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The Best PowerPoint Templates of 2023 (Amazing PPT Presentation Slide Designs)

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This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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Do you need to give a big presentation at work, school, or another group?

Thanks to PowerPoint, you can build amazing PowerPoint presentations that'll give you confidence. Many people describe themselves as "visual learners." The best PowerPoint presentations support that.

Socran Example SlideSocran Example SlideSocran Example Slide
Beautiful slide designs like Socran make it easy to design your best PowerPoint presentation ever! 

In this tutorial, we're going to look at a sampling of the best PowerPoint 2023 templates. You'll learn that a fresh PowerPoint template design can save you hours and hours of design work. We'll also share some of our best PowerPoint presentation examples (PPT). And you'll finish with the best PowerPoint presentation you've built!

The Best PPTs on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

I'll let you in on a secret. The best PowerPoint presentations you may have seen likely weren't built from scratch. Talented presenters use templates to save hours of design work and re-focus their efforts on the content.

Explore the Best Presentation Slides in PPT

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements features some of the best PowerPoint 2023 templates that you can use to fast forward the process of building a presentation.

That's why I consistently recommend Envato Elements. It's an all-you-can-download creative subscription. It includes thousands of the best PowerPoint presentation templates you can use for a head start in the design process.

I've given many presentations to audiences ranging from creative professionals to corporate executives. Time and time again, I use fresh PowerPoint 2023 templates to design good PowerPoint presentations.

30 Best PowerPoint Template Designs From Envato Elements for 2023

The best presentation uses PowerPoint templates like the ones from Envato Elements. Let's look at some of the best 2023 PowerPoint templates with these top-notch choices:

1. Design Agency PowerPoint Templates

Slide through the gallery to see the best PPT templates for project presentations.

Even creatives can become time-stretched when building a presentation. This Design Agency template can help your design-centric job develop one of the best PowerPoint slide presentations thanks to the beautiful slides. You'll make award-winning PowerPoint presentations with this template. Open it up, add your details, and share with an audience! Start working right away with one of the best PowerPoint designs for creatives. 

2. Iruka - PowerPoint Template

Iruka Template Envato ElementsIruka Template Envato ElementsIruka Template Envato Elements

Bold and punchy slides make this one of my favorite PowerPoint 2023 templates. With custom image placeholders and shapes, it's easy to build minimalist PowerPoint designs. When you download Iruka from Envato Elements, you'll find five different color schemes. Use them to build up your PowerPoint presentation with variety.

3. Socran - PowerPoint Template

Socran PowerPoint TemplateSocran PowerPoint TemplateSocran PowerPoint Template

With more than 80 slides and five color schemes, the combinations inside of Socran are virtually limitless! This PowerPoint 2023 template has high definition slides that'll look great on any screen size. Best of all, you'll spend less time building your best slide presentation thanks to a drag-and-drop placeholder setup that makes it easy to customize.

4. Blendu - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Blendu Envato ElementsBlendu Envato ElementsBlendu Envato Elements

Blendu is one of the best presentation PowerPoint templates out there. It doesn't try to be low-key or fit in with the crowd. Bright, fluorescent colors inside this template will highlight your creative PPT ideas. It's a flexible design that works for a wide variety of purposes. That makes it one of the best PowerPoint presentations of 2023.

5. Sprint PowerPoint Template

Sprint Best PowerPoint templateSprint Best PowerPoint templateSprint Best PowerPoint template

Contrary to the popular saying, the best designed PowerPoint presentations are sprints, not marathons. Use this template to help you cut to the chase with simple, concise slides that are perfect to show your ideas. Minimal but bold slides are the key to good PowerPoint presentations that capture and hold your audience's attention.

6. Best PPT Template for Minimal Presentations

Minimal PowerPoint templatesMinimal PowerPoint templatesMinimal PowerPoint templates

This is one of the best PowerPoint presentation examples. The included file is easily customizable so you can make your own excellent PowerPoint presentation. With many minimal and unique slides, you'll create the best PPT presentation. 

7. Naulish - Best PowerPoint Template for Copywriters

Naulish PowerPoint TemplateNaulish PowerPoint TemplateNaulish PowerPoint Template

Work with one of the best PowerPoint templates for copywriters or freelancers. Its clean and simple design will make your content easy to read and understand. You'll definitely keep your readers engaged with Naulish, top PowerPoint templates that are fun to use. 

  • best PPT with 30 slides
  • fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • free fonts included 

8. Texsi: Cool PPT Format for Presentations

Texsi PPT TemplateTexsi PPT TemplateTexsi PPT Template

This colorful presentation template has a very modern look. Each slide makes an excellent use of color and uses the current design trends in your favor.

It can be applied to a wide variety of topics, like startup businesses, healthcare and medicine, social media, and more. Download Texsi, one of the best PPT templates to elevate your content. 

9. Best PPT Design for Zero Waste Presentations

Sokatu One of the Best PowerPoint SlidesSokatu One of the Best PowerPoint SlidesSokatu One of the Best PowerPoint Slides

If you want the best PPT presentations, try this PPT download. The options are practically endless. The modern and colorful design reflects creativity. Yet it's tasteful. Making this one of the best PowerPoint templates to use for your next presentation. This is probably one of the best PPTs to talk about zero waste and sustainability contents. 

10. Eleanor - Best PowerPoint Designs for Business

Eleanor Business PPT TemplateEleanor Business PPT TemplateEleanor Business PPT Template

Build your best PowerPoint presentations with this design template. The sleek and modern design makes this template the perfect choice for a variety of presentations. It works whether you find yourself in the corporate arena or have a creative portfolio to showcase. Eleanor is one of the best PowerPoint presentations for companies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

11. Proneta - Best PowerPoint Templates for Business Projects

Proneta Business PPTProneta Business PPTProneta Business PPT

Create your best PowerPoint presentations with the sophisticated and professional design. This beautifully designed template is perfect for a range of presentations. Use it for marketing, education, economy or creative slideshows. Proneta is probably our favorite and one of the best slides presentations for businesses.

12. Lodom - Best PPT Presentation With Modern Design

Lodom Modern PPTLodom Modern PPTLodom Modern PPT

Maximizing your value with the best PowerPoint 2023 templates is all about choosing the best PPT designs that could be used for several future presentations. Lodom fits the bill perfectly with its deep deck of slide options. Here's one of the best PowerPoint presentations with top features. 

13. Minimal & Clean PowerPoint Templates

Future Business TemplateFuture Business TemplateFuture Business Template

One flexible PPT template deserves another. When choosing professional PPT templates, choose an option like this one. It features functions that'll help you show your content in a better way. You can use it to build virtually any presentation you've got in mind.

14. Best PPT For Modern Presentations

Mensa Black Elegant TemplateMensa Black Elegant TemplateMensa Black Elegant Template

Are you looking for the best presentation slides with a dark mode? Mensa includes some of the best designs so you can have the best PowerPoint presentation. Use them to provide highly insightful explanations of your work. 

15. Best PPT Presentations for Vertical Content

Cosa Vertical PPT TemplateCosa Vertical PPT TemplateCosa Vertical PPT Template

Cosa is the best PPT template with vertical designs. Normally, people use horizontal designs for PPT. But you should give vertical content a try. People are already used to this type of format due to social media. So, give them something they're familiar with. 

When choosing great PowerPoint slides for 2023, it's crucial that you grab a design that fits with modern trends. Cosa fits the bill perfectly thanks to its incredible designs. 

16. Best PPTs for Business Plans

Cool & Modern Business Plan for PPTCool & Modern Business Plan for PPTCool & Modern Business Plan for PPT

This PPT 2023 template has been refreshed for this year. It features all the modern elements you'd expect from the top templates. Complete with slides for your business, this is a slick template you can use for practically any purpose. You can make award-winning PowerPoint presentations with this template. Download one of the best PPT templates to grow your company.

17. The Best PowerPoint Presentations for Simple Content

Simple Business PresentationSimple Business PresentationSimple Business Presentation

A pitch deck is a special type of presentation that can help you showcase your big idea to potential investors or new hires. The best PPT templates for pitch decks will feature the key slides that you need. That way you can spend less time designing in PowerPoint and more time preparing for your big pitch.

Cuaca is one of the best PPT templates for project presentations and pitches from this list. Give it a try!

18. Dezzein - Top PowerPoint Templates for Portfolios

Colorful Portfolio PPT PresentationColorful Portfolio PPT PresentationColorful Portfolio PPT Presentation

Dezzein stands out as one of the best PPT templates for project presentations and portfolios. thanks to its custom animations. Advanced templates like Dezzein can level up your work in a second! Use a template like this one to show off your presentation:

  • cool design 
  • best PPT templates for project presentations and portfolios
  • easy customization

19. Best Slides Presentation for Business Projects

Project PPTProject PPTProject PPT

Minimal designs take center stage in this best presentation PPT download. It's clear that audiences want simple slides that focus on key facts. That's why  this is one of the best PowerPoint template presentation options in this round-up. Use it to create punchy slides that are sure to draw the audience's attention to your big ideas. 

20. Marigold - Best PowerPoint Presentations for Hotels

Hotel & Resort PPT PresentationHotel & Resort PPT PresentationHotel & Resort PPT Presentation

You've come across one of the best PowerPoint templates in 2023. The template brings professional design elements to users regardless of skill level. Its original design was made for hotel and resort content. But you can use it for many other industries as well. Marigold is one of the best PowerPoint templates for hotels and tourism. 

21. Professional PPT Templates for Business

Project Proposal TemplateProject Proposal TemplateProject Proposal Template

A PPT format that adapts to your business is always good. This project presentation template has a PPT format that works for any type of business. For an imagery-focused presentation, this might just be the best PPT design in this round-up.

22. Conquer - Best Presentation Slides

Multipurpose Template for PPTMultipurpose Template for PPTMultipurpose Template for PPT

Entrepreneurs find themselves giving presentations from time to time. And when they do, it's common that they don't have all the time they'd like to build the best PowerPoint presentation possible. That's why it helps to use an entrepreneur-centric template like this one to bring your next presentation to life! Get everyone's attention with this professional PPT format.

23. Future Plan - Best PowerPoint With Minimal Designs

Minimal PPT SlidesMinimal PPT SlidesMinimal PPT Slides

A trend I keep seeing in the best PowerPoint designs is that more and more of the best presentation PowerPoint templates are pitch decks. That's because more startups than ever are launching thanks to compelling pitches that make use of the top PPT 2023 templates. Get these features when you get Future Plan, one of the best PowerPoint templates for companies:

  • top PowerPoint templates with unique slides
  • easy customization
  • available for Microsoft PowerPoint

24. Great PowerPoint Slides for Designers

PPT For InteriorsPPT For InteriorsPPT For Interiors

Many of the top PowerPoint templates in 2023 are flexible. That means that you can use them for presentations of practically any content. This template fits that bill perfectly thanks to the incredible depth of slide designs that it includes. Get one of the best PPT presentations and start working on your content.

25. Best PPT Template for Creative Portfolios

Architecture PPT PresentationArchitecture PPT PresentationArchitecture PPT Presentation

Semio is sure to find its way into many lists of the top PowerPoint templates for 2023. That's thanks to all the common elements that populate the best presentations, such as:

  • easy customization
  • beautiful designs to tell stories
  • high-quality templates

Get this premium template and start working with the best PPT presentations.

26. Best PPT Templates for Project Presentations & Business

Business Plan PPT PresentationBusiness Plan PPT PresentationBusiness Plan PPT Presentation

Rounding out our selections of the best PowerPoint templates for 2023. This template has many of the same features as other top choices in this round-up. But as always, it also has its unique features that make it worth checking out. Make sure to hit the link above to see the best PPT presentation for businesses. 

27. Best PowerPoint Template for Creative Industries

Fun PPT PresentationFun PPT PresentationFun PPT Presentation

Get one of the best PPT designs. The clean design of this template lets you focus on the data you're presenting without sacrificing design. It's easy to use and customize. This template lets even the PowerPoint novice create their best PowerPoint presentations. Work with one of the best PPT designs from this list.

28. Best PowerPoint Template with Geometric Design

Geometric Style PPT TemplatesGeometric Style PPT TemplatesGeometric Style PPT Templates

What do the best PowerPoint designs look like? These have great color palettes, design, are eye-catching, and have simple layouts to add information. Geometric has all these points. Go ahead and download one of the best PowerPoint designs.

29. Modern & Minimal PPT Format Presentation

Professional PowerPoint Template for BusinessProfessional PowerPoint Template for BusinessProfessional PowerPoint Template for Business

If you can't decide which of the best PowerPoint templates to choose, go for this one. Simplika, besides having one of the best PowerPoint designs, is simple to use and easy to edit. 

30. Lazatto - Best PPT Design for Presentations

Lazatto PPT TemplateLazatto PPT TemplateLazatto PPT Template

Lazatto is our final template and the best PPT presentation for starters. This simple theme transports your audience into an engaging presentation. Customize this PowerPoint easily by adding the information about your company or brand. 

5 Quick Design Ideas to Create the Best PPT Presentations

Remember that when presenting, you're the presentation. The slide deck that supports it's really just that—backing support to what you've got to say. But a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation is the perfect visual aid you need to feel confident and drive your message to the audience.

Using pre-built PowerPoint templates is also one of the best ways to save time in your design process. But there are also "tricks of the trade" that seasoned presenters use to make an impact on audiences.

Let's check out five of my go-to tips that I use to create the best PPT presentations:

1. Combine Information and Graphics with Infographics

Practically any set of steps can benefit from being shown in an infographic. That's why we use infographics, or visual representations of information.

The best PowerPoint templates in 2023 give you that type of flexibility. Check out the example below to see infographics in action.

Infographic Example from SocranInfographic Example from SocranInfographic Example from Socran
Use the best PowerPoint templates like Socran to transform basic steps into engaging visuals.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Slide Elements

The tip that I find that improves my presentations the most is to remove extraneous content. Instead of overwhelming an audience with dozens of points, you're much better off to hone in on a few key PPT ideas.

Even if you start with a minimal slide design, you might be surprised by how much eliminating a few elements will improve your slide's visuals. Open your next presentation and spend time thinking about the objects you could live without.

3. Convert Data Tables to Charts & Graphs

Most of the best PowerPoint presentations feature data and statistics. Showing the quantification of your key ideas will appeal to the more math-inclined members of your audience.

But that doesn't mean that you should overwhelm them with data and statistics. As soon as you start to throw in data tables with numbers, consider showcasing it as a chart or graph instead.

Our great ChartOur great ChartOur great Chart
Top PowerPoint templates use chart and graph templates, like this one found in Blendu, to transform simple data into engaging visuals.

4. Share Your Contact Information

Even if you build one of the best PPT 2023 presentations, your audience may not follow-up unless you leave them with the relevant contact details. That's why the last slide of most good PowerPoint presentations should feature some contact information that can help to continue the conversation. List your relevant details for social and email to make sure that the conversation doesn't end with the presentation.

5. Focus on Bold Imagery

The best PowerPoint templates in 2023 include a focus on imagery. That's because it's one of the best design tips to capture your audience's attention. A few well-placed images will balance text-heavy slides beautifully.

This idea of focusing on images is yet another reason to consider a subscription to Envato Elements. You'll get access to image-centric slides like those in Socran. Plus, you'll unlock unlimited use of the stock photography library.

Socran imagerySocran imagerySocran imagery
The best PowerPoint templates use image-heavy slides like those in Socran plus the Elements stock photo library.

How to Quickly Create the Best PowerPoint Presentations (With Templates)

You've just seen the best PowerPoint templates. Now you might be wondering how to create the best PPTs. Remember that templates are simply a starting point. They're the blueprint for the best PowerPoint slide presentations, but you can add your own content.

In this section, let's customize a few of the best PowerPoint slides from Blendu, a PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. 

1. Use Mobile Mockups in Your Professional PPT Templates

Blendu best PowerPoint templates for mockupBlendu best PowerPoint templates for mockupBlendu best PowerPoint templates for mockup

Launching a new app or mobile website? A device mockup is one of the best ways to show your app without staging a photo shoot. Let's use slide 27 to do just that in three steps:

  1. Add an image. On your real device, capture a screenshot of your app in action. Then, transfer it to your computer with PowerPoint. Click on the icon on the device, then browse to the image. That's it!
  2. Update the text. A catchy headline that describes the app's purpose is a must. Type over the placeholder text and tweak the text size to simplify the slide.
  3. Add style. I extended the dotted line below the headline to create more separation. Then, I selected key text to bold for a bit of extra impact.
Best Presentation PowerPoint examplesBest Presentation PowerPoint examplesBest Presentation PowerPoint examples

2. Have a Services Slide in Your Professional PPT Templates

Services Slide in the Best PowerPoint templateServices Slide in the Best PowerPoint templateServices Slide in the Best PowerPoint template

Many of the best PowerPoint slides are flexible for use in multiple scenarios. That rings true with slide eight in Blendu, which we'll use to create a "services" slide that lists key offerings. Customizing it takes just three steps:

  1. Update the headline. The left side of this slide has a punchy headline that can be emphasized even further. By changing the color to black and enlarging it, it certainly takes center stage.
  2. Update the lists. Replace each of the six points with details specific to your purpose. Also, I chose to theme the lists with two distinct colors.
  3. Add list headers. The two distinct lists benefit from headers that group the key points. I deleted the text boxes above the list and added headers for easy reading.

Keep in mind that a slide like this is flexible for many purposes. Imagine using this slide for six steps in a project or six key principles, for example.

Best PowerPoint SlidesBest PowerPoint SlidesBest PowerPoint Slides

3. Add a Three-Dimensional Chart Slide to Your Professional PPT Templates

Blendu Best PPT PresentationBlendu Best PPT PresentationBlendu Best PPT Presentation

Here's another principle for building the best PowerPoint slides. Convert data to eye-catching charts and graphs. Slide 23 is perfect for this purpose with its three-dimensional chart.

To update this slide, we need to adjust the data that feeds the chart. Right-click on the chart and choose Edit Data to adjust it. You'll see a pop-up Excel window that you can use to add your data.

Update data in Embedded ChartUpdate data in Embedded ChartUpdate data in Embedded Chart
Right-click the chart, then choose Edit Data to add your numbers to the graph.

After you adjust data, the changes will take place. The advantage of the three-dimensional chart format is that you can see overlapping graphs. In my example, it helps to show two groups of users (paid and free) on separate, somewhat overlapping charts.

Best PPT for presentation BlenduBest PPT for presentation BlenduBest PPT for presentation Blendu

For even more tips to customize the best PowerPoint presentations, use the guide below:

Find More Great PowerPoint Slides & Presentations

What you've seen in this article is only a sample of the thousands of best PowerPoint templates available online in 2023. You can find the best PowerPoint presentations for every occasion from these posts by the Envato Tuts+ team:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Making an excellent PowerPoint presentation is easier than it seems. With that being said, it's alright if you've got questions. We want to put your mind at ease by answering some common PowerPoint questions:

1. How Many Words Should I Have on My Slide?

Keep your PowerPoint slides short and to the point. Many presentation experts suggest using less than 40 words per slide.

Use images in the space you save. We've got a great guide on how to add photos to make the best PPTs:

2. Should I Include Animations in My Presentation?

Animations elevate an okay presentation to the best PowerPoint presentations. There are great animations already included in PowerPoint, and it's easy to learn how to use them:

3. How Can I Use My Presenter Notes While Presenting?

This is only an option if you've got a second monitor. According to Microsoft, this requires set up before you present. Once you've got a second monitor and PowerPoint open:

  1. Select the Slide Show tab, then click Set Up Slide Show in the Set Up group.
  2. In the now open Set Up Show dialog box, configure your presentation settings. The Automatic option uses your main display to show your speaker notes. Click OK.
  3. When you're ready, click From the Beginning under the Slide Show tab to start presenting.

4. How Can My Presentation Stand Out?

PowerPoint is a surprisingly deep program. There's a lot you can do within PowerPoint to engage an audience, like adding narration. This tutorial will teach you how to add a voice over to your presentation:

5. Can I Still Use These Templates If I Don't Have PowerPoint?

If you've got a Mac computer, you can use Apple Keynote software to open these great PowerPoint presentations. Google Slides can also open these files, as well as free office suites like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. 

Just make sure the template you choose is compatible with other programs. Here's an easy guide for using PowerPoint files with Apple Keynote:

Learn More: Using PowerPoint to Design the Best PowerPoint Presentations (Tutorials)

We've just looked at some of the best PowerPoint 2023 templates in this round-up. It also helps if you know a bit more about how to use Microsoft's flagship presentation app.

One of the best resources for learning is How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide). It's a free resource that we offer here at Tuts+. This guide has helped take many users from beginner to expert.

Besides the Ultimate Tutorial Guide, here are a handful of helpful PowerPoint and presentation tutorials. They'll help you design a persuasive and powerful presentation quickly:

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great PowerPoint Slides & Presentations

Learn the best presentation strategies in our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations (grab it now for FREE). Get your PPT ideas packaged into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience to action.

Making Great Presentations eBook Free DownloadMaking Great Presentations eBook Free DownloadMaking Great Presentations eBook Free Download

Make the Best Presentations and Slides Quickly!

Good luck on nailing your next presentation and getting your new year off to the right start. 

If your needs are greater though, then grab an affordable monthly subscription to Envato Elements. For one low price, you get unlimited use of an assortment of creative assets, from presentation templates, to web themes, graphic sets, and more.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Gonzalo Angulo. Gonzalo is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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