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40+ Best (Free & Premium) Business Proposal Templates (Download Word & InDesign Formats)


A great business proposal is a sure way to win more clients and close more deals. Creating a proposal from scratch can be time-consuming. But you don’t have to spend hours getting your business proposal to look right when you use the right business proposal template.

Business Proposal Template
Although not free, this high-quality premium business proposal template from Envato Elements gives you a polished template to work with.

Using a proposal template for Microsoft Word or InDesign helps you save time. It's already got all the necessary pages and elements in place. All you've got to do is add your information and customize the fonts and the colors. 

If you're short on cash, use one of the free business proposal templates for Word that are available online. Or, spend a little bit more to get professionally-designed business proposal templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

Get the Best Proposal Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use) in 2021

Before we dive into our exploration of free business proposal templates for Word, let's look at some of the best premium business proposal templates available. Premium proposal templates offer you an advantage over free InDesign or Microsoft Word proposal templates. You'll be working with professionally designed templates that take advantage of the latest trends.

You can find thousands of business proposal templates for Word and InDesign with attractive and professional designs on marketplaces like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Business proposal templates on Envato Elements
There are a ton of premium proposal templates designed to help you create a professional business proposal on Envato Elements.

You may be tempted by proposal templates for Word or InDesign you find for free online. Keep in mind that these templates often have limitations. You get what you pay for.

Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace that offers various design assets such as website templates, icons, proposal templates for Word and InDesign, and more. For one low monthly fee, download as many items as you want and use them in an unlimited number of projects. It’s a great choice if you need design assets on an ongoing basis.

5 Best Word & InDesign Business Proposal Templates (From Envato Elements for 2021)

Below, you’ll find examples of our best premium business proposal templates that you can get from Envato Elements:

1. Business Proposal InDesign Template

business proposal template

This proposal template is a clean and professional template. Easily customize it to fit your needs. Choose between four different color schemes. 

This template comes with a free font. It also comes in two different sizes A4 and US letter size. This template is an InDesign template.

2. Proposal - Business Proposal Template Download

proposal business proposal template

This proposal template was created in InDesign. There are 12 unique pages that come with this template. 

Easily edit the template to create the proposal you need. The design is of high quality and easy to print. Add your images, fonts, and pages to make the proposal suit your needs.

3. Proposal - Modern Business Proposal Template Download

Proposal modern business template

Here's the proposal template. It features a modern and clean design and comes with 24 pages in total. It's perfect for sharing information about your company, project details, budget, and suggested next steps. The template was designed with InDesign, comes with Master Pages for easy editing, as well as character and paragraph styles.

4. Proposal Brochure - Business Proposal Template Download

Proposal Brochure - Business Proposal Template Download

The Proposal Brochure template has a clean and simple design. It can be edited in InDesign and Word. The template has many editable shapes and project timeline options. It was designed in A4 and letter size. On top of that, it includes 24 pages.

5. Premium Modern Business Proposal Template Download

Proposal - Premium Modern Business Proposal Template Download

This modern business proposal template for Word is a great choice for creative businesses. It can be edited in InDesign as well as Word. The template comes with 32 pages and it was designed in both A4 and US letter paper size. 

10+ More Great Premium Business Proposal Templates From GraphicRiver - 2021

Another marketplace where you can find business proposal templates for Word and InDesign is GraphicRiver. You can buy a single business proposal template and buy design assets and templates as you need them. This is a great option if you only need a single template.

Business Proposal Templates on GraphicRiver
You can find tons of great-looking proposal templates to customize on GraphicRiver.

Here are just a few high-quality premium proposal templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Professional Proposal - Business Proposal Download

Proposal Template

This premium project proposal is a professional template that can be used in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. This template comes in two sizes: A4 and US letter size. This template has 26 pages that you can add all your information onto. Choose between three different color schemes to customize the template.

2. Company - Premium Download Template Proposals

Company Proposal Template

Use this premium company proposal template with InDesign. It's a high quality and modern professional template. 

This template has 22 pages to add your proposal to. The proposal comes in A4 and US letter size, and it's print ready. This proposal is easy to edit whether you're changing the layout or color of the template.

3. Premium Proposal Template - InDesign and Microsoft Word

Proposal Template - InDesign and Microsoft Word

This clean business proposal template for Word is perfect if you love minimalist design. The template includes 20 custom pages, and you’ll also get a matching invoice and letterhead. The template comes in both Word and InDesign file format.

4. Proposal Template - Professional Business Download

Proposal Template - Professional Business Download

Try this premium proposal template if you’re looking for a professional and elegant design. The template includes 24 custom pages and includes Master Pages as well as character and paragraph styles.

5. Minimal - Word and InDesign Proposal Template

Minimal - Word and InDesign Proposal Template

This is another minimal proposal template that can be edited in InDesign and Word. The premium template includes seven cover options, a plethora of custom inner pages, and character and paragraph styles that make editing this proposal a breeze. The template also includes an automated table of contents and a linked Excel spreadsheet for a project estimate.

6. Flexible InDesign and Microsoft Word Proposal Template

Flexible proposal template

Use this premium project proposal template in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. Choose between three different color schemes to have your project proposal fit your theme. 

This template has 12 pages included. This template comes in two different sizes: A4 and US letter size. This template is great for anyone looking for a professional project proposal template.

7. Ready-to-Print - Word and InDesign Premium Proposal Template

Proposal Template

This project proposal template can be used in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and Adobe InDesign. This template comes in 16 ready-to-print pages. You can get this template in two different sizes: A4 and US letter size. This template comes with free fonts and a free logo to help you make your proposal look more professional.

8. Project Proposal - Premium Business Proposal Download

Project Proposal Template

This project proposal template has 22 unique pages that come in A4 paper size. Easily change the color to a color of your choice. This template was designed to be used in Adobe InDesign. This project proposal template includes pricing tables, graphs, and charts. 

This is a multipurpose proposal template for different proposal situations such as a project proposal, a company proposal, and a business proposal.

9. Professional Project InDesign and Microsoft Word Proposal Template

Business Proposal Template

Use this project proposal template in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. Easily change the color scheme to any color that would suit your needs. If you're unsure of what color schemes to choose, there are six premade color schemes to choose from to customize your proposal. 

This template has 12 pages that come in A4 or US letter size. Add or remove pages easily to make the proposal the length you need.

10. Creative - Business Proposal Premium Download

Creative Proposal Template

A proposal template is a professional business project proposal. This template comes in A4 and US letter size and has 18 unique pages. Use this template in Adobe InDesign. This template can be easily edited included adding or deleting pages.

11. Sleman Clean - Word and InDesign Proposal Template

Sleman Clean Proposal Template

Sleman Clean Proposal Template for Word has 22 pages that come in two sizes A4 and US letter size. This premium template comes with eight colors to choose from to customize the proposal. This template comes with maps, charts, and timelines. Use this template in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign.

20 Best Free Business Proposal Templates (InDesign & Word Formats) in 2021

If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of business proposal templates for free download found online. 

Before looking for a free MS Word proposal templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always business proposal templates for Word or InDesign) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

If you couldn't find what you wanted in the premium freebies, we've got you covered. In this section, we’ve rounded up 20 best business proposal templates for free download. If you're looking for business proposal sample free download listings, here you are. 

These were designed with Word or InDesign. Enjoy this selection of free business proposal templates:

1. One-Page - Free Business Proposal Format In Word

One-Page Proposal Template

The first template on this list is a one-page proposal template that can be edited with Microsoft Word. The template features a minimal and simple style. Customize it to suit your brand. If you're looking for a free Word proposal template, this one could be a great fit.

2. Versatile Business Proposal Sample Free Download

Here's another free proposal template for Word from the list. This versatile business proposal sample for free download is a good choice for any type of business proposal. This Word proposal template has a multipurpose design. Download today and edit it in Microsoft Word.

3. Freelance Job - Free Business Proposal Format In Word

The Freelance Job is a free business proposal template Word document that's got everything you need to create your first proposal. Edit the template in Microsoft Word. You’ll find sections for deliverables, quantifiable objectives, a timeline with deadlines, and breakdown of project costs. This business proposal template Word document is worth a look.

4. Business Proposal Sample Free Download

Free Business Proposal Template

Try this business proposal sample for free download if you’re looking for a modern design. The template allows you to present your services, outline project details, provide a budget estimate, and other elements that every proposal should include.

5. Free InDesign Proposal Template

Check out this business proposal template free download. The Free InDesign Business Proposal template features a simple design and can be edited with InDesign. The template comes with several custom pages and well-organized layers for easy editing. You’ll also find character and object styles.

6. Floret - Free InDesign Proposal Template

This elegant business proposal template is completely free to download, change, and use. It also comes with free fonts and images. The template is a good starting point if you want to create a business brochure or submit a project proposal. It comes with 44 pages and was designed for InDesign.

7. Company Free Proposal Template

This free Company Proposal template features a clean layout. The template comes with several custom pages that make it easy to share history about your company, what makes you a great fit for the project, proposed project deadlines, and budget.

8. Suisse Proposal Template Free Download

Suisse Proposal Template

Here's the Suisse Proposal Template, use it for any project. The template includes custom pages and features a colorful design. Edit this template in InDesign and customize fonts, colors, and replace the dummy content with your own.

9. Proposal Template Free Download

The free Proposal template for InDesign features a bold, modern design that would be a good choice for any type of corporate proposal. The template includes 20 pages provided in InDesign format. Free for personal and commercial use.

10. Corporate - Free InDesign Proposal Template

As the name suggests, the Corporate Business Proposal template is another good choice for any type of corporate project. The template is fully editable in InDesign and includes 12 unique pages. You’ll also find character and paragraph styles as well as predefined color schemes.

11. Bi-Fold - Free Download Template Proposal

Free Download Template Proposal

This free bi-fold business proposal template has a minimal design and layout. Add your business information, include project details such as deliverables, timelines, budget, and other important information. The template is easy to customize. This proposal template free download is worth a look.

12. Business Proposal Layout - Free Download Template Proposal

Consider this free business proposal template if you want a modern and elegant proposal. The template includes free images and fonts as well as 20 custom pages. All the shapes, colors, and fonts are editable, and the template was designed with InDesign.

13. Proposal Template Word Free

Here's another great Microsoft Word proposal template. This free business proposal for Word is easy to use and has a simple design. Use it for any type of proposal. 

The template includes sections for objectives, scope of services, client’s responsibilities, benefits, costs and fees and a client acceptance signature. Grab this proposal template word free download today.

14. Business - Free Download Template Proposal

Business Proposal Template

This free business proposal template is a good starting point if you love flat design style. The template comes with 20 unique pages as well as Master pages for easy editing. 

You'll also find character styles. Change the text and the colors through the style panel. This is a really versatile free proposal template InDesign document.

15. Services Proposal — Free Business Proposal Download

Here’s another free business proposal template for Word. It's got a subtle blue design and enough sections to share details about the scope of work, project details, estimated costs, and more. 

16. Business InDesign Proposal Template Free Download

Try this free business proposal template if you’re making a proposal for a construction or a renovation project. The template includes image placeholders and comes with 20 inner pages as well as a cover page. Check out this free proposal template InDesign download today.

17. Free Proposal — InDesign Free Download

This template has a more creative design. It’s quite colorful, but you can change the colors to suit your brand. The template includes six premade pages and master pages for easier editing. 

18. Free Business Proposal InDesign Template

Free Business Proposal InDesign Template

This is one of the loveliest free business proposal templates on this list, isn't it? This is a minimal and clean proposal template that you can edit in InDesign. 

The template has some premade pages along with a cover page. It also includes predefined character styles. Download this free proposal template InDesign file today.

19. Free Web Design Proposal Template

If you've got a creative business, here's a web design proposal for you. It was created using Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. This is a great business proposal template download if you'd like to have more than one format choice.

20. Simple Project - MS Word Proposal Template

Use this simple project proposal template for both small business projects and corporate projects. The business proposal template for free download features a one-page layout. Customize fonts and colors to match your company style. This is a great free business proposal template Word document to try out.

Quickly Customize a Premium Proposal Template in Word (5 Steps) 

Now that you’ve seen different proposal templates, let’s look at how you can quickly customize a proposal template in five easy steps. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the Client Proposal Template from Envato Elements. 

Client Proposal Template
Premium Client Proposal Template from Envato Elements

Let's get started:

1. Add Your Own Text

Adding custom text
Adding custom text

The first step is to replace the dummy content with your own. Open your proposal template in Word and click on any text area. Then, highlight all the text by pressing CTRL+A. Delete it and enter your own details.

2. Customize Fonts

Customizing fonts
Adding custom fonts

As you’re editing the text, you can customize the fonts at the same time. Simply select the text and then choose a font you like or that you use for your branded documents from the drop-down menu on the home tab.

3. Change Colors

Changing colors
Changing colors on your template

Once you’re done customizing fonts and you’ve replaced the information with your own, it’s time to change the colors. Do this by right-clicking on a colored page or section and selecting Format Shape. Then, choose a different color for the solid fill.

4. Add Your Images

Adding images
Adding custom images 

The next step is to add your photos. Double-click on an image placeholder and then select Change Image option in the ribbon banner. Select the option to add image from file, locate the image on your computer, and click Open to add it to your proposal.

5. Save And Export Your Template

Exporting your template
Exporting your template

The last step is to save your work and then export it to a PDF format. Do this by going to File > Save As. Then, select the PDF option.

Quickly Customize a Premium Proposal Template in Adobe InDesign (5 Steps)

Have you found the perfect InDesign proposal template? Curious about the next steps or how to edit your new business proposal template? Let's walk through some quick tips together. They'll help you jump right in and get your proposal completed.

In this demonstration, we'll use this premium InDesign proposal template. Feel free to download it, open it up in InDesign, and follow along. Or use an InDesign proposal template of your own. Just make sure it's an appropriate file type for Adobe InDesign.

Like this template? It also includes files for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and PDF. 

business proposal indesign template
Download this premium professional business proposal template, with all the included file types, today.

Let's get started:

1. Pages in Adobe InDesign

Most InDesign proposal template files are going to include more than one page. So, it's very important to know how to navigate your business proposal template document's pages. Luckily, we can easily turn to the Pages panel for this.

Go to Window > Pages to open up the Pages panel if you don't already see it. You can see an example of this in the screenshot, below.

  • At the bottom of the Pages panel, you can add new pages by clicking on the plus sign.
  • Delete pages by clicking on the trash can, which is also at the bottom of the Pages panel.
  • Right click on any page to duplicate, delete or move the page.
InDesign Pages

2. Move and Adjust Design Elements

Let's say you'd like to move part of a design around in one of your layouts. We can use the Selection tool to do this. We can find the Selection tool in our Tools panel. 

Look at the screenshot below. The Selection tool is highlighted and active in this example.

For example, click on some of the type in your document. Then, with the Selection tool active, click and drag to move the text box. You can also use your arrow keys to move and nudge this content.

Move Objects in InDesign

3. Edit Text in Adobe InDesign

Text is a very large part of any business proposal template. Thankfully, text is really easy to edit in Adobe InDesign. 

To do so, we'll turn to the Type tool, which we can also find in the Tools panel. The Type tool is highlighted in the example screenshot, below.

With the Type tool active, click on any of the placeholder text in your business proposal template. This will take you "inside" of the applicable text box. 

Then, edit and type as you would in most word processing software. Easy, right?

But what if you want to add a new text box? That's simple too. With your Type tool active, click and drag to draw a new text box. Then, proceed as before. Just edit and type.

Edit Text in InDesign

4. Insert Images in Adobe InDesign

Next, let's talk about inserting images. Most business proposal template design include some kind of image placeholder. So, let's start from that perspective. 

You'll notice that content is often held in "boxes" in Adobe InDesign. These are called rectangular frames, and they content our content. 

In this case, we'll click on an existing rectangular frame. Then, go to File > Place.

InDesign will prompt us to select an image from our computer. Locate and select your image, and then InDesign will do the rest. It's that easy.

Want to insert an image without an existing Rectangular Frame? We've got two choices:

  • Create a new rectangular frame using the Rectangular Frame tool. It's located in our Tools panel. Click and drag to draw a new frame. Then, treat it as you would any existing rectangular frame. The process above would apply.
  • Go to File > Place without selecting a rectangular frame first. In this case, we can select an image and then click and drag to place it on the spot.

Use whichever of these methods is more convenient for you.

Place Image in InDesign
Stock imagery by davidpradoperucha on Envato Elements. 

5. Understand InDesign File Types

When saving your work, you'll likely be prompted to save an INDD file, by default. But you've got a few options when it comes to InDesign file types as well as what files might be the best choice for your project.

  • INDD files are InDesign Document Files. Think of this as your "behind the scenes" file, where you can edit and change your content. This file type isn't necessarily web friendly. Plus, it's often reliant on external files (like images) on your computer.
  • IDML files are InDesign Markup Files. This file type is handy if you want to open your InDesign file in an older version of InDesign. INDD files usually aren't backwards compatible. IDML files can also be opened in Affinity Publisher (as of 2020).
  • PDF is a common export for Adobe InDesign, especially if you want to share your work online. It's a web friendly format, which makes it a convenient option. But this isn't necessarily as edit friendly as a working file, like an INDD.

To save your work, go to File > Save. Keep in mind that this will overwrite your file. To save a copy, go to File > Save a Copy

If you're looking to export your work, go to File > Export. Here you can choose from file types like PDF, EPUB, and more.

Save Files in InDesign
Stock imagery by davidpradoperucha on Envato Elements. 

Find More Top Project Proposal Templates for 2021

Get even more top business proposal templates from Envato Elements and best business proposal templates from GraphicRiver. You'll find them in these articles: 

5 Quick Tips to Design Better Business Proposal in 2021

So, you've found the perfect business proposal template in Word or InDesign. What's next? Or maybe you're looking to design a proposal template Word document or an Adobe InDesign proposal template of your own. Check out these design quick tips to help with your design process:

1. Keep Things Organized

One of the primary goals of any business proposal is to communicate concepts in a clear and easy to understand way. This means that it's essential that your viewers don't get "lost" in your content. It should be easy to navigate your content, not only within the proposal at large, but also from page to page. 

We can keep things organized and easy to read in several ways, such as:

  • Have clearly defined headers or sections.
  • Make sure page numbers are clearly visible.
  • Body copy should be at a readable font size with appropriate line spacing. Avoid going too small with your fonts. An extra four points of line spacing, minimum, is often a strong recommendation for paragraphs.
  • Don't cram too much content in one section or one page. 
professional business proposal template
Choose a premium professional business proposal template that's well organized and suits your content.

2. Consistency Matters

Remember, your business proposal is one continuous presentation. This means, it should visually reflect this idea, too.

As your viewer moves from page to page these pages should look related, whether your presentation is short or small. This means each part of your proposal should have visual aspect in common. Some common approaches to this could include:

  • Consider using the same fonts throughout your presentation. For example, use the same font for all your body copy. 
  • Does your presentation have key colors or visuals? Use them to your advantage by employing them throughout the entire proposal.
  • Keep other supplemental visuals consistent too. For example, your footer and/or page numbers are a great place for consistency. This not only helps the user know where to look for key elements. It can also prove to be a unifying element, visually, too.
business proposal template
Visual consistency in your premium business proposal template helps things look continuous and connected.

3. Visuals Communicate Too

We can use wording to describe concepts, but visual components can say a lot too. For example, think about how your color choices might communicate to your target audience. Fonts can also be inherently communicative. Think about how their shape and aesthetic might support (or contradict) what you're trying to say.

We can also use images to help support our message in a direct way. For example, content like infographics can help reinforce and communicate ideas.

InDesign proposal infographics
Visuals and infographics can help support the content in your premium business proposal template.

4. Avoid Clutter and Excess

Less is often much, much more. Avoid including too much content on your business proposal's pages. If you've got a complex subject or a lot of content to share, consider how you could do so in bite sized chunks. 

This also includes visuals. It can be tempting to add a lot of bells and whistles to our design work. Design is fun and there's so many different things we could do. 

Again, less is more. Clean, clear, empty space can make for a very sophisticated composition. Think about it like breathing room. 

InDesign Brochure Template
Download this professional premium InDesign proposal template today. It's a great example of a clean, organized design.

5. Include Your Professional Brand

Chances are, your business already has established branding. If you've got business cards, a website, letterheads, or any other visual business materials, your business proposal should be a visual extension of this in some way. 

This could be as simple as including your logo design. Or it might be as complex as drawing inspiration from an existing design in your brand's identity.

If you're looking for a business proposal template, try to choose one that best suits your brand's identity. Or plan to customize it to best suit your brand and goals.

business proposal indesign branding
Add your branding and keep it consistent throughout your premium business proposal template

 Tips to Write a Better Proposal in 2021

Here are five business proposal tips to help you write a better business proposal in Word or InDesign:

1. Define Objectives

When you start your project proposal clearly define and state what the objectives are of your project:

  • What's the purpose of your project? 
  • What do you hope to do? 
  • What problems are you solving with the proposal? 

These questions can help you define your objectives. Be thorough and clear.

Client Proposal Template
Premium Client Proposal template from Envato Elements

2. Create a Basic Structure

The second most important step is to create a basic structure for the business proposal. Define the topics you want to cover and explain how they tie in with each other. Looking into the structure from the start allows you to create a proposal that flows well and keeps your audience engaged. 

3. Show Relevant Data

Business Proposal Tip 2
Premium Business Proposal template

Show the data that backs up your proposal plan. Show the data of the past successes of similar projects. By showing this data, you're showing your audience that this project was successful in the past and can be successful again. If something went wrong in the past with a similar plan, present what you would do to fix it.

4. Be Clear

Be as clear as you can in your proposal. Make sure there are no distracting grammar or spelling errors. Make sure that the tone of your proposal matches who your audience is. 

For example, if you're presenting to a CEO, use more technical words that the CEO would know. Be precise in what you're saying. This helps with the clarity of your proposal.

5. Proofread Your Proposal

Use a Professional Business Proposal Template
Premium Professional Business Proposal Template for Word, InDesign, or Adobe Illustrator

It's important to ensure your proposal is free of mistakes or typos as it shows your attention to detail. Get your document proofread by someone else or even do it yourself. Never send out any proposals without checking for errors. 

Get even more tips on creating the best business proposal template from this article: 

5 Top Business Proposal Design Trends for 2021

Designing an attractive proposal is a lot easier when you know which design trends to follow. Keeping up with the trends will help you make your proposal look modern and professional. Here are five business proposal design trends to keep in mind:

1. Mix Images With Shapes

Using shapes alongside images can add a nice creative touch to your proposal and create the illusion of an image border or shadow. 

Latte Business Proposal
Premium Latte Business Proposal

2. Use Bold Colors

If you want your proposal to stand out, don’t be afraid to be bold with color. Use darker, more dramatic shades. Or you can opt to use color as the background for the entire page. 

NYX Proposal Template
NYX Proposal Template (premium template)

3. Abstract Shapes Add Visual Interest

Another way to add more visual interest to your proposal is to use abstract shapes. Make a statement by moving away from traditional squares, rectangles, and circles. Opt for shapes that look more natural and hand-drawn. 

Indesign Proposal Template
Premium InDesign Proposal Template

4. Icons and Infographic Elements 

Make it easy for potential clients to understand the benefits of your offer. Use icons, infographic elements, photos, and other visual cues. 

Proposal Template
Proposal Template (premium)

5. Add Elegance With Serif Fonts

Consider using serif fonts to make your proposal look more elegant and high-end. You can use a serif font as both body and heading font or you can use a bold serif for the headings paired with a more minimal sans-serif font.

Brand Proposal Template
Premium Brand Proposal Template

5 Benefits of Using Professional Templates (in 2021)

Are you still not sure whether you should invest in a premium professional business proposal InDesign template? Maybe you still want to download a free InDesign proposal template you've found online. 

Here are five reasons that you should use a great premium business proposal InDesign or Word template in 2021: 

  1. Pro design elements. The design element of your business proposal is as important as the data and content in it. When you use a well-designed Word or InDesign proposal template, your final product will be nothing short of impressive. 
  2. You save time. You don't have to worry about any design elements. They're all taken care of by a professional. All you've got to worry about is adding in your content. This head start saves you hours and hours of design creation time. 
  3. Create a good impression. A well-designed proposal gives an excellent impression of your brand and the work you and your company can deliver. Impress your audience. Show how invested you are with the project by using a professionally designed business proposal template for Word or InDesign. 
  4. Use the prebuilt sections for ideas. A professionally designed business proposal InDesign template comes with a variety of popular sections. These pre-built sections come in handy when you don't know what to include in your presentation. A good template gets you started in the right direction. 
  5. Pick the best template that suits your needs.  One of the best parts of using a professional template is you've got a choice. Pick from loads of the best modern templates out there. This way, you'll know precisely what your proposal will look like even before you get started.  

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has a compelling offer. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great premium business proposal templates for a single low price.

benefits of Envato Elements

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to proposal templates, and more—all for one low price.

Common Word Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you’re thinking about using Word to design your proposal, you probably have some questions. Here, we’ve gathered the most common questions people ask about Microsoft Word to provide you with some answers:

1. Is Word Better for Proposal Design Than InDesign?

Both Word and InDesign can be used to design a good-looking proposal. Which software you choose depends on your skills and proficiency in both programs and on personal preferences. We've got tutorials about creating proposals in both Word and InDesign that you can use to jumpstart your proposal design process.

2. Can I Use Word for Free?

Yes, you can! There's an online version of Microsoft Word that you can use for free without having to pay for the entire Microsoft Office suite. But the free online version has some limitations on features so keep that in mind when designing your proposal.

3. How Do I Add Page Numbers in Word?

Adding page numbers in Word isn't hard. Add them in either the header or footer of your proposal. We've got an easy tutorial that walks you through the entire process of adding page numbers to Word.

4. Can I Customize Tables in Word?

Tables are a great way to present data but the default look for tables in Word is a little boring. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks you can easily customize how tables look and spice up your proposal.

5. How Do I Add Section Breaks in Word?

Separating your proposal in different sections is crucial if you want to make sure your proposal is nicely organized and easier to read. Easily add section breaks in Word by following our tutorial.

Learn More About Creating Great Business Proposals

Creating a great proposal isn't easy, but we've got plenty of tutorials to help you. Learn more about creating winning business proposals with these tutorials:

Download a Timesaving Business Proposal Template Today (For 2021)

As you can see, there's no shortage of free and premium business Microsoft Word and InDesign proposal templates online

If you’re just getting started, a free business proposal template for Word could be a good choice. But if you want your proposals to stand out look at our premium business proposal templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new business proposal templates for Word or InDesign with the best, trending new designs.

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