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18+ Cool PowerPoint Templates (To Make Presentations in 2018)

Are you looking for cool PowerPoint templates to help your presentation stand out? Look no further.

Cool PowerPoint templates are important because they can help you build your brand. Plus, the cool factor can help show that your presentation is trendy and relevant. Having a current image is especially important if you're in a creative industry that follows the latest design looks.

 The right cool PowerPoint templates will give you a modern set of slides to build your presentation with. You'll save lots of time by not having to design the presentation's look and feel yourself.

Cool PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint Presentation Template from the Triping Travel PowerPoint Template available on Envato Elements.

Whether you're just looking for really cool PowerPoint template, cool PowerPoint designs, or cool PowerPoint backgrounds--we have it for you. I'll also include five cool PowerPoint presentation ideas to help make your presentation memorable.

The Best New Cool PowerPoint Templates

In this curated list I share some of our newest and coolest PowerPoint presentations and themes from both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. These templates are packed with exciting new features and eye-catching graphics.

These cool PowerPoint themes are ideal for many different types of professional presentation including: professional business presentations, solo professional presentations, restaurant industry presentations, travel industry presentations, and more. Browse through them to find the one that's just right for your needs.

1. Teamwork PowerPoint Template

Teamwork PowerPoint Template

The Teamwork PowerPoint template includes professional modern layouts with data visualization elements including charts, diagrams, tables, and more. You can quickly customize the charts and tables by adding your own information. Plus, you can modify the color and add your own photos and images. If your presentation needs include data, this is one to consider. And this template comes with its own help file!

2. Space PowerPoint Template

Space PowerPoint Template

No matter what type of business you run, the sheer number of useful features in this modern and cool PowerPoint template will amaze you. Plus, you can customize it all to match your own branding and design specifications. Here's just some of what you you'll find:

  • 150 different slides
  • 10 pre-made color templates
  • 45 master slides
  • Unique infographic designs
  • Elements pack with 500+ vector icons
  • And more! 

3. Glasses - Really Cool PowerPoint Template 

Glasses -- Really Cool PowerPoint Template

Glasses is a really cool PowerPoint template that uses a fresh, creative design. This template includes many eye-catching features such as infographic elements, maps, and even animation and transition effects. Choose from 86 different slides--all of which can be easily customized. Plus, the template includes a help guide file.

4. Income - Popular PowerPoint Template

Income Popular PowerPoint Template

The popular Income PowerPoint template includes many professional design features to help your presentation shine. It has a number of top-notch features including over 60 slide masters, free fonts, hundreds of vector icons, and more. Customers love this template! Here's what a few of them have to say:

This was quite fun and impressive. Very cool design!
Lot of well-designed slides. Make it very easy to edit. Amazing supports from the team.

5. Passion Presentation Template 

Passion Presentation Template

Passion is a modern PowerPoint presentation template with a clean design. With over a hundred unique slide designs, this template can be used for a variety of projects. Use the animation and transition effects to further capture your audience's attention. This is a great template to use any time you need to make the right impression with your presentation.

6. Earth - Cool PPT Template 

Earth Cool PPT Template

The Earth Template for PowerPoint has a cool and modern feel to it. It's sure to capture the attention of any audience. You can customize any of the over 200 unique slide designs or use any of the 100+ master slides. The drag-and-drop image placeholders make it easy for you to add your own images and photos. Plus, any shape in this template is an editable vector. If you're looking to make an impact, this template's sure to please!

7. Voyage - Colorful PowerPoint Template 

Voyage Colorful PowerPoint Template

The Voyage template features bright colors and eye-catching designs. It's set up for the travel industry, but would really work for any creative presentation. Here are just some of the features you'll find:

  • 20 masters in 4:3 size
  • Multiple data visualization elements
  • Included help file
  • Media placeholders for your own photos or pictures
  • And more!

8. Zembra - Cool Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Zembra -- Cool Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Zembra is a cool multi-purpose template that can be customized in many different ways. Choose from over 40 different color themes (with light and dark versions). Customize any of the over 600 professionally designed slides to give your presentation an edge. Drag and drop your images and photos to where you need them to be. Plus, updates for this template includes free updates!

9. Rivka - Minimal Cool PowerPoint Template 

Rivka Minimal Cool PowerPoint Template

If you're a creative, this cool template could be just what you need for your portfolio. The minimal design makes it ideal for showcasing your work. Choose from over 60 unique slide designs based on master slides. You can resize and edit all the graphics. It uses a free font, and there's PDF Help file to get you started.

10. Forest- Creative PowerPoint Presentation Template

Forest Creative PowerPoint Presentation Template

Forest is one of those cool PowerPoint templates that can have a lot of uses. There are more than 70 different slide designs to choose from. Plus, the slide designs include unique features like a timeline, world maps, and slides for company bios. There are also over a thousand vector icons for you to use.

11. Triping - Travel PowerPoint Template 

Triping Travel PowerPoint Template

Triping is one of those really cool PowerPoint templates that catches a viewer's attention quickly and holds it. Although the theme would work well for any professional or personal presentation, it was created with travel and tour companies in mine. Here are just a few of the many features it includes:

  • Section break slides
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • An icon library
  • 40 slide designs
  • Resizable and editable graphics
  • And more!

12. MNML PowerPoint Template

MNML PowerPoint Template

MNML is clean PowerPoint template that will help you to create an impressive presentation. This fully editable template is suitable for a variety of industries and would also be effective for creative professionals. Features include:

  • Over 100 unique slides
  • Available for a 16:9 or 4:3 screen ratio
  • A4 Print ready
  • Device mockups are included
  • Over 15 different layouts and backgrounds
  • And more!

13. FlatKitchen PowerPoint Presentation Template 

FlatKitchen PowerPoint Presentation Template

FlatKitchen is one of those cool business PowerPoint templates that was designed for the food-related industry. It's ideal for branding a food-related business. Use with the other related templates in the FlatKitchen series (such as a flyer template, brochure template, social media banner template, etc.) to create a unified look across all of your marketing materials. All the FlatKitchen Series templates can be easily customized in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator.

14. Light PowerPoint Presentation

Light PowerPoint Presentation

Use the gorgeous Light PowerPoint presentation for a wide variety of purposes. The clean, creative style fits well with many business and personal projects. There are over 80 unique slide designs to choose from that can be quickly customized. Easily drag and drop your images into the slides where you need them to be.

15. Golazo - Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template

Golazo Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template

Golazo is a cool PowerPoint Presentation template that's very easy to use. The included Help PDF will save you time. Here's just some of what you'll get with this template:

  • 90+ clean and creative multipurpose slides
  • 10 color schemes
  • 100+ master slides
  • Full animation
  • And more!

16. Ammay - Business PowerPoint Template 

Ammay Business PowerPoint Template

If you run a business, you'll want to consider this business PowerPoint template. It's packed with convenient features to make creating your next presentation a breeze. There are literally hundreds of slide designs in this red multi-color template. Choose from 50 different cover slides! Plus, it features editable vectors and drag-and-drop editing. It also comes complete with documentation.

17. Omega - Really Cool PowerPoint Template

Omega - Really Cool PowerPoint Template

Omega is another of those really cool PowerPoint templates that can be used for many different purposes. Use it for a pitch deck, proposal, annual report, and more. The template includes a choice between dark or light cool PowerPoint backgrounds.  Plus, there are 35 different slide layouts. Use it on widescreen or standard devices.

18. Power - Professional Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Power Professional Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

This professional business template, Power, is one of the popular ones. It's no wonder this PowerPoint presentation template is popular with all the various choices it give you. For example, you can choice between 80 different color themes, 20 premade templates, and over a hundred different slide designs. Here's what the customers say:

Incredible Quality and documentation to help you easily edit and change theme colors in one click. I needed this work and it has literally saved me 100+ hours of design time. Then, I sent the designer an email to ask a question and i was sent an additional 110 slides as a "thank you". Great Experience!!!!!


Rashel has created a very good powerpoint presentation for my needs and was also very helpful, with an instant reply to my email.

19.  Latte - Cool Microsoft PowerPoint Template 

Latte Cool Microsoft PowerPoint Template

Latte is a cool Microsoft PowerPoint template with a modern look. If you need to make a business presentation, you'll want to consider this clean and attractive presentation template. You'll find it has charts, diagrams, and tables for your data. With a few minor changes, you can change the background and make other customizations to make the presentation your own. 

20. Crocus – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Crocus Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

The Crocus Multipurpose PowerPoint template is suitable for creating many different types of business presentations. You'll find it's easy to use and the over 300 premade slide designs will save you hours of work. Here are some of the other features:

  • 3 aspect ratios: 4:3 (normal), 16:9 (widescreen), and A4 paper
  • Fully animated with custom animations and slide transitions
  • Over 30 theme colors
  • More than 400 icons
  • And much more!

5 Cool PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

Whether your PowerPoint presentation is for your business or for a personal project, you want it to make an impact. Here are five presentation ideas to help you make a memorable presentation.

1. Invest in a Premium Template

You may think it's a good idea to get cool PowerPoint templates free. While it's true that free PowerPoint templates are available, you can't always count the quality to be there. Plus, most free templates don't offer support. You're much better off investing in a high-quality premium template from a reliable provider.

2. Use PowerPoint's Animation Effects

PowerPoint has some great animation tools that can add interest to your PowerPoint Presentation. Here are three great PowerPoint tutorials to help you learn more about animation:

Plus, many of the cool PowerPoint templates in this round up include animation effects.

3. Integrate the Presentation Into Your Branding

This idea is especially important for businesses, but it can also be important for your personal brand. Your presentation should look like it belongs to you or your business. Part of branding includes visual branding:

  • Your logo
  • Your colors
  • Your font

Fortunately, you can easily customize the cool PowerPoint presentation templates described here to add your own personal look and feel.

4. Don't Forget the Title Slide

The title slide is one of the most important elements of a presentation because it's what your viewers see first. It needs to attract attention and make the right impression. A good way to do this is by incorporating an image or even a short video.

5. Stay Focused

It's better to have a shorter, more focused presentation that sticks to the point. Long presentations that stray from your presentation's purpose tend to lose the viewer's attention. Even worse, a rambling presentation could make a bad impression--the very opposite of what you want your presentation to do.

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Create an Impressive Presentation Today With These Really Cool PPT Templates

We've just explored over 18 really cool PowerPoint templates that can help you create a winning presentation. Browse through these templates I've shared to find the perfect PowerPoint presentation template for you. You can also find more great templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.
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