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30 Best Job Resume Templates With Simple Professional Examples (2023)

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When you see your dream job posted online, how can you quickly prepare your first job resume? You need to make a quick impression on a hiring manager, but you may not have the resume for the job ready to go.

Minimalist CV Resume Vol35Minimalist CV Resume Vol35Minimalist CV Resume Vol35
Minimalist CV Resume Vol.35 on Envato Elements

The answer is that you turn to job resume templates from Envato Elements. When you don't have time to draw up a resume for a job from scratch and spend hours changing alignment and options, these top resume templates are the very best way to quickly apply for a job.

In this article, I'm going to share 30 of my favorite job resume templates. Each of these easy simple job resume examples is ready to download, add your own details to, and send off to the hiring manager. Let's take a look!

30 Top Job Resume Templates With a Simple Design (From Envato Elements - 2023)

Here are the best job resume templates with a simple resume design that you can use to make a quick positive impression on your potential employer:

1. Simple Resume/CV Volume 2

  • cover letter template and easy-to-use resume file for Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • ready for easy printing thanks to a CMYK setup
  • uses free fonts that you can easily grab for the fastest-possible resume build

2. Simple Resume/CV Design Template

Simple Resume CV TemplateSimple Resume CV TemplateSimple Resume CV Template

Even if your resume template is simple, you can add a nice splash of color to really make it stand out. This job resume template for Adobe Photoshop is going to help you stand out from the crowd thanks to its simple yet bright design.

  • includes six color themes for variety
  • customizable in Adobe Photoshop and includes well-organized layers and layer styles for ease-of-use.
  • vector shapes help this resume scale up to any needed print size.

3. Minimalist Job Resume Template 04

Minimalist Resume 04Minimalist Resume 04Minimalist Resume 04

A resume for a job should be simple. This helps the reviewer focus on the content at hand. This Minimalist Resume is the perfect example of that, as the design simply gets out of the way of your accomplishments. The light and airy design will bring attention to your experience and skillset.

Here are some of my favorite features in this minimalist package:

  • resume and cover letter assets included for a complete set of files you need to apply
  • easy to use and customize in Adobe Photoshop thanks to the well-organized PSD files
  • ready to send onto a professional print shop thanks to the CMYK color settings

4. Miguel Simple Job Resume Design


The Miguel Resume is one of the most minimal selections in this round-up, and it's a great illustration of the "less is more" design principle. With resume template simple black and white elements, there's no doubt that the reviewer's focus will be on the content at hand.

Here are some key features that make Miguel worth downloading and trying out:

  • includes resume and cover letter templates
  • easy-to-find free fonts add no extra cost to using this template
  • works in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word

5. Resume - Professional Template 


With clean lines and placeholders for all the important details, this resume template is a great choice for your first application. I love that this first job resume template has the placeholders that you can replace with your own details.

More details on what you get:

  • A4 size
  • layered files
  • InDesign version
  • uses free fonts

6. Resume 2 - Colorful Job Resume Design Template

Resume 2Resume 2Resume 2

I love the simple yet effective use of a color highlight in this resume template to really set off some contrast in your content. Work, education, and skill sections are pretty much everything you need to drop in your own details.

Key features in this pack include:

  • compatible with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • many color options for different resume styles
  • social media icons make it easy to drop in your social links to share with your potential employer

7. Minimalist Job Resume With Simple Design 05

Minimalist Resume 05Minimalist Resume 05Minimalist Resume 05

Here's another light and minimalist job resume template choice that's sure to have the hiring manager focused on the details of your background. I like the simple two column approach and was impressed with how quickly this one can be updated.

Key features include:

  • resume and cover letter templates for a complete pack of what you need to apply
  • print ready at 300 DPI and CMYK color scheme
  • Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word job resume template designs

8. Terri Professional Job Resume Design

Terri ResumeTerri ResumeTerri Resume

Terri is a monochromatic resume for a job that's sure to rise to the top of the stack thanks to its clean lines. Whether you're using Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop, you can easily customize Terri. You won't find this flexibility in free job resume templates online.

I think a resume like this is really a perfect choice for applying to a more creative role. It features the strong design contrast that would appeal to other designers and creatives.

9. CV Resume Portfolio - Simple Job Resume Template

CV Resume PortfolioCV Resume PortfolioCV Resume Portfolio

With new age Swiss design, this pack is one of the most unique in this round-up. This is another choice that might be perfect for more creative lines of work, as it's truly a "portfolio" approach to presenting your work.

Here's how this project works:

  • nine pages with placeholders for visuals for your best work and favorite projects
  • compatible with Adobe InDesign
  • print-ready at 300DPI, CMYK, and correctly configured margins

10. Simple Resume/CV Volume 7

Simple ResumeCv Volume 7Simple ResumeCv Volume 7Simple ResumeCv Volume 7

This resume selection is going to put your photo front and center. I like this approach for putting a name with a face for the hiring manager.

Also, past job experience is well-represented with icon placeholders for each of your prior employers. Just add in your details and skills to show why your past has brought you to the current role!

11. Graphic Resume Template - Simple Design

creative resume cover letter templatecreative resume cover letter templatecreative resume cover letter template

Use visual elements to highlight key information with this simple resume template. This premium template is a two-page design with space for a cover letter.

Colors and graphic elements are all easy to edit. Edit these files in a wide range of software, from Adobe CC programs to Microsoft Word.

12. CV Resume Template 

cv resume templatecv resume templatecv resume template

This polished resume template design gives a sophisticated look to your professional background. The subtle color highlights make this design a classic yet fresh approach to the resume.

The two columns of text boxes in the description keeps the layout well organized and consistent. The photo window at the top gives it a unique look.

13. Resume Template 63

Resume template 63Resume template 63Resume template 63

Using design layouts from other mediums can enhance a resume's overall look. This premium resume template uses a blog-like aesthetic to organize the content. Use the help guide to make customization easier every step of the way.

Some great features of this template:

  • help guide
  • all free images and fonts
  • easy customization

14. Flyer - Resume

Flyer resumeFlyer resumeFlyer resume

Icons and diagrams are great ways to break monotony in a document. Flyer resume uses skill graphs to synthesize information and add a pop of color. 

Want to go monochromatic? No problem! All elements in this premium template are easy to edit. As a pro tip, try using a studio photo and matching your resume's color palette to it.

15. Curriculum Vitae Template

Curriculum vitae templateCurriculum vitae templateCurriculum vitae template
Color backgrounds in profile photos have been trending since early 2023. I love a bold color with a softer complimentary one. This premium template uses matching color highlights throughout the format. 
Try flipping the colors and experiment! The header layout gives this resume template a unique editorial look.

16. Resume/CV Template

Resume CV templateResume CV templateResume CV template
Nothing like perfectly aligned text boxes and evenly distributed elements to get those design juices flowing. This resume/CV template offers organized sections and a cohesive look throughout. 
Share what you love in the Hobbies section. You can also swap some icons and share your accolades and awards.

17. Professional Resume and CV Template

Professional CV resume templateProfessional CV resume templateProfessional CV resume template

Go for a slightly different approach to a classic layout by adding color to your background. This professional resume and CV template uses dark tones to visually separate the sidebar and the main body of the resume. 

Use the lighter tones for your text and titles. A great template to make an impression.

18. CV Resume Template - Geometric

cv resume template geometriccv resume template geometriccv resume template geometric

If you're looking to use a resume for a job with a little bit more of an edge but still clean, try this resume template. It uses a unique circular skill graph to show off your expertise. The bracket as an organizing element in the design. 

Use both Adobe software and Microsoft Word to edit this versatile resume template.

19. Clean Resume / CV Template

Clean resume cv templateClean resume cv templateClean resume cv template
If you want to keep visual elements to a minimum but still present, this text-based resume template is for you. The color sidebar can be edited to fit your personal brand. The embedded icons add a nice visual touch to this clean and simple design. 
Drop everything about you into this resume/CV! The design leaves plenty of space to describe your education and professional experience.

20. CV Resume + Cover Letter

CV resume cover letter template CV resume cover letter template CV resume cover letter template

If you're into modular layouts, you've come to the right place. This clean, modular resume template design is effective at visual hierarchy. The design also suggest some ideas to play with. Like switching some white boxes to grey and having the layout achieve a different effect.

Edit the color highlights to either blend in or stand out from the rest of the elements.

21. Resume - Color Block

resume template color blockresume template color blockresume template color block

Monochromatic will always be a timeless approach to any design. The top color block creates a contrast that recruiters will notice when browsing through countless resumes.

If you're looking for a more colorful option, this easy to edit template's got you covered. Icons? or no icons. Use the most popular software to give it your own spin. 

22. Monopoly Resume

monopoly resume templatemonopoly resume templatemonopoly resume template

The name of this premium resume template caught my eye, and I wasn't disappointed. This design finds inspiration in the classic game of Monopoly.

The layout is playful and uses vertical and horizontal text and elements to create a unique look. Bring the original inspiration to life and add your own color palette to it!

23. FERNS Resume CV

FERNS resume cv cover letterFERNS resume cv cover letterFERNS resume cv cover letter

Simple doesn't have to look flat. This minimalistic design uses a classic idea, with simple dividers and clean information display. What makes this design stand out is the rich frame that holds everything together.

Don't like the current frame? Switch it out with other images and textures that feel more you. Add color to the frames for an extra pop of color. Matching this with the frame's color way is a good idea to explore.

24. The Clean - CV Resume

Clean cv resume templateClean cv resume templateClean cv resume template
It's all in the name. The Clean is a premium CV resume template that hits all the marks when it comes to its design. It's editable in both Adobe and Microsoft software. It can be used as a single page format or a two-page file with plenty of space for a cover letter. 
This template is also print-ready with a 3mm bleed area. Add color to the sidebar or try flipping the concept by coloring the body of the resume template instead.

25. CV and Cover Letter

cv and resume cover letter templatecv and resume cover letter templatecv and resume cover letter template

I love a resume for a job that gives you enough space to showcase a great snapshot. If you're a photographer or a visual artist, this resume template might be the right fit for you. The template also uses a compact two column layout with enough space for descriptions. Color blocks can be changed or removed if preferred.

26. Clean Simple Creative Resume

clean simple creative resumeclean simple creative resumeclean simple creative resume

Never underestimate the power of balancing elements with empty space. This premium template uses a subtle color change to add depth to the design and adds a fresh look to an otherwise flat design. Content spaces are concise and to the point, but he second page includes a generous cover letter section.

27. Modern Resume

resume cv moder templateresume cv moder templateresume cv moder template

The way this template resume's plays with space and boundaries makes it worthy of pointing out. This template offers options to play with transparency and overlaying. It's a template that would also work with color, as opposed to black and white.

Drop a quote that inspires you or says something meaningful about your work ethic.

28. 2 Page Resume/CV Template

resume cv templateresume cv templateresume cv template

Striking, bold, loud. Those are the words that come to mind with this striking resume CV template. This is definitely a resume template for bold colors, so don't be afraid to bright. Here are some of this templates key features:

  • Application letter, curriculum vitae and references template included.
  • Legacy compatibility back to Adobe CS4

29. Word Resume

word resume templateword resume templateword resume template

This is a resume template that uses shapes and colors in a fun and unique way. If you're looking for a less subdued color palette, you can bring your own! 

This is a three-page design, so there is plenty of space for your skills, experience and even a cover letter. Editable files come with free spaces for you to use your own images and photos. This premium resume template includes a comprehensive guide to get you started with editing.

30. Clean and Professional Resume

clean professional resume templateclean professional resume templateclean professional resume template

This elegant half and half resume template is a great example of simplicity and intentionality. The use of icons is clean and thoughtfully implemented. If you're into minimal design but still want to keep things interesting, try implementing your own icons and banner shapes.

This template is editable on Photoshop, Illustrator and Word, which makes it accessible to all skill levels. 

Start Your Search for the Perfect Job Resume Template on Envato Elements

Start your search for the perfect job resume template on Envato Elements. This subscription-based marketplace has hundreds of beautiful job resume templates with simple designs. Access all the templates for a low monthly fee and download as many as you like until you find the perfect first job resume template for your needs. 

Explore What Elements Offers

Elements Resume templatesElements Resume templatesElements Resume templates
Here are just a few of Envato Elements best job resume templates, all of which you can access with a subscription to Elements.

You may be tempted by free job resume templates you find online. But remember that many of these aren't professionally designed. They may not include everything you need.

These job resume templates featuring a simple resume design from Envato Elements are also easy to edit. Grab extra goodies such as fonts or icons to spice up your chosen job resume template and make an impression on potential employers.

How to Quickly Customize a Simple Pro Job Resume in Word

Once you find the perfect resume template, you need to customize it not only with your information but also with your choice of fonts and colors. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the CV Resume template from Envato Elements.

CV Resume template on Envato ElementsCV Resume template on Envato ElementsCV Resume template on Envato Elements
 CV Resume Template on Envato Elements

This resume template has a modern and versatile design that can be used for a job application in any field. Here’s how you can quickly customize a resume template in Word.

1. Add Your Own Information

The first thing you should do is replace the dummy information with your own. Open your resume template in Word and then click on any text area. Highlight all the dummy text by pressing CTRL+A  or CMD+A and then enter your own information.

Adding custom info to the CV Resume templateAdding custom info to the CV Resume templateAdding custom info to the CV Resume template

2. Change the Fonts

As you’re editing your own information, you can change and customize the fonts at the same time. Simply select a new font from the drop-down menu on the Home tab.

Changing fonts in the CV Resume templateChanging fonts in the CV Resume templateChanging fonts in the CV Resume template

3. Customize the Colors 

Once you’re done editing the fonts, consider customizing the colors used in the template. This is the best way to ensure your resume doesn’t look like someone else’s. To change colors, select a colored area, right-click it, and choose Format Shape. Then, choose a new color under the Solid Fill area or enter your own hex color code.

Customizing colors in the CV Resume templateCustomizing colors in the CV Resume templateCustomizing colors in the CV Resume template

4. Add Your Own Photo

Another way to customize your resume and make it more visually appealing is to add your own photo. To add a photo, click on the photo icon and choose your headshot from your computer, then insert it in the resume.

Adding a photo to the CV Resume templateAdding a photo to the CV Resume templateAdding a photo to the CV Resume template

5. Export Your Resume

The last step is to export your resume when you’re done. Click on File > Save as and choose PDF format

Export your resumeExport your resumeExport your resume

I often remind potential applicants that there will be more resumes received than open positions at a job. You've got to find a way to stand out from that crowd so that you stand a chance of being the company's choice for the open role.

Here are five crucial tips that may help you breakthrough and find that next job, thanks in part to a well-crafted resume. 

1. Use One Resume Per Job Application

One major mistake that applicants make is reusing the same resume for each job. 

Each role that you apply for is going to be slightly different, so why not acknowledge that by customizing the resume that you turn in for each job? 

Minimalist Resume TemplateMinimalist Resume TemplateMinimalist Resume Template
Minimalist Resume Template

When you customize your job resume template for each job, you've got the chance to include the keywords and background experience that shows that you're the right candidate for the specific job.

Check out Cha Mendoza's piece on improving your resume by cutting weak phrases in the tutorial below:

2. Use a Second Set of Eyes

The single biggest mistake you can make while applying for a job is letting a key typo slip through to the hiring manager. Having been involved with hiring decisions, a typo sticks out like a sore thumb when reviewing candidates.

I really like to print a copy and sit down with a pen and mark up anything that might need revision. There's something about seeing your resume somewhere other than on-screen to really catch those mistakes.

Miguel Resume  Cover LetterMiguel Resume  Cover LetterMiguel Resume  Cover Letter
Miguel Resume & Cover Letter

For bonus points, consider asking a friend you trust to read the resume. A second set of eyes is really going to help those mistakes, grammatical errors, or awkward phrasings stand out.

Check out this great guide below to learn more about grammar mistakes that you should check for:

3. Keep Printed Copies at the Ready

If you go on interviews, job fairs, or even meet potential employers in your everyday life, you'll want to keep several printed copies of your resume ready to give an interested employer at a moment's notice.

CV Resume PortfolioCV Resume PortfolioCV Resume Portfolio
CV Resume Portfolio - Simple Job Resume Template

Even if you're at work, consider keeping a few printed copies in the glovebox of your car. Being able to take advantage of an opportunity when you meet the right person is critical! You never know when that resume will land on the right person's desk and lead you to your next job.

It's never a bad idea to keep a few printed resumes nearby. I landed my first job by being in the right place at the right time and having a resume to give them.

4. Customize the Design of Your Resume Template

No matter which template you choose and how simple the resume template is, be sure to customize the design so it reflects your personal brand and appeals to your potential employers. 

CV Resume from Envato ElementsCV Resume from Envato ElementsCV Resume from Envato Elements
CV Resume from Envato Elements

For example, if you’re applying for a corporate job, avoid using bold and bright colors and opt for a more muted or classic color palette.

5. Provide Visual Breaks Between Sections

Your resume should be easy to skim so it’s a good idea to provide a visual break between different sections. Easily do this by including a horizontal line or by using a section heading to signify the beginning of a new section.

This makes your resume more legible and increases the chances of your resume getting seen.

Minimalist Resume and Cover Letter from Envato ElementsMinimalist Resume and Cover Letter from Envato ElementsMinimalist Resume and Cover Letter from Envato Elements
Minimalist Resume and Cover Letter from Envato Elements

If you want your resume to stand out, it needs to have a professional design. That’s why you need to pay attention to resume design trends. Read the following article to learn more about making a good resume:

Below, you’ll find five current and simple professional resume design trends that'll help you create an outstanding resume: 

1. Add a Profile Photo

Many resumes nowadays include space for a professional photo of you like this resume template does. This is a good way to set yourself apart and make your resume more memorable. 

Receptionist Resume ProReceptionist Resume ProReceptionist Resume Pro
Receptionist Resume Pro on Envato Elements

2. Modern and Legible Fonts Reign Supreme

Make sure your resume uses legible fonts. Stick to sans-serif or serif fonts and make sure the font size is set to no less than 12pt. 

3. Pops Of Color Add Visual Interest

Another trend that’s popular in resume design is adding pops of color to make certain parts stand out more. Take cues from this colorful and creative resume template:

Creative Resume on Envato ElementsCreative Resume on Envato ElementsCreative Resume on Envato Elements
Creative Resume on Envato Elements

4. Stick to One Page

One-page resumes are still preferred when it comes to the length of your resume. As such, be sure to use short sentences and bullet points to get your information across in a succinct manner. 

5. Column Layouts Still Matter

No matter how you decide to spice up your resume or CV, you’ll notice that all resume templates follow a two or three-column layout. This makes it easy to organize the information and present it in a visually pleasing fashion. Consider the resume template below for a great example of a column-based layout.

CV Resume with columnsCV Resume with columnsCV Resume with columns
CV Resume with a column design on Envato Elements

Top 5 Benefits of Using the Resume Templates With Professional Designs (In 2023)

Still not sure if you should use a professional job resume template to kick start your resume?

Here are five reasons that you should use a great job resume template for your next resume in 2023:

  1. You risk looking unprofessional. If employers look at your resume and find it to be cluttered, full of meaningless graphics, and disorganized, then you'll stand little chance of getting the job. Unless your credentials are much higher than your employer requires, then the amateur looking design will deter your potential employers from even reading your resume.
  2. You don't waste time. Leave the resume design work to the professionals. They're hired to create stunning looking designs. Unless you're a graphic designer who specializes in resume templates, then you'll waste hours upon hours designing a resume that still might look unprofessional. 
  3. Professional job resume templates give you structure. Often, we forget to include information in the resume that needs to be included. Premium templates have placeholders for the most important information that your potential employer needs to know.  
  4. You've got full control over the design. If you use a premium template, that doesn't mean that you've got to give up customization. All the premium templates are fully editable and can be adjusted to your specific needs.
  5. You give yourself the best chance of success. When you're applying for a job, you want to do everything in your power to land that job. The design of your resume shouldn't be left to chance. Take advantage of the premium templates offered and focus on the most important part of the resume, the actual content. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Resume templates on Envato ElementsResume templates on Envato ElementsResume templates on Envato Elements
Resume templates of Envato Elements

Envato Elements has a compelling offer: one flat rate, thousands of simple professional resume templates with modern designs. It's a unique service. For a single flat-rate price, you get access to thousands of great resume templates as well as other design assets.

Sign up for Envato Elements and instantly get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to resume templates, and more—all for one low monthly subscription. 

Common Job Resume Questions Answered (FAQ)

The job resume creation process can be quite confusing. Even if you've got all the information needed to fill out your resume and you've got a premium job resume design to place it on, there are still many questions left unanswered on how to fill out your resume.

To help you fill out your next job resume, I've answered five common questions that people have when working on their resumes:

1. Should I Organize My Resume in Chronological Order? 

The chronological resume is the traditional resume format that emphasizes your experience and work history. The most effective format is to list your most recent jobs first, and then go back through past jobs in reverse-chronological order. This resume format tends to be the easiest to read and scan.

2. What Contact Information Do I Need to Include? 

The bare minimum contact information that you should include in your resume is your name, phone number, and email. It's also recommended that you add your LinkedIn profile and any websites or blogs that pertain to the job that you're applying to.

3. What Do I Need to Include in My Resume to Catch My Potential Employers' Attention? 

Employers often scan through resumes rather quickly. Many of the resumes they read are very similar and don't stand out. To catch your potential employers' attention, include a resume objective statement at the top of the resume. This statement should be a maximum of two sentences. It should highlight your relevant work experience and accomplishments.

4. What Type of Work Experience and Details About Work Experience Should I Include? 

All the jobs that you once had and the roles that you took in these jobs may not be relevant to the job you're applying to. They'll just bloat your resume. Make sure you've got a solid understanding of the job you're applying for. Only list previous experience that's specific to the job you're applying for. 

5. Will My Resume Automatically Get Me the Job? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. Just because you've got good credentials and a stunning resume design doesn't mean you'll automatically get the job. Depending on the job you're applying for one or many rounds of interviews may be needed for you to land your next job. 

Find Top Job Resume Tutorial Resources on Tuts+

If you want more tips on creating a resume that'll get you noticed by potential employers and recruiting managers, check out these tutorials from Tuts+:

Discover More Great Resume Templates for 2023

While the job resume templates mentioned above are some of the best available for 2023, they might not be exactly what you're looking for. 

If the templates mentioned don't work for your current needs, then check out our other articles that contain plenty more high-quality premium job resume template designs:

Choose a Simple Professional Resume Template Today

You've just seen some of the best job resume examples. The simplicity of these job resume templates helps ensure that the reviewer will focus on the details that you want to show them. Use one of the simple templates I've shared above to make a strong impression and land that job!

Remember that free job resume templates you find online typically don't offer the quality and variety of these premium easy simple resume examples. So, whether you're looking for a first job resume template or a resume for your next job, make sure to get a professional design.

Find more of the best job resume templates with the all-you-can-download an Envato Element resume for a job

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Lex Soto. Lex is a staff writer for Envato Tuts+.

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