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20 Best Business Presentation Templates for Google Slides (2018)


You've finished writing your business presentation, and now you're ready to put it into Google Slides. You want it to look good so that you make a good impression. So, naturally you're looking for the best templates for Google Slides.

For professional presentations, it's a good idea to invest in premium Google Slides templates such as those found on Envato Elements and Envato's GraphicRiver. All GraphicRiver Google Slides presentation templates are professionally designed and ready-to-use quickly by adding your own information. Our business presentation templates are eye-catching and sure to make an impact.

In this article, we'll explore 20 of the best Google Slides Templates. Whatever your preference, you'll find a template design—from minimal design to pitch decks to unique business idea presentation templates.

The Best Business Presentation Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best corporate presentation templates for Google Slides on Envato elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of the many Google Slides templates from Envato Elements have hundreds of creative presentation options. While feature-rich, they're also quick and easy to work with. 

You can customize your inspiring ideas and put your ideas in motion with ready-made, cool Google Slides presentations. Make a Google Slides slideshow to present with style and clarity, so that each slide tells your story with impact.

Envato Elements Google Slides template selection
Hundreds of Google Slides presentation templates on Envato Elements.

These professional Google Slides presentation templates have unique slide designs with great visuals, as well as cool design options. You can use them to showcase the important ideas in your Google Slides presentation with:

  • Unique slide layouts
  • Custom slide transitions
  • Creative slide designs

Just add your creative presentation ideas to these already visually-impactful Google Slides slide designs and add a dash of animation, then you’re ready to move your audience. 

Best Templates for Google Slides for Business Presentations

Here's a look at some of the best Google Slides templates available. With this selection of professional business presentation templates you're likely to find something that works for you:

1. NORS - Google Slides Template

NORS Google Slides Template

The NORS Google Slides template is full of easy-to-use features for your professional business presentation. Choose between over 130 unique and creative slides. It also includes over 600 free font icons. Quickly change the icon color and size to meet your needs. Plus, it's designed for a full HD format. This template has been optimized to be fully editable in Google Slides.

2. Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template 

Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Build an eye-catching presentation in Google Slides with this business presentation template. Verzus includes PDF documentation to help you start on your presentation with minimal ramp up time. This top-rated Google Slides presentation template includes hundreds of different slides as well as vector icons. The template is ready for you to customize with your own images and text. 

3. Proposal Google Slides Template

Proposal Google Slides

Creating a proposal presentation can be challenging, but not with this business presentation template designed especially for proposals. Whether you're pitching a new ecommerce site or proposing a product solution for an important client, this Google Slides presentation template for proposals has got you covered with all the standard proposal layouts such as:

  • Project timelines
  • Portfolio slides
  • Infographics
  • Terms and conditions
  • Sign off slide
  • And more!

4. Marketofy - Ultimate Google Slides Template


Here's one of our top-rated Google presentation templates with some winning features. The Marketofy business presentation template lets you choose between 200 unique slides with 24 different color themes. Slides are formatted for either 4:3 or 16:9 HD Ratio. There are even maps, infographics, and other charts and diagrams for you to customize. 

5. Business Development Google Slides Template

Business Development Google Slides Template

With over 4000 slide variations, the Business Development Google Slides Template is bound to catch your audience's attention. This fully customizable template with master slides is easy to use. Plus, there's a short help file to make getting started easier. With this business presentation template, you'll have a winning presentation in no time.

6. Swift Minimal Google Slides Template

Swift Minimal Google Slides Template

The Swift Minimal Google Slides Template will help you create a modern business presentation with clean, lines. This comes with some great design features such as process diagrams, maps, and charts. There's a reason our customers love this template. Here's what they've got to say:

"Super great quality, works seamlessly on Google Slides!"
"Well crafted template!"
"5 stars alone for the drag and drop! Thank you because it saves SOOOOO much time!"

7. Iconic - Google Slides Template

Iconic Google Slides Template

Are you looking for an eye-catching business presentation with a simple, yet modern, design? Do you need plenty of icons? The you'll love the Iconic Google Slides Template. It comes with three color themes so you can match your corporate look and feel. Plus, the template is available in widescreen and standard size layout. Don't overlook this one!

8. Fox Google Slides Template 

Fox Google Slides Template

With 400 unique slide designs, you just know that you'll find a design you can use for your next business presentation. The Fox Google Slides Template includes fast and free support. Plus, all the graphics were created with vector objects so that you can easily recolor and modify them to meet your needs. This business presentation template even includes animations and transitions.

9. Photography Google Slide Template

The Photography Google Slides Template was designed with a clean, minimalist design. Although it was designed for photography businesses, many other businesses would find this business presentation template useful. Here's a peak at some of the great features you'll enjoy if you chose this template:

  • 70 unique creative slides
  • Layouts based on master slides
  • Fully animated slides
  • Resizable vector elements
  • Free updates
  • And more!

10. Business Strategy Google Slides Template

Business Strategy Google Slides Template

One of our top Google Slides templates, the Business Strategy Template has a lot going for it. It's the perfect way to capture your audience's attention. Plus, it's full of features you're going to love. Here's just some of what it's got to offer:

  • 720 unique slide designs
  • 40 backgrounds
  • 16 modern color palettes
  • 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio 
  • Bright or dark versions available
  • And more!

11. Be. Google Slides Template

Be Google Slides Template

The Be. Google Slides Template is the perfect polished and professional Google Slides template with a creative edge. Add your personal touch by dragging and dropping your own images into the slide design. This template is fully customizable and editable. Plus, it's based on a free font so there's no font purchase involved. Get started quickly with the included read me file.

12. Suktala Google Slide Template

Suktala Google Slide Template

This minimal Google Slides template is a great choice to give your presentation a clean, modern feel. Make the presentation your own by using drag-and-drop to add your own images into this professionally designed template. Plus, the Suktala Google Slide template includes vector 3D Infographics, icons, elements, other elements and PNG files.

13. Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

You don't have to start from scratch to create an effective pitch deck in Google Slides. This Pitch Deck Google Slides Template gives you a head start with an attractive and innovative deck sure to impress any client. Here's a peak at just some of the great features included in this template:

  • 100+ unique creative slides
  • 2 aspect ratios (16:9 and widescreen size)
  • Includes fully animated slides
  • Based on free fonts
  • And much more!

14. Business Proposal Google Slides Template

Business Proposal Google Slides Template

The Business Proposal Google Slides template was designed with proposals in mind, but would really work for nearly any business presentation. This easy-to-use template has a clean and professional look that'll help any presentation stand out. Plus, customers love this Google Slides Template. Here's just some of what they've got to say:

"Awesome value proposition! Excellent service!"
"Excellent Job!"
"Great design and many options. Very quick to respond to email as well."

15. Charity Google Slides Template

Charity Google Slides Template

The Charity Google Slides Template is an attractive template that's bound to engage your audience. It was designed to make your slide presentation process pain-free. This Google Slides template is easy to use and modify to make your own. Plus, it's based on the free fonts: Montserrat and Lato. And it comes with documentation, free updates, and free support.

16. Aspire Premium Google Slide Template

Aspire Premium Google Slide Template

This premium Google Slides template is very easy to modify. It's got a clean and simple design that works well in most business environments. You'll get over 160 different slide designs as well as many unique infographic templates. You can drag and drop images and even videos into the perfect location.

17. BILBAO - Google Slides Presentation Template

BILBAO Google Slides Presentation Template

This creative Google Slides presentation would be perfect for any business in the creative industry such as a design agency, advertising agency, or photography studio. But it would also work well for any business that wants a creative look to their presentation. Here are some of the premium features you'll get:

  • 130+ unique and creative slides
  • 620+ free font icons
  • Print Ready 300dpi
  • Free Updates & Support
  • And much more!

18. Material Google Slides Presentation Template

Material Presentation Template

Are you looking for a Google Slides template that'll bolster your corporate image? The Material Google Slides Presentation template might be just what you're looking for. This trendy new template is built on the material design concept by professional graphic designers. And it includes everything you need in a premium template such as multipurpose slides, charts and diagrams, maps, and even price tables. 

19. Balaga Google Slides Template

Balaga Google Slides Template

The Balaga Google Slides template is just one of many Google presentation templates you'll have access to when you subscribe to Envato Elements. Envato Elements also includes access to high quality photo images, WordPress themes, and more. This top-notch Google Slides template boasts a clean, but professional, look. Choose between a dark and light background. There are three color schemes set up. Plus, these business idea presentation templates are set up to work with widescreen or standard aspect ratios.

20. Clean Google Slides Template

Clean Google Slides Template

You'll love the beautiful, modern style of the Clean Google Slides Template. There are five different color themes available so that you can match your company colors. The icons are vector shapes that can be edited. Animation effects are included, plus you'll love the cool extras like puzzle diagram infographics, tree diagram infographics, and world maps.

4 Quick Tips for Making Better Google Slides Presentations

If you're creating a slide presentation for your business or personal needs, you want that presentation to be done well. That can be tough to do if you've not created very many presentations before. Here are four tips to help you create a better Google Slides presentation:

1. Use Google's Collaborative Features

With Google Slides, you don't have to work alone. You can seek and receive feedback from coworkers using Google's collaboration tools. Your presentation is cloud-based and you can share it with anyone who has Internet access. This makes it a great tool for businesses where members are separated by physical distance or even just located in different parts of the same building. To learn more about Google Slides collaboration, study the following tutorial:

2. Change the Color Scheme to Match Your Company's Branding

Keep in mind that your Google Slides presentation should look like the rest of your company's documentation. That means incorporating your company's color scheme, logo, and other elements right into your presentation. You can also personalize your presentation with your company's photos and graphic images. Fortunately, professionally designed Google presentation templates are created with customization in mind so it won't be difficult to make your presentation fit with your business design specifications.

3. Use Fewer Words, Not More

As you write your presentation, you may be tempted to type your speech out verbatim on your presentation slides. Don't do it! First of all, it's never a good idea to read your presentation word-for-word. When it comes to a winning presentation, fewer words are better. Focus on just typing a summary of your main points into your slide presentation. Your audience will be more likely to retain your points this way. To learn more about giving a live presentation, you can review our series of tutorials for public speakers.

4. Begin With a Powerful Opening

The opening is arguably the most important part of your presentation. It's when your audience decides whether they're interested in what you've got to say or whether to tune you out. Here are some attention-attracting openings:

  • Pose a hypothetical question.
  • Tell a story.
  • Show a video. 
  • Play an audio recording.

Of course, there are many other possible openings that could engage your audience. That's why it's important to understand who your audience will be made up of.

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Create a Winning Google Slides Presentation With the Right Template

We've just explored some of the best corporate presentation templates for Google Slides. You've also learned the value of investing in premium Google Slides templates such as those found on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Why not try one today?

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