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25+ Best Free Drupal 7 & 8 CMS Themes to Make Sites (2018)

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Drupal is a powerful CMS that can be used to create a variety of different websites. It's free to use and the best part is that it has a plethora of themes available suitable for different niches.

Starting with the official theme repository, there is no shortage of free Drupal themes floating around on the Internet. Those free themes for Drupal can be a good starting point if you're just getting started with your website or if you're on a tight budget.

In this post, we'll showcase the best free Drupal 7 and 8 themes that you can use to make your website.

When to Consider a Paid Theme

Before we get into the free theme roundup, it's worth mentioning that Drupal also has a plethora of premium, paid themes available on marketplaces like Envato Elements and ThemeForest.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements

Premium themes are a great choice when you're ready to take your website to a new level as they include more customization options and other features. Additionally, premium themes also come with guaranteed support from the developer which means you can rely on your theme being continually developed to maintain compatibility with each new Drupal release. What's more, you can also contact the developer if you run into any issues with your theme or need help with installing and customizing your theme.

Here are a few examples of premium Drupal themes:

1. Wunderkind - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme

Wunderkind parallax Drupal themeWunderkind parallax Drupal themeWunderkind parallax Drupal theme

The Wunderkind theme is a great choice if you don't have a lot of content or just want a simple site. The theme includes a stunning parallax effect, which is sure to grab the attention of your visitors. You'll also find a powerful layout builder and plenty of customization options to make the theme reflect your brand. On top of that, the theme is completely responsive and has extensive documentation that'll help you set up your site in a matter of minutes.

2. Hasta - Clean Drupal CMS Theme

Hasta clean drupal themeHasta clean drupal themeHasta clean drupal theme

The Hasta theme features a clean design. Hasta, being a multipurpose theme, can be used for different niches and it includes an impressive collection of 30+ layouts and more than 200 premade pages. Hasta also supports video backgrounds, which are sure to make your site stand out from your competition. The theme is fully customizable, responsive, and comes with working contact forms.

3. TheMAG - Responsive Blog and Magazine Drupal Theme

TheMAG responsive blog drupal themeTheMAG responsive blog drupal themeTheMAG responsive blog drupal theme

If you’re looking to build a blog or a magazine website with Drupal, then TheMAG theme is the perfect choice. This theme is highly customizable, which means you can control every aspect of the look and feel of your website. The theme comes with an unlimited number of page layouts, drag and drop page builder, and the ability to include an online store on your blog.

4. Porto - Multipurpose Drupal CMS Theme

Porto multipurpose Drupal themePorto multipurpose Drupal themePorto multipurpose Drupal theme

Try the Porto theme if you want a modern design and tons of features. The Porto theme comes with a responsive design and can be used to create corporate, personal, and even e-commerce websites. You'll find 29 demo variations, speed optimization, powerful shortcodes, and more.

5. Jango - Flexible Drupal Theme

Jango flexible Drupal themeJango flexible Drupal themeJango flexible Drupal theme

Consider the Jango theme if you're looking for a robust theme. This theme comes with a fully responsive design and is powered by Visual Shortcodes and Layout Builder, which means you can create any type of layout. The theme is also fully customizable thanks to 300+ component structures so you can mix-and-match different components together to create unlimited possibilities.

Best 25+ Free Drupal Themes to Get Your Site Up and Running

Below, you'll find the best free Drupal themes that can be used for business, portfolio, corporate, personal, and e-commerce sites.

1. Zymphonies - Flexible Drupal 8 Theme

Zymphonies flexible Drupal 8 themeZymphonies flexible Drupal 8 themeZymphonies flexible Drupal 8 theme

The Zymphonies theme is a flexible Drupal 8 theme that comes with three top and bottom blocks you can use to showcase your services or team members. The blocks are flexible so they'll adapt to the width of the screen. You'll also find header banners, social media links integration, and one, two, and three column layout pages.  

2. Showcase Lite - Business and Portfolio Free Theme for Drupal

If you're looking for a business or portfolio theme, then Showcase Lite is a choice. This theme features a responsive design has 34 customizable regions, supports one, two, and three column layouts and menus.

3. Business - Modern Business Drupal Theme

The Business theme comes with a modern and stylish design that was created with businesses in mind. You'll find an attractive slider at the top, mega menu integration, customization options, and a responsive layout that looks okay on any device.

4. Responsive Blog - Free Blog Drupal Theme

If you're launching a personal blog, consider the Responsive Blog theme. This theme has a very clean and elegant design. It's also completely responsive, supports two-column layouts, and includes two pre-designed color schemes as well as 12 block regions.

5. FontFolio - Showcase and Portfolio Free Theme for Drupal CMS

The FontFolio works for any freelancer, designer, photographer or any other creative professional that needs to showcase their portfolio. The theme is fully responsive, includes several layout possibilities for your portfolio. It also comes with multilingual support and custom social media icons.

6. Corporate Lite - Professional Free Drupal Theme

The Corporate Lite theme includes mobile-first, responsive design with custom modules and 100 theme settings that allow you to showcase products, services, client stories, articles, and testimonials.

7. TOP+ Lite - Free Business Theme for Drupal CMS

Try the TOP+ Lite theme if you want to build a website for your company. On top of a responsive design, the theme comes with custom modules for presenting services, testimonials, case studies, and products. You'll also find more than 200 theme settings.  

8. Magazine Lite - Free Drupal 8 Theme for Magazine Sites

The Magazine Lite theme is based on Bootstrap so you can be sure it's fully responsive. The theme features a one, two or three column layout, support for FontAwesome icons, and flexible mobile menu options.

9. Creative Responsive - Free Drupal Theme

This creative Drupal theme features a minimalist, modern design and allows you to use up to three columns in your page layouts. You'll find a responsive top banner where you can add a call to action.

10. NewsPlus Lite - Blog and News Theme

Try the NewsPlus Lite theme if you want a clean theme for your blog. The theme is fully responsive thanks to Bootstrap 3 framework and allows you to tweak colors, fonts, and more to match your site with your brand.

11. CorporateClean - Free Corporate Drupal 7 CMS Theme

The CorporateClean theme works beautifully with Drupal 7 sites and is fully responsive. You'll find 12 content regions, multilevel drop-down menus, support for superfish menu, beautiful slideshow module, and all the necessary customization options.

14. Danland - Elegant Drupal Theme

The Danland theme is a beautiful and elegant Drupal theme compatible with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. The theme includes an image slideshow or photo slideshow feature on standard installation and a subtheme without the slideshow feature. It also comes with more than 17 content regions and customization options.

15. Venture - Flat Free Drupal Theme

Venture flat free Drupal themeVenture flat free Drupal themeVenture flat free Drupal theme

The Venture theme is responsive and comes with a flat, trendy design. You can feature your products or services using the slideshow header module and display a list of your popular blog posts right on the homepage. It also includes multi-level menus, 12 block regions, and more.

16. Zircon - Versatile Free Drupal CMS Theme

Zircon free Drupal CMS themeZircon free Drupal CMS themeZircon free Drupal CMS theme

The Zircon theme is a versatile free Drupal theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. You'll find Views Modules with customization options so you can show Slideshow, and Carousel Blocks on the homepage, responsive design, and support for multi-column layout.

17. Personal Blog - Free Drupal Theme for Bloggers

The Personal Blog theme is another free Drupal 8 theme that works for bloggers. Aside from being able to share your blog posts, you'll also be able to create a portfolio page to showcase your more creative side. The theme comes with customization options and responsive design.

18. Hotel - Drupal Theme for Hotel Sites

Consider the Hotel theme if you're looking to build a Drupal website for your hotel. This theme comes with responsive design, customization options, three different styles, and is compatible across all major browsers.

19. Drupal 8 Parallax - Multipurpose Parallax Theme

The Drupal 8 Parallax theme has a modern and attractive design trend. This theme is fully responsive and comes with many advanced features like a custom slider, 15+ regions, smooth animation, and more.  The theme has a one-page layout and a few different content types so you can feature your services, blog posts, and clients.

20. Bootstrap - Free Drupal Bootstrap Theme

This list wouldn't be complete without including one of the most popular free Drupal themes. Bootstrap allows you to use the Bootstrap framework with Drupal and comes with several different layouts, support for glyphicons, and plenty of customization options.

21. Restaurant Lite - Modern Restaurant Drupal Theme

If you're building a restaurant website, consider the Restaurant Lite Drupal theme. With responsive layout, 34 content regions, and support for multi-column layouts, this theme has everything you need to create a modern and beautiful restaurant website for your business.

23. SShop - Free E-Commerce Drupal Theme

SShop free e-commerce Drupal themeSShop free e-commerce Drupal themeSShop free e-commerce Drupal theme

The SShop works if you want to create an online store with Drupal. The theme is fully responsive and has support for mega menus so you don't have to worry about overwhelming your visitors with all your pages and categories. You'll also find a slideshow header module and support for FontAwesome icons.

24. Nexus -  Elegant Drupal Theme

Nexus Drupal themeNexus Drupal themeNexus Drupal theme

The Nexus theme features an elegant full-width layout that can be used for a variety of purposes. The theme comes with support for one-column and two-column layout and a beautiful header slideshow that can be used to showcase your featured articles, services or products. You'll also find support for Google fonts and 12 block regions.

25. Multipurpose - Free Drupal Theme

Multipurpose free Drupal themeMultipurpose free Drupal themeMultipurpose free Drupal theme

Like the name suggests, the Multipurpose theme can be used for all types of Drupal websites, regardless if you want to create a personal, portfolio, or business website. This theme features a modern design, includes a variety of blocks, a nice portfolio page, blog page and a typography page. The theme is fully responsive so it'll look good no matter what device your visitors are using.

26. Adaptive - Free Responsive Drupal Theme

The Adaptive theme was not only built to be used for various website niches, but also to provide an easy to use theme that's fully customizable without the need to code anything. The theme comes with a built-in sub-theme generator, layout generator, support for Google Fonts and multi menus, and a plethora of customization options. The theme is also fully responsive, includes built-in slideshows and carousels, and attractive CSS animations that can be used anywhere on your site.

Get Started on Your Site Today With Drupal Themes

As you can see, there is no shortage of quality, free Drupal themes. Use this roundup as a starting point to find a Drupal CMS theme for your site and when you're ready to upgrade, don't forget to check out premium Drupal themes over on Envato Elements.

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