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20 Best Coffee Shop & Cafe Logo Brand Designs (Caffeine-Worthy)


For most of us a coffee shop is not only a place where we go to get our daily dose of caffeine, but also a place where we go when we need a break from our office space yet still want to be productive. 

Since coffee shops play an important role in our lives, make sure your coffee shop attracts your ideal customers. The right coffee shop logo is an important way to get noticed.

Coffee Shop Logo From Placeit
This cheerful coffee shop design is one of many you'll find on Placeit.

The best way to connect with your ideal customers is through your branding and your logo. 

Just think of Starbucks—one of the most popular names in the coffee shop industry. They're not familiar only because of their large selection of coffee, but also because of their unique logo. 

That’s why designing your logo is important. In this post, you’ll learn how to quickly design a beautiful coffee logo as well as see a number the best coffee shop and cafe logo designs from Placeit and Envato Elements.

Inspiration: 20 Best Coffee Shop & Cafe Logo Designs

When it comes to DIY-ing your coffee logo design, your first stop should be Placeit. Placeit offers dozens of coffee logo templates that you can use to quickly design your coffee brand logo, even if you’re not a designer.

The templates are easy to customize as all you've got to do is change the fonts and colors, enter your business details, and swap out the icons. Let’s take a look at the best coffee logo designs available on Placeit.                 

1. Badge Logo Maker of Cafe Shops

Badge Logo Maker of Cafe Shops

The first coffee logo on this list features an elegant design. The logo comes with a variety of badges and icons that you can use to customize the design. It’s an elegant logo that’s perfect for a high-end coffee shop.

2. Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Classic Badge

Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Classic Badge

The next logo features a friendly and modern design with bright colors that just begs visitors to come in and try a cup of coffee. You can easily customize the colors and the fonts and the template even comes with premade presets that you can use as a starting point.

3. Coffee Shop Logo Maker

Coffee Shop Logo Maker

This modern coffee brand logo is a great choice if you’re looking for a modern style logo. The template uses sans serif typefaces, which are often associated with a modern style, but you can easily change them to your favorite fonts. The template also includes several icons that you can use for your logo.

4. Coffee Brand Logo Maker With Coffee Beans Line Art

Coffee brand Logo Maker with Coffee Beans Line Art

Try this coffee brand logo if you’re using organically grown coffee in your coffee shop. Thanks to the elegant coffee beans line art, you’ll be able to stand out among other coffee shops in the area and attract coffee lovers who appreciate organic coffee.

5. Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Funny Graphics

Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Funny Graphics

What’s a better way to create a memorable brand than to use a dose of humor and a unique icon for your logo? This template makes it easy to stand out as it uses an adorable monkey graphics as the icon. However, you can easily change it and customize the colors that were used as well as play around with the layout of the elements.

6. Cafe Logo Maker for Coffee and Tea Designs

Cafe Logo Maker for Coffee and Tea Designs

This simple coffee shop logo is a great choice if you love minimalist style. The logo uses bright colors, which are perfect for conveying a happy mood and inviting your potential customers to come on in and enjoy their book with a good cup of coffee in hand.

7. Logo Template With Round Design for Coffee Shops

Logo Template with Round Design for Coffee Shops

Consider this logo if you use organic coffee brands in your coffee shop. The logo uses warm tones of yellow and brown, which are the perfect representation of coffee and a circular badge. However, you’ll notice that there are a number of different icons and outer badges that you can use to customize how the final logo looks like.

8. Restaurant Logo Maker for Organic Coffee

Restaurant Logo Maker for Organic Coffee

The Restaurant Logo Maker for Organic Coffee is an elegant coffee brand logo template that makes it easy to quickly create a logo. Try moving the elements around for a more unique layout or change the colors to reflect your brand. Don’t forget to customize the fonts and enter your coffee brand name instead.

9. Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Elegant Graphics

Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Elegant Graphics

This coffee logo design is a great choice for any new coffee shop that wants a modern and elegant logo. The template uses a bright pop of red color, which makes your logo stand out. You can customize the layout of the elements and customize fonts and colors to match your brand.

10. Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Coffee Grains

Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Coffee Grains

This cafe logo features a simple yet cheerful design with a smiling coffee cup. It’s a great choice if you’re offering coffee to go so be sure to check it out. The logo can be customized with your colors and fonts and you can manually adjust how the elements are organized.

11. Cool Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Coffee Grains

Cool Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Coffee Grains

This cool coffee house logo is another great choice for any coffee house that wants to stand out by using organic coffee brands. The logo uses a subtle neutral color scheme and elegant typography, which can easily be swapped out for your brand colors and fonts.  

12. Hipster Coffee Logo Maker

Hipster Coffee Logo Maker

This coffee company logo is the perfect example that a coffee logo doesn’t always have to use traditional coffee symbols or colors. You're sure to stand out with this template and its modern colors if you run a coffee shop targeting hipsters and younger crowd.

13. Coffee Shop Logo Design Template With Minimalist Style

Coffee Shop Logo Design Template with Minimalist Style

The Coffee Shop Logo Design template features a minimalist design. The template is primarily text-based with a small coffee grounds icon. If you want this design to be even simpler, you can remove the icon altogether or you can make it larger and reduce the size of the text. Don’t forget to add a pop of color if you’re not a fan of a black and white design.

14. Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Metallic Badge

Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Metallic Badge

If you’re going for a more classic look, consider this coffee company logo that features a metallic-looking badge and bold typography. To make this logo your own, add your brand colors and experiment with different badge shapes.

15. Logo Maker to Create a Coffee Shop Logo

Logo Maker to Create a Coffee Shop Logo

This coffee brand logo is a great choice if you want a vintage, retro-style logo. The template includes several different icons and you can try different layout suggestions to create a more unique logo. You can also see how the logo would look on different branding assets such as shirts, posters, and more.

16. Cafeteria Logo Maker for Coffee Shop Designs

Cafeteria Logo Maker for Coffee Shop Designs

Another minimalist template, this coffee house logo design would be perfect for any coffee brand that wants a unique yet simple design. The template uses a neutral color scheme and modern fonts, which makes it easy to customize with your brand colors and fonts.

17. Coffee Shop Logo Maker With Mugs

Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Mugs

Consider this coffee shop logo if you’re running a coffee and pastry shop or a bakery where your customers can also buy coffee. The template uses adorable icons that you can easily customize, and the fonts are perfect for any coffee company logo that wants to attract a younger audience.

18. Coffee Delivery Logo Maker

Coffee Delivery Logo Maker

If you run a place that offers coffee to go, give this logo template a try. It’s a great choice for a coffee shop in a modern, urban setting. You can customize colors, fonts, and even add a background texture.

19. Tea Shop Logo Maker

Tea Shop Logo Maker

Don’t be fooled by this logo template name—even though it says it’s for tea shops, the template can easily be customized for a coffee shop logo. All you've got to do is change the icons and customize the colors to reflect your brand.

20. Pretty Tea Shop Logo Template

Pretty Tea Shop Logo Template

This is another great example of a beautifully designed logo template that’s versatile enough to be used for several industries. Customize this template by adding your coffee brand name and then omit the icon to remove tea references. You can also use a background pattern to make your logo stand out more.

5 Quick Tips to Create a Cool Coffee Shop Logo

Creating a logo for your coffee shop can be expensive if you decide to hire a pro because you don’t have any design skills. If you’re just starting out, hiring a professional designer might not be in the budget. However, the good news is that you can quickly design your coffee company logo thanks to marketplaces like Placeit.

Coffee Shop Logo Maker
You'll find some of the best coffee logo designs on Placeit.

Placeit offers an easy to use online logo generator that you can use to create your cool coffee shop logo. It offers dozens of various logo templates and we’ll show you how you can use it to make a great coffee brand logo.

1. Name Your Coffee Shop

The first step in your logo design is to decide what the name of your coffee shop will be as well as whether you want to use a text-based logo or a logo that uses a combination of text and icons. This will make it easier to choose a logo template from Placeit to customize.

2. Create a Free Account

Create a free account on Placeit and then click on Logos in the menu, enter your coffee shop name, and be sure to choose Coffee Shop industry from the drop-down menu.

When the logos load, you can go through the selection and find a logo template that you like best. 

3. Choose a Text-Based Logo 

Don’t forget to choose a text-based logo if you don’t want any icons. Alternatively, choose a logo that uses both if you opted for a more complex logo style.

4. Customize the Coffee Shop Logo Template

Now it’s time to customize the template. First, consider your brand colors and how you want to use them in the logo. 

customize coffee shop logo

For example, you can use a lighter color for the background and a darker color for the text with an accent color for the icon. If you want your logo to appear more elegant, consider using serif fonts. If you’re going for a more contemporary look, consider using sans-serif fonts.

In this example, I've exchanged the default image for a scoop of coffee beans to make this more of a coffee bean logo.

5. Refine Your Coffee Logo Design

Continue tweaking the logo design until you’re happy with it and you feel that it captures your brand look and feel perfectly. 

Once you’re happy, you can download the logo for a small fee by hitting the Download button.

Find More Cool Coffee Company Logos on Envato Elements

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Placeit, consider searching for the perfect coffee shop logo on Envato Elements. Envato Elements has hundreds of coffee shop logos in a variety of styles. What makes Envato Elements different from Placeit is that Envato Elements offers other design assets such as fonts and icons, which you can use in your coffee logo design.

Coffee Shop Logo Template is a great choice if you’re looking for a retro style logo with a vintage feel. The template comes in Illustrator and Photoshop file format so you can easily edit it and customize it to fit your needs.

Coffee Shop Logo Template

Another great example of a coffee shop logo template from Envato Elements is this awesome Coffee Shop Logo collection. It includes a set of 8 different logos that can be customized to match your coffee shop brand.

Coffee Shop Logo Collection

You can download as many coffee logos as you want and experiment with the design until you find the perfect logo for your coffee shop.

Design a Cool Coffee Brand Logo With Placeit

Designing your own cool coffee brand logo isn't difficult when you've got tools like Placeit available online. 

You can easily design a coffee shop logo even if you’re not a designer thanks to dozens of easy-to-use coffee logo templates on Placeit. If you need even more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our cool coffee shop logo collection on Envato Elements.

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