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30 PPT Templates: To Make Simple Modern PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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Is your presentation deadline fast approaching?  You've got a room to deliver an engaging presentation to, and a message to practice and hone. 

The last thing you want to wrestle with are the complexities of designing simple presentation slides from scratch in PowerPoint. What you need is a simple PowerPoint presentation template that makes things easy

The Zama Template is just one of the many simple PowerPoint Designs youll find on Envato Elements

The Zama Template is one of the many simple PowerPoint Designs you'll find on Envato Elements

With the right simple presentation template, you can create a modern PowerPoint design that feels inviting and on target for your brand.

It takes time to compile all the elements that make a great presentation:

  • craft a compelling narrative
  • simplify your data
  • pull together your graphics
  • get your slides designed

Save time and create your presentation more quickly with simple PPT templates from Envato Market. Or use Envato Elements to find a clean, simple PowerPoint background template.

Simple PPT Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use for 2020)

Here's a curated selection of simple PowerPoint templates. These simple PPT templates have a compelling blend of modern features and easy to use presentation options. And they all have creative designs crafted in a minimal PPT style. So, you can quickly make simple PPT templates for project presentations with a beautiful result.

Simple PPT presentations on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Simple PPT presentations on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

If you're looking for modern and clean PowerPoint templates, a great place to start is with the simple PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. This all-you-can-download subscription service for creatives unlocks millions of assets, including excellent PPT templates with simple designs.

Simple presentation templates on Envato Elements
All these simple PowerPoint templates are available for a flat rate on Envato Elements.

5 Simple Modern PPT Template Inspiration (From Envato Elements in 2020)

The Envato Elements library is so deep that it helps to have a guide to the top PPT templates with simple and stunning designs. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Simpleco - Fully Animated Template

Simpleco Download Template PPT Simple

The Simpleco fully animated template offers a simple, minimalist design with a huge range of 93 slide templates to choose from. All the charts, infographics, maps and pricing tables you could want are included. It's easy to update the text with your own information. Simpleco is a top option for a download template for a PPT that's simple.

2. Fortuna Simple Template

Fortuna Template PPT Simple

Functional design is all about facilitating your content. This format PPT template for simple presentations is all about staying out of the way of your big ideas. Use the Fortuna simple PowerPoint design for a bold and punchy presentation.

3. Banoe Minimal PPT

Banoe Simple PowerPoint Theme

The best simple PPT templates are usable across practically any category. That's the case with the simple PowerPoint presentation templates like Banoe. Each of the 40 simple PowerPoint design slides have great drag-and-drop image masks that are easy to fill in for visual presentations. Simple PowerPoint templates for free just don't match up with Banoe.

4. Authoer Modern PPT Template

Authoer Modern Simple PPT Template

Modern simple PPT templates use bold, punchy fonts to make an impact. Authoer implements this perfectly with the incredible typography and clean slides. One of the slickest simple PowerPoint designs in this round-up, Authoer is sure to reach your audience. If you've been hunting for simple PPT templates for project presentations.

5. Mirror Modern PowerPoint Template

MIrror Modern Download Template PPT Simple

Rounding out our selections, Mirror has more than 10 color themes to perfectly match your branding. It's easy to drag and drop your images into custom masks so that you build presentations come to life quickly. Mirror's features are a great reason to stop looking for simple PowerPoint templates for free download.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements - Unlimited simple PPT template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from creative website themes to simple templates for PowerPoint, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional simple PPT templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Be careful, though. You may find some simple PowerPoint templates online for free. Generally, free templates don't offer as may features as premium templates. They may also be out of date.

25 Simple PPT Templates With Minimal Designs (From GraphicRiver for 2020)

If the clean PowerPoint templates above aren't quite what you're looking for, you can find plenty more sophisticated PowerPoint templates over on Envato Market. While Elements is an all-you-can-download model for grabbing assets, Envato Market allows you to buy individual templates.

GraphicRiver Simple PPT Templates For Project Presentations
All these simple PowerPoint templates are available via Envato Market's GraphicRiver.

Take advantage of the beauty of simplicity. Here are twenty modern PowerPoint templates with beautiful, minimal style designs:

1. Verzus – Minimal and Easy to Edit PPT Template

Verzus  Minimal and Easy to Edit Simple PPT Template

Instead of simple PowerPoint templates that are free, why not spring for premium? The Verzus template has a gorgeous, minimal design that’s easy to edit. This simple PowerPoint template is a great choice no matter what kind of presentation you've got to make. You’ll find slides for presenting your team members and company history as well as infographic elements, charts, graphs, and more. The template has 350 unique slides and was design in both standard and full HD resolution. 

2. Minimal – Modern PowerPoint Template

Minimal  Modern PowerPoint Template

The Minimal template has a modern design that would work well for a portfolio or a photography presentation. It comes with a total of 60 unique slides that are easy to edit thanks to image placeholders. Unlike some simple PowerPoint templates for free download, Minimal was designed in full HD resolution. Quickly customize fonts, colors, and more. 

3. Clean Minimal – Sophisticated PowerPoint Template

Clean Minimal Sophisticated PowerPoint Template

This clean and minimal PowerPoint template has a sophisticated and elegant design. Use the template for all kinds of presentations. It includes:

  • creative photo layouts
  • infographic elements
  • pre-styled tables
  • vector icons
  • maps
  • diagrams
  • and a plethora of other features

 The template comes with 54 slides designed in full HD and standard resolution.

4. Simplicity – Premium and Easy to Edit PPT Template

Simplicity Easy to Edit Simple PowerPoint Design

If you need a simple but flexible presentation template that’s extremely easy to customize, then Simplicity is a great choice. It's got a clean, minimal design, and professional presentation options. It blends versatile designs with simple PPT style.

It’s also highly rated by the GraphicRiver community. See how positive the customer feedback is for this template:

Simplicity PowerPoint Template - customer feedback
Simplicity PowerPoint Template - customer feedback.

5. Minimal PowerPoint Template

Minimal PowerPoint Template Format PPT

The stark black-and-white contrast in this minimal PPT template is the perfect way to build a simple presentation. Use any of the 160 unique slide designs to craft your content into an impactful and straightforward presentation. Its minimal look is professionally designed, unlike most simple PowerPoint templates available for free.

6. Balance - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Balance Simple PowerPoint Background Template

If you’re looking for a creative PPT Template, with a minimal design, then Balance is stunning choice. It features modern slides with dynamic use of shapes to crop photos and present your slides with balanced grace. It features bold use of fonts and title cards with image overlays.

Whether you’re preparing to pitch a creative business idea, or need to give an important talk, you can create a beautiful PowerPoint presentation with this template. It comes with over 100 unique PowerPoint slides, 50 shape infographics, device mockups. and more. And it’s set up for ease of customization with features like drag-n-drop object placeholders.

7. Eureka - Minimal PPT Template

Eureka Minimal PPT Template

This PowerPoint template features a clean, modern design. It comes with easy to change colors, shapes, texts, and charts. Unlike simple PowerPoint templates online for free, it's got a full array of over 200 minimal PPT style template slides. With simple and dynamic shapes, like brush strokes, there are many creative presentation options.

It also has high ratings and great comments from users, like 

“Excellent quality and flexible structure. The perfect choice for marketing presentation.” 

Also, another customer, 

“The large number of graphics and design allows unlimited ways to customize your presentation.” 

This is an easy to use, versatile, creative PPT template to use for your next presentation.

8. Prism - Minimal PowerPoint Template Builder

Prism Simple PowerPoint Theme

Building a beautiful presentation design is so much easier with a high quality PPT template. Prism is a robust yet simple PowerPoint theme, with over 2,000 unique slide designs and an attractive minimal design. It's got over 3,000 vector icons, data charts, galleries, mockups, and more. All elements are editable in PowerPoint, without needing any Extra software like Photoshop. It's hard to find simple PowerPoint templates for free download with these features.

It's got drag-and-drop ready placeholders and friendly features to work with. With the Prism PowerPoint template builder, create a professional deck with a great modern PowerPoint design quickly. It won't take days to design!

9. Vidova - Modern PPT Presentation Template Design

Vidova Modern Format PPT Template

Win business and impress audiences with this minimal style PowerPoint template. It’s a simple, elegant design with modern layouts and composed type use. It also has dynamic shapes that make up its variety of slide designs, including: 

  • circle-based layouts
  • triangles
  • squares
  • hexagons
  • and angled photo crops 

There are over 100 slide designs to use to engage your audience and create an impressive presentation!

10. Summit 2 - Multi Design PowerPoint Template

Summit 2 Download Template PPT Simple

This is a multipurpose PPT template with a clean and creative design. There are five themes and hundreds of unique slide designs. It's got a compelling mix of layouts that use photos, as well as those that use data, and vector icons.  

All the graphics are resizable and editable. Readily change the color scheme, drag-and-drop in your elements. Get a minimal style presentation designed quickly!

11. Chiara - Modern PowerPoint Template

Chiara Simple Presentation Template

Chiara is modern PPT template with uncomplicated sophistication. It’s easy to customize with no software other than PowerPoint needed. There are a little over 50 unique slide designs, so a healthy assortment of layouts, but not so many as to overwhelm you. 

If you need to get a poised presentation done by tomorrow, this is a beautiful modern PowerPoint design to work with. Display your team and business ideas in style.

12. ProStar - Simple PowerPoint Template

Pro Star Simple PowerPoint Design

This clean PowerPoint business template is great for updating your team with an annual report, giving business plan presentations, or making a sales proposal. It’s versatile and packed with enough unique slide designs to fit a variety of presentation needs. 

The fresh and modern PowerPoint design is complemented by a simple PowerPoint textured background that's styled after a bright blue star. Show your simple PowerPoint presentation to your audience professionally, with a whisper of creativity!

13. Lotus - Simple Multipurpose PPT Template

Lotus Simple PowerPoint Theme

This light-themed, minimal PPT template, is quiet and professional. Craft a presentation that patiently approaches your audience and builds to crescendo. It’s simple and well-crafted layouts give you a bevy of layout options to work with.

It includes many unique slide designs to showcase your company and team, five ready-made color themes, as well as easy to edit infographic layouts, maps, and thousands of icons. Whether you’re an innovative agency or an inventive entrepreneur, Lotus offers a creative solution to your presentation needs!

14. Square - Modern PowerPoint Template

Square Modern Download Template PPT Simple

This minimal PPT Template features 50 high quality slide designs. There's a linear square and line motif that runs through the designs. It’s a striking element that ties the variety of modern PowerPoint slide layouts together.

Make a stunning presentation with ease! If you run an innovative company, or are presenting a creative concept, this template is a great choice to use. And it's got plenty of creative options, but not so many that it’s overwhelming.

15. Komand - PPT Business Theme

Komand Presentation Format PPT

A successful presentation means that you bring your ideas together to make comprehensible and compelling points. Romand is a minimal PPT business template that helps you keep your slide designs clean and your message clear. 

This template has a little over 100 unique slides with a minimal, modern design. You'll find 

  • clean full animations
  • a master slide setup
  • many slide layouts
  • infographic presentation options
  • and more

16. Socran - Clean & Modern PowerPoint Template

Socran clean and modern Simple PowerPoint Design

Whether you need to stand out as a thought leader or land a new client sale, your ideas need to be heard. Socran is a modern PPT template with plenty of functionality. The minimal PPT design style that helps focus your message. It's got a creative, but uncluttered design, to keep your audience engaged and your message delivered clearly.

This creative PPT template has over 100 unique slides, many data-driven charts, device mockups, and infographics. And it’s fully-editable in PowerPoint so you can work faster. It includes features like picture auto-adjustments (size, transparency, shape, drag-and-drop, and more). Grab it now!

17. Helix - Simple PPT Presentation Template

Helix Simple Format PPT

This minimal PowerPoint presentation template has a simple design. There are 80 unique slide designs to work with and over 400 fonts. This template has a few robust features, without including a dizzying number of options. 

It’s designed for ease of use, so you can quickly adjust the professional layouts, infographics, device mockups, or image placeholders. Get your business presentation created today!

18. Cascada - PowerPoint Business Theme

Cascada Simple PowerPoint Theme

Cascada is a versatile PowerPoint template with a simple, functional aesthetic. With it you can create just about any presentation, from funding requests, post launch reviews, market research, or team training. There are 120 creative slides with a variety of layouts. It’s built with clean, easy to change color styles, and includes a Smart Icon Library.  

19. Swiss Style - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Swiss Minimal Simple PowerPoint Background

This Swiss-style PowerPoint template is a classic from our Envato Market archive. It’s built by Elite author DMXdesign. The PPT layout style is minimal, and it features bold use of typography and shapes.

This contemporary PPT template is great for personal or corporate use. It includes slick, subtle animations, image and text placeholders, and smart objects. It's easy to edit with the included Photoshop File.

20. Mevo - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mevo Template PPT Simple

Mevo PPT presentation template has 100 unique slides. It’s designed with a minimal style but is composed of many creative features. It includes a full assortment of slide layouts, many color choices, icons, infographic options, charts, graphs, and more.

If you've got complex information to deliver, this template can help you simplify it down with just the right slide for each component of your info. This way, you can pack compelling ideas into your presentation, and grab your audience!

21. Mark02 - Modern PowerPoint Template

Mark02 Simple Presentation Template

To deliver a creative concept, grip a business audience, or impress your colleagues, this multipurpose simple presentation template is a great choice. Mark02 has a minimal, creative aesthetic with over 280 unique slide designs.

It’s great if you need many slide layout options to build your simple PowerPoint presentation with. It features a compelling mix of slide designs, such as:

  • team pages
  • timelines
  • service pages
  • devices
  • pricing tables
  • gallery showcases
  • infographics
  • charts
  • cycles
  • structured data
  • clustered info
  • maps
  • and more

22. Simple PPT - PowerPoint Presentation Design

Simple Presentation Format PPT

The Simple PowerPoint template is designed by Elite author inspirasign. Use it for corporate finance presentations or more creative business presentations. While it’s packed with design options, it’s setup to be easy to work with. The PPT file is based on Master Slides, easy to edit SmartArt, and one-click color changes.

There are over 100 unique slide designs, with a full selection of creative layouts. If you want a clean and simple PowerPoint theme with a mix of illustrations, infographics, and business slides, then this Simple PPT template is a winner. Get it now!

23. Hipster - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Hipster Template PPT Simple

This is a beautiful PPT template, with a stylish minimal design, and excellent balance of creative elements. It’s packed with energetic designs against a pristine canvas. And it features over 100 handcrafted slide designs, irresistible use of layered photography, modern fonts, and clean layouts. If you've got a creative or innovative business presentation to deliver, this simple PowerPoint template is compelling to work with!

24. Luxury – Premium Simple PPT Template

Luxury  Premium Simple PPT Template

The Luxury is a premium, simple PowerPoint template that's got an elegant design. The template is a great choice for portfolio, photography, and fashion presentations. Easily add your own images thanks to drag and drop image placeholders. The template also has custom vector icons, maps, charts, and other infographic elements. It's what makes Luxury simple PPT templates for projects presentations.

25. Feature – Minimal PPT Template

Feature Minimal PPT Templates

The Feature template has 60 unique slides that are based on master slides for easy editing. The template has a modern design with drag and drop image placeholders. You’ll also find various infographic elements, charts, tables, and custom vector icons to spice up your presentation. 

Quickly Customize A Simple PowerPoint Template In 5 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve seen what kind of PowerPoint templates you can find on Envato Elements and Envato Market, let’s look at how you can quickly customize one of our templates for your presentation. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll use the Contain template. It’s a simple and minimal template to use for any type of presentation.

Contain template
Contain PPT template from Envato Elements

1. Choose Your Slides

Once you've got your presentation template, the first step is to choose the slides you want to use. Most of the premium templates come with several variations of the same slide. So, choose the design you like best. 

To make a selection, go to View > Slide Sorter. Then delete all the slides you don’t want by right-clicking and deleting them.

Choosing slides

2. Add Your Content

Now that you've got all the slides you want, go back to Normal view. Click the Home tab and then double-click the slide you want to edit. To add your content, all the text by clicking CTRL+A and delete it. Then, enter your own content as the screenshot of slide #2 shows.

Replacing content

3. Insert Your Images

To add your images to the slide, all you've got to do is use the image placeholders. Locate the slide with the image placeholder you want to replace, click the picture icon, and then add your own image from your computer. See how I’ve done it in slide #5.

Choosing images

4. Customize Colors

Another way to customize your presentation is to change the colors. Easily change the text color by choosing a different color from the text color menu. To customize the background color, right-click on an individual slide and press Format Background. Then, choose a color under the Solid Fill tool to change the background of the slide #8 and any other slide you want.

Customizing colors

5. Customize Fonts

The last step is to customize the fonts throughout your presentation. The easiest way to do this is to highlight the text on each individual slide. Then choose a different font from the drop-down menu as seen in slide #8.

Customize fonts

5 Simple PowerPoint PPT Presentation Tips

Here are five quick presentation tips. They’ll help you design a clear presentation with a minimal design. Also, you'll tell a memorable visual story with a focused presentation.

1. Start With a Minimal PPT Template

Choose a simple PowerPoint template that fits your needs well. It should also be on-style for your brand, with a modern PowerPoint design that’s not only attractive, but a great match to you or your business.

PPTX Minimal Templates on Elements
All these minimal templates are available on Envato Elements.

The simple PowerPoint presentation templates above all have a minimal PPT style, with creative slide designs, but they range in complexity. Some are packed with features, while others are streamlined.

If you've got to give your presentation by the end of the week, then choose a template that’s easy to work with and has limited features, like these: 

  • Warlock Minimal is a good choice in this case. It gives you simple, functional designs, but not an overwhelming number of options. 
  • Or the Minimal Maska is a stylish choice with a limited feature set. 

Both are quick to work with to build a great presentation fast. Either of these PPT templates can be customized quickly with a professional workflow.

If you’re designing presentations for your agency or startup and need many options, get a clean minimal style PowerPoint that's packed with a bevy of features. For example: 

  • many slide design options
  • infographics
  • device mockups
  • drag-and-drop workflows
  • and more 

In this case, the modern PowerPoint template Socran would be an excellent choice. It’s packed with functionality but features a minimal style design.

Also, when choosing a template, don’t feel like you've got to make use of every feature they come with. Instead, only use the components that fit your message well.

Learn more about how to customize a PowerPoint template in this tutorial:

2. Remember: Less Is Often More Effective

Use design to pull together your points and lead your audience through your presentation.

For each slide choose a modern PowerPoint design that best fits the material. An infographic may be best for presenting data. 

But a comparative slide may be right for showing how your offer differs from the competition. And a gallery can showcase your team or products. Work with the slide layouts that best fit your message.

Remember, a minimal slide design is easier for an audience to read and understand. They can keep track of your points and follow along with your presentation. 

Take care that you don’t try to pack too much information into your slide designs or overdo it. You don't want too many visuals or walls of text that would overwhelm your audience. Instead keep your slide designs focused.

Avoid clutter and confusion and aim for clarity. Learn more about how to design an effective presentation in this tutorial:

3. Focus Your Presentation Message

Design isn’t the only concern when crafting your presentation. Your message is the driver, whereas design is just the vehicle it travels in. Design supports your points, but first you need a well-honed narrative.

Minmal Template
The Minimal PowerPoint template helps the audience focus on the presentation's message by removing unnecessary details.

To craft compelling story for your presentation, put your audience first. You need to keep their attention, address their needs, and meet their expectations. Consider:

  • Why they're coming to your presentation? 
  • What questions they could have? 
  • How they might react to your primary message? 

The more of these points you address, the better your presentation will connect with them. Learn more about how to craft a persuasive presentation:

And don’t begin designing until you’ve got your presentation written, your message clear, and the data you want to present ready to work with. And make sure you've got a compelling hook and story to tell.

Then spend time simplifying your presentation so that it’s easy to understand. If your message is unclear, then simplify it. If you packed too much into a slide, then cut it down for clarity. Learn more about how to write a PowerPoint presentation: 

4. Add Infographics to Simply Explain Complex Concepts

Too many presentations lose the audience due to the content's complexity. Detailed slides with too much text will fail to reach your viewers.

That's why I always recommend using infographics to explain your ideas. Combining the information with graphics helps the visual learners in your audience to quickly understand ideas that text alone can't explain.

Use the infographic round-up below for the best graphics that explain complex concepts:

5. Animate Just One Slide Element

Animations might seem to add more complexity, but they can bring simplistic focus to the most important elements.

It's best to use animation to reveal just one key point. Click on an object, then jump to the Animations tab and choose an effect. As you advance through slides, this key point will stand out.

Minimal Powerpoint template
Use a PowerPoint animation to bring just one key point onto your key slides.

Check out the round-up below for the best animation templates:

5 Top Modern PowerPoint PPT Presentation Design Trends for 2020

Crafting presentations from simple PowerPoint templates gives you an advantage thanks to their design. But you can make your simple format PPT look even better with the latest design trends. I've saved you some work by grabbing five of them that you should use: 

1. Bold Custom Typography

Gone are the days of sticking with the default font option in PowerPoint. The way to get the most out of simple PPT templates for project presentation is by using an interesting, bold typeface. Some template creators will link to options you can use, or check out the amazing fonts found on Envato Elements.

2. Vibrant Color Gradients

Minimal design isn't all about white and gray color palettes. Fun and vibrant colors can work too. To create something even more fitting for 2020, apply your bright colors to a gradient. A subtle touch here and there is enough to elevate your template PPT that's simple with this trend.

Dapon Template PPT Simple With Gradient
Dapon is an example of simple PPT templates that use color gradients.

3. Cool Illustrations

Custom illustrations are all the rage in the presentation design world in 2020. They can be useful in sharing your data, telling a visual story, and making your content feel more personable. I recommend using flat, 2D illustrations like the ones found on Envato Elements. 

4. Visual-Centered Presentations

This trend is all about making simple PPT templates for project presentations look visually interesting. It's more than just using infographics instead of text. Use high-quality images, charts, and icons to get your point across and complement the text. Your audience will engage with your content easier.

Confiant Simple PowerPoint Background
A simple PowerPoint theme like Confiant looks visually interesting.

5. Unique Image Masks

Using special image masks can add even more visual flair to your simple PowerPoint design. Instead of having the expected square image masks, this trend is all about using words, numbers, and special shapes. It's surprising how quickly applying this trend can transform the look and feel of your slides.

Simple Presentation Template With Image Masks
This simple presentation template has fun image masks that make photos pop.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

You don't have to be a guru to get the most out of PowerPoint. You just have to get some of your questions answered. I've done some digging and am answering some common PowerPoint questions you might have so you can start working with confidence:

1. How Do I Share My PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom?

First, you need to open your PowerPoint presentation. When you start a meeting on Zoom, click the Share Screen button. From there select the window showing your presentation, then click Share.

You can also share on multiple displays, which this tutorial talks about:

2. Can I Add Narration to My Simple Presentation Template?

Assuming your microphone is set up already, click on Record Slide Show in the Slide Show tab. Check both the Slide and animation timings and Narrations, ink, and laser pointer boxes, and click Start Recording.

If you still need to set up your microphone, check out this walk-through. It'll also explain your recording options for narration:

3. What Tricks Will Help Me Remember My Entire Presentation?

One great tip is to focus on remembering concepts, not entire paragraphs. This gives you greater flexibility in your presentations. It's even more helpful to use the speaker notes in PowerPoint to help guide you through your slides:

4. Is It Possible to Animate Charts?

Animating charts works like animating other objects in your template PPT. Click the object, click the Animations tab, and select the one you like. This quick video will walk you through these steps in more detail in 60 seconds:

5. Can I Add Microsoft Word Files to My Simple PowerPoint Theme?

To add Word documents, click on the Insert tab, and choose Object. From there, click Create and find the file on your computer. You'll now have a couple of options to choose from, which this quick PowerPoint tutorial shows you:

More Great PowerPoint Tutorial Resources

If you need further information about how to craft a compelling presentation, here are more PowerPoint tutorials and tips:

Create a Great (& Effective) PowerPoint Presentation

Presenting with clarity helps you establish authority and trust with your audience. And a connection with your audience allows you to make your concepts clear and your points ring true, which leads to changing minds and winning deals.

Free eBook on Making Great Presentations

Download The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience. 

Grab the Free Make Great Presentations eBook

Grab a Simple PowerPoint Template Today!

A minimal style PowerPoint is a great choice for a wide variety of presentations. We've got come simple PPT templates to choose from on Envato Market. Or use Envato Elements to download all the slick PowerPoint templates you need for a single flat rate.

Don't fall into the trap of looking for simple PowerPoint templates for free download. For the best results, grab a professionally designed template instead.

Learn how to quickly customize your PowerPoint template and start your presentation off with a professional design. Why not download your favorite template and get started?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting simple PowerPoint presentation templates with the best, trending presentation designs.

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