynote templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Keynote presentation theme designs on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

A versatile presentation theme that's designed for many business uses in 2021 is a useful creative asset. Whether you've got a report to give or team to inform. These templates have all the slide design features you’d need to make a creative, top-notch presentation.

These premium new Apple Keynote themes have a ton of presentation options. While feature-rich, they're easy to work with. You can readily add your info, insert your business photos, edit each slide design, and quickly put together your presentation.

Thousands of Apple Keynote presentation templates on Envato Elements
Thousands of popular Apple Keynote slide templates on Envato Elements.

Each slide in these themes have unique, modern designs, so your presentation will stand out professionally. They come with simple, yet sophisticated visual options and several Keynote layout choices. Use them to showcase your presentation concepts and tell your business story.

You can insert all the slides you need to pace and lead your audience through your presentation. Work with slides set up for business presentations, such as: 

  • creative slides
  • team presentation slides
  • portfolio slides
  • and plenty of Infographic slides 
Lots of Slide Designs
The Fashion template is a theme for Keynote that includes dozens of slide designs, ready to customize.

These themes feature hundreds of  presentation options. Timelines,  graphics, customizable maps, flow charts, comparison tables, and data diagram slides. These 2021 business themes have many advanced Keynote presentation features, such as:

  • many design layouts
  • ready to use master slides
  • business-driven infographics
  • a spectrum of color choices
  • handcrafted animations
  • and a whole lot more

Insert your information into these impactful themes and prepare your slide deck. You’re ready to nail your business presentation in 2021!

Keynote Template Design Inspiration (New From Envato Elements - For 2021)

Here are a handful of the best modern Keynote template designs for Mac that are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Theon - Creative Keynote Template for Mac Presentations

Theon - Creative Keynote Template for Mac Presentations

Regardless of the focus of your presentation, one thing is for sure: you need an awesome slide design. With the Theon Keynote design theme, you get tons of creative slide design layouts with a professional setup. 

Change your Keynote backgrounds, add your own photos, and insert your text. Customize your message and graphic visuals in this modern set of Mac presentation designs!

2. Pitch - Pro Keynote Business Presentation Template

Pitch - Pro Keynote Business Presentation Template

When you need investors to place their confidence with you, you need a professional presentation design.

The Pitch Keynote Template will help you attract an audience and present your message. These Key slides are designed to make an impact. This theme has a gorgeous set of slide designs and compelling Keynote layouts.

3. Startup - Popular Modern Keynote Pitch Template

Startup Modern Keynote Pitch Template Design

This clean, creative Keynote presentation theme is perfect to show your business ideas. All the premium design elements are fully editable from a shape to colors, text to photos, and tables to graphs. Customize this Apple Keynote theme now!

4. Fashion - Trendy Design Keynote Theme for Mac

Fashion Trendy Design Keynote Theme for Mac

This Fashion Keynote template has a professional, minimal style design. It's made for showcasing trends in 2021, launching products, or demonstrating your brand's growth. Each slide features unique Keynote layouts with strong, contemporary typography and bold use of photos. 

Take advantage of the versatile setup to feature your business ideas. Whether for a fashion project, design firm, photography studio, or another contemporary initiative.

5. Flato - Flat Multipurpose Keynote Template Design

Flato - Flat Multipurpose Keynote Template Design

Flato is a flexible, modern Keynote template. It's designed with a flat shape style that's contemporary. 

This presentation is packed with great design elements that are easy to change. Also included are custom vector graphics and clean Keynote slide backgrounds. Grab it now and make it your own fast!

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use). From web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price.

Included with Envato Elements
Envato Elements is truly a massive library of creative assets that you'll find useful on every project. 

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy new Keynote template designs one at a time, check out the selection from GraphicRiver below.

30 Best Premium Keynote Presentation Themes on GraphicRiver (For Your Mac 2021)

Discover a number of the best Keynote presentation templates from GraphicRiver. These are available for purchase and download in 2021:

The best Keynote themes are ready for you to download, thanks to Envato Market.
The best Keynote themes are ready for you to download, thanks to Envato Market.

Need more Keynote design inspiration? Here we feature a dozen modern Keynote presentation themes. They're all packed with loads of inspirational pro features, and built with stylish, modern business designs made for 2021. 

Browse through these fresh Keynote presentation design layouts for your next presentation:

1. Infographics Complete Bundle Keynote Templates

Infographics Complete Bundle Keynote Templates

Are you looking to invest in professional Keynote templates? This Apple presentation template is so versatile you'll use it multiple times.

This Keynote template is packed with modern infographics. You'll get 2200 unique slides, five color themes and 5500 vector icons.

This Keynote design features a five-stars rating. User leoniemascha says:

The set is complete, easy to edit and of high quality. Would definitely recommend!

2. Smash Keynote Template

Smash Keynote Template

Smash is a modern and colorful Apple presentation slides template. If you like fully animated and eye-catching Keynote slides templates, this is for you. 

Smash comes with 100+ unique slides. It's packed with infographics, maps and vector graphics. You can use this Apple presentation template for many purposes.

3. Arkie Keynote Template

Arkie Keynote Template

This Apple presentation template is one of our new items. If you like minimalist Keynote design templates, you've got to check this out.

This Mac Keynote template includes 60 slides in Full HD resolution. It's really easy to customize thanks to its image placeholders. You'll be creating great Keynote presentations in no time.

4. Gerobak Keynote Presentation Template

Gerobak Stylish Mac Keynote Template

The stylish Gerobak is one of the most professional Keynote templates you can get in 2021. It comes with more than 60 unique Keynote slides with a minimal design. Drag and drop images into place. Use the more than 300 vector icons to create a wonderful presentation. Its 16:9 aspect ratio guarantees that your Keynote design ideas look great on widescreen displays.  

5. Tremendum - Business Keynote Template

Tremendum Stylish Mac Keynote Template

Tremendum is a contemporary Keynote template with an elegant design. It features an incredible minimal design that makes your content stand out. The template also includes 36+ premium slides that you can customize with vector icons and images.

6. Compania - Company Profile Keynote Template

Compania Best Keynote Presentation Theme

Drive sales with this professional Keynote presentation theme. These Keynote slides are made for any creative or business presentation need. Display your latest sales figures, pitch new clients, or showcase your breakthrough ideas. It’s packed with graphic slides, infographic features, image placeholders, and more. 

7. Citizene Keynote Templates

Citizene Mac Keynote Presentation Template

If you’re looking for a colorful presentation template, look no further than Citizene. This template comes with unique Keynote slides and easy to change colors. It also includes 3D vector infographics and drag and drop picture placeholders. Citizene was designed in widescreen format and uses an image-driven style to make your presentation stand out.

8. Simpl Keynote

Simpl Keynote presentation

Keep it simple! With Simpl you've got one of the best Keynote designs to put your content front-and-center. Drag-and-drop your images into the easy placeholders to create a visual presentation, quickly. Use the 81 Keynote master slides to develop a presentation that's professionally designed in every aspect.

9. Cicle Minimal Keynote Presentation

Cicle Keynote presentation

Cicle is a Keynote presentation that would work well for a serious presentation. These Keynote designs are focused on large text and simple slides. As you're learning how to make a professional Keynote presentation, remember this principle. Keynote designs shouldn't steal the show. Instead, use Keynote slides like those in Cicle to keep the audience focused.

10. Neord-Keynote Presentation Template

Neord Slides template

The Keynote graphics in this template are funky and fresh. Keynote designs like this show you how to stand out from the crowd. Neord is a template that shows you the depth of available Keynote designs. It might not be right for every presentation, but the retro-futuristic design can strike a chord with the audience.

11. Verzus - Modern Mac Keynote Presentation Template

Verzus - Modern Mac Keynote Presentation Template

The Verzus template is a modern and minimal Keynote presentation template with more than 350 unique slides and 3000 vector icons. This template also uses drag and drop placeholders so you can easily add your images, shapes, and content. The template is also divided into sections with varying slide designs. So, you can easily choose which slides you want to use and then customize them to your needs.  

12. Space - Blue Mac Keynote Presentation Template

Space - Blue Mac Keynote Presentation Template

The Space Keynote template is a beautiful template with a blue color scheme and a professional business design. The template includes 10 premade color schemes and more than 150 unique slides. The template is a great choice for any type of corporate presentation where a professional design is needed. 

13. MNML - Minimal Mac Keynote Presentation Template

MNML - Minimal Mac Keynote Presentation Template

As the name suggests, the MNML template is a minimal presentation template for Keynote. Thanks to its minimal design, it can be used for any type of presentation. You’ll find over 150 unique slides and the template also comes with custom icons. 

Customers love how versatile the slide designs are: 

“Very well designed product. Really flexible and useful slides.

14. BePro - Simple Mac Keynote Presentation Template

BePro - Simple Mac Keynote Presentation Template

The BePro template has a simple yet professional design. The template was designed with business presentations in mind. So, it’s a great choice for corporate presentations and keynote speeches. The template comes with 100+ slides that are easy to edit. You'll be able to add your images, shapes, and other elements thanks to drag-and-drop placeholders.

15. Athena - Creative Keynote Template

Athena Creative Keynote Template 2019

Here's a sample Keynote presentation theme for download. Athena is one of the sharpest Keynote presentation templates available via GraphicRiver. It's the perfect modern design for Keynote presentations that you'll build in 2021. With 190 unique slide designs and eight color themes, the combinations are limitless.

One of my favorite features of Athena is the slick image masks that are included. These custom masks allow you to drop your images into placeholders and watch them transform into shapes as you can see in the screenshot above.

16. Unco - Simple Presentation Template

Unco Simple Presentation Template

Unco is one of those minimalist Keynote templates that puts the content front and center in your presentation. Clean typography and beautiful slide elements take center stage and help your audience hone in on your message. You'll love this minimalist Keynote design.

With over 50 responsive slide designs, there's enough flexibility in Unco to use it for practically any type of presentation. Start with a Keynote template like this one and you're sure to save time on your design work.

17. Hunt 3-in-1 Keynote Presentation

Hunt 3 in 1 Keynote Presentation

With over 200 unique slides, Hunt 3-in-1 has one of the deepest varieties of slides of any 2021 Keynote template. It's hard to imagine a slide design that isn't already built and included in this incredible template. But it's also easy to customize it thanks to an easy drag-and-drop image placeholder approach. 

Best of all, the Hunt 3-in-1 template includes a print-ready view that helps you create handouts that don't use too much ink. Hunt is one of our most versatile Keynote presentation themes.

18. Best Business - Presentation Template for Keynote

Best Business - Keynote Presentation Template

This theme for Keynote is packed with presentation tools to deliver a unique business presentation. There are over 200 presentation slides, built-in color variations, and feature-rich visualization options. Present your business ideas or tell a compelling business story. 

There's an assortment of data presentation options, such as infographics, maps, charts and more. This is a versatile template that can give you a quick start to making a quality presentation. It's one of our best Keynote presentation themes.

19. Motagua - Multipurpose Keynote Template Design

Motagua Apple Keynote Template Design

This clean, modern presentation template is designed for Keynote. There are hundreds of slide designs, ready to use on your Mac, and set up for easy customization. Add your info and adjust these slides to your presentation needs. 

It’s a great Keynote presentation example made for any business presentation. There are 16 color themes, pro Keynote layouts based on master slides, Keynote SmartArt, vector shapes, and more. You'll love this Keynote design presentation theme.

20. Exalio - Business Keynote Template for Mac

Exalio Beautiful Business Keynote Template for Mac

Exalio is a multi-purpose presentation template. It's ready to use in Keynote, designed with style, and easy to customize on your Mac. 

Exalio includes a full assortment of slides, Keynote backgrounds, and more. It comes packaged with PSD files for quick mockups as well. You find this is a beautiful business Keynote theme.

21. Reach - Keynote Business Presentation Template

Reach Modern Apple Keynote Presentation Template

Grab this beautifully designed and functional presentation theme for Keynote. This is a versatile theme that can be used for many types of business presentations. 

The easy to edit slides come with infographic elements, charts, graphs, icon options and more. Use this for a new business funding request and for marketing and promotions. Don't miss this Keynote business presentation theme.

22. Bosh - Clean Mac Keynote Presentation Template

Bosh - Clean Mac Keynote Presentation Template

Consider the Bosh template if you love minimal design. This template comes with all the slides you’ll need to create a beautiful presentation. It also includes 500 custom icons that you can use to make it more appealing.

23. Super Pro - Multipurpose Mac Keynote Template

Super Pro - Multipurpose Mac Keynote Template

The Super Pro template is a bundle of two Keynote templates in one. With this incredible bundle, you’ll get over 700 unique slides and unlimited color themes. The template also includes a selection of premade color schemes and custom icons that you can use in your presentation. 

24. Lymo - Beautiful Mac Keynote Presentation Template

Lymo - Beautiful Mac Keynote Presentation Template

The Lymo is a beautiful Mac Keynote presentation template that offers a clean and modern design. You'll get a grand total of 200 unique slides.  There are drag and drop placeholders for images, and infographic elements. 

25. Studio - Versatile Mac Keynote Template

Studio - Versatile Mac Keynote Template

The Studio Keynote template is a great choice if you’re creating a presentation for your design or art studio. The template makes it easy to not only share your idea, but also showcase your team members and portfolio projects. The template comes with beautiful animations and over 500 slides to choose from.

26. VIGO - Minimal Presentation Template

Vigo Keynote Slides

Vigo is one of the best Keynote designs in this round-up. It's another example of using minimalism to focus on your slide content. The slides would work for practically any purpose thanks to the flexibility in the template. Use the drag-and-drop placeholders to easily update the template with your favorite images.

27. Winbanking - Finance Keynote Template

Winbanking Best Keynote Theme for Mac

This banking Keynote design presentation template is made for talking finances. Winbanking comes with the slide designs you need to:

  • share information about your team
  • clarify your value proposition
  • present your services
  • win over clients

There are over 30 Keynote slides crafted for pitching financial services. The style of this Keynote slide template is inviting and puts your audience at ease. Winbanking even comes with a dark version, giving you even more flexibility in design. 

28. Inner Beautify - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Keynote Template

Inner Beautify Keynote Design

If you need a modern Keynote presentation template, then this unique theme is a great choice.  Inner Beautify has a simple, creative design that gives you an impressive tool set for presenting your business concepts. There are over 40 slides with versatile slide layouts, vector icons, infographics, and more. 

29. Animated Slides Bundle for Keynote Presentation

Animated Slides Bundle for Keynote Presentation

Do you need animated Keynote slides templates? This bundle is one of the best Keynote templates we've got. This Apple presentation template is versatile and complete. See what you'll get:

  • 6 Keynote design templates in one pack!
  • 400 unique slides
  • fully animated Keynote slides
  • light and dark version
  • 16x9 aspect ratio

30. Arrow Keynote Presentation

Arrow Keynote Presentation

Professional Keynote templates like this one are super useful. Arrow is one of our newest  Mac Keynote templates. If you're looking for a modern and minimalist design, this is for you. You'll get:

  • 120 unique multipurpose slides
  • 10 pre-made color templates
  • 1200 slides in total
  • 56 master slides
  • 16:9 Full HD widescreen
  • unlimited color changes
  • tons of unique Infographics
  • 800+ vector graphics & icons included

Amazing Keynote Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If all you want is to design one presentation on your Mac, then grab one of the professional options above.

 If you need to do any of the following regularly:

  • Design presentations with great designs this year.
  • Make an endless assortment of graphics for your marketing.
  • Unleash fresh websites.
  • Launch new email lists.

Then, we've got a killer deal for you.  

You can find hundreds of new, modern Keynote templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for a single monthly fee.

Thousands of Apple Keynote presentation templates on Envato Elements
Thousands of popular Keynote themes on Envato Elements.

That’s right unlimited: web templates, fonts, add-ons, and graphic assets. These resources are packed with the professional features and quick to customize setups you’d expect from premium assets.

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

If you’re a graphic designer with clients to serve, then Envato Elements offers a great bang for your buck. Sign up for Envato Elements now for a single compelling (all-inclusive) offer:

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

The value of Elements is the ability to experiment. If you're an indecisive creative, I can't think of a better service than Envato Elements. That's because a flat rate subscription to the service includes unlimited access. Try out as many Keynote presentation templates as you need to find the style that suits your content.

Startup Keynote template
The Startup Keynote template is a great example of how much time you can save when starting with a pre-built Keynote presentation for Mac. 

Or, if you need a great Keynote presentation template to download right now, then head over to GraphicRiver to find what you need.

Unlimited Downloads from Envato Elements
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

Whichever resource you grab your presentation template from, let's look at some quick Keynote design tips to make sure you use them well: 

5 Keynote Presentation Design Ideas (Quick Tips)

Here are three sure-fire Keynote design tips. You'll make the most out of your professional Keynote theme. You'll tell a compelling visual story, and rock your business presentation:

1. Make Best Use of Template Features

There are so many creative Keynote templates to choose from. It can be difficult to make a final decision on which one's best for your presentation. Style and features are two important consideration points.

We’ve presented several style examples above. For most presentations, a clean, minimal business style will be a good fit. But have a look at the presentation slide designs that come packaged inside the theme. 

All the templates featured here have many slide options. Pick one in the style that fits your business needs and comes packed with the right slide presentation options.

Triangle Keynote Presentation Slide Template Designs
Modern slide designs from the pro Triangle Keynote template.

Don’t feel as though you need to use all the slides these templates come packed with though. Make best use of the ones that fit your presentation best. Use the Keynote theme’s master slides, image placeholders, and packaged graphics to keep to a consistent design style.

Use an illustration or infographic when it’s appropriate. It adds intuitive understanding to what you’re presenting, otherwise keep it simple with text over a photo when that’s all that’s called for. Take care not to add too much to an individual slide or overdo it with animations. Simple and straightforward techniques go a long way towards crafting a professional presentation.

Check out this round-up of 19 more themes for Keynote that you can use to design your next presentation.

2. Keep Your Slide Designs Focused

You likely have a ton of information you want to communicate in your presentation. Before you even touch a slide though, simplify all your research and marketing material down so that you can deliver a clear message to the room.

Then, with every slide, pick a narrow focus. You want to communicate a single component of your presentation in each slide. Make sure each slide is easy to understand and builds into the narrative of your presentation.

Slide focus
Themes for Keynote like Theon embody a singular focus for the slide design.

Keep in mind, the more information you try to add to a slide, the more likely you are to inject clutter and confusion. Instead, bring an intense focus to each one of your slides.

3. Tell an Integrated Visual Story

It’s almost irresistible to want to present a lot of visuals to your audience, but too many graphics will overwhelm them. Above all else, align what you plan to say in your presentation with the visuals you'll provide. 

You want the data and graphics you present to tell your story. Design your slides to lead your audience through a visual narrative. 

Also, make sure to try out animations in an Apple Keynote theme to help segue visually from one slide to the next:

If you’re making a sales presentation, then present simple infographics that support your sales figures. Use a straightforward bar chart, rather than a more complicated data visualization, when that’s all that's needed. If you’re pitching your new business idea, then you want photos of your product to line up with the features you’re presenting. Have a clear point to each slide and present only the info and graphics that demonstrate that point best.

4. Leave the Audience With a Big Finish

Even if you give a great presentation, the audience expects an exclamation point at the end of a presentation to make it memorable. Your charts and supporting points can be perfect, but if you don't leave the audience with a meaningful point, it might all be forgotten.

Key Conclusion slide
A key conclusion slide like this one from Fashion makes it easy to leave your audience with an impact.

Save something for the end. Spend the last slide showing a completely new perspective on your issue or idea. It might be the slide that leaves them talking about your content when they leave the auditorium.

5. Use Animations as a Punchline

Animations get a bad rap when it comes to building presentations. We've all sat through presentations where the slides were distracting because so many objects are flying off and on the slides. It's true that having complex animations serve as distractions from your content.

But that's not how animations have to work. Less is always more when it comes to Keynote animations. You want to use animations sparingly so that it draws attention to your key elements. Save them for a chart that shows an important point, or a supporting point that you want to reveal at the end of a presentation.

Fashion Keynote animation example
Use Keynote slide animations to introduce a punchy point.

Any one of the Keynote templates for Mac in this article will give you great presentation features to work with. Grab the best slide designs and put them to use to connect with your audience. Put these Keynote design tips to use. Choose the right layout for your business information, tell an engaging visual story, and drive your message home.

5 Top Mac Keynote Presentation Design Trends for 2021

Turning the best Keynote templates into the best Keynote presentations can be easy with the right design handy. That's why it's important to know what trends can complement your presentation template. Lucky for you, I've grabbed five must-know trends you should use:

1. Flat, Minimal Design

Having low key slides is a top Keynote slide design trend in 2021. If you looked through the above Keynote slide templates, you've already seen this trend at work. This look works especially well for beauty and fashion presentations, but it fits anywhere.

Simons Sample Keynote Presentation For Fashion
Simons is a fashion Keynote sample presentation with a fresh minimal design.

2. Creative Typography

The design world at large is obsessed with typography this year. The bolder the better. While your font must be legible, this trend is all about typefaces as visual statements.

Keynote has plenty of built-in options you can try, or you can find creative fonts in the Envato Elements library.

3. Custom Illustrations

Adding illustrations in the form of backgrounds or illustrations is a popular trend you can use. These trendy illustrations usually come in the form of human characters or background design elements. They not only look great but help you turn your presentation into a journey for your audience.

4. Emphasis on Images

A high-quality visual can be worth a lot more than a thousand words. This trend is all about toning down text and letting images, videos, and icons do the talking. The best Keynote presentations come with image placeholders and vector graphics for this very reason.

Aiony Keynote Slide Template
A Keynote slide template like Aiony lets your images shine and work with your written content.

5. Vibrant Colors

A list of Keynote design trends in 2021 wouldn't be complete without this one. Ditch the pastels for louder, vibrant color schemes. They're instant attention grabbers. You can also use this trend tastefully by taking advantage of this color wheel from Adobe. It'll help you find the best color complements of the tones you want in your Keynote slides.

Nanotec Colorful Keynote Design Ideas
Nanotec is a perfect example of how the best Keynote presentations can use vibrant colors.

How to Customize a Pro Keynote Presentation Template (Fast!)

We've already looked at some of the best themes for Keynote. Now it's time to learn how easy it is to customize them. Let's walk through using slides from top Apple Keynote templates to build custom presentations.

Keynote Graphics slides
Use Keynote graphics built into templates for the easiest presentations possible.

In this section, we'll work with the Keynote theme, Fashion Keynote templateThis is one of the top Apple Keynote templates available via Envato Elements. We'll customize five slides so that you can see how easy it is to transform Keynote slide templates.

Let's get started:

1. The Market Slide

The Market slide
The market slide, like this one from Fashion Keynote, can show the geographic data for your business.

Let's start by customizing the slide labeled "The Market." This is an important slide for many Keynote presentations because it can show your geographic footprint.

Most slides can be customized by pointing and clicking on the individual elements. Here, we need to update the slide master in this case to adjust the logo.  The slide master controls many slides at the same time and is a separate "layer" for editing your templates.

To adjust a slide master, go to View > Edit Master Slides. You'll see a trimmed down version of the slide. Drop in the logo and tagline (if desired) to update many slides simultaneously. Then, exit the slide master from the View menu.

Update slide master
When you enter the Slide Master view, you'll see a slimmed-down version of the slide; add your logo to update all slides that utilize the chosen master.

Now, we can update the specifics of the slide. In the example below, I've simply added a tagline, then clicked on individual elements and recolored them from the Format > Style menu. In less than a minute, I updated this slide to match my brand.

Slide Master
Click on individual elements and change the color from the Format menu.

2. The About Slide

The About Slide
This About slide is a flexible, informative slide included with Fashion.

An About slide is flexible enough to explain most aspects of your business. A simple About slide can be used for an overview of the entire presentation.

As you open this slide, you'll notice that the elements are already updated to include the new logo. That's because it uses the same master, so you'll see the logo is already updated. My second step was to type in the text boxes, as well as adding a new headline that introduces the slide.

In the example below, it took only a few clicks to update the elements. I clicked on the rectangles, then changed their color from the Format > Style menu to recolor the progress bars.

Voice of the User
In this example, I simply clicked and typed over the placeholder text, then updated the progress bars with brand-centric colors.

3. The Social Strategy Slide

Social Strategy Slide
Let's use this communication strategy to show our social priorities.

Rounding out our customizations, let's get social! A social strategy slide in your Keynote presentation can show your focus across the many social media channels.

Again, much of the work is already finished because I updated the slide master. All that's left to do is to update the key on the left side, typing over the chart key to note what each circle signifies. Then, I recolored the circles from the same Format > Style menu that we've been using to adjust the slide designs.

That's it! In a few clicks, the social slide is transformed with our social focuses:

Social updated
Recoloring the slides, adjusting the circle sizes, and updating the key works perfectly to craft a social slide.

4. The SWOT Slide

SWOT Keynote Designs
A SWOT slide shows the four pillars of a strategic review.

A SWOT slide captures a classic strategy exercise. Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Slide 25 in our template already has the four pillars laid out for you to fill in.

Three quick customizations transform this slide:

  • Update the SWOT text. Spend time thinking about your case and how you fit into each of the four categories. Type over the text placeholders to update your Keynote design. Then, highlight and change the color.
  • Edit the slide master. If you haven't already done so, make sure to go to the View > Edit Master Slides. Remove the element in the upper left corner and replace the "K L A M B I" text with your logo.
  • Update the slide title. Type over the slide's header to update it to your business purpose.

Now, you've got a successful SWOT slide. Use Keynote graphics like this layout to show an audience that you've considered your competitive position.

Update SWOT Keynote Slides
Overhaul the slide with your SWOT specifics and color scheme.

5. The Conclusion Slide

Conclusion Keynote Slide
A conclusion slide is your final opportunity to establish a connection with the audience.

Not enough presenters use the conclusion as an opportunity. The last Keynote slide can serve as an opportunity to ask for communication and to build a relationship. Let's learn to use slide 34 to make an impact and stay in touch.

This slide is a three-column slide by default. Let's adjust it in three steps to adapt it:

  • Delete two unused columns. There are three text columns. Let's refine it to one by clicking on them and delete them.
  • Add your social details. Type in the text box and add your social and contact details to continue the conversation.
  • Left-align text. The slide flows more naturally to left-align the content. Drag it to the left to align it similarly to the screenshot below.
Stay in Touch Finished Keynote Design
Update the last slide with contact details so that your audience can follow-up after the presentation.

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Common Apple Keynote Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you're using Apple Keynote or thinking about using Apple Keynote for your presentations, you may have some questions. Here, we've gathered up some of the most common questions people ask about Apple Keynote to provide you with some answers. 

1. Is Apple Keynote Better Than PowerPoint? 

Both Keynote and PowerPoint are excellent choices for creating powerful presentations. Which program you use largely depends on your personal preferences and the tools you’re familiar with.

You also need to keep in mind whether you’ll be collaborating with someone else. We've got a detailed comparison of the two apps that'll help you decide which program is better suited for your situation:

2. Can Apple Keynote Open PowerPoint Files? 

Yes, opening PowerPoint files with Apple Keynote is straightforward. Simply navigate to your PowerPoint file, right-click on it, and select Open With Keynote from the menu. Learn more in this tutorial:

3. How Do I Get Started With Using Apple Keynote? 

To get started with using Apple Keynote, all you've got to do is click the Keynote icon in your dock. Then, select a built-in template or start with a blank slide.

Here's tutorial with more information:

4. How Do You Add Images to Keynote Presentations? 

There are three ways to add images to Keynote presentations: 

  1. Drag the image from your computer and drop it onto your Keynote template.
  2. Click the image icon on the image placeholder and choose Photos. Then drag an image from a photo library to the media placeholder.
  3. Click the image icon in the top toolbar, choose Photos and then select the image from the media library and drag it to your slide.

Learn all about images in Keynote here: 

5. Can You Make Presentation Animations in Keynote?

Yes, Keynote makes it easy to add animations to your presentations. Animate slides as well as objects on the slides. All you've got to do is select the slide you want to animate and then click the Animate tab on the right sidebar. You'll then be able to choose an animation and customize the duration, direction, and the start time.

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