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25+ Attractive (Eye-Catching) Resume (CV) Templates With Stylish Aesthetics 2023

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 You need a great resume that has all the important info and an attractive design. Highlight your skills with eye-catching resumes to land the job you’re looking for in 2023.

Template CV AestheticTemplate CV AestheticTemplate CV Aesthetic
This attractive resume template from Envato Elements is an eye-catching resume format.

Looking for premium stylish resume CV template options at low price? You can find a wide variety of stylish resume templates on Envato Elements. There are so many eye-catching resumes to check out, download, or use as inspiration.

25+ Eye-Catching Resume CV Template Designs From Envato Elements for 2023

Take a look at some of our eye-catching resume templates available on Envato Elements. You'll find resume and CV templates for any industry that requires modern designs:

1. CV Attractive Resume Template

Take a closer look at this attractive resume set by clicking on the thumbnails above.

We kick things off with an attractive CV with bold designs. It's also a full stationery bundle, coming with a cover letter and portfolio template. Customize fonts, colors, and upload your photos with the image placeholders.

It's a top option for fans of attractive resume templates that are versatile.

2. Modern CV and Resume - Eye-Catching Resume Template

Modern CV and Resume - Eye-Catching Resume TemplateModern CV and Resume - Eye-Catching Resume TemplateModern CV and Resume - Eye-Catching Resume Template

The Modern CV and Resume template features an attractive, black and white design. You'll get a two-page resume template. It's perfect if you've got lots of experience or need to add more details about your work history.

Customize this stylish CV template in Photoshop or Illustrator. It's a premium alternative to attractive resume templates that are free to download.

3. Resume Vol 52 - Attractive CV Templates

Resume Vol 52 - Creative Visual Resume TemplateResume Vol 52 - Creative Visual Resume TemplateResume Vol 52 - Creative Visual Resume Template

If you’re looking for a creative resume that's sure to make you stand out, check out the Resume Vol 52 template. This includes a colored sidebar. This way, your contact and personal details stand out from the rest of the resume.

Easily customize the template with InDesign. 

4. Resume - CV Attractive and Eye-Catching CV Templates

Resume - Attractive and Beautiful Resume TemplateResume - Attractive and Beautiful Resume TemplateResume - Attractive and Beautiful Resume Template

This attractive and beautiful resume template features a clean and elegant design. Edit it using InDesign as well as Word.

The stylish resume template includes a one-page resume with predefined paragraph styles. Visually appealing resume templates can prove to be a versatile choice.

5. Resume - Awesome Attractive Resume Templates

Resume - Awesome Visual Resume TemplateResume - Awesome Visual Resume TemplateResume - Awesome Visual Resume Template

This aesthetic resume template comes with a cover page, a one-page resume, and a cover letter. The template has easily identifiable sections. Customize colors, fonts, and other elements of the attractive resume format using Photoshop.

6. Single Page Simple Resume

Single Page Resume CVSingle Page Resume CVSingle Page Resume CV

This attractive resume format has a minimal layout and lots of white space. Each section is clearly defined, making your qualities easy to find. Edit this attractive CV in Adobe Illustrator.

It's very well labeled and organized in layers. Moreover, the used font is free! It's definitely one of the must-haves in the best attractive resume templates. 

7. Attractive Resume Designer

Attractive Resume DesignerAttractive Resume DesignerAttractive Resume Designer

Here's a simple yet attractive resume format for your job hunt. It also includes matching files for a cover letter and a portfolio. This eye-catching resume is layered and includes a help file.

Quickly replace the placeholders with your info to make one of the best-looking resumes. You can make all the changes in Adobe InDesign.

8. Circle Line - CV Attractive Resume

Circle Line CV ResumeCircle Line CV ResumeCircle Line CV Resume

Here we've got one of our top aesthetic resume templates. This good-looking resume is colorful and very easy to read. Show off your skills and job experience with its neat design.

The used font is free and it's so easy to customize in Photoshop or Illustrator. Make sure you use the matching cover letter in this attractive CV set!  

9. CV Resume Vol.4 - Simple Resume Outline

CV Resume Vol. 4CV Resume Vol. 4CV Resume Vol. 4
If you need a visually attractive resume that isn't distracting, you're in luck. This eye-catching resume comes with a matching cover letter. Each file can be edited in Word, Photoshop, or Illustrator.
This visually appealing resume template is perfect if you're after a single-page resume. Instead of using an eye-catching resume template that's free, choose this premium option.

10. Print Ready Resume Template & Cover Letter

Print Ready Resume Template & Cover LetterPrint Ready Resume Template & Cover LetterPrint Ready Resume Template & Cover Letter

You may find free stylish resume templates, but none like this. Try this resume template if you want a contemporary and fun look. The template includes an easy-to-edit Photoshop file, which includes a one-page resume.

Customize this visually appealing resume with your own picture, experience, education, and skills. 

11. CV Resume Vol.1 - Attractive Resume

CV Resume Vol.1CV Resume Vol.1CV Resume Vol.1

This simple and attractive resume template can be edited using Photoshop and Illustrator. It includes a one-page resume as well as matching a cover letter.

The template includes a plain background in an attractive resume format. You can easily customize it to match your preferred color scheme. It's a simple way to make an eye-catching resume that fits your personal style.

12. CV Resume Template Vol. 05

CV Resume Template Vol. 05CV Resume Template Vol. 05CV Resume Template Vol. 05

You don't need neon colors to have an attractive aesthetic resume. Aesthetic resume templates, like this one, can often take a different approach. This stylish resume template uses two muted colors to draw attention to your career. 

You'll get:

  • files easy to edit in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • print ready format
  • A4 paper size 
  • free font

Try this simple resume outline for a professional look.

13. Illustrated Attractive Resume

Attractive ResumeAttractive ResumeAttractive Resume

This attractive resume is a great choice if you want to download CV templates. This is the best template for a resume if you're looking for versatility. Easily customize this attractive resume template in Photoshop.

This set includes:

  • resume template
  • cover letter
  • portfolio resume

You can edit these in Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This aesthetic resume is ideal for any professional job application. There are no free stylish resume templates that match up with this one.

14. Sketch Art Style - Resume Template & Cover Letter

Sketch Art Style Resume Template & Cover LetterSketch Art Style Resume Template & Cover LetterSketch Art Style Resume Template & Cover Letter

This eye-catching resume is fun, modern, and impressive. The two-page template comes with files for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Easily edit the simple resume outline and choose between three color schemes.

With so many aesthetic resume templates available, this is a great choice.

15. Single Page Attractive Resume & Cover Letter

Single Page Resume/CV and Cover LetterSingle Page Resume/CV and Cover LetterSingle Page Resume/CV and Cover Letter

This template has a minimal, yet attractive design that’s perfect for any type of job application. It comes with well labeled and organized layers.

It also features a matching cover letter, both print ready. Edit this eye-catching CV using Sketch.

16. Designer Eye-Catching Resume & Cover Letter Templates

Designer Resume & Cover Letter TemplateDesigner Resume & Cover Letter TemplateDesigner Resume & Cover Letter Template

Check out this good-looking resume for designers. This template plays around with some fresh-looking icons. When you download the CV templates, you'll get:

  • files to edit in Word and Photoshop
  • 3 different color schemes
  • fully editable elements

It's perfect for someone who wants to create an eye-catching resume that's not too wordy.

17. CV Resume Template Vol. 04

CV Resume Template Vol. 04CV Resume Template Vol. 04CV Resume Template Vol. 04

This is the best template for a resume that's print-ready. It includes a resume template that uses a free font. The CMYK mode means it's easy to change the color palette.

You can edit the eye-catching resume in Illustrator. Give this visually appealing resume a try today.

18. Atract - CV Resume Template

Atract CV ResumeAtract CV ResumeAtract CV Resume

This attractive resume format comes with two unique pages. These include:

  • clean and modern layout
  • paragraph styles
  • image placeholder
  • layered file
  • built-in free fonts

Present relevant information in an orderly and clear fashion. When it comes to aesthetic resume templates, this one has a lot to offer.

19. Red Center - CV Resume

Red Center - CV ResumeRed Center - CV ResumeRed Center - CV Resume

This aesthetic resume template has a contemporary and minimal design. It’s a great choice for any job application and includes a matching cover letter.

Customize colors and other elements of this eye-catching resume using Photoshop or Illustrator. Use the simple resume outline to showcase your skills. 

20. Futuristic - CV Resume

Futuristic - CV ResumeFuturistic - CV ResumeFuturistic - CV Resume

The Futuristic resume was designed to be an eye-catching resume. As such it includes an aesthetic resume file and a cover letter. There's even a help guide file for you to make the most of this download.

It’s a great choice if you’re applying for a job position. Easily customize this attractive resume format using Photoshop or Illustrator. 

21. Resume CV - Attractive Resume With Cover Letter

Resume/CV and Cover LetterResume/CV and Cover LetterResume/CV and Cover Letter

Here's a great option if you don't want to use eye-catching resume templates that are free. This is a visually appealing resume that’s sure to make you stand out.

It features a two-column layout and comes with a cover letter page. Use Sketch to customize this template to your liking.

22. Bold Pink - Attractive Resume Template

Bold Pink - CV ResumeBold Pink - CV ResumeBold Pink - CV Resume

Consider this eye-catching resume if you’re looking for the best-looking resumes. This features a nicely layered layout. There’s even an image placeholder where you can include your profile photo.

Few free stylish resume templates can offer that. Edit the stylish resume template in Photoshop or Illustrator. You'll also get a matching cover letter design!

23. Attractive Resume With Portfolio & Cover Letter

Resume Portfolio Cover LetterResume Portfolio Cover LetterResume Portfolio Cover Letter

This aesthetic resume is perfect for anyone who prefers to go minimal. You can change the colors, text, styles, and images easily. With this set, you'll download CV templates like:

  • CV resume
  • cover letter
  • portfolio 

The aesthetic resume templates can be edited in InDesign. All the files come in two dimensions: A4 and Letter. If you're looking for an eye-catching resume, check this one out.

24. Attractive Resume Template

Attractive Resume TemplateAttractive Resume TemplateAttractive Resume Template

Creativity and organization need to be married on your visually appealing resume. They're a solid recipe for an attractive resume format. Aesthetic resume templates like this know how to unite both concepts.

This print-ready, good-looking resume comes with two pages. You can edit it in InDesign. Its sections include:

  • cover letter
  • contact information
  • interests
  • references
  • education
  • soft skills
  • work experience
  • languages

25. Baby Blue - Visually Appealing Resume

Baby Blue CV ResumeBaby Blue CV ResumeBaby Blue CV Resume

This eye-catching resume adds touches of color to tie together your CV. This attractive resume is both professional and appealing. The use of white space and sections makes it very easy to read.

You'll be able to cover your education and experience with this attractive resume. With one of the best-looking resumes, you'll land at the top of the candidate pile. 

26. Corporate Aesthetic Resume Templates

Corporate Resume & Cover Letter TemplateCorporate Resume & Cover Letter TemplateCorporate Resume & Cover Letter Template

Have fun with your work experience with this attractive resume template. It's fully editable and comes in three different color schemes.

This is a premium alternative to attractive resume templates available for free. You'll be able to create a visually appealing resume in Photoshop or Word. It'll surely grab the attention of your future employer.

27. Leaven - Good Looking Resume

Leaven CV ResumeLeaven CV ResumeLeaven CV Resume

Here's the last best template for a resume featured in this article. This is a super eye-catching resume with a beautiful layout. The colors and illustration the make your info pop.

This aesthetic resume template comes with a cover letter. You'll get image placeholders and built-in free fonts.

It's versatile enough for any job application. If you've got Illustrator or Photoshop, try this visually appealing resume out.

Find (Stylish) Attractive Resume CV Templates on Envato Elements for 2023

Envato Elements is a top choice when it comes to finding attractive resume templates. You'll find plenty of different resume designs with stylish aesthetics. Use them for any type of job.

What’s even better, download as many stylish resume templates as you need. Use a different resume for each job you’re applying for. You'll also find other design elements such as fonts.

Download them and use in your resume to create attractive and eye-catching resumes.

Explore Attractive Resumes

Envato Elements resume templatesEnvato Elements resume templatesEnvato Elements resume templates
You'll find a ton of attractive resumes to choose from on Envato Elements.

How to Customize a Photoshop Resume Template

So, you searched through attractive resume templates and found the perfect match. What's next?

Let's walk through some quick tips for Adobe Photoshop. These will help you get your eye-catching CV template done in a snap.

We'll use this attractive resume template in this demonstration. Feel free to download it and work along or use a different Photoshop resume template of your choice.

stylish resume templatestylish resume templatestylish resume template
Download this premium stylish resume template on Envato Elements today.

Let's get started:

1. Photoshop Layers Are an Essential

Layers are one of the most powerful parts of working in Photoshop. To open up your Layers panel, go to Window > Layer.

Here, we can see the layers within this Photoshop document. In this case, many of them have been arranged into folders. We can expand a folder by clicking on the arrow beside it, in the Layers panel.

To delete a layer, click on the layer to select it. Then, click on the Trash icon, at the bottom of the Layers panel.

To temporarily hide a layer, click on the Eye icon, to the left of the layer. This will toggle visibility on and off. 

photoshop layersphotoshop layersphotoshop layers

2. Edit Text in Adobe Photoshop

Let's edit some of the text in our resume template. First, select the Type tool from your Tools panel.

Then, click on the text that you'd like to edit. This will allow you to edit it.

Or select the appropriate text layer from your Layers panel. Double click on the "T" icon, and it'll select the text for you. Then, proceed with the Type tool to make your edits. 

Want to change the font? Open the Character panel in Window > Character. You can also change the font color from this panel. 

photoshop edit textphotoshop edit textphotoshop edit text

3. Move and Resize Design Elements

Freely move and resize parts of your stylish CV template too. First, turn to your Layers panel. Then, click on the layer holding the content you'd like to move or resize.

If you have trouble finding it, toggle visibility on and off. This will help you see what's on the layer before making adjustments to it.

Then, use your Move tool, located in your Tools panel. With the Move tool selected, click, hold, and drag to move content around your work area.

To resize content, go to Edit > Free Transform. This will reveal resize handles that you can click and drag to scale and resize your content.

Move Tool photoshop free transformMove Tool photoshop free transformMove Tool photoshop free transform

4. Change Color and Opacity

We can also change colors within our resume template. There are many ways to do this. Let's try a simple one.

Navigate to the layer with the content you'd like to change. In this example, I'm going to change the color of the purple abstract shape in the composition. Select the layer that holds this content.

Then, go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.

We can use this slider to adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of this color. Toggle Preview On to see your new color choice before you commit to one. Click OK when you're happy with your color choice. 

hue saturation adobe photoshophue saturation adobe photoshophue saturation adobe photoshop

5. Add Images to Your Photoshop Document

In our example resume template, there's a place for a profile photo. Let's walk through adding that photo to our stylish CV template. For this example, we'll use this stock image from Envato Elements.

First, open your photo in Adobe Photoshop. Then, go to Select > All. Next, go to Edit > Copy.

Then, return to your resume design template. Go to Edit > Paste.

Now, your photo will be pasted into your document. Move and resize it with the Move tool. We can also use Edit > Free Transform to resize our photo, as we did prior.

In this resume design, there's a shape where our photo is supposed to display. How do we do that? Well, make sure your image layer is above the profile picture placeholder shape.

Then right click on the layer and select Create Clipping Mask. Now, the photo will only display within that shape.

Photoshop clipping maskPhotoshop clipping maskPhotoshop clipping mask
Stock photograph by nunezimage on Envato Elements

How to Customize an InDesign Resume Template

Photoshop isn't our only option for visually appealing resume templates. A lot of eye-catching CV templates out there are for Adobe InDesign. Check out these quick tips to help you customize your resume.

In this demonstration, we'll use the following stylish resume template for InDesign. Download this template and work along or use an InDesign template of your choice.

beautiful resume templatesbeautiful resume templatesbeautiful resume templates
Download this and many other beautiful resume templates on Envato Elements.

Let's start customizing your template CV aesthetic:

1. Check Out Your InDesign Pages

Many resume templates, like this one, might have more than one page. Make sure to check out your Pages panel. Go to Window > Pages to open it up.

The first page in this InDesign document is the matching cover letter. Then, page two has the first page of the resume, and page three is a second attractive resume template page.

Click on the Trash icon at the bottom of the Pages panel to delete any pages you don't want to keep.

Right click on any page and select Duplicate Spread to create a duplicate page. You can also click and drag pages to sort and reposition them, here in the Pages panel.

InDesign PagesInDesign PagesInDesign Pages

2. Edit Text in Adobe InDesign

Editing text is an essential when it comes to editing your resume template. To get started, select the Type tool in your Tools panel. It's highlighted below, on the left. 

Then, click on the type that you'd like to edit in your attractive CV template. Proceed to edit as you would in most word processing software. You'll notice that the text is held in a rectangular frame or a text box.

Note that this box can be resized by clicking and dragging on any of the visible resize handles. This won't resize the text. Instead, it'll make the visible area that can hold text larger.

To change things like the font size in your visually appealing resume, go to the Character panel. Open it up by going to Window > Type and Tables > Character.

Type Tool InDesignType Tool InDesignType Tool InDesign

3. How to Change Colors in InDesign

To change the color of the shapes in your visually appealing resume, use the Selection tool. Then select the shape or rectangular frame that you'd like to recolor. 

Turn to your Tools panel and click on the Fill Color, towards the bottom of the panel. The other color there, that looks like an outline, is the Stroke Color. The Fill will apply color inside the frame, while the Stroke will apply a colored outline around it.

Clicking on the Fill Color will open the Color Picker. Choose a new color and then click OK to apply your new color choice.

Color picker InDesignColor picker InDesignColor picker InDesign

4. Moving Design Elements in InDesign

You can also reposition and move contents in your InDesign resume template. To do so, let's turn to the Selection tool, again, in our Tools panel. It's highlighted in the screenshot, below.

With the Selection tool selected, click on the content that you'd like to move. Then, click and drag to move the content whereever you'd like in your composition. You can also move content with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

This can be handy to make small adjustments to your attractive resume template.

Move Tool InDesignMove Tool InDesignMove Tool InDesign

5. Import Images in Adobe InDesign

We can also import or place images into our InDesign document. This stylish CV template already has a space in mind for a profile picture.

So, let's add one into your eye-catching resume template. I'll use this stock photo from Envato Elements to do so.

First, select the Selection Tool. Then, select the Rectangular Frame or shape where you'd like to import your imagery.

Next, go to File > Place, and select your image from your computer. Click OK once you've done so.

Then, InDesign will place your image within the shape. Double click on the image to reveal the needed handles to resize the image within this space.

InDesign place imagesInDesign place imagesInDesign place images
Stock photo by fxquadro on Envato Elements

How to Customize Your Eye-Catching Resume Template in Word

Once you download CV templates for an attractive resume, you’ll want to customize it. For this section, we’ll use this stylish resume template: 

This eye-catching resume template is from Envato Elements.

We’ll use page four of this attractive CV template. Here's what it looks like without edits:

Resume with no editsResume with no editsResume with no edits
Here is what this aesthetic resume looks like with no edits made to it.

 Here are some tips on how to customize your eye-catching resume template:

1. How to Change an Object’s Color

Change an Object's Color - ResumeChange an Object's Color - ResumeChange an Object's Color - Resume
How to change an object's color

To begin, select the object that you want to change the color of. You’ll know that it's selected when a box with handles appears around it. When the object is selected, the Shape Format tab will appear.

Click on that tab. Then, click on the Format Pane button and a sidebar will pop up.

Select the Fill section. Then select the Fill Color button and choose the color that you want to change the object to.

2. How to Change Font Color

Change Font Color - ResumeChange Font Color - ResumeChange Font Color - Resume
How to change font color

Select the text that you want to change the color of by highlighting it. On the Home tab, select the Font Color button on the toolbar.

When you select this button, a color menu will drop down. Select the color that you want to make the new font color.

3. How to Insert an Image

Insert an Image - ResumeInsert an Image - ResumeInsert an Image - Resume
How to insert an image

To Insert an image, click on the Insert tab. In the toolbar, click on the Insert Picture button. Then, select the correct option for you in the drop-down menu based on where your image is located.

Then double click on your image in its location and resize your image as needed.

4. How to Add New Text

Add new text - resumeAdd new text - resumeAdd new text - resume
How to add new text

To add new text, you’ll need a new text box. To insert a new text, go to the Insert tab and in the toolbar select the Text Box button. When the Text Box button is selected a menu will drop down.

Select the option that's right for you. Then, with the cursor where you want to add the new text, draw a diagonal line to add a text box. Begin typing your information.

5. How to Align Your Text

Align text - ResumeAlign text - ResumeAlign text - Resume
How to align your text

Begin by highlighting the text that you want to align. Next, click on the Layout tab in the toolbar. 

Then, click on the arrow next to the Align Objects button. A menu will drop down. From the drop-down menu select the option that fits how you want your text to be aligned.

Your text is now aligned.

5 Quick Design Tips: To Make Your Resume More Attractive

You’ve just seen all the different resume templates available on Envato Elements.  Now let's look at a few tips that'll help make your resume more attractive:

1. Make Your Resume Visual With Infographic Elements

Infographic elements, such as icons and skill bars, are useful to identify key info. It makes your resume stand out, so don’t be afraid of using those elements in your resume design.
Corporate Resume Cover Letter TemplateCorporate Resume Cover Letter TemplateCorporate Resume Cover Letter Template
Corporate Resume & Cover Letter Template

2. Use Contemporary Fonts

Your resume will appear more modern and visually attractive if you use modern fonts. Sans-serif fonts that can be downloaded from Google Fonts for free.

Or use premium sans-serif fonts from Envato Elements for a visually appealing resume. They'll also make it more legible and modern.

3. Pay Attention to the Layout

Using a two-column layout is a great way to make sure the information is nicely organized and easy to follow. Get creative and experiment with the width of each column.

For example, make the main column that lists your education and history wider. Make the other column narrower and include your contact information.

Resume CV Template ProResume CV Template ProResume CV Template Pro
Resume / CV Template Pro

4. Spice Up Your Design With Creative Use of Color

Using color for accents can make certain sections of your resume stand out. Use it in the header section to make your contact and personal details stand out more. Or use it in colored lines between different resume sections. 

Professional CV And Resume Template RennieProfessional CV And Resume Template RennieProfessional CV And Resume Template Rennie
Professional CV And Resume Template Rennie

5. Use Bullet Points and Short Paragraphs

Make use of bullet points and use short sentences and paragraphs. Statistics show that recruiters spend only six seconds on a resume. So, it’s imperative your resume is easy to read.

If you're using bullet points and concise copy, your resume is more likely to be considered. This will be easier if you use the best template for a resume.

The world of design moves fast but offers a lot of inspiration. Your resume will stand out even more when you apply these attractive design trends for 2023:

1. Patterns and Textures

One popular trend this year is the use of different patterns and textures in design. Page borders and headings are an easy way to integrate this trend into your resume. Consider using them to push or build an attractive resume format.

Blue Pattern ResumeBlue Pattern ResumeBlue Pattern Resume
This is one example of a stylish resume template that uses a pattern.

2. Fun Typography

A great font jumps off the page. This trend has many related trends this year. Use humanizing serifs, lowercase letters, and bold fonts on your resume.

Combine this trend with our guide on how to choose the best font for your eye-catching resumes:

3. Storytelling in Design

Designers are looking to take consumers and users on a journey this year. This may seem tricky for your aesthetic resume, but it's surprisingly easy. Some layout decisions can make your resume a creative journey through your accomplishments.

4. Vibrant Monochrome

Bright, vibrant colors are a trend on their own, but they can be paired with the monochrome trend. Avoid choosing different colors from across the color wheel. Choose one lively color and its different tones and shades for your attractive CV format.

Vibrant Monochrome Resume CVVibrant Monochrome Resume CVVibrant Monochrome Resume CV
A vibrant color can transform a visually appealing resume like the one above.  

5. Gradients

Sticking with the color theme, gradients are also popular in the design world this year. Gradients blend two or more colors. Use gradients as a design storytelling tool to describe the evolution of your career.

A resume is the most important document when it comes to your job search. Designing attractive resumes is easier than ever thanks to visually appealing resume templates. The best-looking resumes have all the necessary elements in place.

Eye-catching resumes will make you stand out among hundreds of other applicants. This increases your chances of getting called for an interview. 

It may be tempting to hunt for free, but this usually comes at a different cost. You need to invest time into searching. You'll likely need to invest more time editing (which depends on your software fluency, too).

Keep in mind that free templates may not be entirely free, especially for commercial use.

eye catching cv templateseye catching cv templateseye catching cv templates
Choose from a selection of premium eye-catching resume templates. They come in a variety of file formats, on Envato Elements.

Premium options can save time, come with more options, and include commercial licensing. It's easier to find what you need and get your project done. Attractive resume templates that are free mean time investment and limited licensing.

Discover More Attractive Resume CV Template Designs for 2023

Want to find more attractive CV templates on Envato Elements before you make your final pick? Choose from thousands of stylish CV templates options for.

Looking for more design inspiration? Want to see more design options for aesthetic resume templates? Here are a few articles for you to explore:

Common Creative Resume Design Questions Answered (FAQ)

We've got your back if you've got questions about designing your creative resume. These are some of the most common questions people have. Read on and get started with confidence:

1. Should I Have a Field-Specific Resume?

Designing a resume for the field you're looking to work in can help you stand out even more on the job hunt. Before making an attractive resume, think about the demands of the field and who would be reading it.

For example, a resume in the legal field looks different than a resume in the film industry.

2. What File Format Should I Export My Resume To?

The most common file formats for sharing would be PDF or the DOC and DOCX file types. Both will preserve the formatting of your aesthetic resume. They do have their pros and cons, which we walk you through in this post:

3. Should I Use Icons?

Icons and infographics are a great way to communicate and save valuable space. They also help readability for skimming. Use them sparingly for certain sections of your resume.

4. What Programs Can I Use to Design My Resume?

The Adobe design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign can be useful. You can also use presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Different programs allow you to express your creativity in different ways. With free attractive resume templates, your software options may be more limited.

The Envato Tuts+ team has shared some other formats for your resume:

5. Can I Be Too Creative?

There's no such thing as too much creativity. But you do need to be able to filter your creative ideas. One way to filter is by checking your ideas against common mistakes people make on resumes.

We've put together a list of errors that you can avoid:

Learn How to Make Great Resumes for 2023

Creating a great resume can be a daunting task. With the right tips, knowledge, and templates you'll be able to create a job-winning resume in no time. If you want to learn more about creating great resumes, we've got plenty of tutorials to help you out:

Design a Standout Resume Using an Eye-Catching Resume Template

Designing a standout resume doesn't need to be hard! It's easy when you've got thousands of eye-catching resume templates at your disposal. Find the perfect eye-catching resume on Envato Elements and grab a few extra design goodies.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Barni Rajah, Daisy Ein, Sarah Joy, Nathan Umoh, and Renata Martin Intriago. Barni, Daisy, Nathan, and Sarah are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Renata is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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