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35 Best Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Templates—With Great PPT Data Slides

This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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Do you need to pull a lot of information together to create a great PowerPoint presentation? Do you wonder how to make an infographic-rich presentation to capture your audience?

It’s hard to take complex data (like sales figures or business projections) and simplify it to make a meaningful infographic PowerPoint presentation.

Infographic template
The best PowerPoint templates feature PPT infographics like this one from Sante to illustrate ideas, visually!

Get a jumpstart in the right direction. It begins with getting quality presentation slide designs to work with. Don’t worry, we've got you covered. 

Best PowerPoint Data Presentation Designs on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. 

Envato Elements Infographic PowerPoint Presentation templates
Professional PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Each of the many infographic PowerPoint themes from Envato Elements has hundreds of data presentation options. While feature-rich, they're also quick and easy to work with. Customize your information, and present with clarity, so that each slide tells the story of your data—at a glance.

Hundreds of graphic PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements
Hundreds of graphic PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

These ready-to-use, PowerPoint graphics best slides designs and great visuals to choose from. Use them to showcase the concepts in your presentation with pre-built PPT infographics like:

  • timelines
  • business models
  • customizable maps
  • flowcharts
  • comparison tables
  • data diagrams

Just add your numbers and information to these already visually impactful PPT slides, quickly prep your presentation, and you’re ready to rock your audience! 

5 New Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2020)

Here are a few of the best slides for PowerPoint infographic presentations that are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Infographic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Template

Infographic PowerPoint PPT Presentation Template

This data PPT presentation template set has 170 professional slide designs. It also comes with creative PowerPoint charts, diagrams, and presentation graphics. The custom vector graphics, smart art, and infographic slide designs are ready to add your custom information to fast. Get your key ideas and supporting data presented boldly!

2. PPTx Infographics - PowerPoint Best Slides

PPTx Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Design

This modern PowerPoint graphics presentation template set has beautifully designed slides with great infographic options. Make the most of creative PPT charts, timelines, and icons. You can readily add your info, scale and recolor the vector graphics, and fully-customize the slide setup to fit your presentation goals.

3. Tech - Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Deck

Tech Data Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Deck

With 100 dynamic slides, handmade PPT infographics, and easy to edit designs, this graphic PowerPoint template is ready to rock. It’s made with Slide Master, which makes a customization easy. With one-click you can change colors, edit graphics, or quickly drag-and-drop your images in. If you've got a presentation deadline fast approaching, grab a PPT template that's got all the design elements you'd need.

4. Sante - PowerPoint Graphics 

Sante - PowerPoint Graphics

One of the best PowerPoint presentations to help you turn ideas into persuasive presentations to communicate your messages clearly, meet your goals, and exceed expectations. This creative infographic template PowerPoint comes with easy to edit icons, slide transition animation, company profile slides, portfolio slides and many more.

5. Eargo - Infographic Template PowerPoint

Eargo - Infographic Template PowerPoint

This infographic template PowerPoint comes packed with more than 250 unique slides, 30 color themes, and 2000 vector icons. You'll have all the PowerPoint graphics every startup and business planner needs to present to investors, partners, key employees and other stakeholders. Take your business to the next level with this PowerPoint graphics template.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - unlimited template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

30 Top Infographic PowerPoint Templates on GraphicRiver (For 2020)

We also have a truckload of professional PowerPoint graphics themes featured here from GraphicRiver (for individual sale), which you can put to use right away. These best PowerPoint presentation templates are all purposefully designed for making real-world data-rich infographic presentations. 

Best 2020 PPT Themes available for sale on GraphicRiver
Best 2020 PPT Themes, available for sale on GraphicRiver

These best PowerPoint graphics templates come packed with advanced infographic options for 2020. They give you all the features you need to make a creative and professional presentation.

Grab a premium quality presentation solution today. Here are 30 professional PPT infographic-rich themes to choose from:

1. Crypto Animated Infographic

Crypto infographic template PowerPoint

Cryptocurrency is changing economies. Unfortunately, it still feels overly complex and difficult to understand. But with the help of infographic templates for PowerPoint, you can explain the topic in a way that makes sense. Your audience is sure to appreciate your use of an infographic slide to create understanding. This set of PowerPoint graphics shows the power of using visuals to explain complex ideas.

2. Gadget Infographic Template PowerPoint

Gadget Infographic Template PowerPointjpg

Presentation graphics can help bring ideas to life. This PowerPoint infographic template is no exception thanks to its focus on device mockups. This type of slide takes screenshots and puts them in the real world once you add them to the mockup. Whether that's an iPhone, laptop, or Apple Watch screenshot, these presentation graphics cover it all.

3. Cycle PowerPoint Infographics

Cycle Infographic PowerPoint Template

It's easy to see that business is a series of cycles. Structured steps come together to run the processes that keep a business moving. PowerPoint infographic templates like this help to describe those key steps. Use data presentation templates like this to sequence your key processes and show what keeps your team moving.

4. Orin - Creative PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Infographic Templates

The Orin Creative PowerPoint Template is one of the new best PowerPoint templates available today. It's got a minimalist design throughout that helps to emphasize your message and content. There are almost four dozen unique slides featuring all types of content.

You’ll find infographic charts, world maps, and device mockups to showcase your website or app. Slides are also pre-animated to introduce each new piece of content in style. And with over 500 editable icons, it’s easy to make each and every slide your own.

5. Universe Business Solutions PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Infographic Template PowerPoint

These infographic template PowerPoint slides have everything you’ll need to make a case with data. Audiences react well to infographics because they make advanced concepts easy to understand. 

This pack includes hundreds of flexible business slide designs to support your next project. Hundreds of custom layouts and 90 color themes allow for virtually unlimited creative options.

6. Imperial - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Infographic PowerPoint

Business-centric presentation graphics like these help you present a compelling message to any audience, large or small. The professionally designed pack really revolves around simplifying data and sharing ideas. Not only does it include a full collection of infographics, it also comes with every other design you’ll need to build a complete slide deck.

Start by checking out 550+ custom slides and 100 color palette themes. Light and dark options are available for all to change out the background. Then dive into infographics, charts, timelines, maps, mockups, tables, and more.

7. Comprehensive Business Solutions - 2 In 1 PowerPoint Presentation Template Bundle

Infographic Template PowerPoint

When you’re searching for your next infographic template PowerPoint theme, it really pays to find extra value in a single download. That’s what this 2-in-1 pack provides. It combines two robust and powerful infographic business templates into one, giving you twice the normal creative flexibility in a single purchase. 

Between the two template designs, you’ll receive 645 customizable slides and a host of infographic layouts such as graphs, data visuals, SWOT analysis maps, and more. All are styled with 90 different color themes, so you can easily match your branding with your new slide deck.

8. Creative Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Infographic PowerPoint

Premium layouts like this far surpass any of the free infographic templates PowerPoint designs that you might find around the web. This creative bundle includes 400 slides, HD graphics throughout, and has every slide pre-animated for you. 

Colors can be changed with a single click. Layouts are based on master slides, meaning that you can make bulk edits across the deck in a flash.

9. SEO Infographics Best PowerPoint Presentations

SEO Infographics Best PowerPoint Presentations

A big part of being a marketing expert is also being able to market yourself or your brand well. Needless to say, your potential clients will be judging your marketing skills based on your pitch presentation. Free infographic PPT templates may fall short in giving you an online marketing focused template to impress your stakeholders. Get a well-structured and suitable online marketing presentation template to take your business to the next level. 

Stop reading up on “How to make an infographic on Photoshop?” With this SEO Infographics Best PowerPoint Presentations, you get 33 unique SEO focused slides and more than 50 SEO editable icons. All design elements—graphics, icons, pie charts, etc—are fully editable on PowerPoint. No Photoshop skills are needed.  

10. E-Commerce - Infographic Template PowerPoint

E-Commerce - Infographic Template PowerPoint

Not sure how to make an infographic? This PowerPoint graphics template comes with Smart Design Elements, Smart PowerPoint Basic icons and 30 unique slides. A well created infographic template PowerPoint that's great for presenting professional surveys or statistical analysis. Easily edit each element separately to make ideal graphics for your presentation.

11. Multipurpose Infographics PowerPoint Templates v. 3.7

Multipurpose Infographics PowerPoint Templates v 37

The biggest infographics bundle around—1300 unique slides in all. Get free infographic templates for life as this template comes with free lifetime updates. This gives you an array of functional infographics for PPT that you can use for any type of presentation. All slides are animated. As a bonus, there are also doodle infographics and maps. The options and opportunities are endless with Infographics—Best PowerPoint Presentations Bundle. 

12. Marketofy - Ultimate PowerPoint Graphic Template

Marketofy PowerPoint Infographic Presentation Template

Win business and change minds with this PowerPoint template. It's flexibly designed for multiple business and creative data presentation needs: whether you’re pitching for venture capital or showcasing your last quarters social media growth. 

Each of the over 200 unique slides in this creative infographic PPT theme has proven useful in real-world infographic presentations. It includes handcrafted infographics, custom animations, editable charts, and more.

13. Ever 3.0 - PowerPoint Best Slides

Ever PowerPoint Infographic Template

This is a creative PowerPoint template for multipurpose business presentation or personal use. It includes 200 multipurpose slides and over 300 icons. Multiple color options with 20 pre-made colors and 10 color themes to choose from. 

There are a number of data slide options, such as: flow chart infographics, data driven diagrams, process diagrams, tree diagrams, maps, matrix charts, and more. Slides and information graphics are all fully editable inside PowerPoint.

14. Infographic Survey PowerPoint Template

Infographic Survey Powerpoint Template

Infographic Survey PowerPoint Template contains 24 well-made unique vintage style PowerPoint slide presentation templates, ideal for presenting surveys or any type of statistical analysis in an enjoyable and original infographic way.

It's easily customized as each element can be separated so it can be managed the way the user sees fit.   

15. The Data Deck - A PowerPoint Infographics Template

Data Driven PowerPoint Infographic Template

This Swiss Army knife of a PPT theme is made for those who need modern, simple infographics, as well as charts and icons in their presentations. It’s handcrafted and created to be on-trend with flat design aesthetics. It's got 12 muted color schemes, bold typography, and a friendly design. 

There are over 40 infographic PPT presentation data slides to put to use, with scroll through the charts, tables, and data visualizations. It’s easy to customize, simply select a grouped object, copy, then move back to your working slide, right-click and select paste. Simple as that!

16. Somalia - Pro PowerPoint Infographic Slide Template

Somalia PPT Business Infographic Slide Template

This clean, dark, scalable and creative PowerPoint Template is made to present to potential business clients in an elegant way. There are 28 PPT files and 125 unique slides. Each has great infographic options, such as: maps, tables, timelines, and data charts. It’s also packed with features like animations and hundreds of customizable vector icons.

17. Flat Infographic PPT Presentation Theme Design

Flat Infographic PPT PowerPoint Presentation Theme

This flat infographic style PPT theme is set up for multi-purpose business presentations. It can be used for: finance or sales presentations, social media checkpoints, data updates, company profiles, and more. It features 75 of the best PowerPoint slides, free icons, and an assortment of color options. It’s easy to edit without a need for Photoshop, editing right in PowerPoint.

Slide topics are set up with infographic and presentation options, such as: diagrams, team profiles, portfolio samples, business goals, customer demand analysis, business update chart, sales report, financial projections, ratio analysis, tree and flow charts, and more.

18. Minalo - Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Minalo Creative Business Graphic PPT Theme

This business PPT theme is clean, creative, and versatile. It packs 133 unique slides and over 3,000 customizable vector icons. There's a compelling mix of unique illustrated assets and data presentation options (cloud graphics, gear diagrams, pyramid layout, and more). All these PowerPoint graphics are resizable and editable. There are 20 Color schemes with light and dark backgrounds to choose from. With easily to edit, animations, and slide transitions.

19. Data - PowerPoint Infographic Presentation System

Data PPT Infographic Theme System

This data PPT theme is ready to use for making many types of presentations. It features a ton of creative, clean slide designs. All these PowerPoint graphic elements are included in vector formats. Timelines, PPT infographics, and graphic charts are included. It's easy to quickly change colors, text, photos, and graphics—all fully editable.

20. Stampede - Multipurpose PowerPoint Data Template

Stampede Multipurpose Data Slide Design PPT Theme

Increase your sales and close deals like never before with this massive PowerPoint Bundle template. Deliver dynamic presentations with these slides, which are designed for marketing, social media, SEO, or other business use. Includes hundreds of handmade infographics for PPT, with 740 creative slides to work with—both dark and light versions. 

A ton of data presentation options from charts, diagrams, mind maps, commerce, team, business and marketing slides. These modern layouts are based on master PPT slides and are easy to work with.

21. Concept - Creative PowerPoint PPT Slide Theme

Concept Creative PPT Graphic Slides Presentation Theme

This colorful, creative presentation theme is made for showcasing your information and custom crafting a visual story. It’s an impressive tool for presenting your company, workflows, processes, and data. It comes packed with a ton of unique slides and multiple color theme options, from light to dark. 

Use this template for: creative, organization, company, sales, and more types of presentations. It includes a wide variety of infographic slide options. No Photoshop or additional application needed for editing these graphics, just PowerPoint. Just type in your text, put your image in, and you’re slide is ready.

22. Mercurio - PowerPoint Presentation Graphic Template

Mercurio Graphic Business PowerPoint PPT Theme

This info presentation theme has over 90 slides of content and custom color theme options. Present with clarity, showcase your team, your portfolio, customize timelines, and pricing tables, data charts, PPT infographics, maps and more. There are a number of easy to customize layout options, animations, and editable PowerPoint vector shapes. Features free font and icons.

23. Business PowerPoint Data Presentation Template

Business PowerPoint PPT Graphic Presentation Theme

This best PowerPoint presentation templates is a creative toolbox. Over 300 unique presentation slides, 50 color variations, with great professional design and creative ideas. This is one of the most versatile, feature-rich presentation templates in this list. Well suited to visualizing your business ideas, accounting data, online marketing plan, or any creative business story.

It features a modern and minimal design. There's a huge assortment of integrated PowerPoint diagrams, maps, charts, and customizable slides for textual and image data. If you need an effective infographic presentation template, this one will cover a wide variety of needs. A quality PPT template can go a long way to meeting your presentation goals.

24. Creative Pack PowerPoint Presentation Template

Infographic Template PowerPoint

Check out these PowerPoint infographic templates if you’re in the market for a powerful business template for your upcoming presentation. They’re designed by creative pros with you in mind. Make sure to use the various features, including:

  • 190 unique slides with 7600 total designs
  • 90 color themes
  • 5000+ icons
  • drag-and-drop placeholders to add content quickly

25. Pitch Deck Proposal

Best Infographics for PowerPoint

A pitch deck is how you present your value offering to potential investors. That means it’s imperative to make a very favorable first impression, right out of the gate. An infographic driven PPT graphic template like Pitch Deck Proposal helps you do just that. In fact, it's got fifteen slide categories built in. From these, you can pick and choose to suit your message.

Infographics live front and center, but you can also choose among social media stats, intro slides, portfolios, pricing tables, and more. In total, there are over 570 slides, coupled with 1000 icons and over a dozen color schemes.

26. Pure Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Infographic Template PowerPoint

A leading presentation graphics choice for discerning presenters, this infographic business template is designed to meet the needs of businesses large and small. The fifteen pre-made templates packed inside have 280 unique slides and 90 theme color designs to style your slides. 

They're fully animated as well, helping introduce a dash of motion without any extra work. And with every slide being handcrafted, you can bring professional style to your own work in seconds.

27. Infographics Pack PowerPoint Template

Best PowerPoint Presentation PPT

The best infographics PowerPoint templates have a few things in common: sleek designs, clear and coherent visuals, and bold colors. You’ll find all that and more in this powerful premium pack, including:

  • 15,000+ total slides
  • 4000+ flexible vector icons
  • unlimited color themes
  • versatile, simple content placeholders

28. The 7 PowerPoint Presentation Template

Best PowerPoint Presentation PPT

Last but not least, The 7 PowerPoint Presentation Template is a quirky and stylish new modern infographic slide design. The emphasis throughout is on bright colors that make data and text fly off the screen. Along with infographics, you’ll find images, maps, puzzle diagrams, and more.

These are presented in multiple aspect ratios to help you fit any device or print layout. Hundreds of icons, photo layouts, styles, and more are left to you for customizing. Each of the templates included in the download has 500+ total slides.

29. Watercolor Infographics PowerPoint Updatable

Watercolor Infographics PowerPoint Template

Who says that infographics have to be corporate and boring? These infographic template PPTs have a hand-painted style. Use them to show how steps in a process relate in a way that's far more exciting than a standard slide. Use the 56 unique infographic PowerPoint slides to show key sequences in style. 

30. Logistic Distribution Infographic PowerPoint

Logistic Distribution Infographic PowerPoint

Logistics rule the world in 2020. The way that companies put together their supply chain can act as a competitive advantage. If you're trying to show the strength of your supply network, an infographic template PPT like this is a top choice. Use each of the professional infographic slides to show how your supply chain works.

Where to Find the Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates (GraphicRiver vs Envato Elements) 

You've seen two outstanding options so far to source the best infographic templates for PowerPoint. Both GraphicRiver and Envato Elements have the best PowerPoint templates for presenting infographics. So, which one should you choose, and why? Let's learn more.

1. The Envato Elements Advantage

Remember: Envato Elements' key advantage is the all-you-can-download license model. One subscription gives you access to more than a million assets in countless categories, ranging from infographic PowerPoints to WordPress themes to stock images and more.

If you like to experiment with many different PowerPoint graphics files and styles, Elements is the way to go. You can sample every file imaginable.

PowerPoint Infographic Templates
The unlimited download model on Envato Elements keeps your costs low no matter how many files you download.

2. The GraphicRiver (& Envato Market) Advantage

While Elements is an all-you-can-download approach, you can purchase single infographic PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. It's also home to some of the best infographic PowerPoint templates that you can use to tell stories with data.

If you know exactly what you're looking for, GraphicRiver might be the right choice for you. It's a cost-effective way to purchase single templates. The infographics are as good as any choice, and you pay only for what you use.

GraphicRiver Infographic Templates for PowerPoint
Purchase single, cost-effective templates from GraphicRiver for PowerPoint with the best infographics.

3. Which Marketplace You Should Choose for the Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates?

With two great options, how can you choose the perfect one for you? The good news is that there are no bad choices because both marketplaces are home to the best PowerPoint infographic templates.

For most creatives, Envato Elements represents the best value. Because you can grab assets from so many categories, you'll keep your costs low. Plus, you'll always have everything you need for the best presentations. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements Unlimited Digital Assets
Envato Elements gives you access to an unlimited number of digital assets.

If you know you need only one infographic PowerPoint template, then GraphicRiver might be the right choice for you. You can pay for single assets and buy only what you need.

5 Quick PowerPoint Data Presentation Tips

Here are five quick-fire data presentation tips, so you can make the most out of your PowerPoint graphic template or infographic PPT theme, use a professional workflow to customize it fast, and nail your presentation:

1. Simplify Your Slide Design

Presenting data as effectively as possible will build your credibility. It’s what leads to changing your audience's mind, effectively promoting your brand, and closing the deal.

Take care with your data and don’t get sloppy. You want your information to present cleanly. 

Use design to unify elements. Keep in mind that the same color consolidates similar information and different colors will separate data fields. The use of a modern, sans serif font will keep your data presentation consistent. Make sure to use plenty of space and not over-pack your slides.

2. Bring Clarity and Focus

You probably have reams of data to go through. It’s challenging to consolidate your information down, but it’s the key to making an impact. With each slide pick one primary thing to focus on. If you can, focus on a singular metric for each element.

Minimal infographic PowerPoint slide designs
Use minimal style PowerPoint infographic template slides to keep your data focused.

That’s the central point you can build each slide from. Keep in mind, the more data point comparisons you add to an infographic, the more you’re increasing the chances of confusing your audience. When in doubt, add another slide to your presentation, and move that extra information to it. Bring insane clarity to each one of your slides.

3. Make Your Data the Hero

Your goal is to present insightful data. You want your information to stand out and the meaning of your info to be clear to your audience.

It’s all too easy to add unnecessary clutter to your data that makes it confusing. Do you really need that paragraph description? Is that stock photo of men in suits helping—really? Do you want all those arrows pointing every which way? 

Question every element you want to add. Each component you use should complement your data and not distract your audience from your points.  

4. Choose the Best Slide Infographic

There are countless ways you can present your data: flow charts, tree diagrams, timelines, comparison tables, line graphs, bar charts—ad infinitum.

Creative charts diagrams and infographic PowerPoint template slides
Creative infographic PowerPoint template slides with chart and diagram options.

Choose the infographic option that's the best fit for your info. The format you use to visualize your data should clarify your point and make it easy to understand. It should also help you solve your main question - how to make an infographic rich presentation easily. 

5. Tell a Visual Story

It’s tempting to want to show all your researched data, but that'll just overwhelm your audience. Above all else you want the data to tell your story. Lead your audience through a visual narrative.

If you’re making a sales presentation, then present data that moves the audience to want to purchase. If you’re pitching a startup idea, then present data that'll push these venture capitalists to invest. If you’re updating your business team on this quarter's figures, then present information that clarifies the milestones you reached.

Have a clear goal and present the data that helps you reach it.

5 Popular PowerPoint Infographic Slide Design Types

We've already established that infographics in PowerPoint are powerful storytelling tools. But let's go one step further and look at specific examples of the best infographics and how you can use them to explain concepts.

1. The Brain Infographic

People dedicate their entire lives to studying human thought, and yet there's still always more to understand! The value of a brain infographic is that it's an intuitive way to show thoughts and ideas and how they connect.

Use an infographic and this tutorial to create a brain graphic that shows the components of a thought.

2. The SWOT Infographic

SWOT Presentation Infographics PPT
This fully animated infographic PowerPoint template from Envato Elements gives you a great way to display your SWOT analysis.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: every business situation has them, and you need a way to show them in your presentation. That's where the classic SWOT infographic makes its impact.

When you lay out all four components, you're likely to find insight while creating a strategy. Follow the tutorial below to master the art of a SWOT.

3. The Puzzle Piece Infographic

You're probably familiar with putting together puzzle pieces in the real world, but don't miss out on using this concept as an infographic. As a PowerPoint visual, puzzle pieces can show how the components of an idea join into a cohesive whole.

Use the article below to use puzzle pieces and the best PowerPoint templates to tell a story of how pieces fit together.

4. The Gantt Infographic

Gantt Chart PPT Infographic Template
These Gantt chart PPT graphics from Envato Elements make sharing your project plan a breeze.

When you're running a project, you need a way to show that multiple tasks are running side-by-side. That's the purpose of a Gantt chart, a special infographic that's beloved by the best project managers.

Use the tutorial below to see Gantt infographics in action. You'll learn how you can use them to plan a project and the resources you need to succeed.

5. The Funnel Infographic

A funnel is yet another infographic you can leverage in PowerPoint to explain a concept. Funnels show inputs, how they progress, and what they ultimately lead to. Funnel infographics are common in explaining sales processes, and they're easy to build in PowerPoint with templates.

Make sure to check out the tutorial below to see how you can use PowerPoint funnel infographics.

How to Customize an Infographic PowerPoint Template (Fast!)

So far, we've looked at powerful PowerPoint infographic templates that you can choose to design your own slides. But you might be wondering how to use the best PowerPoint templates to design infographic slides of your own.

In this section, let's learn how to customize three separate slides to build excellent infographics. We'll use the PPTx Infographics template we highlighted earlier in this template to rapidly build our infographic slides. 

PowerPoint Infographics Template
We'll use the PPTx infographics template to design PowerPoint graphics with the help of a graphic, business-focused template.

Let's look at five examples that show how easy it is to customize your next PowerPoint infographic:

1. Performance Gears

Performance Gear Infographic
This performance gear infographic can be used to show process steps and how the components fit together.

Some of the best PowerPoint templates include abstract designs to build infographics for PPT. With a bit of imagination, these infographic PowerPoint slides might just be the right way to show off your idea.

Take this turning gear icon slide. Maybe you don't run a manufacturing shop, but that doesn't mean that this visual isn't right for you. In the updated version below, I've shifted the elements and used it to show off how teams at my company work together. 

Simple drag and drop actions and grabbing icons from other slides brought this slide to life. Then, I updated the text to match my intent in this infographic template for PowerPoint.

Continuous Improvement Slide
Shifting the elements, adding another gear, and describing the components made this a great infographic PowerPoint slide.

2. Hierarchy Charts

Hierarchy Infographic
Hierarchies are used to show "who reports to who" in a company and spells out the organizational structure.

If you work in a corporate environment, I'm certain that you've seen org charts that show off the company's reporting structure. Everyone has a boss, and every boss has direct reports. It's only natural that hierarchies are some of the most important infographics for PPT, and here's how you can customize one.

In this case, it's as simple as typing in the placeholder boxes to update the names and titles. I've also added a photo in my example to really "put a face with a name" in my organization. This chart uses SmartArt, a built-in PowerPoint feature that'll adjust the graphic as you adjust the text.

Meet Our team
Just type over the built-in placeholders to update the org chart with the employees in my company.

To learn even more about SmartArt PPT infographics, follow along with the tutorial below:

3. Brain Infographic

Brain Infographic
Brain infographics are a personification of what you're thinking about as a company or team.

Brain charts are infographics that you'll find in the best PowerPoint templates. They can show how you divide your thinking and showcase the "parts of the whole" that make up your strategy.

In the example below, I've left the same basic structure intact, but updated the descriptions and some of the colors and icons. It's a simple tweak that shows what my creative agency spends its time on.

Core Competencies Updated

Brain infographics are so popular that we've put together a dedicated resource to teach you how to customize them. Check out the screencast below to learn more:

4. Sales Report

Sales Report PowerPoint Infographic Template

PowerPoint infographic templates help you tell stories with your data. Slide 15 in our template is a great choice to create a data-focused slide.

To edit a PowerPoint chart, edit the data that feeds it. Right-click on the chart and choose Edit Data. You'll see an embedded version of Excel, Microsoft's data powerhouse. Just type over the data placeholders and your chart will update in real-time.

Sales Trends PowerPoint Infographics

Learn more about working with data in the PowerPoint tutorial below:

5. The Conclusion Slide

Conclusion Slide PPTX Inofgraphics

It's a mistake to think that the last slide is the end of your presentation. Instead, it helps to see it as the start of a conversation with your audience.

The best part of PowerPoint infographic templates is that they include other slides that are sure to be useful. Slide 50, the conclusion slide, is perfect for every presentation. That's because it can help you continue the conversation by sharing your details.

To update this slide, simply type over the placeholders. That adapts the slide to your brand-specific details.

Get in Touch PowerPoint Template

For even more ideas to learn how to create a conclusion side, don't miss out on our tutorial below:

Resources to Customize Infographic Templates in PowerPoint

As you've seen, customizing a PowerPoint infographic can be easy and completed with just a few steps. If you need more of a crash course to learn to use PowerPoint, I highly recommend our resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) 

For even more in-depth tutorials for customizing infographics and charts, check out the tutorials below:

Download Our eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free)

We also have the perfect complement to a professional PowerPoint template, that'll help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

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Common PowerPoint Template Questions Answered (FAQ)

You've already seen infographic templates for PowerPoint. But you might still have questions about how to use PowerPoint to your advantage. 

PowerPoint is an advanced app. It's easy to use, but there are many professional-grade features. Let's look at five common questions that you might have as you're leveling up your presentation skills:

1. Does PowerPoint Support Custom Fonts?

Every graphic designer is trying to gain an audience's attention when presenting. It helps to use custom design options in PowerPoint. That sets the presentation apart from other presenters who are sure to use only the built-in elements, like standard fonts.

Try out custom fonts with the help of this tutorial:

2. What Size Should I Choose for My Infographic Slide?

The goal for your PowerPoint presentation is to use the full-screen space. You've got to set your infographic template PPT to the proper dimensions so that you don't waste any pixels!

Using pre-built PowerPoint infographic templates gives you several size options. Learn more in our tutorial below:

3. How Much Does PowerPoint Cost?

Microsoft has pivoted its business models in recent years. Once upon a time, businesses and power users would buy a license for the latest version of the app every few years.

Now, it's all about subscriptions. Many users choose Office 365, a monthly subscription package to keep apps up to date. Another option is the free, browser-based version of the app. Learn more in our tutorial below.

4. Can You Create PowerPoint Infographics From Scratch?

There's no doubt that infographic templates for PowerPoint are the best way to create interactive visuals. But you can also create PowerPoint graphics with the help of a feature called SmartArt.

Learn how to create one popular type of infographic template PPT slides of your own in this tutorial:

5. What's the Best Way to Present Data in PowerPoint?

Presentation graphics can include data. It's far better than show data in a table or a wall of numbers that are hard to interpret.

With the help of presentation graphics and charts, it's much easier to explain trends and data. Use our tutorial to see the best templates for the purpose:

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates for 2020

The data presentation templates you saw in this tutorial are just the beginning. There's a template for every purpose, each of which brings something different to the table. 

We've got a great resource for more PowerPoint graphics. Check out PowerPoint templates with the help of our guide, Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT.) Here are three great resources for more presentation graphics:

Grab a Fresh PowerPoint Template With Great Infographic Slide Designs 

Any one of the best PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver shown in this article will give you awesome data presentation options. You can choose the best format for your info and put together just the right PowerPoint infographic slides that tell your compelling story. 

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting infographic PowerPoint templates with the best, trending presentation designs.

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