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How to Design Your Business Card Quickly (With a Pro Online Maker App)

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Despite the fact that the majority of our communications happen online, a business card still holds value as it allows anyone you meet to quickly remember who you, what you do, and get in touch with you.

As such, your business card needs to have an attractive and memorable design. Designing your own business card quickly takes some basic design skills if you want to do it well.

Placeit business cardPlaceit business cardPlaceit business card
One of the many great business card designs you'll find on Placeit.

In this post, we’ll show you what makes a great business card, share business card examples, and walk you through the steps of designing your own business card with an online business card maker.

What Makes a Great Business Card in 2019?

Your business card represents an important touch point with your brand. It allows people to get in touch with you, quickly find your website, and remember what you do in an instant. This is a lot easier to achieve when you know the basic design principles that make for a great business card.

1. Choose the Most Appropriate Shape

Nowadays business cards come in various shapes. You can find horizontal and vertical business cards as well as square business cards or more unusual shapes. Make sure that you choose the one that’s most appropriate for your business.

For example, if you’re aiming for a more professional approach, then choosing a creative, rounded shape isn't the best way to go. Sticking with the traditional horizontal or vertical layout would be more appropriate.

2. Lay Out Your Information in a Logical Manner

Make sure that your contact and business information is laid out in a logical manner that’s easy to follow and understand. You can follow the traditional layout if you’re not sure how to approach this:

  • company name
  • first name and last name
  • job title
  • contact information such as email, phone number, website address, and social media handles

Your contact information should also be kept up to date, so keep in mind you’ll need to update your business card design if you change those details.

3. Use Your Brand Colors and Fonts

Using your brand’s colors and fonts is a great way to establish and build brand recognition every time someone looks at your business card. However, stick to one or two main colors and fonts as otherwise, your business card design will be too overwhelming. It’s also a great idea to add your logo or brand icon.

Here's a tutorial that talks more about color:

4. Make It Yours With a Custom Touch

If you want your business card to be truly memorable, you need to add a custom touch that'll set it apart from other business cards. While this may mean paying a little extra, it’s well worth it in the long run as you’ll make a lasting impression.

A custom touch could include adding embossed elements, raised print, metallic card finishes, and more. However, it could also mean making use of the back to include a mini calendar, a unique discount code, important dates for your business and customers such as sale dates, loyalty stamps, and more. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with ways to make your business card not only memorable, but also useful for anyone you come in contact with.

5. Choose Quality Stock

Lastly, don’t underestimate the stock your business card will be printed on. Check with your local printer and see what type of card stock they offer for business cards. You’ll want to choose a thicker, high-quality paper to ensure your business card can survive for a long time after you hand it out to people.

This is another option that’s worth investing in as flimsy low-quality paper will leave a poor impression about your brand, not to mention it’s more likely to fall apart.

Business Card Design Inspiration

Now that we’ve covered what makes a great business card, let’s take a look at some of the best business card designs that you can use as an inspiration. The examples below are from an online business card maker, Placeit which allows you to quickly design a beautiful business card even if you’re a complete beginner.

1. Web Developer Business Card Maker

Web Developer Business Card MakerWeb Developer Business Card MakerWeb Developer Business Card Maker

The Web Developer Business Card Maker is a simple, yet elegant business card design. You can tweak the colors and the fonts and there is no shortage of great-looking icons and patterns that you can add to make your business card more unique.

2. Business Card Maker for Interior Designers

Business Card Maker for Interior DesignersBusiness Card Maker for Interior DesignersBusiness Card Maker for Interior Designers

Try the Business Card Maker for Interior Designers if you want a colorful and attractive business card design. Not only can you customize the text, colors, and icons, you can also move elements around and upload custom graphics that feature some of your interior designs.

3. Hair Stylist Business Card Maker

Hair Stylist Business Card MakerHair Stylist Business Card MakerHair Stylist Business Card Maker

This feminine and whimsical design is perfect for any creative, woman-owned business. The template would work well even for artists or designers as well as fashion bloggers. With dozens of beautiful background patterns to choose from, this business card is sure to make a lasting impression.

4. Car Shop Business Card Maker

Car Shop Business Card MakerCar Shop Business Card MakerCar Shop Business Card Maker

Make an impact with this bold business card design. Although geared for car shops and mechanics, you can easily customize it to fit car dealerships as well. Don’t forget that you can upload your own icons and images as well as rearrange text and graphic elements to your liking.

5. Business Card Design Template for an Events Planner

Business Card Design Template for an Events PlannerBusiness Card Design Template for an Events PlannerBusiness Card Design Template for an Events Planner

This elegant and stylish business card is perfect for any event planner or wedding planner. Feel free to add or remove any text elements and tweak the icons until you get the perfect look for your business card.

For even more templates to help you design your own business cards, look at this template:

How to Design a Cool and Modern Business Card With Placeit

Now that you know what goes into making a great business card and you’ve seen some creative business card designs, it’s time to dig into designing your own business card with Placeit.

Placeit template searchPlaceit template searchPlaceit template search

The Business Card Maker from Placeit makes it easy for anyone to quickly design a business card and has thousands of premade business card designs suitable for any industry as you’ve seen from the examples above. Placeit is also easy to use and beginner-friendly. Let’s go through the steps of using Placeit to design your own business card.

1. Sign Up for a Free Placeit Account

To get started with your business card design, head on over to Placeit and sign up for your account. You'll need to provide your email and set your password. You can then log into your free Placeit account.

2. Choose Your Business Card Template

Once you’re logged in, it’s time to find a template you like. Start by clicking on Designs > Business Card Maker. Enter your business name in the search bar and choose your industry to narrow down your choices. Then, browse through the business card designs to find the one you want to use.

Choosing a business card templateChoosing a business card templateChoosing a business card template

In this example, I am designing a business card for a fictional yoga studio called Zen Yoga. I’ve chosen Wellness as my industry and now all the business card designs geared towards the wellness industry will appear below with the Zen Yoga name.

3. Open the Business Card Maker

Once you’ve found a template you like, click on it and it'll open up in the business card maker. As you can see from the screenshot below, there’s plenty of ways to customize the template so let’s walk through our options.

4. Customize the Template

Let’s start by customizing your business information. Starting with the text tools on the left-hand side, enter your name, your business name, and your address. You can also specify if you offer yoga classes or if you’re a yoga teacher for example. The text tools allow you to change the font and the colors of your text and remove any text you don’t want simply by clicking the checkbox next to it.

Customizing the templateCustomizing the templateCustomizing the template

Once you’ve customized the text, you can move on to the next section and that’s customizing the icon. Placeit offers a handful of icons that you can use on your business card and you can search for an icon using keywords, but you can also upload your own custom icon or logo. You can also tweak the color of the icon.

Below the icon, you can change how the side graphic looks like. I’ve chosen to keep the original shape, but changed the color of the shape. Like with the icon, you can upload your own shape or side graphic if you don’t see any that catch your eye.

Customizing the shape and color of side graphicsCustomizing the shape and color of side graphicsCustomizing the shape and color of side graphics

The last section allows you to customize the image on the business card. You can choose any of the images that Placeit has to offer or you can upload your own. I recommend uploading a photo of your yoga studio to make the business card feel more unique and on brand. In this example, I’ve decided to upload a custom photo.

Keep in mind that you can also remove icons, side graphics, and photos if you want a simpler design. Another cool feature is that the template supports interactive editing, which means you can freely move the elements around and customize where and how you want the text to be positioned.

If at any point, you want to start from scratch because you’re not happy with the design, all you've got to do is hit the Reset layout button, which is visible once you hover over your design.

You can also try a business card preset if you’re stumped for ideas on how to customize the template. You'll also be able to see how your business card will look like when printed.

business card template presets business card template presets business card template presets

5. Download Your Business Card

Once you’re done customizing your business card, it’s time to download it. Click the Download button and you'll be presented with two options. You can download your design for a small one-time fee, or if you regularly need to create business cards, flyers, posters, or other graphic designs, you can sign up Placeit’s monthly plan.

Your business card will come in PNG and vector format, which means it'll be ready for printing so all you've got to do is send it off to your local printer.

Design Your Own Business Card With Envato Elements

If you can’t find a template you’re happy with on Placeit and have experience using Photoshop or Illustrator, be sure to stop by Envato Elements. Envato Elements offers tons of premade business card templates and you can download as many templates as you’d like for a low monthly fee.

Business card templates on Envato ElementsBusiness card templates on Envato ElementsBusiness card templates on Envato Elements

1. Corporate Business Card

Corporate Business Card Corporate Business Card Corporate Business Card

This corporate business card features a fresh and modern design that can be edited using Photoshop. It includes both front and back design as well as a detailed help file that'll help you customize the template and make it your own.

2. Business Card

Business CardBusiness CardBusiness Card

If you prefer a more minimalistic design, the Business Card template is an excellent choice. It features gorgeous typography and can be edited using Photoshop. This template offers both a horizontal and a vertical design.

Design Your Business Card Today

Designing your own business card is a lot easier nowadays thanks to online business card maker like Placeit and business card templates from Envato Elements. Thanks to the templates like those, you’ll have no problems creating your own business card.

Head on over to Placeit and Envato Elements to find your perfect business card template and then use the steps outlined in this article to design your business card quickly.

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