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25 Best Pitch Deck Templates: For Business Plan PowerPoint Presentations

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Do you need to raise money for your business idea? Is an investor meeting fast approaching? If so, is your pitch deck in order?

 Pitch decks help you drive your new business idea to an audience and showcase why it's worth investment or joining the journey.

100 unique slides in Pitch Werk PPT PowerPoint template
Make a powerful pitch decks fast with great slides. (100+ designs in Pitch Werk PPT template). 

Investors have high expectations, and to get the funding you’re seeking, your presentation deck needs to wow them!

Best PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. 

Premium templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Premium PowerPoint slide deck templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

The premium pitch deck PowerPoint presentation templates we feature here from Envato Elements are designed specifically for making pitches and presenting business plans. If you need a best pitch deck template for PowerPoint that you can customize quickly, we've got the best designed ones to work with in this article.

You can swiftly add your business ideas, insert your data, showcase your innovative solution, and craft exactly the slides you need to win the room and secure investment for your startup or new small business.

Hundreds of pitch deck PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements
Browse through the many pitch deck PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

These ready-to-use, business plan templates for PowerPoint have unique slide designs and great visuals to choose from. You can use them to showcase the concepts in your PowerPoint pitch deck with pre-built slides for your:

  • business plan
  • product vision
  • business model
  • market size
  • infographics

When you're preparing to give your pitch, you need all of the help you can get to save time and impress the audience. Starting with a PowerPoint pitch deck template will save you hours of design work and increase your performance. 

Just add your business ideas and key data to these already visually impactful business plan PPT slides, quickly prep your business pitch template, and you’re ready to win over investors.  

New PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2019)

It’s challenging to craft a compelling investor pitch deck. You need a narrative that resonates quickly with slides designs that engage and don’t overwhelm.

Your deck must: showcase your team, the problem and your innovative solution, your business plan, as well as the right evidence (financial and otherwise) that savvy investors need to know.

Here are a handful of the best new PowerPoint business plan pitch deck templates that are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Pitch Werk - Elegant PowerPoint Pitch Template Deck

Pitch Werk Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Pitch Deck

This PPT business pitch deck template set has over 100 unique slide designs. Whether you need to make a great investor pitch deck, business plan proposal, or another type of business PowerPoint deck, this set of presentation slides has you covered. 

You can create your professional slide deck quickly, as every objects in this presentation design is fully editable in PowerPoint. Learn how to use this PowerPoint pitch template to make great business presentations: 

2. Pitch Deck - Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck PowerPoint PPT Business Plan Template

These set of creative slides designs are ready to quickly customize your business pitch presentation. This business plan template for PowerPoint packs has a number of professional PPT slides, graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, so you can perfectly present your new business idea. Use this great presentation deck to showcase how your new product or service is positioned for success.  

3. Fintech - Startup Pitch Deck Template PPT Presentation

Fintech PowerPoint Presentation Startup Pitch Deck

Use this Fintech Startup presentation PPT template for your startup company presentation. These slide designs are unique, with current designs styles, using stand out colors and modern gradients. This business pitch template set of slides are setup for making winning business plan presentations. 

Showcase the problem you focus on and your unique solution, prove your market validation with key figures, and impress investors with your business model, how you plan to enter the market, and the competitive edge that'll drive adoption.

4. Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint PPT Template

Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint PPT Template

If you're going to prepare a startup business pitch deck for an investor, this PPT slide template is one of the best choices. It comes packed with all the slides a startup business plan PowerPoint presentation needs. It not only includes key pitch deck slides you’ll need, but also colorful infographics to help your presentation stand out.

5. Pitch Deck PowerPoint Investor Presentation Template

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation Template

This clean, modern business pitch template is made to show new business plans and creative ideas. It has important business plan PPT slides, colorful infographics, and easy to edit designs. All the elements are fully editable from the shapes, picture placeholders, to colors. Help your business ideas stand out, with the right presentation deck design.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from creative website themes to presentation slide deck templates, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

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While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

20 Top PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates on GraphicRiver (For 2019)

We also have a ton of professional business plan PowerPoint templates featured here from GraphicRiver (for individual sale). These best PowerPoint business pitch templates are all purposefully designed for showcasing new business ideas. You can use them to make fresh pitch decks right away. 

Best 2019 PPT PowerPoint pitch deck templates
Best pitch deck templates (PPT designs for 2019), available for sale on GraphicRiver.

Here are fifteen of the best pitch deck PowerPoint templates, ready to put your business plan or startup presentation together with:

1. Modernize Pitch Deck for PowerPoint

Modernize Pitch Deck for PowerPoint

Modernize is one of the easiest PowerPoint templates to update thanks to the drag-and-drop placeholder setup. You can also adjust the color scheme with just a single click thanks to the intuitive design.

As an added bonus, you'll find a package with more than 1,000 free vector icons that scale up beautifully. Adding them to re-iterate a point makes Modernize a great value when it comes to pitch deck templates for PowerPoint.

2. Business Overview 3-in-1 Pitch Deck

Business Overview 3-in-1 Pitch Deck

With almost 700 unique slides, the Business Overview 3-in-1 package has enough variety to ensure that you'll never give the same pitch twice. With infographics, charts and graphs, and data tables, you can use this PowerPoint pitch deck template to showcase the numbers that make your business a good bet.

Another bonus for this package is the device mockup templates that are included. With these, you can drop screenshots of your hit app or website into the presentation and showcase how it looks on real devices like tablets and mobile phones.

3. Intense Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Intense Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

One of the key reasons you should consider using a PowerPoint pitch deck is that it takes the guesswork out of building your presentation. The Intense Pitch Deck is a great example of that, as it includes the key slides that every pitch needs like a team slide, services, timeline, charts, and more.

A PowerPoint pitch deck template like this one gives you the flexibility to re-use it for multiple pitches, thanks to the multitude of color schemes included.

4. Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Startup X Perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This fully-loaded investor presentation template for PowerPoint has all the elements and hundreds of slide design options that a winning pitch needs. Present the vision of your new company in style, showcase your roadmap with timeline slides, and your go to market strategy. There are also slide options for presenting your unique solution, revenue model, and how you stack up to the competition.

All the elements are fully-editable in this startup pitch deck template PPT, so you can customize your deck fast. It’s packed with title slides, team into, product folios, timelines, service slides, device mockups, revenue models, tables, dates, infographics, illustrations, and more.

Whether you’re launching a new tech startup or giving a more traditional business plan presentation, this deck will help set your business part!

5. Pitch - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Pitch - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Your business ideas deserve to both heard and well-received. A great PowerPoint presentation template gives you the slide designs options that you can readily craft your pitch deck with. Tell your startup’s story, paint the picture of how you’ll gain market share, and illustrate the progressive track your company is on. Then make a clear ask for a specific investment.

Pitch is a modern PowerPoint template, with contemporary design made for a digital startup that’s got one foot in the future and the other in tradition. There’s a compelling mix of craft and technology in these slide designs, such as cursive titles counterposed with data presentation options.

It’s packed with hundreds of slides, icons, device mockups, elegant transitions, and compelling visualizations. You can craft your investor deck to your startup’s needs and make that winning pitch!

6. Decker - Data-Rich PowerPoint Business Pitch Template

Decker - Data-Rich Powerpoint Business Pitch Template

Regardless of the vertical your new business is in, this modern slide deck PowerPoint template is a great choice to work with. It’s clean design and multiple layout options, will present your business ideas with clarity. Blow by the competition and pull in investors with a killer pitch deck!

There are a number of infographic and data presentation options in this set. You can mix and match comparative layouts, growth projects, revenue breakdowns, pricing comparisons, and more to highlight your business and the unique opportunity it represents. Change the colors to match your brand, customize each slide design, and show how your startup or small business will stand out in a competitive marketplace.

7. Investor Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Template PPT Design

Investor Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Template

Whether you’re pitching a fresh business plan, or seeking later stage funding, this PowerPoint slide deck is professionally designed to appeal to investors. It features thousands of slides that have a polished design that’s contemporary, colorful, and clean. 

It’s also packed with data charts, design features, and ready to customize to your company. Display your unique business model and quick-fire visual evidence to hit the investment you’re aiming for!

8. Pitch Deck Start Up - PowerPoint Presentation

Pitch Deck Start Up PowerPoint Presentation

This is a colorful and clean PowerPoint pitch deck. Its uncluttered design is a perfect backdrop for your presentation—allowing viewers to focus on your message and engage with your company’s story.

With over 146 slides designs and multiple layout options, you’ll have your pitch pixel perfect and ready to present quickly. With this flexible design you can readily craft a presentation that hits the key points about your startup.

Showcase your business plan presentation concisely, illustrate how your company solves a compelling problem, and present exactly the data that'll secure venture capital buy in.

9. Startup Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Toolkit

Startup Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Toolkit

With 111 unique slide designs, made for multiple types of business plans, this startup pitch deck is both versatile and powerful. Make use of modern slides to present your: core concept, business model, competitive analysis, go to market plan, investing strategy, and more. Get your presentation ready, quickly customize the data design options, and showcase your startup’s vision!

10. Business Plan Presentation Proposal - PPT Template

Business Plan Proposal - PPT Template

This simple deck has elegant presentation slide designs. If you've got a compelling company narrative crafted, this pitch deck PPT template is a great way to visualize your clear points, and highlight each segment of your presentation.

No cluttered design elements or overdone effects to get in the way. It comes with over 60 business plan template PowerPoint files and thousands of slides though, as well as a full-complement of layout options, clean data visualizations, and all the slides you’d need to make a powerful pitch.

11. Elevator Pitch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Bundle

Elevator Pitch - Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

This is a PowerPoint presentation template bundle that include three sets of PPT designs and over 30,000 slides. If you need a number of style and presentation options, with high quality design, and minimal aesthetic, then this bundle is a great deal.

There are a number of slide designs that can be customized for pitching investors. It’s packed with an array of tables, charts, icons, color palettes, unique backgrounds, and business plan PowerPoint presentation features.

12. Startup Pitch Deck - For Business Plan Presentations

Startup Pitch Deck Business Plan Presentations

Allow your business ideas to resonate with investors with this minimal PPT pitch deck. It has a clean design, with friendly illustrations, quality aesthetic, and easy to read typography that'll keep your presentation accessible and focused.

This best startup pitch deck template PPT comes with a little over 30 slide designs, just the relevant ones you’d need to present your business plan and land a deal. Highlight the market you’re targeting, the problem you’re solving, your innovative product or service, and pitch your business concept to potential investors.

13. Startup Pitch - PowerPoint Investor Presentation Deck

Startup Pitch PowerPoint Investor Deck

Pitching your startup or small business to a roomful of investors is challenging and requires preparation. You’re asking for money and need to quickly drive home your key points to grabs attention and get funded. This investor presentation template is setup to customize and get your presentation ready to pitch quickly!

The Startup Pitch deck template PPT comes with over 100 slides based on the core points that a good pitch deck should address, such as: market definition, competitor analysis, target definition, value proposition, product presentation, way to market, investment details, your team, and your business plan. It includes business models, data slides, colorful unique designs, tables, and unique presentation options.

14. Startup Pitch Presentation - Clean PPT Slide Deck

Startup Pitch Presentation Clean PPT Deck

This startup pitch deck template for PowerPoint contains 53 useful slides to help tell your business story. It has a modern design, with creative features, such as jagged shapes cutting energetically across the screen and cropping photos. It’s comes with unique slide designs and multiple data presentation options.

If you've got a cutting-edge product you’re bringing to market, or a new creative service, then this deck is a great way to feature your business plan. You can customize this PowerPoint readily, showcase your concept, team, business idea, and evidence. Tell your compelling company story and win over investors!

15. Startup Toolkit - PowerPoint Business Pitch Deck

Startup Toolkit PowerPoint Business Pitch Deck

This is a highly focused startup pitch deck template PPT. It’s designed to put together a concise pitch that'll wow investors. A quality deck should be about 10 to 12 pages long and no more than 10 to 20 minutes. You need to excite a savvy audience, hit your key points, and intrigue this group of potential investors. Then be armed to answer their questions.

This deck is packed with infographic and slide presentation options, so you can work with over 110+ ready-made slides that are quick to customize. The Business Model Canvas is included as well as an elevator pitch version in this set. Get a quality startup toolkit specifically designed for pitching investors.

16. Creative Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Slide Deck Template

Creative Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

If you need a creative deck to feature your new startup to investors, this one is an innovative presentation design. It has over 80 colorful neon slides against either a light or dark background.

This business plan PowerPoint template also has inventive design features like colorful data charts, gradient painted photo crops, product mockups, numerous bright icons, and multiple slide layout options.

For a startup or small business, serving a tech niche or younger demographic, this is a great PowerPoint design. Stand out to investors with a creative and modern pitch deck!

17. Pitch Deck - Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck Business Plan PowerPoint Template

This is a clean slide deck template, with multiple color options, and minimal style designs. There are over 50 unique slide designs, all put together with investor pitching in mind.

Present your business plan, pricing strategy, growth projections, and SWOT analysis, with this modern PPT deck. It has a highly functional design and is packed with infographics and chart options, so you can include the data your presentation needs to get investment.

Also, you can readily drag and drop in images, easily edit the slides, and click on simple animations without having any advanced PowerPoint know-how.

18. Business Plan - Modern PowerPoint Design Deck

Business Plan Modern PowerPoint Design Deck

This modern business plan template for PowerPoint is versatile so can be used for multiple types of businesses that are reaching out to potential investors. Whether you’re launching a tech startup, or a seeking funding for your small business, this is a complete set of 50 unique slides you can use to build your pitch deck with.

Tell your startup story and grab the attention of investors. Be sure to showcase your key concepts, market opportunity, how you stack up to competitors, your financial projections, and growth strategy. This investor presentation template set has the clean designs, multiple visual features, and data options, to help you build a professional deck fast—which you can use to land the funding you need!

19. Pitch Deck Ready PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck Ready PowerPoint Template

One of my favorite features in this pitch deck template for PowerPoint is that it includes a set of SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) slides. This type of competitive analysis shows your audience that you're thinking about your company's role and how it can improve. That'll increase your chances of investment and support.

For more on SWOT analysis, check out the tutorial below:

20. Data Master Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Data Master Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

If your focus is on the statistics, charts and graphs that tell the story of your business, this is the perfect PowerPoint pitch deck template for you. You'll get access to a huge library of infographics that help you show data visually. Update them easily to create a sense of visual interest in your next pitch deck presentation.

An added bonus for Data Master are map visuals. If your growth story includes an international angle, this might just be the ideal choice for your next PowerPoint pitch deck. 

5 Quick Pitch Deck (Business Plan) Presentation Tips

Great startups, and exciting small business ideas don’t magically get funded. You've got to get out there and work hard for every dollar of investing you bring in. It’s challenging to get funding at any stage of your company.

Here are a few quick-fire, pitch deck tips to keep your business presentation on point—including exactly what investors want to see. It’s your mission to grip them with a compelling story (backed by great design and clear data) that leads to the funding you need.

1. Include Only What Investors Are Looking For

Investors and venture capitalists have a never-ending stream of pitches they review on an ongoing basis. There’s an expected framework to professional and effective pitch decks, which you need to work within.

For most early-stage startups or innovative small businesses, just 10 to 15 slides is on target, but ten or less is better. You want to keep your presentation concise: more like a 10 to 15 minute short, than a feature-length movie.

Learn how to craft a pitch deck with just the slides that hit all the touchpoints investors expect to see:

2. Design Simple and Direct Pitch Deck Slides

Keep in mind that you don’t want to include much more than those ten or so slides in your initial pitch. The more information you try to pack into your pitch, the quicker it becomes confusing for investors.

Simple pitch deck PowerPoint template slide designs
Simple (easy to use) pitch deck PowerPoint template slide designs. 

Move your key data points to early in your deck, so you can grab attention quickly. If you already have a healthy number of users or revenue flowing into your business, then showcase that. But, avoid trying to hit every nuance of your company's expected positioning.  

And keep in mind, you don’t need a fancy design to get investment. A great presentation focuses on the message you’re giving. Great design and visuals need to complement your message. They should be clear and directly visualize your points—with no excess or clutter.

Consider using a PowerPoint business pitch template with a design that’s on brand for your startup, but that has easy-to-use pitch deck slides already included. There are many examples above, but any of these three PPT decks are specifically designed for presenting your business plan and pitching to investors:

If you need additional presentation deck design tips, jump into the following articles:

3. Deliver Your Message and Startup Story

Present the opportunity your company represents to investors. What’s that key problem that you’re solving? What’s the competitive advantage that allows you to take advantage and move quickly? What’s the innovative way you’re doing this that'll disrupt the market?

You’re pitch deck should be an overall narrative that communicates your startup’s story. But, also include snippets that fit inside that larger narrative, like user stories of how your company solves a problem for its target market. 

The visuals and data slides you present should be simple to understand and clearly support the story you’re telling. Remember, more story and less information.

Capture your audiences attention and keep them engaged with narrative
Capture your audience's attention, then keep them engaged with narrative and visuals. (Photo source)

Hit your big points in a clear way and avoid too much detail. You don’t need to overshare.

You can include appendixes if you’re deliver your deck out as a PDF. And in person, you’re there to address any follow-up questions potential investors may have. Your presentation is where you paint the big picture and spice it with just enough detail to pique interest.

Bottom line, don’t forget to ask for the money. Be really clear and specific about your ask and how you plan to use the funds.

Learn more about how to craft a compelling narrative and persuade with your PowerPoint presentation:

4. Focus on Company Growth

It's often said that investors focus on growth. You've got to paint a portrait that the future is so bright that no one would want to miss out on the opportunity to invest or join the company.

Basically, you're trying to create a "fear of missing out." Showcase the side of your company that anyone would want to invest in because the future is so bright.

That's why it helps to include a growth slide, particularly one with a chart and graph. Focus on a key metric like new user subscriptions, increase in daily active users, or another data that tells the story of your business. Point to the growth and what you're doing to accelerate it.

Pitch Werk Growth Slide
A growth slide like this one included with Pitch Werk (available via Envato Elements) can help you show why your company is a "can't-miss" opportunity. 

5. Make an Ask at the End

Sometimes, you'll put so much energy into the presentation that you'll forget that there's a goal for your pitch deck. The format of a pitch deck presentation implies that at the end of it, you're going to make an "ask" of the audience. Make sure you include a slide that gives the audience an option to jump on board with your company. 

Examples of "asks" that you might make at the end of a pitch deck presentation include:

  • Asking for the audience to apply to open positions within your company as you search for the talent that could take things to the next level.
  • Ask for investment to get the critical funding it takes to keep your company running and growing.
  • Ask for introductions to others who can help you achieve your growth goals. 

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Grab a Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint Today!

Put one of the designs above to use now, or check out the wide variety of PowerPoint slide deck templates available for sale on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. In addition to business plan templates (PowerPoint pitch decks), we also have a number of innovative new pitch deck designs to choose from. 

Grab a quality business plan PPT template today, learn how to customize it quickly, and use it to help secure the investor funding you need for your startup or small business!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting pitch deck PowerPoint templates with the best, trending business plan presentation designs.

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