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30+ Animated PowerPoint PPT Templates (With Cool Interactive Slides for 2021)

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Your interactive PowerPoint must carry your points to the audience. Whether it's to a small group or a large crowd at a conference, engagement is the key. Try adding PowerPoint animation for even more impact.

Slide animation example from i9 PPT Template System
PowerPoint slide animation example from i9 PPT Template System.

If you've got a presentation to give soon, clarify your presentation goals. Then, get your ideas designed and your presentation deck polished before you're scheduled to talk.

Each presentation section needs to capture your audience's attention and drive your points through to them. It helps to add a touch of motion, so your text and graphics come across as modern and compelling to your viewers.

Use the right animated PowerPoint template, such as those from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Set your concepts in motion. You'll make an amazing animated PowerPoint presentation PPT. It will feel interactive and stylish—without overdoing it.

The Best Animated PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You'll find thousands of the best animated PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. Plus, it's a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. 

Interactive PowerPoint PPT presentation templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Animated PowerPoint PPT presentation templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Each interactive PowerPoint template from Envato Elements has hundreds of creative presentation options. They're full of features but quick and easy to work with.

Customize your inspiring interactive PowerPoint ideas. Put them in motion with ready-made, cool presentation slide animations for PowerPoint. Make an interactive slideshow to present with style and clarity, so that each slide tells your story with impact.

Thousands of animated PPT presentation templates on Envato Elements
Thousands of animated PowerPoint slide presentation templates on Envato Elements.

You may be tempted by a free animated PowerPoint template download. But remember: you get what you pay for. Professionally designed premium PowerPoint animation templates offer so much more than any PowerPoint animation free download.

These premium professional animated presentation templates have unique slide designs with great visuals. Also, there are cool motion slide design options. Use them to showcase the important ideas in your interactive PowerPoint presentation with:

  • creative slide designs
  • custom slide transitions
  • animated PPT graphics

Just add your creative presentation ideas to these already visually impactful PPT slide designs. Quickly prep your presentation layouts. Add a dash of animation for PowerPoint. Then you’re ready to move your audience. 

5 Top Animated PowerPoint Slideshow Templates (New From Envato Elements - For 2021)

Here are a handful of the best animated PowerPoint slideshow templates (with professional interactive slide design options for presenting your inspiring ideas with motion). These are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Business Animate PowerPoint Presentation

Business Animate PPT Template

The Business Animate template is an exciting animated PPT template for building your next office presentation. Build flat animations that you've seen in infographic videos with no extra apps required. Build all your business animations, right inside of PowerPoint, with the help of this template.

2. Matrid - Business PowerPoint Template

Matrid Business PowerPoint Template

Matrid is an excellent, clean template with the added bonus of excellent animations. Of course, most dynamic PowerPoint presentations feature animations. Use this animated PPT template to animate your content to life in less time than ever before. 

3. Experience - Motion Slides PPT Presentation Template

Experience Motion PPT Presentation Slide Template

This moving PowerPoint slideshow template has a lot of pro benefits. It's got over 50+ cool slide designs, handmade infographics, and beautiful design layouts. Take advantage of the interactive slide features and custom PowerPoint animations to add motion to any of your slides. This template beats any PowerPoint animations for free download you might find.

4. Creative Project - Interactive PowerPoint Slideshow Template

Creative Project Interactive PPT Motion Slideshow Template

Creative Project is a clean PowerPoint template with plenty of professional presentation features like cool PowerPoint animations, slide transitions, and more. It also comes with handcrafted infographics, over 70+ unique slide designs, and more. All to help you make a great interactive PowerPoint presentation with ease.

5. Kupat - Cool Animation PowerPoint PPT Template

Kupat Cool Animation PowerPoint Motion PPT Template

The Kupat moving PowerPoint template comes packed with what you need to make a great interactive slideshow presentation. Use this multipurpose set of motion slide designs to make a presentation for business or personal use. It works in the creative industry, technology, or finance. All the presentation slides include cool animated slide and transition animation for PowerPoint options.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of creative templates and graphics (with unlimited use). Choose from cool web themes to awesome animated PowerPoint presentation templates, and more—all for one low price

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new interactive PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the professional selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

29 Best Animated (Interactive) PowerPoint Slide Templates on GraphicRiver (For 2021)

You can find top PPT animation presentation designs on GraphicRiver. Here are the currently trending, best-selling animated PowerPoint templates, available for download in 2021: 

2021 PPT animation GraphicRiver
Pay-as-you-go with these interactive PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

Or read on for a premium selection of moving interactive PowerPoint templates that include great animation options. Here we feature a curated set of top animated PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver. You'll find interactive slides, ready-made transitions, and design elements that you can put in motion. Create a dynamic PPT animation presentation quickly with one of these professional designs.

We also showcase sample PowerPoint animation slides. Plus, there are a few demo videos of some these interactive slideshow PowerPoints in action. 

Browse through these animated PPT templates. Learn more about the distinct features each one comes with. And find just the right set of designs to download for your presentation.  

1. Animated Slides Bundle for PowerPoint Presentation

Animated Slides Bundle Animated PowerPoint Slides

If you need animated PowerPoint templates for your next big presentation, this bundle delivers. Apply simple transitions, motion, and custom reveals to your slides, images, and points. This animated PowerPoint template features an interactive presentation style. That gives you a compelling delivery. It looks great and has more useful features than a PowerPoint animation free download.

2. Proposal PowerPoint Animated

Proposal PowerPoint Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

This is a creative interactive PowerPoint presentation. It’s made for business PPTs that need some dynamism. It comes with easy to edit slides, animated graphics, and everything you need to make a compelling story. That way you can pitch your ideas and move your audience with a wonderful, interactive PowerPoint.

3. DIY Animated Promo Kit

DIY Animated Promo Kit Interactive PowerPoint Ideas

Hunting the web for animated PPT templates for free download is time consuming. Instead, use one of the best premium interactive PowerPoint templates. DIY Animated Promo Kit has a load of professional features. It's got 100 unique slides that are completely customizable and two different color schemes to work from. Promote your product or service with this excellent interactive PowerPoint.

4. Smash Animated

Smash animated PPT

Some PowerPoint animation templates are neutral, but Smash doesn't fit that mold. It's one of the more eye-catching interactive PowerPoint presentations. As the marketing material mentions, using interactive PowerPoint templates saves countless hours. The animations built into this dynamic PowerPoint presentation are the best you'll find.

5. PowerPoint Animated Infographics

Animation PowerPoint Template

Infographics sit at the helpful intersection of "information" and "graphics. They explain advanced ideas. With the help of interactive PowerPoint templates like this you've got the options you need. If you've been hunting for animated presentation examples, try this template out. There are 500 animated slides for any idea you need to show.

6. Pitch Deck Animated Bundle

Interactive PowerPoint template

A pitch deck is a way to pitch your company. Maybe that means asking for a funding round to bolster your growth. Or appealing to potential employees that are key to your success. Either way, animated PowerPoint templates have enough motion to show that your company concept is one that's worth buying into. This PPT animation template is the best example of a pitch deck with "just enough" motion.

7. Massive X Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Massive X Presentation Template for PowerPoint

The Massive X presentation template has over 960 unique slides that come in both light and dark versions. With over 8,000 sales, this template is a fan favorite. It's a top option for business PowerPoint animation examples. It includes over 20 premade color schemes. Each slide is fully animated. Plus, easily customize the template to match your needs. You won't find this in PowerPoint animations for free download!

8. Imperial Multipurpose PowerPoint Template 

Imperial Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

The Imperial template is a multipurpose and versatile PowerPoint template. It features over 100 color variations for endless flexibility. So, you’ll have no problems finding a color scheme that pairs well with your branding. The dynamic PowerPoint template also includes custom animations and icons. You'll easily add extra visual flair to your presentation. Your search for animated presentation templates is over with Imperial.

9. Minimal PowerPoint

Minimal PowerPoint

Minimal PowerPoint is a clean and minimal animated presentation template. It comes with over 500 unique slides and drag and drop placeholders that make it easy to add your content. The template also includes:

  • custom illustration elements for various industries
  • graphs and charts
  • premade calendars
  • and more

10. Big Infographics PowerPoint

Big Infographics PowerPoint Animation Examples

Need to display data in style? Start with this stunning animated PPT, packed with over 200 unique slides. Each one is built to illustrate data, and the included animations for PowerPoint bring it to view with a flourish.

11. i9 Template System - PowerPoint Animation Templates Set

i9 is a professional and on-trend, animated PowerPoint template set. It's got some great design features, from custom gradients to a bevy of graphics.

It’s packed with hundreds of PowerPoint slide animations. There are well-paced transitions and smooth motion set to elements like infographics, tables, and charts. Check out the video above to see the cool PowerPoint animations in action.

Learn how to use this animated PPT template to quickly design your next presentation:

12. Marketofy - Ultimate PowerPoint Template With Animated Slides

This popular interactive PowerPoint template is loaded with quality slide designs, unique graphics, and animations. Customize it quickly to your presentation needs—completely inside PowerPoint. Set your motion slide transitions to a fast pace and quickly apply cool animations in PowerPoint to your most important points.

13. Motagua - Multipurpose Animated & Interactive PPT Template

Motagua - Multipurpose Animated  Interactive PPT Template

Wow your audience with this animated PPT Template. This is one of the best-selling, most popular templates on GraphicRiver. It's got great, five-star feedback from users as well, such as:

“An awesome, incredibly flexible deck that will display any message in an attention-grabbing professional manner.”

Download this animated PowerPoint template. Customize your presentation with hundreds of included PowerPoint animation slides and graphics.

14. Cavale - Multipurpose PowerPoint Animated Template Design

Cavale - Multipurpose PowerPoint Animated Template Design

Cavale is a much better choice than working with free animated PowerPoint templates. This premium interactive PowerPoint presentation PPT download includes pro features. It's got a dynamic range of slide designs, a hundred color themes, and plenty of animations for PowerPoint applied to custom graphics.

15. Startup X - Perfect Animated Pitch Template for PowerPoint

Startup X - Perfect Animated Pitch Template for PowerPoint

If you've got an idea to pitch, for a creative business, Startup X is a go-to interactive PowerPoint template to rely on. It packs in modern business plan slides plus infographics for your data. These animated PPT slides show your growth potential. It's got a fully animated version included.

16. Exquisite Multipurpose Presentation Template - Fully Animated

Exquisite Multipurpose Presentation Template - Fully Animated

This is a minimal style PowerPoint template design with modern features. This fully animated option includes so many features. Use the creative slide design options, add infographics, and try the animations. Change the color scheme quickly and customize your interactive slides in fewer steps than ever. Also, use the included animations effects to apply dynamic motion to your interactive PowerPoint ideas.

17. PowerPoint Template Pro Pack - With Animated Slides

This PowerPoint template collection includes interactive graphics inside of professional slides. Use the unique diagrams in this creative PPT animation template files. It’s easily editable with plenty of PowerPoint motion slide animations, transitions, and many more options. It's perfect to add just the right amount of motion to your ideas.  

18. Ever - Animated Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Ever - Animated Presentation Template for PowerPoint

This is a creative animated PPT template made for a variety of presentation types, from business to personal. It's got over 200 custom PowerPoint motion slide designs and packs in: 300 fonts, 10 color themes, a ton of infographics. It features great PowerPoint slide animations, transitions, and custom animation for each object.

19. Archie - Animated PowerPoint Presentation PPT Theme Design

Archie - Animated PowerPoint Presentation Theme Design

Work with the full animated PowerPoint template included in this premium download. It's got quality slide transitions to pace your animation with. Plus, animations are applied to graphic elements and infographics that you can control. It's got a bevy of pro features that are great for making interactive PowerPoint presentations included.

20. ONE - PPT Presentation Template With Animated Version

ONE - PPT Presentation Template With Animated Version

Tired of trying low quality free animated PowerPoint templates? Here's an alternative. The One template has a gorgeous modern set of slide designs. It’s made for presenting your great interactive PowerPoint ideas with. It’s also quick to edit and includes cool animations in PowerPoint to add to slides to power your points.

21. Awesome Slides - Interactive PPT Template +Animated Slides

Awesome Slides is fully editable inside PowerPoint. You don’t need any other graphics programs like Photoshop to customize the included graphics and amazing slide designs. Edit all the elements, set the custom animated PPT slides in motion, and apply the unique animations to all the included infographics. It'll make your message more dynamic.

22. Clean - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Flashy, fun animations meet polished design in this PPT animation template. Minimalist, refined slide themes bring your content to the forefront. They’re supported by the smooth animations that vividly introduce new elements. Its 230 unique slides are wonderfully crafted. This means you won't regret choosing this over a PowerPoint animation free download.

23. Prezen - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Prezen - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

This is a multipurpose animated PowerPoint presentation PPT ready for your next project. It comes with a vast array of layouts, colors, and graphics to support you. In just a few clicks, apply your own content and let the custom animations do the work. Easy to use and incredibly attractive, Prezen is a great pick over animated PPT templates for free download. 

24. Wow Slides for PowerPoint

Wow Slides for PowerPoint Animated Presentation Templates

Wow Slides for PowerPoint has a professional design with 24 premade color themes. It’s a great choice for business presentations as well as pitch decks and webinar slides. Each slide is beautifully animated. You'll also find maps, charts, graphs, icon packs, and so much more.

25. The Press Animated PowerPoint

The Press Animated PowerPoint

The Press is an animated PowerPoint template that’s easy to edit. The template has premade color schemes that can be applied with a single click. The image placeholders make it easy to drag and drop your content into place. It's fully-featured, unlike a PowerPoint animation free download. This template comes with 480 unique slides.

26. Crypto Animated Infographic

Crypto Animated PowerPoint

Cryptocurrency continues to garner more attention. The problem is that it's still a bit hard to understand for beginners. Why not explain that with animated PowerPoint templates? Use the 68 animated PPT slides to show the growth trajectory that you've got in mind, thanks to this template. It's each to teach your audience when you use Crypto Animated Infographic instead of a PowerPoint animation free download.

27. Milenie - Animation PowerPoint Template

Milenie PowerPoint Animations

A fully animated PowerPoint template is the best way to show your content with motion. Milenie is one of the best PPT animation options that makes the content dynamic. You've got easy-to-edit slides in full HD resolution that are a breeze to tailor to your specifics. Milenie is a great go-to presentation deck. You'll love the premium design that animated PPT templates for a free download lack.

28. Timelines Animated Infographic Presentations

Timelines PowerPoint Animation Examples

Timelines is one of the best animated PowerPoint templates for business. This PPT animation creates a wonderful visual story out of your information. This interactive PowerPoint includes animated slides, vector shapes, and plenty of custom features.

Download it today to make your next interactive PowerPoint presentation fast. (With the many timeline designs, you'll have a couple of extra animated PPT decks on hand for your next presentations as well.)

29. Typography - Animated Slides for PowerPoint Presentation

Typography PPT Animation

Typography can make for amazing PowerPoint animation templates as you can see here. This professional offering gives your animated PPT slides a fun and formal style. Bold text support custom animations that are hard to find in animated PPT templates for free download. Check out the editable year slides to add a cool timeline to your interactive PowerPoint.

Inspiration: Working With the Best Animated PowerPoint Templates (Video)

It's important to use animations for PowerPoint the right way in your presentation. In this video, learn how to use pro templates to add powerful animated slide designs to PowerPoint quickly.  Also, see some premium animated PowerPoint templates in action. 

How to Quickly Customize Interactive PowerPoint PPT Slide Animations

We've explored some of the best animated PowerPoint templates from Envato. These powerful PPT animation designs help you look your best. But you may be wondering why you should use them. Why not use a PowerPoint animation free download?

The answer: style and time. Sure, you can build your own interactive PowerPoint from scratch. But it takes a long time. And it won't look as good as interactive PowerPoint presentations made by experts. Let's look at how, by creating three animated PowerPoint slides using a template.

To follow along, download and open the Animated PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements.

Animated PPT template preview
We'll work with Animated PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. The Intro Slide

Why not start at the beginning? There's no need to delay impressing your audience with stunning PowerPoint animation examples.

Animated PowerPoint templates
Start by selecting a slide with an eye-catching design, then type your text into the placeholders.

As you can see, the intro slide has a variety of text placeholders. The first step is to add in your own text. Do that by highlighting any block of existing text, and then typing over it.

Remember, you can customize fonts with premium animated presentation templates. With text highlighted, find the Font section on the Home tab. There, you can add effects like bold and italics, while changing font sizes and styles too.

Since we're building a PPT animation deck, you'll next want to check out your animation options. Find those on the Animations tab. Keep in mind, templates like this are pre-animated. You don't have to add these effects from scratch! That's a powerful feature not found in a PowerPoint animation free download.

PPT animation
Use the Animations pane to sequence the object animations.

To view the pre-built animations, click on the Animation Pane button. A sidebar will open, listing the effects on the slide. In this case, you'll see a list of seven effects. 

The 0 beside each indicates that all effects exist as a group. With one highlighted, you'll see the start trigger set to After Previous. These two indicators say that all seven effects will automatically play in sequence. Click Preview and watch the slide animate. It's that easy.

Interactive PowerPoint
Choose an animation effect to apply it to the selected object.

2. The Infographic Slide

Infographics are a key part of any successful Interactive PowerPoint. These are illustrations that help explain ideas. Animation brings them to life.

PowerPoint animation examples
Infographics help explain your ideas, and you won't find the best ones in animated PPT templates free download options.

Consider a slide like this. Notice the individual ideas shown in the nodes on each side of the slide. Chances are you might want to talk through these in sequence. Having them all appear on the slide at once might not be the best option.

Like the intro slide, this one is pre-animated. But remember, you don't have to use every animation exactly as included! With PPT and premium templates, you still have ultimate creative control.

Back on the Animation Pane, look at the list of animations. One (Picture 4) is the illustration in the center of the slides. The Group sections are the individual nodes. 

Interactive PowerPoint presentation
Groups show the objects that will move at the same pace in a specific animation.

Suppose you want to have the illustration appear, and then trigger each node manually. To do that, click on Group 5, then on the Start dropdown. Go ahead and change the setting from After Previous to On Click. You'll see the 0 turn into a 1, indicating your new sequence. Repeat this for the other groups. 

Animated presentation templates
Change the option to On Click to trigger animation once you click to proceed in PowerPoint.

When you're finished, go to the Slide Show tab and click Play from Current Slide. The illustration will appear first, and from there you can click once to advance to each node in sequence. This is the perfect way to control the speed and pace of your narrative.

3. The Image Slide

Last but not least is the image slide. As you can see, it's got some text, along with an image. Photos are essential parts of many animated presentation templates. How you present them is up to you.

Interactive PowerPoint ideas
Ungroup an image to apply animations to individual components.

Again, let's return to the Animation pane. Click on the photo animation, Picture 3, and notice the effect the template uses. It's a simple Fly In, one of the most common animations in the world. For your purposes, you might want something with a little more pizazz.

On the left side of the Animations tab, click the dropdown right below the list of available effects. You'll see a menu featuring dozens of cool, flashy options.

Build animated PowerPoint templates
Select an object, then an animation effect of your choice.

Browse through them, clicking each thumbnail to apply the effect. Notice that PowerPoint previews each animation on the image. This instant-preview capability helps you dial in on the perfect choice for you.

As you can see, premium animated PowerPoint templates offer the best of both worlds. You save precious time and energy by avoiding building slides from scratch. But you never give up any creative control, allowing you to make every slide work perfectly for you!

For more interactive PowerPoint ideas, check our full PPT animation tutorial:

Why Use Animations in Your PowerPoint Presentations?

Animation gives you control over your interactive PowerPoint presentation.

Use animation to pace your delivery and enhance your presentations. You do this by adding transitions between slides or revealing elements on your slides, like the next bullet point or bar on a chart. 

Use animation to power the momentum of your delivery. It adds excitement as your ideas are revealed. See this basic PowerPoint animation example made with the Simplicity PowerPoint template:

Use animations in PowerPoint templates to animate your text and images
Use animations in PowerPoint templates to animate your text and images. 

Always keep this question in mind though: will your use of animation interest your audience? The best use of animation is when it feels seamlessly intertwined with your presentation style and matches your message.  

Avoid adding unnecessary animations that may bore your audience or get in the way of your delivery.

You should use PowerPoint animations when:

  • Dynamic Style Fit. Animations should fit the style of your presentation. A great example is if you want your presentation to feel more modern with smooth transitions between slides.
  • Bullet Points in Motion. You've got a set of bullet points or data graphics that you’d like to pace the reveal of. This allows you to keep the audience focused on one concept at a time.
  • Interactive PPT File. You plan to distribute your presentation as a file the viewer can interact with. Export your PowerPoint as an interactive presentation and share it via email, Dropbox, or online.

Animations are easy to overdo and can take some time to work with. But they're a great differentiator to make your dynamic PowerPoint presentation stand out. Now, let’s look at a few tips (with PowerPoint animation examples) for using animations well.

5 Quick Tips on Using Animations Well in PowerPoint

Are you interested in learning more about how to make interactive PowerPoints that really perform? Review these tips:

1. Keep Your Animations Simple

Animations needed be complex. The key is to apply your animations consistently throughout your dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

It’s not a good idea to add a whole lot of different animation or transitions to your presentation. That's more likely to distract your audience and come off as unprofessional.

Experience ANimation Slide
The Experience Animation template features simple animations, focused on a few key elements.

Also, PowerPoint offers a ton of animation effect options. It’s best to stick with simple ones, like Appear or Fade. Even subtle animations can have a noticeable effect.

You’ll also find that authors of premium PowerPoint templates build animations effects into the templates. It works for  slide transitions and graphic elements. This way you've got professional animations already set up to work with quickly, like in the i9 PowerPoint template system.

2. Apply Animations to Your Main Points

You don’t need to animate every element in your interactive PowerPoint presentation. It’s often best to apply animation to just a few limited elements in your presentation. That way they stand out.

Cull through your presentation and look for the top points you’re aiming to make. These are the best place to start adding cool PowerPoint animations to.

Kupat template
Kupat is an animated PPT template that features slides that focus on adding animation to your key points.

You can also use animation to emphasize points on your PowerPoint slide. As an example, use animation to highlight the best quarter of the year in a presentation.

You could use a build in chart to reveal results using the Marketofy moving PowerPoint template. It comes with infographics that are built with animations. 

3. Control Your Timing of Delivery

Animation is a great tool to pace the timing of your presentation with. Use slide transitions or animations on individual elements in your PowerPoint presentation.

Typically, you want to use quick transitions and relatively fast effects at less than a half second duration. Use a template like the Creative Project template. It comes with snappy slide transitions and easy to apply animations on elements. It's designed to make quick presentations with.  

Creative Project Template
Creative Project template uses effects to control delivering your key points in this animated PPT template.

If your animations are too slow, drag your presentation pace down. What might appear interesting to your audience at first can become a source of tension if it becomes tedious.

Quality check the animations in your presentation before you’re done. Look at it as a whole to make sure your use makes sense or not and adjust if needed.

Discover more helpful PowerPoint animation tips:

4.  Include Your PowerPoint Branding

No matter which animated PPT template you choose, don't miss this tip. Branding matters.

A presentation's branding includes all the specifics of your visual identity. That might mean updating it to include your logo, brand colors, and more.

See the best totally customizable PowerPoint presentations in our guide below:

5. Focus on Animation Sequencing

Interactive PowerPoint presentations make strong use of animation. When you use PowerPoint animation templates, motion is just the start. Sequencing is just as important.

Setting the order of cool PowerPoint transitions helps you tell your story. Learn to put your PPT animations in order with the help of this tutorial:

5 Cool Animation PowerPoint Presentation Trends for 2021

Choosing to use animated presentation templates puts you ahead of the pack in 2021. But before you dive into the creation stage, you must know the top trends for an interactive PowerPoint this year:

1. Make Data Move

Animated PowerPoint templates are about more than just transitions. This trend is about applying this dynamic movement to your charts and graphs. Moving infographics and pie charts can highlight the numbers even more.

Business PPT Animation
Business Animate is fully animated, including charts and graphs.

2. Color Gradients

Ditching the usual square frames on images is the popular move in 2021. Use text, numbers, or custom shapes as image masks for a distinct visual flair. It's one of the best ways to make your PPT animation stand out. PowerPoint ideas for extra points here.

3. Unique Image Masks

The design world as a whole is obsessed with gradients this year. So why not apply them to your PowerPoint animation examples in 2021? Choose colors that complement your brand and the tone of your interactive PowerPoint.

Massive Interactive PowerPoint Presentation
The Massive PowerPoint Presentation template includes stellar image masks.

4. Relevant Icons

This is a subtle trend, but a helpful one to know. Adding icons that relate to your content makes your PowerPoint animation examples stand out even more. It shows your audience that you pay attention to the smallest of details.

5. Minimal Design

Most modern animated presentation templates in 2021 follow minimal design rules. Make sure you use them yourself. Limit the number of elements on each slide, keep space between images and text boxes, and apply your animations wisely.

Company Presentation Minimal Interactive PowerPoint Ideas
The premium Company Presentation template has great minimal interactive PowerPoint ideas.

More Top Options For Premium PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are the secret sauce loved by pro presenters. Building an interactive PowerPoint presentation is a breeze when you leave the design work to professionals. It frees you up to save time, and you're given better PPT animations than you could build on your own.

Make sure to check out even more options for the best PowerPoint templates. We've shown you a few in this article, but there's a much deeper library of templates that you're sure to love. You might even see more templates with PowerPoint animation examples!

Where to Find 2021’s Best Animated PowerPoint Templates (With Cool Interactive Slides)

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer stunning animated PowerPoint templates with amazing interactive slides. They’re the best places to find an interactive PowerPoint for 2021. But you might wonder which site you should use. What are the benefits of each?

1. Top Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service with a powerful offer. For a flat monthly rate, you gain access to unlimited downloads. These include thousands of PPT animation decks for your next project.

Elements doesn’t just offer interactive PowerPoint downloads. You’ll also have unlimited access to stylish fonts, music, photos, and more. That includes unlimited options for animated PowerPoint templates. It’s a one-stop creative powerhouse.

Elements animated PowerPoint templates
Best animated PPT templates on Envato Elements (2021)

2. Top Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

GraphicRiver is a digital market for individual purchases. Browse thousands of amazing, animated presentation templates and buy them to download. No membership needed!

GraphicRiver is part of the Envato Market suite. This makes it a great choice if you need a template fast! The interactive PowerPoint presentation designs are as good as any marketplace out there. Visit today and check out the millions of assets available now.

GraphicRiver PPT animation
Top interactive PowerPoint designs on GraphicRiver (2021)

Your Choice (Which Site is Best for You?)

Suppose you create interactive PowerPoint decks often. Or perhaps you’re working on a project but aren’t sure how you want to style it. Sound familiar? Then Envato Elements is a great option for you. Unlimited downloads let you try as many animated presentation templates as you want. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Elements home
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

If you just need a stylish PPT animation template for your next slide deck, head over to GraphicRiver. You can browse interactive PowerPoint ideas built by experts and buy your favorite. No membership required.

Either way, you’re sure to build an interactive PowerPoint that will wow any audience. These are far better than any PowerPoint animation free download from around the web.

Common PowerPoint Template Questions Answered (FAQ)

As you learn how to create interactive PowerPoint presentations, you might still have questions. Every beginner faces similar challenges while working with animated PowerPoint templates.

Let's answer five key questions in this section, then link to helpful resources.

1. What Are the Right Dimensions for PowerPoint?

The worst-case scenario for creating a PowerPoint presentation is leaving black bars on the edge of the screen. This happens when you don't properly size your presentation to the presentation screen.

Learn how to set your PowerPoint presentation to maximize the canvas with this tutorial:

2. What's The Best Way to Show Data in PowerPoint?

Whatever you do, don't overwhelm an audience with data-heavy tables on slides!

Instead, turn to PowerPoint charts and graphs. Combine the animated PowerPoint templates you saw in this tutorial with data to create great presentations. Learn more in our tutorial below:

3. Can You Use Custom Fonts in PowerPoint?

Graphic design has evolved ever since we moved beyond the built-in system fonts. Now, custom fonts give you unlimited options to create advanced presentations.

Learn more in this tutorial. Many of our favorite interactive PowerPoint templates include custom font options. Read more below.

4. Can You Work With Other Presentation Formats?

Maybe you're coming from another platform as you start using PowerPoint. You might be switching from macOS and using Keynote presentations. But don't worry, you can migrate your favorite presentations easily!

Learn to convert Keynote, another leading presentation software, to PowerPoint:

5. Is PowerPoint Free to Use?

The answer is that PowerPoint can be free to use. Microsoft continues to beef up its online options, making PowerPoint an affordable alternative.

Learn more about the browser-based version of PowerPoint in this tutorial:

Learn More About How to Use Animations in PowerPoint

In these helpful Envato Tuts+ PowerPoint tutorials learn how to how to create animation in PowerPoint. Discover how to quickly add animations to PowerPoint slideshows, work with slide transitions, as well as create and control PPT animation motion paths:

Learn How to Make Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

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It'll help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

How to Make Great Presentations Free eBook Download

Grab a Great Animated PPT Template Now!

You need a dynamic PowerPoint presentation design that delivers your next presentation. It needs to showcase your ideas. Craft it with attention to detail. Include modern design elements like animated slides and interactive graphics.

Top animated PowerPoint templates have just the right amount of dynamic motion. That helps you capture your audience’s attention.

Don't fall into the trap of getting PPT templates for free download with animation. Most animated PPT templates for free download don't offer as many features. 

Need a single PowerPoint template? Browse through the many PowerPoint presentation designs on GraphicRiver. Or, use the all-inclusive option on Envato Elements for PPT animation presentation templates. You can get unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting PowerPoint animation templates with the best, trending motion presentation designs.

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