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15 Best Logo Design Templates - for Creative Business Branding


Are you developing a new business? In need of a new visual identity? Or does your current logo look dated and need a refresh?

Customers will expect your business to have a professional brand identity, with a logo that stands out distinctively, while representing your company effectively. It should feel both appropriate to your business type and embody your brand message.

A memorable logo stands out in your audience’s imagination. They’re distinctive visual marks, designed as visual symbols that call to mind your mission, as well as the energy and innovation that drives your business.

If you need a logo that fits your audience’s expectations and brands your business well, then you’ve arrived on the right article. Here we showcase the best logo design templates on Envato Market (GraphicRiver), such as the best-sellers below:

Best-selling Logo Design Templates on Envato Market
Best logo design templates - available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

And if you need a completely custom logo design, then work with one of our hand-picked logo designers from Envato Studio. But, if you’re in a hurry and want a quick brand design with a professional results, then a logo template is a great choice.

These logo designs are stylish, on trend, and designed with a minimalist creative touch. They're setup for speed of customization. They come with Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS files, and in some cases Photoshop files as well (see details below).

You can also use Placeit’s library of logo templates to design a professional logo right in your browser. Create a professional and custom logo design in minutes and have it ready to use today.

Whether you’ve got a business to pitch this week that needs a fresh visual identity, you have a website that you’re launching fast, or you just want to get started with an affordable brand, then get a trending logo design for your new business branding.

15 Creative Logo Design Templates

Here are fifteen of the best logo design templates from Envato Market (GraphicRiver). These creative logos are professional and packed with a visual punch. Jump into this showcase of colorful logos with inspiring designs:

1. Imagination - Creative Logo Design Template

If you need a new logo for your business, or personal fresh branding, this creative design is an inspired choice. The visual metaphor it captures is the power of imagination and transformation. If that’s what your brand communicates, then grab it now!

It comes with both vertical and horizontal placements set up, so you can fit your new logo exactly where you need it, whether on a business card, social media, or your website. Files included are AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG. You can quickly customize it in Illustrator or alternative vector software, adding your business name and fully scaling it to fit your brand best.

Imagination - Creative Logo Design Template

2. VisioPixel - Logo Template For Visual Branding

This is a stylish logo design template with a modern feel. It features an abstract digital visual mark, where pixels are coming out of a minimal eye symbol. It’s perfect for any creative business that creates new digital assets, crafts with attention to every detail, or designs innovative solutions.

Whether you’re a digital media company or a solo web designer, this logo is an inspired selection to use. You can quickly customize it for your brand, as it comes with fully vector and scalable files in AI and EPS format, as well as web ready JPG and PNG files. Get your brand ready, online fast, and working for you, with this professional logo design!

Logo Template For Visual Branding

3. Pixel Media - Digital Style Logo Template Design

This colorful media logo is great to use to brand a number of innovative businesses with. It includes multiple color variations, as well as the ability to customize and fully scale this 100% vector logo. It's a flexible design to work with.

You can readily add your company name, set the colors to match your brand, and add a powerful slogan. Then get this logo added to your business cards, extended branding materials like bags or merchandise, and put it to use in your online branding, like your websites and YouTube videos.

Digital Business Logo Template Design

4. Generation 3 - Creative Logo Branding Template

Put a creative human touch on your branding with this colorful, minimal logo design. It’s great for a number of professional businesses, whether you run a consulting firm or track next generation performance statistics. It’s easy to edit, resize as needed, and customize in vector EPS/AI format. It’s print ready and includes CMYK & RGB color palettes. Just what you need for your creative branding!

Creative Branding Business Logo Template

5. Infinity - Minimalist Luxury Logo Design Template

An infinite symbols speaks to the longevity and continual quality a company promises to deliver to its clients. Leverage this minimal mark, to brand your business with, and stand out with an elegant logo.

It’s designed for elegant, high end business use, from fashion boutiques, financial companies, jewelry designers, and more. Vector EPS and AI files are set to CMYK and ready to customize to your brand. You can easily change the colors and text to your company details!

Minimalist Luxury Logo Design Template

6. Flame - Vibrant Business Logo Design Template

This logo design captures the passion and fire of a creative business. If the company you’re launching is going to blaze a new trail, then a logo that captures the minimal mark of a burning flame may be just the right fit for your branding.

The downloadable template files are setup in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats for maximum flexibility. It comes with four color versions. Grab it quick, add your business name, then get it up on your website and added to your marketing materials.

Vibrant Business Logo Design Template

7. NetBrain - Digital Logo Template With Colorful Design

If you’re building an innovative new business, that leverages brainpower, whether individually, from your team, or through broader social networks, this may be just the right logo for your business. It features a creative design that captures the pathways and connection points in the brain in a powerful brand mark.

It’s comes in downloadable professional files, setup for CMYK for print, fully-scalable vector, and ready to work with Illustrator AI and EPS files. Grab this logo template, add your custom business tagline and brand name, and start working your new brand through your marketing channels.

Digital Logo Template With Colorful Design

8. Drops - Interactive Media Style Logo Template

This is a compelling digital branding template, which features multiple drops that are moving fast and coming together into one larger colorful droplet. Great for an inventive media company, video marketing business, or another creative business that helps put ideas into motion!

The logo design is setup to work with easily, you can quickly change colors, scale your logo as vector 100%, place it where needed, or pull out the droplet design elements to use on extended branding materials.

Interactive Media Style Logo Template

9. Brave - Colorful Logo Template With Energetic Design

This roaring lion logo, takes a classic design, and adds creative nuance to it. With a colorful lion mane and minimal mark, this logo can represent a number of modern businesses. The downloadable file comes in full vector format, and the logo looks great on business cards, or to fill multiple digital branding needs.

Use the logo with your company name or as a standout brand asset alone where needed: whether as your standalone app logo, watermarking your print materials, or as a distinguishing mark on the window of your new company’s loft.

Colorful Lion Logo Template With Energetic Design

10. Color Stroke - Spiraling Creative Logo Branding Template

With a high customer rating, and comments like “This is such an awesome logo,” and “Great Colors! 5 Stars,” this logo design template is a professionally designed solution from an Elite Author. It’s a beautiful design that can bring a pioneering company to life. It comes in resizable vector format, multiple color variations, and both horizontal and vertical formats.

Also, you can grab the matching corporate identity package, which comes with colorful letterhead, matching envelope, business cards, folder design, invoice templates, digital wallpapers, and more. It’s all print-ready, easy to use for the web, and fully editable!

Creative Colorful Logo Design Template

11. Mount Stat - Data Style Logo Template For Business

This is a sleek logo design for a statistical driven company. The triangular elements simultaneously pulls together a diagram and mountain range metaphor into a memorable design. Whether your business is based on data analysis, leveraging artificial intelligence trends, or delivering analytic solutions to customers, this is a great choice. This logo design is a simple, yet powerful mark to brand your business with.

Data Style Logo Template For Business

12. Web Creative - Colorful Media Design Logo Template

If you run a web design, multimedia agency, or creative studio, this modern logo design template could be a great fit for your business. It comes with vector AI and EPS files, as well as Photoshop PSD setup with Smart Objects. Get this colorful logo design to brand your creative business with.

Web Creative Media Design Logo Template

13. Media Play - Inspired Video Logo Template Design

This is one of the best-selling logo design templates on Envato Market (GraphicRiver). It’s designed by an Elite Author, freshly updated in 2016, and packed with creative style. It’s an awesome logo design, suitable for any media business, video driven enterprise, or entertainment company. 

If you base your work on creative output or interactive innovation, then this is the design to brand your business with. You can also grab the matching corporate identity designs if you need to extend your brand through multiple media types!

Media Play Video Logo Template Design

14. Colorful Bird - Expressive Logo Template for Creative Business

This is a colorful logo design with a creative mark. It features a bird that has multiple circles coming together, ready to take flight! It has an elegant, minimal style, great for branding a number of businesses with.

If you’re looking for a logo that stands out, whether in print or online, then this is a great choice. It comes with fully layered vector AI/EPS and Photoshop PSD files. Add your company name and branding, before using it in your marketing materials.

Colorful Logo Template for Creative Business

15. Coloright - Digital Business Logo Branding Template Design

This is a simple brand mark that captures the feeling of invention or collaboration—with multiple colorful dots moving towards one cohesive circle. It could represent how a team, process, or idea comes together.

It’s a stylish design that looks great on any media type, from business cards, to adding to your website, or opening your video marketing with. Grab this fully-scalable 100% vector logo. Use it to make your business stand out in the market with a fresh brand!

Digital Business Logo Template Design

Put this logo to work for your business! Open the logo design file, manipulate the vector elements, and quickly change the colors to match your brand. Add your company name and insert your tagline. Pick a font that matches your brand best, then get your new logo exported for use in your creative branding fast!

5 Quick Logo Design Tips

Here are a handful of logo design tips to help you get a quality logo design for your business ready quickly, whether you grab a ready-made logo template or work with a professional designer.

1. A Simple Logo Design is Often Better

Learn towards a simple logo design, one that is easier to work with, allows for flexible use, and is designed for multiple media use.

You need your logo to work well, not just with your company name and tagline present, but also as a memorable visual mark on it’s own. The Apple Icon and Nike swoosh stand on their own. So to do a number of brands you buy from on a regular basis, both large and small. Simple, but powerful logos dominate the world of business.

Also, you’re going to need your logo to work well and look professional at tiny pixel sizes on screen, as well as on print materials, apps, and more. It must look great on various backgrounds, and fit well in multiple mediums, and at numerous sizes.

A simple logo is a whole lot easier to use throughout multiple marketing materials as you expand your brand. Learn about the basics of branding: 

2. Make Your Logo Mark Memorable

You want your logo to be easy to identify, so that when potential customers come across it they remember your business. It’s a trigger that tells them, this is your company. Keeping your logo design simple, makes it easier to identify and recall.

Also, keep in mind that your logo is a visual metaphor, it’s the visual representation of your company and represents your entire brand story. You need a logo that really pulls together what your business stands for and what you want your customers to think of when they see it.

We’ve featured professional logos that have creative design and minimal style in this article for a reason. That’s because a beautiful and memorable logo is both minimal and mixed with just a dash of uniqueness, such as:

Your logo should combine a creative touch with an easy to identify symbol. Every logo has a story to tell and you want your audience to immediately identify with your’s.

3. Fill Your Logo With Personality

A logo has a character that speak to your audience. As an extension of your company mission and brand voice, you need a logo that captures the energy of your brand. Consider design characteristics of your logo design that will impact your audience.

If your company works with data and wants to project security and analysis, then Mount Stat - Data Style Logo is a great choice. It’s triangular peaks represent the security of a long standing mountain, while the angular designs and simple measured lines feel analytical.

Whereas, if you’re an online business that wants to communicate creativity, innovation, and want your brand to represent your processes in active motion, then Color Stroke - Spiraling Logo Design is an on target choice. It looks like a modern digital brush stroke set in motion, as it changes colors while it dynamically paints through the air like a spiral of controlled creativity—with a well-crafted hand behind it.

When looking for a logo that matches your company, consider how its uses space dynamically, as well as its proportions and symmetry. Should your logo be more stable and grounded or should it feel like it’s moving swiftly through space? Should it look current and digital or more timeless and classic? Which fits your business brand best?

Every logo has personality and the best logos match design characteristics to their brand’s character. One more feature to consider is color. Let’s take a look at that in more depth. First, learn more about defining your brand values: 

4. Remember, Color Choice is Important

Your logo color palette communicates quite a bit and is not a superficial consideration. Color carries meaning and needs to fit all your branding materials and business message.

Considering your brand’s personality, would bright colors fit it better? They will grab attention more quickly, but could come across as out of place or too harsh for your brand. What about more muted colors, which can speak to elegance or sophistication, but could easily not stand out enough.

Every color, and color combination, gives distinction and detail to your brand. Don’t give your logo the wrong colors and misalign your business brand with your audience’s expectations. While not an exact science, here’s a good guide to start considering the implications of color choice in your business brand:

Keep in mind, all of the logo design templates featured in this article can readily fit any color scheme, and can quickly be modified to fit your company’s brand identity. So, grab a logo, fire up Illustrator, and customize your logo design colors to best match your brand.

5. Understand Your Bigger Branding Goals

In addition to fitting your business mission, your logo should work well throughout your branding and marketing materials and across media types. Your logo will need to be placed on business cards, print collateral, your website, social media, potentially to open videos, and used throughout your marketing materials.

Contrary to popular belief, your logo need not be fixed in stone though. It should fit your business branding goals today and work well for the near future. But, as your company grows, so to will your brand, and your logo can grow and evolve along with you.

Starting with a logo design template, gives you an attractive and professional initial design at an affordable price, at around $29-$35. It also allows you to pick a pre-designed logo that fits your company well.

However if you have the budget to get a completely custom logo design, then look through the creative folios of one of our hand-picked logo designers on Envato Studio. They have great customer reviews and can design a logo that fits your business. 

Logo Design Packages on Envato Studio
Logo Design Packages on Envato Studio

Prices for express logo design services range from $55 to $150 packages and there are additional price packages for those businesses that need a more comprehensive branding process.

Branding Begins With a Creative Logo Design!

Every company needs a quality logo design to stand out in a crowded and difficult to compete in marketplace. A creative logo design fits the purpose and character of your company, while driving the core of your visual branding materials.

It’s important to have the best creative branding that fits your business. In addition to the innovative designs above, browse through our best-selling logo template designs to find just the right one, or check out our archive of thousands of logo templates for a variety of styles.

Also, don’t forget that a logo design is just the starting point to branding your business. We also have a number of business cards, stationery designs, and website templates you can work with as well.

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