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15 Creative Business Card Templates—With Unique Designs


Are you considering getting a new business card? If you’ve recently launched a new business, then a professional, visually-engaging business card is a must have.

Maybe you have a critical event coming up? A pivotal client meeting that is fast-approaching? Or, another all-too-important event that you need brand new business cards for.

And how do your current business card designs look, is their design still current, or are they starting to look dated? Would you feel excited and proud handing them to a new lead?

You want your cards to come across as vibrant, modern, and fresh. They need to represent your brand and business, carry the personality and message of your company, and encourage prospects to connect with you.

A creative business card is memorable. It makes a positive impression when you hand it to a new contact or potential client. You want your business card to have a unique design—one that carries a visual punch.

These are just a few reasons why it may be time for a new business card design. If you’re planning your business card design right now, then scroll down for some visual inspiration.

Unique Business Card Designs

Whether you’re a freelancer, run a digital agency, work in an online business, or recently launched a startup, a quality business card is a branding asset every business needs.

In this article, we feature a bevy of creative business card templates from Envato Market, all designed to stand out while representing your brand professionally.

Creative Photoshop Business Card Templates
Best Selling Creative Business Card Templates - available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

Your business card needs to serve your business or personal branding well, highlight your contact info and messaging, while making an on-brand visual impact.

A graphic designer knows how to communicate visually and make best use of the tiny canvas of a business card. These business card templates are made by experienced designers in Photoshop. They include the following professional features:

  • Creative, visually-engaging design layouts
  • CMYK color mode with 300 DPI resolution
  • Professional print-ready setup in Photoshop
  • Set with legible, high-quality free fonts
  • Fully editable and well organized PSD files

All of these business cards have the features you need. And they are creatively designed, without overdoing it (keeping to a professional modern aesthetic).

Grab a professional business card design. Insert your logo, enter your contact info, and include your brand messaging. Then get them off to the printers. And you’re ready to start handing them out and making important connections!

Creative Business Card Templates

Here are twenty creative business card templates with unique layouts, that are designed in Photoshop to catch the eye, and make a lasting first impression:

1. Creative Modern Polygon Business Card

If you need a creative business card, with a unique design, then this modern polygon style is a great choice. It comes with three colorful background style options that range from cool as ice to burning inferno. It also has both square and round edge options, as well as integrates quality free fonts.  

Whether you work in a creative field or have a new business with an inspired mission, this card will stand out. It’s easy to customize with your info, work with its organized Photoshop layers, and quickly add your brand to.

Creative Modern Polygon Business Card

2. Colorful, Unique Business Card Template

With an angled colorful squares in motion, this business card has a clean creative design, with a playful pixel feel. Whether you run a digital marketing agency, design websites, or are looking to extend the branding for your startup, grab this colorful business card template. You can customize the design with your personal details. It’s setup for professional printing and easy to work with in Photoshop.

Unique Business Card Template

3. Unique Business Card Design - Vol. 22

This business card design makes great use of its canvas. With a colorful picture, accentuated with a patterned design, and well-balanced layout, this template has the right balance of minimalism and creativity. It’s made for multiple types of businesses and setup for professional use.

Unique Business Card Design Template PSD

4. Modern Photography Style Business Card

Whether you’re a professional photographer, or want to highlight photography on your business card, this design is optimized for that use. It’s setup to cleverly crop a silhouetted cityscape over your dramatic photos. 

With round and square options, CMYK color mode, and all layers professionally setup, this business card design is ready to work with in Photoshop. Download it now and put it to use to brand your business creatively.

Modern Photography Style Business Card PSD

5. Creative Faces Business Card Template

This creative business card has a unique design with multiple avatars graphically standing out. This design would be great for an agent, a creative team with a full-roster, or a startup that helps people make connections in a meaningful way.

Whether you prefer to use Photoshop or Illustrator to customize your card, this set of template files comes with Photoshop PSD, Vector EPS, and Illustrator AI files. It’s print-ready, setup with CMYK colors, and 3.5 by 2 inch and .125 bleeds for professional printing. It’s also set with the free font Roboto. Grab this card now!

Creative Avatars Business Card Template

6. Colorful Business Card Bundle

This professional business card has a clean modern design and vivid colors. It included two PSD files, one front and one back design. If you have a modern logo for your company and want it to stand out on your business card, then this template is just the right design for you.

It has the correct bleed, dimensions, and printing setup you’d expect in a professional template. It uses quality free fonts and is designed for your contact details to be easy to read.

Colorful PSD Business Card Bundle

7. Vibrant, Creative Design Business Card

If you’re a graphic designer, digital artist, or modern creative, then this business card is made for you. It features colorful abstract shapes that are in vibrant motion. The feel of the card is innovative and modern, so you can make a creative impression.

You don’t want to hand a colleague a boring business card, or leave a new customer with the feeling that your work might be dull. Instead grab this design and make a great impression with it!

Creative Graphic Design Business Card

8. Poly Shape Business Card - Creative Design

This business card has a stylish poly-morphing shape design that comes with multiple color options against a dark background. There are 12 PSD files in the download. They are setup professionally, with proper dimensions and printer bleeds. 

They come in CMYK color mode and are designed at 300 DPI resolution. You can add your logo, brand, and contact info to this card, as they are fully-customizable.

Poly Shape Business Card Template Creative Design

9. Creative, Multiple Color Business Card

This is a clean, modern business card design, which is designed to feature your logo. It also has multiple colored icons and design elements that direct the eye to your contact details. 

If your business is a studio, agency, or an online business, this creative card is made for you. It comes with two PSD Files, setup at full print resolution, and ready to be edited with your business custom info.

Creative PSD Multiple Color Business Card

10. Colorful Geometry Business Card Design

If you want a colorful, modern business card, then this geometric design is an awesome choice for a variety of businesses. Whether you’re launching a startup, looking to refresh your current business materials, or need to showcase your personal brand, this unique business card would work well. It has a flexible design with a current style.

It’s print-ready and fully-layered in Photoshop. This PSD file has three color versions of it’s eye-popping triangular mosaic design. Your business name is featured prominently, and your details will read with clarity, with icons situated next to each contact line. So, new connections you make can quickly get to your website, shoot you an email, or find you on Twitter.

Colorful Photohsop Geometry Business Card Design

11. Unique Photography Business Card Bundle

This photo business card bundle comes with 6 PSD files and 3 distinctive business cards. Each feature photography prominently on a dark background, and offer creative shape-based crops of the artwork, that is well integrated into the typography on the card.

Whether you want to include photos that are cut at dynamic angles, or feature folio pieces in sets of squares, this set of high quality business cards has a number of creative layout options. This way, you can display your work or dynamic photography on your card.

Unique Photography Business Card Bundle PSD

12. Vintage Playing Card - Business Card

This is a unique business card design, which has a vintage design style. It’s great for freelance creatives or those looking to make a bold creative statement. It has a playing card theme that is playful but still professional. The file is setup for professional printing and can be fully-customized in Photoshop.

Vintage Photoshop Playing Card - Business Card

13. Creative Vertical Business Card Design

These are high energy business cards, great for personal branding for digital creatives, or for your growing creative studio. They come in 2 color options, popping purple or bright blue. 

There is also a subtle design on the back of the card of polygonal elements that compliments the card design. It’s a vertical business card template with modern and clean design. It’s fully editable in Photoshop and is set with the free professional font Lato.

Creative Vertical Business Card Design Photoshop

14. Unique Business Card Design - Vol. 08

This is a creative business card template, for personal use, or for multiple types of businesses. It has a cropped photo area on the back of the card for adding a creative photo. And the front of the card is clean, with easy to read contact details, and logo area. There’s also a dynamic shape that cuts through the middle of the vertical card, complimenting the photo on the back.

Unique Photoshop Business Card Design

15. Creative Business Card Premium Bundle

This is the most creative set of business cards we’re featuring in this collection. They are made for creatives, so great for graphic designers, modern artists, or digital creatives. They’re designed to present your personal brand and showcase yourself expressively.

And if you run a creative or artistic business, these cards may be just the right fit for your branding needs. There are four unique designs, with stunning color options, and vibrant backgrounds, that come in this bundle.

You can get your favorite one customized quickly in Photoshop, printed professionally, then start handing them out to fresh contacts.

Creative Business Card Premium Bundle PSD

5 Creative Business Card Tips

You want your business cards to make an impression. They should have a creative design that makes your business stand out. Here are a handful of business card tips, to ensure your business card design is visually engaging and memorable:

1. Consider Creativity in Context

There are a number of styles of creative business cards, that range the gamut from expressive to more minimal design:

Creative Business Card PSD Templates Compared
Creative business card template designs compared
  • If your branding is calling out for a visually-striking card, then consider one from a set like the Creative Business Card Premium Bundle. These cards have a crafted design that is exploding with creativity.
  • Whereas if your business branding fits better with a cleaner design, then consider this Colorful, Unique Business Card Template. The creative energy in this card is more restrained, so may be more fitting to a variety of business brands.
  • If you're looking for a set that has really engaging color with a creative feel, then the Creative Modern Polygon Business Card is a great choice. 

Your business card should match the brand of your business and be creatively aligned with your goals.

2. Work Within Your Business Card Layout

Your business card template is designed with a professional layout. An experienced designer has taken this tiny 2 inch by 3.5 inch printable canvas and transformed it into a lead magnet.  

Every contact detail will be on it’s own line, in some cases with icons next to them, or inside boxes. All the design elements will be setup on a grid. This allows someone looking at your business card to see the design as well-organized and find important information quickly. Here is an example of a business card grid:

Grid-based Business Card Template
Grid-based Business Card Template 

You can fully-customize your business card template in Photoshop, but it’s a good idea to stick with the layout that it comes with. Those invisible lines are what holds your business card together visually.

There is a balance and flow that leads someone through the card design. You can make adjustments to colors, change to your logo, swap out similar icons, or edit the text, but take care not to break the layout design.

Random design choices doesn’t make something more creative.

3. Place Custom Details on Your Card

A professional business card needs to fit the branding of your business, display your logo prominently, and highlight your website and contact details, so the people you connect with can find you online, on social, or via email.

Read through our comprehensive guide on what information to include on your business card (from the contact details to include, to your tagline, and job title choices): 

4. Put the Back of Your Card to Work

Don’t forget that the back of your business card is prime real estate to make use of. Add a business card background design that’s meaningful to your brand or business. Showcase images of your work. Or give a special offer, promote a high value giveaway, or direct prospects to an engaging landing page.

Here are more tips on making best use of the back of your business card:

5. Make a Visual Statement

There are a lots of ways to make a visual statement with your business card. Whether it’s adding a dash of playful creativity, as with Vintage Playing Card - Business Card. Or introducing photos in an unexpected style, as with the Unique Photography Business Card Bundle.

Making great use of icons, adding your logo and embellishments, or giving a visual nod to your expertise, are excellent ways to punch up your business card. Your design should make a visual statement that gives the innovative feel of your business to every prospect you hand your card to. For more creative business card design tips, read this Envato Tuts+ article:

With the right template, your business card is already setup for success. You can download a professional design and quickly customize it to your brand and business.

Get a Creative Business Card Design!

There are a number of creative business card templates on Envato Market. Browse through the thousands of designs, and grab a unique business card today.

We also carry extended branding materials, such as logo templates, print identity sets, brochure designs, and more. That way, you can plan your branding material as a cohesive set.

And if you need assistance with customizing your business card or brand assets, our hand-picked graphic designers on Envato Studio are available to assist.

If you want a bit more inspiration, check out Placeit’s business card maker for a bevy of business card templates you can use to create your own custom business cards in seconds. You can quickly and easily customize the text, font, colors, and even icons to get the perfect business card design for your brand.

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