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33 Best Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates (2021 Newsletter Designs)


Building your email list is one of the most important tasks that can transform your business. That’s where Mailchimp email templates and newsletter templates come in handy. 

Kant Mailchimp Email TemplateKant Mailchimp Email TemplateKant Mailchimp Email Template
KANT - premium Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates (for 2021)

Once you've got subscribers, it’s even more important to email them often. In time, you'll cultivate the relationship and establish trust.

A professional Mailchimp email template such as those found on Envato Elements or ThemeForest will save you time. With a template you don’t have to start from scratch to create a new campaign or email newsletter. The right Mailchimp email design ensures consistency on every send.

On top of that, they're easy to customize and are built with responsive best email designs for 2021. Your emails will look great on both desktop and mobile email clients. You'll see Mailchimp responsive templates that adapt to every device.

Beautiful Mailchimp Email Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find beautiful, responsive and best Mailchimp templates on Envato Elements. It offers hundreds of the best Mailchimp example designs for 2021 for a low monthly subscription. You'll unlock unlimited Mailchimp responsive templates for a flat rate.

Don't fall for free Mailchimp templates. Each of these best Mailchimp templates can be customized to your liking. They've been carefully designed to look great on every device. 

Email Markerting Templates Mailchimp Ideas from Envato ElementsEmail Markerting Templates Mailchimp Ideas from Envato ElementsEmail Markerting Templates Mailchimp Ideas from Envato Elements
Email Marketing Templates, Mailchimp Examples, premium options from Envato Elements.

10 Best Premium Mailchimp Newsletters and Email Templates From Envato Elements (2021)

Here are some premium Mailchimp example templates from Envato Elements. Each of these Mailchimp email templates has a unique and professional design. They include every element you might need to make your email campaigns stand out in the inbox:

1. Avalan - Elegant and Responsive Mailchimp Newsletter Template

Avalan Mailchimp templatetAvalan Mailchimp templatetAvalan Mailchimp templatet

Try the Avalan Mailchimp newsletter template if you’re looking for the best Mailchimp designs. Free Mailchimp templates can't compare. The Mailchimp responsive template uses StampReady builder. That means you can tweak every part of this Mailchimp newsletter template designs. Then, test it, and save it for future use. 

Avalan Mailchimp newsletter template is also compatible with Campaign Monitor. The Avalan template has been tested and optimized to look and work great every device. That includes all major desktop, Android, and iOS email clients. 

2. Shop - Mailchimp Responsive Templates for E-Commerce Businesses

Shop Mailchimp templateShop Mailchimp templateShop Mailchimp template

Consider the Shop template if you need the best Mailchimp newsletter template geared for online stores. The template is easy to edit. Drag, drop, and clone different modules to speed up the design process. It shows the power of using Mailchimp newsletter templates for rapid design.

Use the preview mode to see how your email will look on both desktop and mobile. Then export it to your computer so you can use it with your Mailchimp account. This premium template is far superior to the free Mailchimp templates you'll see.

3. Atellar - Multipurpose Responsive Mailchimp Newsletter Template

Atellar  Atellar  Atellar

Atellar includes the best Mailchimp responsive templates that feature a clean look that's one of the best email designs for 2021. Use it no matter what type of campaign you need to send. Promote your recent posts with a featured image and a brief teaser of your article. Also, add calls to action that link to your sales pages. 

Use the StampReady builder to tweak the modules and the design. Then download the template to use it with Mailchimp or save it for future use in the builder. Go premium, and don't take the risk with Mailchimp newsletter templates free downloads. Premium Mailchimp email designs like Atellar really set the standard.

4. Emailo - Simple and Responsive Mailchimp Template Designs


The Emailo best Mailchimp newsletters template looks simple and clean. But it also packs a powerful set of options under the hood. Free responsive email templates 2021 can't match up to a premium Mailchimp email design like this.  Key features include:

  • Mailchimp responsive templates 
  • also compatible with CastelLab Builder and CampaignMonitor
  • unlimited variations
  • unlimited drag-and-drop modular interface
  • save your template to your desktop and edit later
  • preview mode
  • works on every major email client
  • litmus tested

5. Kepler - Powerful Mailchimp Template Designs

Kepler  email templateKepler  email templateKepler  email template

The best email templates feature responsive and beautiful Mailchimp templates designs. Features of this Mailchimp responsive template include:

  • a drag-and-drop interface
  • unlimited colors and fonts
  • and dozens of different modules  

Before you export the template, you can send a test campaign and preview the finished design using the builder’s interface. It's the fastest way to customize a Mailchimp responsive template.

6. Sentinel - Responsive Mailchimp Template Designs

Sentinel email templateSentinel email templateSentinel email template

Choose the Sentinel template if you like clean Mailchimp newsletter designs. These best email templates can be customized thanks to the StampReady drag-and-drop builder. Use it as a Mailchimp email design or an HTML template. 

You can preview and export the Mailchimp email design. It's a Mailchimp responsive template that will re-shape itself based on the device. Rest assured, it'll work great with all major email clients.

7. Idea Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

Idea - Mailchimp Email DesignIdea - Mailchimp Email DesignIdea - Mailchimp Email Design

Idea, one of the best Mailchimp designs templates, includes features for extra visual appeal. Free Mailchimp templates simply don't have all the design extras that this one does. It works on every major email client. Notable features include:

  • responsive
  • duplicate and delete modules
  • clean design and comment code
  • tested with Litmus
  • customizable
  • well documented

8. Blade - Easy to Use Responsive HTML Email Template

Blade responsive email templateBlade responsive email templateBlade responsive email template

The Blade Mailchimp responsive template is easy to use. Compared to many Mailchimp newsletter templates free downloads, you won't lack the features you need with The Blade. These best email templates stand out thanks to custom modules.

Its features makes it a great choice if you want to encourage subscribers to take action.

9. Accel - Professional Mailchimp Responsive Templates


The Accel Mailchimp inspiration template is perfect for a professional and polished feel. Aside from being responsive, it’s 100% customizable. The drag-and-drop interface allows you not only to add or remove various modules, but also to tweak colors, fonts, and more. 

These premium best Mailchimp templates work with all major email clients. That includes responsive designs that adapt to desktop, iOS, and Android devices. It even includes a PSD file for those who have more experience with design.

10. Space - Corporate Mailchimp Themes

Space responsive email templateSpace responsive email templateSpace responsive email template

If you’re looking for Mailchimp themes with a corporate feel, look no further than Space. These customizable best Mailchimp templates let you rearrange the elements to your liking. 

Customize the style and export the finished design to your desktop. You can also save your progress at any time and continue working on it later, straight from the desktop.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low priceEnvato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low priceEnvato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, Mailchimp responsive email templates 2021, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assetsGet unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assetsGet unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional Mailchimp inspiration templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs. Every item has an easy to understand license and guaranteed professional quality.

Don't be tempted by free Mailchimp templates you find online. The best Mailchimp email designs are often found in premium packages like those found on Envato Elements or ThemeForest.

Envato Elements is a powerful option, but let's say you prefer to buy unique responsive email template for Mailchimp one at a time. Instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of the best email designs for 2021, check out the selection from our ThemeForest marketplace below.

Beautiful Mailchimp Templates from ThemeForest in 2021 (Buy One at a Time)

You can also find your responsive email template for Mailchimp on ThemeForest. These Mailchimp layouts templates are perfect if you want to buy a single template for a one-off campaign. You’ll find thousands of Mailchimp newsletter templates for your email campaigns.

Here are the best Mailchimp responsive email templates 2021 from ThemeForest. They'll help you take your Mailchimp email design to the next level in 2021.

Popular email templates from ThemeForestPopular email templates from ThemeForestPopular email templates from ThemeForest
Popular Mailchimp Email Templates (premium) from ThemeForest

25 Best Responsive Mailchimp Templates (Email Design Mailchimp Inspiration for 2021)

Free Mailchimp templates are tempting. But the best premium email templates featured in this roundup are a better choice. Whether you’re emailing your list to share the latest products, promotions, or simply a collection of your most popular blog posts:

1. Switch - Best Mailchimp Newsletters Template

Switch email templateSwitch email templateSwitch email template

The Switch template has responsive Mailchimp newsletter designs that are easy to customize. Add and replace different elements, tweak the style settings, and save the template for future use. 

What’s more, this Mailchimp layouts uses advanced lossy compression that reduces image file size by 70%. The Switch template is also compatible with Mailster, a popular WordPress plugin for email newsletters. This template has many awesome features that free responsive email templates 2021 may lack.   

2. Repo Mail - Modern Mailchimp Responsive Email Template

Repo MailRepo MailRepo Mail

The Repo Mail template includes many Mailchimp layouts. They're perfect for newsletters, product promotions, and marketing campaigns. Thanks to Gifky Layout Builder, you can even create custom Mailchimp layouts and color schemes. Notable features of this Mailchimp email design include:

  • responsive clean design
  • plenty of customization options
  • easy to use
  • compatible with all major email clients
  • export directly to your Mailchimp account
  • 88 Responsive HTML email templates included
  • retina ready layout icons

3. Carol - Feature Rich Mailchimp Template With Responsive Design

Carol Mailchimp templateCarol Mailchimp templateCarol Mailchimp template

The Carol Mailchimp template comes with a responsive design and over 100 modules ready to be used in your campaigns. Incorporate your brand thanks to the ability to use unlimited colors. Rearrange the modules to your liking. Preview the finished design on both desktop and mobile devices when you’re done. Customers praise the design features as well as outstanding support:

Beautiful Mailchimp templates design and the support service was always very fast and great for any debug requests. Thank you! 

4. Kara - Creative Responsive HTML Email Template

Kara templateKara templateKara template

Try the Kara template if you need Mailchimp newsletter templates to upgrade from free Mailchimp templates. The template is responsive. It allows you to add background images that are supported in Outlook. The template comes with a drag-and-drop editor, unlimited colors, and is compatible with all major clients. Customers rave about the design and features of this template:

Very well designed, commented, and documented. Beautiful Mailchimp templates. 

5. Notification App - Conversion-Focused Mailchimp Template

Notification AppNotification AppNotification App

The Notification App is a perfect choice for online store owners or app developers who want to improve their conversion rates. 

The template includes pre-made designs for welcome emails, order confirmations, invoices, and more. It’s also responsive and has plenty of customization options to choose from. Features that lack in many free responsive email templates 2021 out there.

6. Kinetic - Interactive Mailchimp Email Template

Kinetic email  templateKinetic email  templateKinetic email  template

Definitely check out the Kinetic template if you want your emails to stand out or an upgrade after using free Mailchimp templates. On top of being responsive, you can add modules such as carousels, progress bars, videos, and more. The template is easy to customize with a drag-and-drop interface.

7. Notify3 - Notification Mailchimp Email Template


Consider the Notify3 template if you want the ability to choose from pre-designed templates. This saves you from adding modules yourself, so all you've got to do is replace the dummy content with your own. But you can still take advantage of the drag-and-drop builder to add, clone, or remove various modules.

8. Kappa - Responsive Mailchimp Template Designs With Builder Included


The Kappa template offers gorgeous premium design as well as 12 pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop builder that’s easy to use. These premium designs will set you apart from competitors who use free Mailchimp templates. Features include:

  • draggable elements
  • draggable modular blocks
  • color picker
  • Google Fonts
  • background image and color styles
  • export to Mailchimp
  • saved templates
  • responsive preview
  • send test email

9. Halox - Bold Responsive Email Template for Mailchimp


The Halox template makes it easy to export your finished template straight into Mailchimp. It supports Google Fonts. So, you can style your typography and change any of the element’s colors, and more. 

The email passed the Litmus test. That means it’s proven to work with all major email clients.

10. Salut - Professional Agency Email Newsletter Template

Salut - Best Mailchimp DesignsSalut - Best Mailchimp DesignsSalut - Best Mailchimp Designs

Reach more customers on any device. Salut is tested and compatible with not only Mailchimp, but also Campaign Monitor, StampReady and Mailster Plugin. Customize the template to fit your company identity and your own vision. 

Fast support is something that many Mailchimp newsletter templates for free download don't have. So, using a premium template like Salut gives you this huge benefit. 

11. Notifier - Responsive Email Set 

Notifier - Responsive Email SetNotifier - Responsive Email SetNotifier - Responsive Email Set

This premium best Mailchimp designs set comes with +10 templates and +110 unique modules. Use this online template builder with unlimited variations and modules. Create Mailchimp themes for your brand or company. Save your created template to the dashboard and edit later.

12. Paxos - Responsive Email Template Mailchimp

Paxos - Responsive Email Template MailchimpPaxos - Responsive Email Template MailchimpPaxos - Responsive Email Template Mailchimp

A travel and agency themed responsive email template for Mailchimp. It comes with nine simple and clean layouts to pick from. It's compatible with other email services like Mailster, Campaign Monitor, StampReady and more. Create a clear, modern and professional email template for your brand and reach your customers across a wide range of devices.    

13. Sartre - Responsive Email Toolkit

Sartre - Responsive Email ToolkitSartre - Responsive Email ToolkitSartre - Responsive Email Toolkit

Sartre comes with 15 ready-to-use-layouts and 120+ modules that can be used for your next email newsletter. Get loads of Mailchimp ideas with all these layouts. Ever wanted to create a Mailchimp newsletter email that mirrors your website and brand? Well, now you can. This template based on the original WordPress theme. Sartre is built with Acorn Email Framework and is stacked with loads of features. You can also contact the Author for any pre-sales questions.

14. Hixel - Responsive Email Template for Agency

Hixel - Responsive Email Template for AgencyHixel - Responsive Email Template for AgencyHixel - Responsive Email Template for Agency

Hixel has friendliness in mind. This responsive Mailchimp template gives you control over your designs. Easy to use drag and drop modules allowing you to get creative with the look and feel of the emails. Featuring over 12+ complete email newsletter packs along with notification emails. Hixel is perfect if you need to connect with your subscribers and make more sales.

15. Blacksales - Best Email Templates for Promotions

Blacksales - Best Email Templates for PromotionsBlacksales - Best Email Templates for PromotionsBlacksales - Best Email Templates for Promotions

Blacksales is one of the best promotional responsive Mailchimp templates out there. It comes with over 40 different modules that vary in design. It's a must have if your company sends out promotional emails often. Even though it’s a Black Friday themed, it'll work for any type of sale or promotion. 

16. Enhance - Mailchimp Inspiration for SEO and Digital Agency 

Enhance - Mailchimp Inspiration for SEO and Digital Agency Enhance - Mailchimp Inspiration for SEO and Digital Agency Enhance - Mailchimp Inspiration for SEO and Digital Agency

Enhance comes with over nine of the best email templates. It's also compatible with StampReady Builder and many major email marketing platforms. 

This Mailchimp responsive template helps you create best Mailchimp newsletters. It's a great investment for those who want to connect with the subscribers and make more sales.

17. Glacier - Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates

Glacier - Mailchimp Responsive Email TemplatesGlacier - Mailchimp Responsive Email TemplatesGlacier - Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates

Looking for top Mailchimp newsletter templates? Glacier is one of the best responsive Mailchimp email templates out there. It comes stacked with features like:

  • full responsive email template
  • compatible with most modern browsers
  • clean design
  • 7 emails
  • 60 modules
  • email builder 2.1
  • quality layered PSD
  • Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor compatible 
  • commented HTML code
  • modular layout
  • well documented
  • free support & videos to help you build your emails

18. Stella - Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates

Stella - Mailchimp Responsive Email TemplatesStella - Mailchimp Responsive Email TemplatesStella - Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates

Stella has 30 unique modules used to build responsive Mailchimp email templates. This Drag and Drop email builder gives you full control over your email creation. It also allows you to save your edits and continue later. Once you're done, export to HTML, Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. The features and quality of Stella are incredible, and tough to find in free Mailchimp templates.

19. Real Estate - Mailchimp Themes

Real Estate - Mailchimp ThemesReal Estate - Mailchimp ThemesReal Estate - Mailchimp Themes

Do you need to create a monthly newsletter promoting your listings so your clients are well informed? This Real Estate is the best premium Mailchimp email design themed template for you. Create professional newsletters in no time with Mailchimp email templates like this.

20. Sky Mail - Multipurpose Mailchimp Newsletter Template

Sky Mail - Multipurpose MailChimp Newsletter TemplateSky Mail - Multipurpose MailChimp Newsletter TemplateSky Mail - Multipurpose MailChimp Newsletter Template

If you're new to using Mailchimp email templates, this is an example of a good template to start with. It includes full documentation with video instructions. Sky Mail also comes with over 50 modules, giving you enough creative options. Don't fall for free Mailchimp templates and try this one instead.

21. Travel - Mailchimp Themes

Travel - Mailchimp ThemesTravel - Mailchimp ThemesTravel - Mailchimp Themes

Travel is a perfect email template if you need of travel-themed Mailchimp email templates. It comes with 25 unique modules, giving you enough options to create your best promotional or newsletter email. 

22. WOHOO - Best Email Design Notifications Template

WOHOO - Best Email Design Notifications TemplateWOHOO - Best Email Design Notifications TemplateWOHOO - Best Email Design Notifications Template

WOHOO is a multipurpose email template. It features 15 unique notification modules with creative and responsive designs. This looks great on any screen size and give you endless customization possibilities. Loads of email notification Mailchimp ideas in this template.

23. Hotel Booking - Mailchimp Themes

Hotel Booking - Mailchimp ThemesHotel Booking - Mailchimp ThemesHotel Booking - Mailchimp Themes

Hotel Booking is a responsive email template designed for the hospitality industry. It comes with over 20 modules, help document and good post-sales support. A great Mailchimp responsive option to get your hands on.

How to Quickly Customize Mailchimp Email Templates (In 2021)

Once you’ve found your favorite Mailchimp templates, it’s time to customize them. By using a Mailchimp email design you’ll impress readers with a stylish message every time. Let’s customize a set of Mailchimp newsletter templates in just five steps.

For this quick tutorial, we’ll use the premium Emailo - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template from Envato Elements.

Emailo Mailchimp templatesEmailo Mailchimp templatesEmailo Mailchimp templates
Emailo is a premium Mailchimp responsive template from Envato Elements.

Emailo is versatile, flexible, and a top 2021 choice for Mailchimp email templates. Let's walk through using a Mailchimp email design to compose a slick and effective email for your audience:

1. Upload Your Template

You’ve downloaded your Mailchimp email templates. Now, it’s time to upload them into Mailchimp itself. Begin by going to the Campaigns menu and find the Email Templates section.

Mailchimp email templatesMailchimp email templatesMailchimp email templates
Start to upload your premium Mailchimp newsletter templates in the Email Templates section.

Select Create Template, and then Code Your Own > Import HTML. You’re looking for an HTML file that's inside your downloaded Mailchimp templates file. Name it, then click Upload to bring the Mailchimp responsive template into the app.

2. Edit Text

A Mailchimp responsive template like this makes it easy to add custom text. Once you’ve finished uploading your Mailchimp newsletter templates, click on Edit Design. You’ll see text boxes appear on-screen. Each of these is customizable. 

Mailchimp newsletter templatesMailchimp newsletter templatesMailchimp newsletter templates
A premium Mailchimp responsive template like this one includes easy-to-fill text placeholders.

To do that, hover over a text box and choose Edit. On the right side, in the Editable Region sidebar, replace the existing text with words of your own. Repeat throughout the template to fill in your Mailchimp email design.

3. Change Colors

Free Mailchimp templates tend to have basic layouts. But premium templates like Emailo give you far more options. For example, you can change the colors of text inside the Mailchimp templates!

Colorful Mailchimp newsletter templatesColorful Mailchimp newsletter templatesColorful Mailchimp newsletter templates
Free Mailchimp templates don't make it as easy to change color palettes and schemes as this premium Mailchimp email design.

Start by clicking on a text box to select it. On the Editable Region sidebar, select your text and choose Text Color.  You’ll see a color chooser appear. From it, you can select your favorite color, or even insert your own with a hex code.

4. Add Images

Image placeholders are a useful feature not usually found with free Mailchimp templates. They let you import and scale photos in a flash. Before you begin, upload images to the My Files section of Mailchimp. This is an image library that you can use again and again.

Mailchimp email designMailchimp email designMailchimp email design
Use Envato Elements stock library to really make your premium Mailchimp templates shine.

Then, click into any of the placeholders you see on the Mailchimp responsive template. Choose Edit, then Replace. Browse to your image and insert it. You’ll see it appear on your Mailchimp email design, sized and scaled perfectly.

Need images to use in your Mailchimp email templates? Turn to Envato Elements once again. As a subscriber, you've got unlimited access to millions of stock photos. Use the Envato Elements stock library at no extra cost to make your Mailchimp newsletter templates shine.

5. Preview the Mailchimp Email Design

It’s always a good idea to preview your finished template before sending it out. This ensures everything is arranged correctly.

In the upper right corner of the screen, click Preview and Test. Here, you’ll see options to Enter Preview Mode or Send a Test Email. The first shows a browser-based preview of your finished Mailchimp responsive template. The second actually sends the Mailchimp templates design to your inbox.

Mailchimp responsive templateMailchimp responsive templateMailchimp responsive template
Preview your premium Mailchimp newsletter templates before pressing send.

With Mailchimp newsletter templates from Envato Elements you save precious time. Plus, readers love amazing Mailchimp templates that connect with them.

5 Quick Tips (Helpful Mailchimp Ideas) to Boost Your Email Engagement Rate in 2021

When it comes to your email list, the most important metric is the engagement rate. It’s measured by taking into the account your open and click-through rate. 

Boost your email engagement rate in 2021Boost your email engagement rate in 2021Boost your email engagement rate in 2021
Boost your email engagement rate in 2021. (Graphic source)

Naturally, the more subscribers you've got, the lower your engagement rate will be. But there are a few ways to help you get better open and click-through rates. Let's jump into these helpful email Mailchimp ideas that you can put in place fast: 

1. Be Personal in Your Emails

Almost every email provider allows you to insert personalization tags in your email campaigns. This means that every contact who provided their first name will get an email that greets them personally. 

An extra touch like this goes to show you’re trying to form a relationship and makes your subscribers feel like you’re writing the email just for them.

Take it a step further and make sure your campaigns come from a real person rather a generic email address like marketing@yourcompany.com.

2. Write an Interesting Subject Line

Email campaigns with subject lines such as “Company News/Updates/Latest Post” aren’t going to get you far. Instead, make sure your subject line needs to trigger their curiosity and get them to open the email. Use a clear language, keep it simple, but don’t forget to include action-oriented language and show them the value of the opening the email.  

Blade Mailchimp TemplateBlade Mailchimp TemplateBlade Mailchimp Template
The Blade Template, a premium Mailchimp email design, works with all major email clients.

3. Include a Call to Action

If you want your subscribers to click through to your site, then you need to include a call to action (CTA). In order for it to be effective, use one CTA per email and make sure it's visible. Remember that most people skim emails. So, make sure your CTA doesn’t get lost in the rest of the email content.

4. Add Alt Tags for Images and Buttons

Considering that some email clients block images, you’ll want to add alt tags to any image or button that you add to your email. Without the alt tags, your subscribers can miss them and that could cost you a sale.

Space Mailchimp Email DesignSpace Mailchimp Email DesignSpace Mailchimp Email Design
The Premium Space Email Template has a professional feel.

5. Abide by the CAN-SPAM Rules

Finally, the most important piece of advice is to abide by the CAN-SPAM rules. This ensures your email campaigns aren’t automatically sent to the spam or junk folder. Some of the various rules mean you need to include easy way to opt out and use clear language in the fields.

5 Top Mailchimp Email Newsletter Trends for 2021

What works and what doesn't change all the time in the email marketing world. Make sure you know the latest trends so your email newsletters can stand out. 

Don't worry, we've done some of that work for you. Here are five trends you should know for Mailchimp email templates in 2021:

1. Use Videos

Whether people on your email list do it for information or entertainment, it's almost guaranteed they stream videos online. That's why adding videos to your newsletters is a huge trend this year. Find a Mailchimp template that lets you embed videos for an easy marketing win in 2021.

Base Responsive Email Template VideoBase Responsive Email Template VideoBase Responsive Email Template Video
Base is a premium email newsletter template that lets you embed video. 

2. Eye-Catching Typography

Font choice sets the tone for the content in your email newsletter. Be careful with this trend! Not every font is compatible with every email client. Envato Elements offers a variety of font choices

But if you're having trouble finding a fond that's compatible, try Google Fonts. They're web-based and increase compatibility.

3. Added Interactivity

News is usually one-way communication. Someone talks, someone else listens. That's why the trend that's upsetting the status quo in 2021 is making Mailchimp email templates interactive. Make clickable call to actions and images make your readers feel engaged.

EventPro Mailchimp Ideas InteractiveEventPro Mailchimp Ideas InteractiveEventPro Mailchimp Ideas Interactive
The premium EventPro Mailchimp email template lets your audience interact with content.

4. Design For Dark Mode

Dark mode has been riding a wave of popularity in recent years. A lot of mobile apps are making dark mode an option. Some email clients are following suit. Keep up with this design trend by making a Mailchimp email design that works for light and dark mode. 

5. Keep it Neat

Minimal design has been trending for a few years, but it's worth repeating. An organized layout goes a long way. Keep your Mailchimp email templates looking their best with clear subheadings, white space, and media to break up blocks of text.

Limice Mailchimp InspirationLimice Mailchimp InspirationLimice Mailchimp Inspiration
Limice, a premium template, has a stunning design that's minimal and modern.

More Stunning Mailchimp Email Templates for You

Is 33 not enough Mailchimp theme options for you? Envato Tuts+ has your back. We've rounded up another few dozen Mailchimp email templates that you can use for your 2021 campaign:

Where to Find the Best Mailchimp Example Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs ThemeForest)

Both Envato Elements and ThemeForest have popular Mailchimp campaign examples with high-quality designs. They lead the pack in 2021. 

But should you use ThemeForest or Envato Elements for Mailchimp email templates? And what are the key benefits of each?

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service. It gives you unlimited creative template downloads for a single monthly fee. That’s a powerful offer. 

Download as many Mailchimp campaign example templates as you need. You'll get: web templates, fonts, add-ons, and graphic assets. There are loads of quality Mailchimp campaign example templates available on Envato Elements:

Best MailChimp newsletter example templates on Envato Elements 2021Best MailChimp newsletter example templates on Envato Elements 2021Best MailChimp newsletter example templates on Envato Elements 2021
Best Mailchimp newsletter example templates (premium) on Envato Elements (2021)

2. Key Benefits of ThemeForest (& Envato Market)

ThemeForest is the leading digital marketplace for purchasing single-use graphics and visual assets. It’s part of the Envato Market suite of online marketplaces for many creative digital asset needs. Download and pay for each template as you need it without any continuing commitment.

When you need a Mailchimp campaign example template head over to ThemeForest to buy and download your files. Here are the best Mailchimp newsletter example templates that are trending on ThemeForest:

Best Mailchimp newsletter example templates on GraphicRiver 2021Best Mailchimp newsletter example templates on GraphicRiver 2021Best Mailchimp newsletter example templates on GraphicRiver 2021
Best Mailchimp newsletter example templates (premium) for purchase on ThemeForest (2021) 

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

If you’re a digital marketer with many projects, or a graphic or web designer with many clients, then Envato Elements offers a great bang for your money. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements - Design without limitsEnvato Elements - Design without limitsEnvato Elements - Design without limits
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

Or if you need a Mailchimp newsletter example template to download right now, then head over to ThemeForest to find what you need.

Common Email Marketing Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you're starting to work with email marketing tools, it's normal to have some doubts. Let's talk about some of the frequently asked questions about this topic.

1. What Is Marketing Automation?

Let's begin with the basics. Email marketing is one form of marketing automation. This means the use of apps, software and tools to replace manual marketing tasks with automated processes. 

Marketing automation has made some tasks easier. But it doesn't mean you forget personalization.  Read more about this key part here:

2. What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has plenty of benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Save time by automating repetitive manual tasks.
  2. Personalize messages to make your audience respond to them. This increases the ROI on marketing.
  3. Increase sales by having better targeting and better leads.
  4. Increase brand awareness by automatically sharing your fresh content,

3. Why Should I Use Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a great tool because it's easy to use. It provides clear steps and a simple interface. But the best thing about it?

Its free plan allows you to manage 2,000 contact and send up to 10,000 emails per month. That's a great plan for starting businesses. 

Read more about it here:

4. How Do I Choose an Email Newsletter Template?

Mailchimp newsletter templates are a great way to save even more time. Wondering how to choose the best? Here's what you should look out for:

  • A responsive email template. It automatically resizes to any screen size.
  • An easy to customize template. It will be easier to include your brand colors and personality. 

5. What Do I Need to Customize a Newsletter With Mailchimp?

You'll need four things to quickly customize your newsletter:

  1. your business logo
  2. high-quality, attractive images
  3. newsletter content planned in advance
  4. a call to action (CTA) 

A call to action is what you want your subscribers to do. For example, you want them to visit your website, click for coupons, take a survey, etc. 

Learn More About Email Marketing and Mailchimp

I hope you've liked the premium Mailchimp responsive templates and the Mailchimp email design tips and trends. Now, if you'd like to learn more about email marketing, check these helpful resources:

Spice Up Your Email Campaigns in 2021 With Pro Mailchimp Templates

Premade Mailchimp email templates are the best way to save time and maintain a consistent look and feel for all your email campaigns. 

Thanks to the drag-and-drop builders that many of these Mailchimp templates use, they're easy to customize. You can even preview them and save them for later use. 

Browse through our professional Mailchimp template collection on Envato Elements. Or head over to ThemeForest to see even more great email templates with stylish designs. Use them to spice up your 2021 email campaigns.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Barni Rajah, Nathan Umoh, Maria Villanueva, and Andrew Childress. Nathan and Maria are staff writers with Envato Tuts+. Barni and Andrew are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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