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29 Creative PowerPoint Templates: PPT Slides to Present Innovative Ideas (2020)

This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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Do you have a big presentation coming up quickly? If so, then your brain must be exploding with creative PowerPoint presentation ideas

It's hard to plan a creative presentation, let alone design it, and then get up there in front of an audience and deliver.

Ronix Creative PowerPoint presentation template
Ronix creative PowerPoint presentation design. (Available on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.)

Present your innovative ideas in 2020 by structuring a creative PowerPoint presentation that tells a compelling story. 

Planning your message is the starting point, but your presentation design is what will distinguish your ideas. It's important to visually lead your audience through your creative slides—leaving them with an emotional connection to your concept and message.

To impress an audience, tell a visually gripping story, one backed by:

  • key visuals that highlight your points
  • expressive story-based images
  • the right graphic-rich data
  • well-paced slide designs

There’s no quicker way to get a professional, high-quality design presentation put together than to begin with a creative PowerPoint template

It'll save you time. You'll start with many slide layouts made to work together visually. And the creative details that'll showcase your PowerPoint ideas with on-trend, beautifully crafted designs.

The Best Creative PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer. Download as many as you want for one low price. 

Creative PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Creative PowerPoint PPT templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

While you may be tempted by creative PowerPoint templates available for free download, those usually don't have the features and quality of the templates you'll find on Envato Elements. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Each of the many innovative PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements has hundreds of creative presentation options. While feature-rich, they're also quick and easy to work with. Customize your inspiring PowerPoint ideas. Present with style and clarity so that each slide tells your story with impact.

Creative PowerPoint PPT templates
There are thousands of creative PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

These ready-to-use, creative presentation templates have unique slide designs and great visuals to choose from. Use them to showcase the important PPT ideas in your PowerPoint presentation with pre-built creative PowerPoint slides to showcase your:

  • key concepts visually
  • creative charts and graphs
  • professional images

Premium creative presentation templates do so much more. Creative PowerPoint templates with free downloads are out there, but the quality can't match the options on Elements.

Add your inspirational PowerPoint presentation ideas, creative graphics, and key data to these already visually impactful PPT slide designs. Quickly prep your presentation layouts with your custom info. And you’re ready to move your audience.  

Creative PowerPoint Template Inspiration (New From Envato Elements - For 2020)

Here are a handful of the best creative PowerPoint templates (with professional slide designs for presenting your inspiring ideas) that are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Rockefeller - Creative PowerPoint Presentation Design

Rockefeller PPT Creative PowerPoint Presentation Design

The Rockefeller creative PowerPoint template is one of the most popular PPT presentation downloads on Envato Elements. It's far better than any innovative PPT templates for free download you may find online.

This creative agency design comes with a flat style, clean corporate aesthetic, and modern presentation slides ideas fit for creative industries and for featuring your innovative slide presentation ideas. It's got over 150+ unique slides, hundreds of vector icons, device mockups, full-customizable slides, and multiple color schemes.

2. Moksa - Creative Agency PowerPoint Presentation

Moksa Creative Agency PowerPoint PPT Presentation Design

With over 100 creative PowerPoint slide designs, this PowerPoint presentation deck has clean lines, sans serif fonts, and a modern design punctuated by stand out images. It’s easy to add your unique PowerPoint presentation ideas to, with ready-to-use object placeholders, resizable graphics, animations, and more. 

Use it to make an inspirational PowerPoint presentation fast. Here are plenty of creative ways to present data in PowerPoint. 

3. Mystify - Creative and Clean PowerPoint Template

Mystify Creative and Clean Powerpoint Template

Try the Mystify template if you’re on the lookout for clean design lines that'll help your facts and ideas stand out. This template offers more than 80 unique slides paired with all the necessary elements to create a stunning presentation for your business. The template also includes master templates so you can easily update the design across the entire presentation. 

4. Agio - Creative PowerPoint Template for Corporate Presentations

Agio Creative Powerpoint Template for Corporate Presentations

The Agio template is a great choice if you need to create a presentation with a more corporate look and feel. This template comes with 10 different gradient options and features 70 unique creative PowerPoint (PPT) slides. You’ll also find custom icons that'll help you bring your slide presentation ideas to life and make your presentation more visually appealing.

Get a great presentation made quickly and showcase your innovative ideas in a modern presentation design! 

Inspiration: Creative PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements (Video)

See some of these creative PowerPoint templates in action. Also, discover helpful PowerPoint presentation design tips.

Check out some of our best PowerPoint templates with creative ideas from Envato Elements in this quick video:

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price.

Included With Your Subscription
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

It's also critical that you've got the right resources to help guide you through the process of making an effective presentation. Grab our eBookThe Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations It'll help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. 

How to Make a Great Presentation Free eBook

Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy new innovative PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

25 Creative PowerPoint Templates With Great Designs on GraphicRiver (For 2020)

We also have a ton of unique PowerPoint presentation template designs featured here from GraphicRiver (for individual sale). These best PowerPoint designs are all made for showcasing creative PowerPoint slide design ideas. Use them to make fresh presentations right away in 2020. 

2020 Best Selling Creative PowerPoint Templates
Best Selling Creative PPT Templates - available for sale on GraphicRiver.

Here are more than 20 creative PPT templates from GraphicRiver made for presenting your innovative slide presentation ideas. These PowerPoint designs have a variety of inspired slide layouts with modern presentation styles:

1. Velasco – Graffity PowerPoint Template

Velasco Creative PowerPoint templates

Velasco is an incredibly creative and colorful presentation theme. This creative PowerPoint (PPT) template includes everything you’ll need to stun an audience and close your next big deal. Whether you need bold text boxes, analytical charts, or device mockups, this creative template has you covered.

Explore more than 30 unique slides, choosing the ones that work best for your project. Then, take full advantage of the powerful editing tools to transform each one into a spectacular promotion for you. Audiences will love it, and you’ll save precious time by using a sleek template like this one.

2. 2020 Startup & Multipurpose Premium PowerPoint Presentation Template

2020 Startup PowerPoint Design ideas

Creative slides like these illustrate why you should always use professional aesthetic PowerPoint templates for your slide decks. This creative PPT templates option includes hundreds of unique slides, light and dark themes, and countless arrangements to present your content. Make them your own by dropping your content into the easy-to-use placeholders.

3. Angle Multipurpose PowerPoint Template 

Angle Minimal PowerPoint Template Design

This creative PowerPoint (PPT) template has a modern design with unique slides. It comes with a ton of interesting shape, text, image, chart, and color options that includes 192 elegant design slides.

It also featured stylish flourishes, like unique image frames that crop photography in unconventional ways. It’s easy to edit, versatile and made to customize. This is a great choice for presenting your innovative ideas with.

Learn how to create unique presentations quickly with this popular PowerPoint presentation template design: 

4. Creative Pitch Deck Animated

Creative Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation for Creative Ideas

The Creative Pitch Deck template has many dramatic PowerPoint slide designs, with a compelling style, mix of dynamic layouts, and shape-based designs. There are over 500 unique creative slides, parallax effects, creative animation, and infographic and map options.

It's got the customization options you’d expect in a professional PPT template. It includes easy to change colors, custom image masks, full documentation, and completely editable features. Grab it now!

5. Folk – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Folk Flexible Design PowerPoint Template

Folk is a creative PPT template with a versatile set of unique slide designs. Its modern color schemes and layout fit perfectly with your innovative PowerPoint design ideas for your agency presentation.

The slide designs are set up to work with a variety of image and text layout options. It uses dynamic shapes, with many photo layouts, clean readable fonts, data charts, unique break slides, and more.

Quickly customize each slide. Illustrate your concepts with photos. Insert your branding. And add all your inspirational presentation ideas to build your creative PowerPoint deck!

6. Shouky – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Shouky Creative PPT Template

Creative PowerPoint templates like Shouky offer your business an instant head start as you make that key first impression. This one combines vibrant, fun design with a full set of placeholders to build slides. Widescreen layouts deliver full HD graphics that look great on any display.

In total, there are nearly three dozen slides to choose from. They’re based on Slide Master layouts, making fast mass edits possible in a flash. Each slide is rounded out by drag-and-drop placeholders to add images, videos, and more.

7. Pop Art - Business PowerPoint Template

Pop Art Creative Presentation template

This innovation PowerPoint template makes use of fun pop art to style each slide. It’s creative and quirky without distracting from the key element of the slide deck: your message. Best of all, it's full of presentation design ideas.

You’ll find a complete collection of layouts, including charts, media, infographics, and more. There are even world map slides that you can use to highlight a global presence.

8. Colorup PowerPoint Template

Colorup Creative Presentation template

Colorup lives up to its name by introducing stunning colors to your creative presentation. It does it all with powerful professional style. In other words, Colorup is far better than any creative PowerPoint templates for free download that you might find somewhere online.

Begin by choosing a color palette that looks great with your brand and content. Then explore the dozens of customized slides, making them your own thanks to placeholders. Among the options you’ll see are portfolios, charts, tables, maps, and more.

9. Olyve PowerPoint

Olyve Design Ideas PowerPoint

Bring your creative PowerPoint ideas to life with this minimalist template for 2020. The modern look and feel presents your ideas in style, with over 50 custom slides to choose from. It’s elegant enough for professional projects, but simple enough to meet almost any need.

A key advantage of Olive is that it's built around master slides. These enable bulk edits in seconds, saving you time and effort. Plus, fully resizable graphics make changes a breeze.

10. Ronix - Creative PowerPoint Theme Design

Ronix Creative PowerPoint Theme Design

With a colorful array of designs, Ronix is a modern PPT theme with an arsenal of creative presentation options. It blows free creative PowerPoint presentation templates away, with the number of premium design elements it packs in. 

It's got a flat digital design style and comes with hundreds of slide designs, from infographic slides, device mockup slides, to photo and text options—all with a unique variety of layouts.

This bright PPT template is set up professionally and ready to customize. It comes with Master slide layouts, draggable elements, vector shapes, free fonts, and more.

11. Clean - Creative PPT Presentation Template Design

Clean Creative PPT Presentation Template Design

Clean is a beautiful PowerPoint template with a minimal aesthetic mixed with punches of creative flair. Its monochrome design has many image layouts, interesting use of cropped shapes, and a variety of font styles that all work together in a cohesive set of slide designs. It also includes colorful maps, infographics, device mockups, icons and more. Everything is editable and ready to customize to your creative presentation ideas.

12. Archie - Creative PPT Slides for Your PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

Archie Creative PPT Slides for Your Presentation Ideas

The Archie PowerPoint template is modern, professional, and sharp. It's got premium features you won't easily find in more basic creative PowerPoint templates that are free to download online.

It’s great for presenting a variety of PowerPoint ideas. Whether you've got a creative startup you’re pitching, a room to win over with your new business concept, or a game-changing marketing idea for your team, this presentation template has unique slide designs. There are over 300 ready to customize for your presentation.

These smart and innovative slides include vector artwork, lots of infographics, interesting break slides, editable image placeholders, and more!

13. Vidova - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Vidova Modern PowerPoint Presentation Theme

With over 100 modern slides and beautiful designs, Vidova is an elegant PPT template. Its design aesthetic pairs many options of compelling shapes, dramatic images, and composed type. Whether you've got a unique presentation idea to bring to life or need to craft a fresh deck, this template has the dynamic designs you need!

14. Balance - Creative PowerPoint Presentation Design

Balance Creative Powerpoint Presentation Design

If you need a creative PowerPoint template, with a simple, modern design, Balance is a great choice. It’s a beautiful deck to work with. It includes dynamic slide designs with skewed shapes, cropped photos, and layouts that balance image with text elements.

If you've got a creative idea to present, this template gives you some great options. It comes with over 100 creative slide, 450 shape icons, 50 infographics, device mockups, inverted dark and light slide versions, and more.

It’s set up with drag-n-drop object placeholders, layouts based on Master Slides, and easy to customize features. With it, you can get your deck prepped quickly and designed in style!

15. Report - Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Report Creative Business PowerPoint Template

The Report template is a perfect choice for businesses that need a creative presentation with a clean look. This template includes more than 90 unique slides along with master slides so updating the visuals and other styles are easy and seamless. The template also includes drag and drop image placeholders, world maps, and was designed in 16:9 format.

16. Black & White - Creative Modern PowerPoint Template

Black  White Creative Modern PowerPoint Template

Try the Black & White PowerPoint template if you’re looking for a classic template for your presentation. This template features a timeless look paired with elegant typography. It was designed in 16:9 format and comes with 52 unique slides that you can use for your PowerPoint presentation ideas.

17. Widury PowerPoint

Widury Design Ideas for PowerPoint

Widury is an excellent example of an inspired design ideas PowerPoint theme. Built by creative experts from the ground up, it portrays any message in a clean, creative light that's sure to engage audiences. The template combines bold colors and images with the refined use of empty space. This helps call attention to key points, while keeping viewers focused.

You’ll find over 50 slides included, like device mockups, world maps, infographic charts, and more. Use this template to introduce your team, share your portfolio, roll out your next big idea, or for anything your presentation needs demand.

18. Deluna Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Deluna Creative PowerPoint template

Modern, creative PowerPoint templates complement your message by presenting your ideas stylishly. Deluna is an excellent choice for bringing your PowerPoint design ideas to life, thanks to its amazing design and flexible, unique layouts. Whether you’re sharing text, video, images, or mockups, this template has slides ready for you.

19. Darkmode Creative PowerPoint

Darkmode Creative presentation templates

Darkmode flips the script on the normal light backgrounds often found in creative PPT templates. Instead, it uses a dark backdrop. This makes all your custom text and media pop, in a clear and readable fashion that audiences will love. Customize each slide with a few clicks.

20. Clairo - Business PowerPoint Template

Clairo Presentation layout ideas

Creative presentation templates benefit any organization, businesses included. This example is meant to do just that. Clairo is a fashionable, yet professional creative theme layout expressly designed to help your business succeed.

The 65 slides cover a full array of business topics. Easily adapt it to fit your needs. Images can be dropped instantly onto the slides. Free fonts are used throughout, styling your text into a bold work of art.

21. Teleria - Social Media PowerPoint Template

Teleria Creative PPT Presentation Template

Teleria is made for presenting innovative ideas. It features many creative PowerPoint slides that are fully editable. With different photo layout options, stand-out break slides, and vibrant infographics, the design is perfect for a business presentation.

Its layouts are balanced dynamically with colorful boxes and bold typography. If you've got a creative idea that you want to communicate in style, this PPT template has the designs you need!

22. Console – Gaming PowerPoint Template

Console Gaming Innovative PowerPoint Presentation Theme

This creative PPT has a unique, illustrative presentation design made specifically for gaming. It's got call outs to the gaming industry while staying professional. It's packed with creative presentation ideas, stylish layouts, and modern graphics. There are editable infographics included, and you can drag and drop images into place.

It includes 40 inspirational presentation slides ideas, set against cool background colors. This is a compelling innovation PowerPoint template with the conceptual detail your presentation deserves.

23. Creative Bundle

Creative Bundle Unique Business PowerPoint Theme

This highly functional presentation template bundle is beautifully designed and packed with options.

It comes with a full assortment of more than 1,000 creative PowerPoint slides, from photo-text based, to infographic and chart slides. It comes with icons, editable vector shapes, and easy to customize images.

Use these versatile, colorful slide designs to visualize your creative presentation ideas. With three full-sized creative PowerPoint presentations, activating your audience’s imaginations, and bringing your concepts to life will be a breeze!

24. Okumus – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Okumus Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you've got innovative presentation ideas that are burning to be released, then you need a professional template that'll bring your concepts to your audience with the style and energy they deserve. 

Okumus is a set of inspirational PowerPoint presentation designs with a hand-crafted feel and modern aesthetic. It comes with an array of creative PowerPoint templates features that free PPT designs lack.

It's got creative image frames, clean fonts, and simple layouts mixed with hip design elements. From beautiful break slides to colorful photo layouts, the Okumus presentation design is a unique blend of vibrant minimalism.

25. Kreativa - Creative Agency PowerPoint Template

Kreativa Clean Modern PowerPoint Template

This PPT template is built with a lot of functionality inside a creative design. The style is modern and minimal. It's got an uncluttered set of creative slides that have hundreds of layout options: from the elegant company and profile slides to data-driven charts, an image gallery, break slides, and creative visualizations.

It also includes device mockups, drag-and-drop picture placeholders, auto-adjustable transparency and shape options, and more easy-to-customize features!

If you’re looking to stand out as a thought leader and drive home your creative presentation, this template will give you the slide designs you need to engage your audience visually.

5 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

If you've got a big presentation coming up, then you've got a bit of work to do to prepare your presentation. Craft your message. Focus your points. And make sure your innovative ideas are displayed in a creative and visually engaging way.

Here are a handful of PowerPoint presentation ideas and tips. They'll help you through the planning, writing, and PowerPoint presentation design process.

1. Captivate Your Audience’s Imagination

Your goal as a speaker is to capture the imagination of your audience. What's a presentation, other than a story? Compelling stories open with interest, are told with an arc and compel the audience to act.

Eureka Minimal PowerPoint Template Design
Illustrate your PowerPoint presentation ideas with creative PPT templates such as Eureka from Envato Market's GraphicRiver.

Before you think about how to creatively design your presentation, first make sure your main message is clear and you’ve prepared:

  • a clear goal with a powerful story to tell
  • a hook that'll grip your audience from the first slide
  • structured supporting points that add layers of context
  • an impactful, meaningful conclusion, that compels action

Learn more about how to plan and write your presentation like a pro:

The process of planning what you’ll say in your presentation begins with brainstorming, then moves through raw drafts. That’s the point your slide presentation ideas start to take shape—transforming into something tangible.

Next, take your rough ideas and hone them.

2. Focus Your Message

It’s time to simplify your message so you can place it into your creative slides. Keep in mind, constraint leads to better creativity. It helps you narrow your intent with a few key points to tell your story and focus your design.

Your audience can only follow so much, it’s best to keep to one idea per slide. Also, you want to avoid too much text complicating your slides. Keep your slides short and your points clear. There’s no reason to repeat what you’re planning to say out loud in your slide, instead your slide text should complement your points.

Learn more about how to focus your message so it'll persuade and influence your audience: 

Remember, the purpose of your presentation slides is to deepen your message, illustrate your PowerPoint ideas, and support your narrative.

3. Create Consistency, Then Break It!

A consistent look and feel are critical to your presentation coming across professionally. Each slide in your deck should feel like it’s a part of the same visual story.

You want the typography, slide layouts, images, infographics, colors, and design elements to all work together. Using a creative PowerPoint template gives you an expertly designed presentation deck to work with from the start. It already has the style and consistent design elements you need to design a great presentation.

You want to work with an inspiring PPT template design that fits your story and brand best. Choose a presentation design that's got a style that complements your goals, such as:

  • Rockefeller Creative PowerPoint Presentation. This unique PPT deck is great if you've got an innovative idea to present. It's got the modern design style, and clean aesthetic, that's flexibly made for presenting PowerPoint slide design ideas for many creative industries.
  • Summit 2 - Flexible PPT Template Design. If you need a balanced innovation PowerPoint template with good readability and a ton of presentation options, then Summit 2 is a popular solution. It can work well for a variety of creative presentation types.
  • Hipster - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template. If you want to showcase your creative presentation ideas inside a vibrant modern slide design, then Hipster is a stylish go-to deck.

Also, an effective presentation technique is to set up and then break consistency. Consider the following scenarios:

  • The punch line of a joke is what makes it funny, the rest is setup—boom, boom, boom, boom, BAM!
  • The most memorable part of your day is something that was outside the bounds of your regular routine.
  • The most powerful part of a design is the element that breaks the grid, like a circle standing out on a checkered board.

What stands out in a presentation is the rule you break, the outside the bounds creative decision you make, or the unusual thing you decide to do. It’s the element of surprise!

Discover more presentation design tips: 

Use the slides from your template to craft a professional and visually compelling presentation. But think about what you could insert to break the flow you establish. That’s how to make something memorable.

A simple tip is to reverse the style of your transition slides, so they stand out. If your main slides are dark text on a light background (standard), then make your transition slides light text on a dark background (reversed). Also, you can be bolder with your use of stand-out photography (or other elements) to interest or even shock your audience.

What rhythm can you establish and then break?

4. Use Pictures to Tell Your Story Visually

Pictures will grab your audience's’ attention. They've got the power to connect with their emotions. A well-chosen photograph can represent the story you’re telling and resonate at a deeper level with your audience.

There are a couple of good examples from Aaron Weyenberg, a lead designer at TED in an article from their blog on how to make slides that communicate your idea.

Here's an example of a photo of a large New Zealand barge disaster in mid-motion, used in a slide to kick off the topic of preparing for worst-case tech scenarios. Weyenberg also uses a slide of a little girl going down the street as metaphor for starting something new.

Preparing to Fail Photo
Preparing to Fail Slide (Source

It’s important to pair the concept of your spoken message with the photo you use. The connection—whether literal or metaphorical—should be clear to your audience. Well-chosen images or illustrations make your PowerPoint slide design ideas more vivid and memorable.

Besides pictures, you can also use infographics or charts to visually tell your story. It’s important to keep these slides simple though and not clutter them with too many data points. We've got many helpful tips on how to present data in your presentations with clarity in this article:

5. Build Your Presentation on Your Big Idea

The world doesn’t need flashy animations, whooshing sound effects, or overly complex slides, but what it does need is your big idea.

You've got an important idea you’re shaping and getting ready to deliver to an audience. They'll gather into a conference room or venue and sit waiting to hear what you've got to say.

Give your innovative idea the voice it deserves. Back it up with a presentation design that'll help them visualize your concepts. Deliver clear points, the right information, and the emotional context that'll connect with your audience and move them.

Discover more important PowerPoint and presentation tips:

5 Creative (Visual) PowerPoint PPT Slide Design Ideas

While the presentation content matters, make sure that your slide deck has an attractive design. That’s why it’s a good idea to start off with a premade creative PowerPoint template that you can customize to match your brand.

Enjoy Innovative PPT Templates
Enjoy PowerPoint Template

Here are a few slide design ideas to create a standout presentation. For the purposes of this tutorial, I am using the Enjoy PowerPoint template. It’s a multipurpose, creative PowerPoint template that comes with more than 100 individual slides that are easy to customize.

1. Decide Which Slides You'll Use

As you can see from the screenshot, Enjoy has quite a few creative PowerPoint slides to choose from. There are cover slides as well as slides that you can use to share company history, client testimonials, introduce key team members, and more. Each slide type has several design variations. So, first decide which slides will you use.

Selection of slide designs presentation styles PPT

2. Customize the Colors and Fonts

Once you know which slides you'll use, customize the colors and the fonts. This will allow you to build brand consistency and create a branded experience for your audience. For example, the Enjoy template uses Raleway font for both headlines and body text and a light blue color throughout the template.

Colors and Fonts presentation styles PPT

I’ve changed the headline font in this slide to Lora and set the body text to Lato. Using two different fonts adds hierarchy to your slide design and makes it more visually appealing. I’ve also changed to color to a dark blue shade.

Changing the Colors presentation styles PPT

3. Use Branded Icons

Another way to customize and personalize your PowerPoint slide design is to use branded icons. While Enjoy comes with an icon font that you can use, it’s much better to use custom icons that are tailored to your industry, presentation, and brand. Look at the example below that uses custom icons to represent company goals.

Using Icons presentation styles PPT

To find more creative PowerPoint templates to customize, review the following article:

4. Ensure Images Are High Quality and Match the Overall Design Theme

We’ve mentioned earlier how images can help enhance your presentation. Be sure that any images you include are of high quality. In the example below I’ve added an image to the cover slide, which instantly makes it more interesting. Not to mention the image goes well with the color we’ve chosen.

Slide Design Theme presentation styles PPT

5. Alternate Slide Layouts

Finally, be sure to alternate between slide layouts. The Enjoy template offers several layout variations. For example, after the About slide that uses a horizontal layout, insert a slide that features your team members in a vertical layout.

alternate slide layouts presentation styles PPT

How to Quickly Customize Creative PPT Slide Design Templates

So far, you've seen top choices for creative PowerPoint templates. But, how do you make those templates match your style and presentation content needs? In this section, we'll customize slides from a template. Let's walk through those customizations.

1. Choose a Creative PPT Template

When you’re building your creative PowerPoint presentation, it pays to use a professional custom theme. Envato Elements makes this very easy. Choose a template that you like and download it. Here, I’ll use Creative PowerPoint Templates from Elements. 

Creative PowerPoint Template
Creative PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements

When choosing a design ideas PowerPoint, don't be tempted by the creative PowerPoint templates you see for free download online. Those are often not created by professional designers and may not have all the features of a premium template.

Once I download it, I’ll open the .zip file and then double-click the .pptx file to launch the presentation in PowerPoint. Now it’s time to get started customizing slides.

2. Add Your Own Custom Text

Add custom text creative ppt presentation
Creative PowerPoint Template - adding custom text

Slides like this one, #4 in the deck, can be quickly customized. An easy way to start is to add your own text. To get started, I can simply select the text in an individual text box and then type over it. Don’t forget that we can easily adjust font styles and formatting too.

Those options live in the Font menu on the PowerPoint Ribbon. There, I can change the font style, color, or size. Plus, I can add accents like italics, bolding, and underlines, to name a few. 

Customize text boxes creative ppt presentation
Creative PowerPoint Template - changing fonts and formatting

3. Add Images to Slides

Images are one of the best ways to bring creative PowerPoint templates to life. And custom themes like this one make adding them a simple task. To add a photo to a slide, I’ll simply drag and drop an image into the image placeholder.

Creative PowerPoint templates - adding images
Creative PowerPoint Template - adding images

As you can see, PowerPoint will automatically scale the photo to fit perfectly. It takes only seconds, while completely transforming the slide.

4. Customize an Infographic

Infographics are simple, yet powerful ways to visualize data. The example on slide 5 is a basic line chart. Let’s customize it.

Innovation PowerPoint templates creative ppt presentation
Creative PowerPoint Template - customizing an infographic

I’ve already added an image, along with my own custom text. Now, to make the chart fit my project, I’ll simply click and drag on each line and bar. This allows for finely tuned adjustments to precisely represent data. In a few clicks, I’ve made a vivid data visual that audiences will love.

5. Animate Slides

Some PowerPoint presentations may be static, but they don’t live up to the app’s full potential. By animating slides, you bring presentations to life and call attention to certain objects, concepts, or ideas.

Let’s animate the image here, so it’ll fly onto the slide separately. To do that, I’ll start by clicking on the image to select it. Then, I’ll click on the Animations tab on the Ribbon. 

Creative PowerPoint template
Creative PowerPoint Template - animating an infographic

Listed across the Ribbon is a variety of quick animations. To add one, I’ll click on Fly In. PowerPoint will automatically preview it right on the slide to show how it'll look during the actual slideshow.

That’s it! In a handful of clicks, we’ve customized a creative PowerPoint template. Now it’s your turn—choose your favorite template and start building amazing slide decks of your own today!

More Innovative PowerPoint Template Resources

There are thousands of innovative PPT templates to choose from online for your presentation. That's why we rounded up our favorites for you. No matter what type of PowerPoint template you're looking for, you can find one the perfect fit from Envato Tuts+:

Common Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you're looking for presentation slides ideas, you might have questions. In this section, we'll tackle five of the most common questions. This section addresses questions you may have:

1. Can You Print a PowerPoint?

Many situations benefit from a printed version of your slides. Use it to review your slides before presenting or leave your audience with handouts. It's possible to print your PowerPoint presentation in a variety of formats.

Print your finished PowerPoint presentation with the help of our article:

2. Is PowerPoint Free to Use?

There are several versions of PowerPoint that you can use. And one of the key considerations is cost. That's where PowerPoint Online, the free version for web browsers, might catch your interest.

Best of all? Even though it's online, PowerPoint in a web browser supports creative PPT templates! Learn more about the online version below.

3. How Do Presenters Generate Presentation Slide Ideas?

There's nothing worse than opening an app like PowerPoint and staring at a blank canvas. The solution is to use creative PPT templates, created by inspired designers. They've got plenty of layouts for creative presentations.

Throughout this tutorial, you saw templates with presentation design ideas. There are so many creative presentation templates that have presentation ideas at their core. Use the article below to spark inspiration.

4. How Can You Save Time While Designing?

Creative PPT templates are an important element to save time, sure. But there's another feature that really helps you avoid recreating the wheel.

Make sure that you use slide layouts. Templates are the overall design for the presentation, while slide layouts are the configurable elements for each slide. Learn more in our article below.

5. Are Creative PPT Templates Customizable?

Yes, absolutely. Many presenters are afraid that choosing a template means that they're stuck with a specific design. But a template is just a starting point. It's waiting for your content.

Use the tutorial below as a walkthrough for using creative PPT templates. You'll see that presentation design ideas in templates are easy to customize.

Learn More: Creative PowerPoint Slide Design Tutorials for 2020

The design tips above will help you customize your chosen innovative PowerPoint template and incorporate your brand elements such as fonts and colors. If you want to take your presentation to the next level, here are a few more PowerPoint design ideas and tutorials.

Find the Best Creative PowerPoint Templates for Your Innovative Ideas (Envato Elements vs. GraphicRiver)

We’ve looked at amazing creative PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. As you can see, they offer diverse creative offerings while sharing professional design and style. So now you may be wondering which of the two sites is right for you. 

You'll love the creative presentation templates that both offer. To help you decide, let’s explore the top benefits of both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

1. Top Advantages of Envato Elements

Suppose you’re a designer or project planner and need to make presentations often. A powerful option for you is Envato Elements. Elements operates on a subscription model: you pay a flat monthly fee, in exchange for which you receive unlimited downloads.

That’s a powerful offer. Not only can you download as many creative PowerPoint templates as you want, but you can also download stock images, photos, audio, and more to use in your slide decks. 

Explore some of the top creative PPT templates available over on Elements today: 

Envato Elements site for PowerPoint Design Ideas
Top creative presentation templates on Envato Elements.

2. Top Advantages of GraphicRiver

Let’s say you simply need to build a stunning creative presentation in a hurry. You've got a design in mind. You just need a bit of help getting the styling right. For you, GraphicRiver is unbeatable. There’s no membership fee.

Instead, select a template you like and buy it on the spot. The pay-per-download model is cost-effective, while still delivering unmatched premium style. Why not check out the best creative PowerPoint layouts on GraphicRiver today?

Innovation templates on GraphicRiver
Best PowerPoint design ideas on GraphicRiver.

Which Site Is Right for You?

If you build presentations often—or unlock a ton of creative assets to style your next design—Envato Elements is right for you.

Whichever site you choose, expect the best in professional design quality, thanks to the expertly crafted templates. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements Presentation Design Ideas
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

But if you’re simply trying to build a successful project on an individual basis, GraphicRiver gives you solid value. You can buy single creative PPT templates.

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We've got just the right complement to a creative PowerPoint template. It'll help you learn the complete process of how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

Download The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your slide presentation ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience. 

Making Great Presentations eBook Free Download

Work With a Creative PowerPoint Template

With a great presentation design, your message connects with your audience.

As you stand before this crowd, they visually follow what you’re powerfully saying. The images and visuals in your creative PowerPoint slides complement your narrative—and your audience not only understands your big idea, but they connect with it.

Grab a creative PowerPoint template today from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Learn how to customize it quickly and use it to craft an innovative presentation design. 

Illustrate your unique PowerPoint slide design ideas and connect your concepts to your audience’s imaginations! Why not get started today?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new creative PowerPoint templates with the best, trending designs.

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