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23+ Education PowerPoint PPT Templates: For Great School Presentations for 2022

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This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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Do you have an educational presentation coming up soon? If so, premium education presentation templates and designs will help you hit your presentation goals.

University and Education PowerPoint TemplateUniversity and Education PowerPoint TemplateUniversity and Education PowerPoint Template
The University and Education PowerPoint template is available on Envato Elements.

Save time with one of our school PowerPoint presentation designs. Each template has powerful slide options and dynamic assets. With one of these templates, you can easily educational presentation.  

Who can benefit from school PowerPoint PPT templates?

  • a teacher needing to visualize a lecture with on target education PowerPoint presentation slides
  • a student working to present research in the classroom on an assigned topic   
  • an educator who is preparing to speak at a fast-approaching conference

In this article, you'll find a selection of educational PowerPoint templates. All the templates have great designs. Buy them from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. These PowerPoint templates are made for teachers, professors, and students alike. 

The Best Education PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find the best education PowerPoint presentation slides on Envato Elements. These templates come with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. Each of the many school PowerPoint templates have hundreds of professional presentation options.

Explore Education PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Education PowerPoint templatesEducation PowerPoint templatesEducation PowerPoint templates
Best academic PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

These premium education presentation templates are ready to use. They've got unique slide designs and great visuals to choose from. Free PowerPoint templates for school and university presentations are tempting. But premium educational PowerPoints have features like:

  • professional education presentation slide designs
  • easy-to-edit learning-based graphics
  • elegant animations and transitions

Premium school PowerPoint templates are as great of an idea as signing up for Envato Elements. Not only do you get unlimited presentation templates, but you're free to download all the assets available on the platform. That includes resume templates, stock photos, and a whole lot more. Sign up for Envato Elements today.

5 Top PowerPoint Presentation Examples for Students & Teachers (From Envato Elements - For 2022)

Need great PowerPoint presentation examples for students, school presentations, or lectures? You can find plenty of education template PPTs for students on Envato Elements. Look at the best new PowerPoint education presentation templates from Envato Elements: 

1. Horizon - Creative School Profile Presentation PPT

Horizon offers more quality than free PowerPoint templates for university presentations. Check out the premium academic theme from the gallery above.

Make a lively presentation with this must-have Horizon school PowerPoint template. Its layout comes with cool slide elements and interesting colors. Each slide is fully customizable and can be edited to match your ideas. It also uses free Google Fonts. But you can always download typefaces to use from Envato Elements for more options.

2. Simple Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

Simple Education PowerPoint Presentation SlidesSimple Education PowerPoint Presentation SlidesSimple Education PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This is one of the best and fastest education PPT templates to work with. It includes stylish vector school illustrations you can use. Make your school PowerPoint templates slide backgrounds on target for your academic PPT. Present your scholastic ideas in a modern education PowerPoint presentation slides.

3. University Education PowerPoint PPT for School

University Education PPT PowerPoint School TemplateUniversity Education PPT PowerPoint School TemplateUniversity Education PPT PowerPoint School Template

This set of PPT presentations for school has you covered no matter what kind of education presentation you’re making.

This academic PPT PowerPoint template packs in a standout set of over 130 customizable slide designs and pro graphics. Try it if you need the best PowerPoint templates for academic presentations.

4. School & Education PowerPoint Format of PPT Template Design

School and Education PowerPoint PPT TemplateSchool and Education PowerPoint PPT TemplateSchool and Education PowerPoint PPT Template

This professional academic PowerPoint PPT template comes with 90 unique instructional slides. The education PowerPoint presentation slides have clean modern designs. This is one of the best sets of slide theme education PPT templates for corporate training. Use it instead of the best free PowerPoint templates for university and academic presentations.

5. Science Infographics PowerPoint Backgrounds School

Science Infographics Academic PPT PowerPoint TemplateScience Infographics Academic PPT PowerPoint TemplateScience Infographics Academic PPT PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint backgrounds school template comes with 20 various slides. The slides include education and science infographics. It helps teachers break down a science presentation so it's more visual and easier to understand. This PPT is also for students who have to present their assignment to the class.   

Learn how to quickly customize this academic PowerPoint PPT template design:

Quickly Make Interactive Courses Online (With iSpring Suite + PowerPoint)

Do you have educational material that you want to turn into an interactive course? Why not use software that's built just for that? 

iSpring Suite is great for teachers and educators to create engaging courses with. With it, you can quickly take your lessons online. iSpring Suite integrates seamlessly into PowerPoint as an easy to use add-in.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with iSpring Suite: 

  • convert your existing PowerPoint presentations into online courses
  • share your courses with your students in your LMS or website
  • add cheat-proof interactive tests to your PPT slides
  • make your lectures more exciting with interactive templates
  • insert YouTube videos or add your own interactive video content

Best of all you don’t need to be technically adept to make great online courses with iSpring. Here is what Vice-Principal Elise Greve at Daghøjskolen has to say: 

“With iSpring, our teachers develop online courses and assignments without an IT background.”

iSpring allows you to create fantastic online courses right inside PowerPoint. You can design your slides in PowerPoint, easily add course interactivity with iSpring, and then quickly publish online. 

If you want to make online courses that students will find engaging, try iSpring Suite. Sign up for the 14-day free trial to get started. That way, you can check out all the features at your own pace, without paying a cent.

20 Best PowerPoint Background for Academic Presentations (From GraphicRiver for 2022)

Here's a curated selection of our educational PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. These premium templates were made especially for educational use. We've also included some popular multipurpose PowerPoint themes for academic presentations.

Best PowerPoint Academic Templates on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)Best PowerPoint Academic Templates on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)Best PowerPoint Academic Templates on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)
Best PowerPoint academic templates on Envato Market (GraphicRiver).

Make use of these multipurpose and school PPT education themes to teach or present with. There are twenty school PowerPoint presentation examples for students and teachers. They've got modern designs and fresh styles. Browse through them and find just the right one for your next scholastic or academic PPT presentation.

1. Idology Creative Education PowerPoint Template

Starting off our list of the best PowerPoint templates for academic presentations is Idology. It's perfect for 2022. The vibrant colors complement your content, as do the fun characters. There are all types of school PPT slides included, and each one is well animated.

2. E-learning - Modern PowerPoint Template

E-learning PowerPoint Templates for University PresentationE-learning PowerPoint Templates for University PresentationE-learning PowerPoint Templates for University Presentation

E-learning is one of the premium PowerPoint templates available for a university presentation. There are 31 slides here, and they're well-animated. Get useful infographics, device mockups, and more in this download. It's one of the best PowerPoint presentation examples for students and educators.

3. Studemics Education Presentation Template

Studemics PPT Templates for College Project PresentationStudemics PPT Templates for College Project PresentationStudemics PPT Templates for College Project Presentation

Studemics is another one of the top education PowerPoint templates on our list. The design is simple and is complicated by shades of green (that can be changed). You get more than 70 education PowerPoint presentation slides here. There are also dark mode slides. It's one of the best education PPT templates for a college project presentation.

4. eCourse - Webinar & eCourse PowerPoint Template

eCourse PowerPoint School TemplateeCourse PowerPoint School TemplateeCourse PowerPoint School Template

The eCourse school PPT PowerPoint template is a modern selection. The layouts are simple, and let images and text coexist in style. The 30 education PowerPoint presentation slides are editable. They also come with image placeholders, mockups, and more.

5. Djournal Education Presentation Template


Djournal is a highly professional PowerPoint presentation example for students and teachers. This is one of the coolest school PPT presentation designs on Envato Market. It features more than 50 stellar slides, as well as light and dark versions. Grab it today if you want the best PowerPoint templates for academic presentations!

6. Elementary School PowerPoint Presentation Template


Are you working on an interesting school report or a compelling lesson for young students? Then you need a presentation design with a ton of great features. Elemently is that option. It's a clean, flexible education PowerPoint template that's got a high-quality feel and modern aesthetic.

It's got clear fonts, easy to read slides, and lots of photo and data options. The fun illustrated characters are a nice touch in this academic PPT template.

7. Syllabus - Education PowerPoint Templates

Syllabus - Education Powerpoint TemplateSyllabus - Education Powerpoint TemplateSyllabus - Education Powerpoint Template

This PPT for students comes with 65 clean, unique, and creative education PowerPoint slides. Make full use of the animated slides and handmade infographics to really spice up your education presentation. This student PowerPoint presentation sample is fully customizable. The Syllabus academic PPT template is very versatile and can be used by students too. 

8. Back to School - Presentation for Education

Back to School - Best PowerPoint Templates for Academic PresentationsBack to School - Best PowerPoint Templates for Academic PresentationsBack to School - Best PowerPoint Templates for Academic Presentations

Save days of presentation work by using this PowerPoint education template. Attract and impress your audience with these useful education PowerPoint presentation slides.  

Tons of features allow you to create all kinds of educational presentations:

  • academic PPT presentations
  • student PowerPoint templates
  • school PPT presentation templates
  • education PowerPoint templates
  • teacher PowerPoint templates
  • university PPT presentation templates
  • book and library PowerPoint presentation templates
  • educational pitch decks
  • back to school PowerPoint presentations

9. Education Academic PowerPoint Template

Education Academic PowerPoint TemplateEducation Academic PowerPoint TemplateEducation Academic PowerPoint Template

This education PPT template for students comes with 130 unique content slides, many layouts options, animations, and more. All vector and smart objects are fully editable and animated. This is a must-have option with 20 PowerPoint files, 20 premade colors and over 500 icons. Try it if you've been looking to make the best presentation on education.

10. Infographics - PowerPoints for Teachers

Infographics - PowerPoints for TeachersInfographics - PowerPoints for TeachersInfographics - PowerPoints for Teachers

This is a clean and simple education PowerPoint templates. It comes with 1300 unique slides and infographics. Though it's a multipurpose template, it's great for teachers. These educational PPT templates will help you craft a presentation on any topic quickly. 

Clean background, clear fonts and packed with infographics—you can't go wrong with this purchase! It's like having many education PPT templates for teachers or for a college project presentation.

11. Simplicity – Academic PPT Template for Students

Simplicity Academic PPT TemplateSimplicity Academic PPT TemplateSimplicity Academic PPT Template

Simplicity is a great academic PowerPoint PPT template to use for teachers or students to present your engaging ideas. It features 200 unique slides and full-featured options. The template has a simple, minimalist style. Put this education PPT template for students to use in your next school presentation PPT design!

12. Clarity - Versatile Student PowerPoint Presentation Sample

Clarity - Versatile Student PowerPoint Presentation SampleClarity - Versatile Student PowerPoint Presentation SampleClarity - Versatile Student PowerPoint Presentation Sample

Clarity is a breath of fresh air. It features 80 creative slides with a minimal style. Use this multipurpose PPT template to make any slideshow. That includes educational topics for presentation. It’s set up for quick adjustments with pre-built animations, drag-and-drop object placeholders, and more.

13. Education - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Education - PowerPoint Presentation TemplateEducation - PowerPoint Presentation TemplateEducation - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Looking to make a strong professional educational presentation? Look no further than the Education PowerPoint Presentation Template. This education PPT comes with over 40 creative slides, 16 premade colors, and more than 3,000 icons. Change the colors with a single click. Save loads of time and create your education presentation like a pro without jeopardizing quality.

14. Ecademy - PowerPoint School PPT Template

Ecademy - PowerPoint School TemplateEcademy - PowerPoint School TemplateEcademy - PowerPoint School Template

Free education PowerPoint templates that are simple and well-designed aren't easy to come by. Premium templates make education presentation design a breeze and set you apart as a tech-savvy educator. 

Create an educational presentation with a modern and clean looking template. This template includes over 30 unique slides with master slides. You’ll also find drag and drop picture placeholders.

15. Imeca Education PowerPoint Template

Imeca Education PowerPoint Presentation TemplateImeca Education PowerPoint Presentation TemplateImeca Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

This presentation design can bring your educational PowerPoint ideas for school to life. It comes with 60 unique slides, pre-styled shapes and charts, and more. 

You can find basic free teaching PowerPoint templates online. But this premium school PPT set made for teachers is a more professional solution. With these PPT themes for education, you've got all you need to tell a powerful, engaging lesson!

16. Studi - Education PowerPoint Presentation


This education PowerPoint template comes packed with 40 custom academic-style slides. Studi also includes resizable graphics, image placeholders, and a whole lot more. So, customize your educational presentation quickly. Get it made and in front of your audience fast! Try Studi instead of free PowerPoint templates for university presentations.

17. Learne - Creative Education PowerPoint Template

Learne Education PowerPoint TemplateLearne Education PowerPoint TemplateLearne Education PowerPoint Template

This educational PowerPoint template uses lovely gradients to color its layouts. It's got a high resolution widescreen aspect ratio for presenting on modern screens. There are 40 education PowerPoint presentation slides with drag and drop placeholders here.

This academic PowerPoint template also includes charts, mockups, and break slides. All the elements can be modified to meet your education PowerPoint presentation needs fast!

18. Vacademy - Education Presentation

Vacademy Student PowerPoint Presentation SampleVacademy Student PowerPoint Presentation SampleVacademy Student PowerPoint Presentation Sample

Take your PowerPoint presentation ideas for school and turn them into a killer presentation. Vacademy comes with everything you need to create stunning slideshows, like:

  • vector icon set
  • image placeholders
  • device mockups
  • charts and graphics

These are found across Vacademy's 30 education PowerPoint presentation slides. They also have the premium features you can’t find in free PowerPoint templates for a university presentation.

19. School - Education PowerPoint Template

School Education PPTSchool Education PPTSchool Education PPT

If your educational presentation PPT needs a professional touch, then this is what you're after. Its modern design is creative and minimal with lots of customizable elements. With all the ways to edit this school PPT template you can create the ideal slide deck for your uses.

20. Kids Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you're looking for a template to make the best presentation on education, consider this choice. Its layout is reminiscent of a chalkboard, with a font to match. All elements of this PPT for students is customizable. That includes the graphics, images, and more. Instead of free PowerPoint templates for a university or school presentation, give this option a try.

How to Quickly Customize a Premium PowerPoint Template for Academic Presentations

Once you’ve chosen your premium education template, it’s time to customize it to fit your needs. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve chosen the Education Infographic PowerPoint Template. But keep in mind that customizing the best PowerPoint templates for academic presentations is also this simple.

Education Infographic Powerpoint TemplateEducation Infographic Powerpoint TemplateEducation Infographic Powerpoint Template
Education Infographic PowerPoint Template

This is one of the best presentations on education available. To customize it follow these steps:

1. Choose Your Slides

The first step to customizing your slides is to select which slides you want to use. Premium education PPT templates have a variety of slides. So, removing unnecessary slides makes it easier to use the student PowerPoint presentation sample. 

To do this, switch to Slide Sorter under View. Hold SHIFT and click on any slide you don’t want. Then, right-click and select Delete.

Choosing your slidesChoosing your slidesChoosing your slides
Choosing slides in the template

2. Add Your Content

Now that you've got your slides, it’s time to add your content. Switch back to the Normal view and click on the Home tab. Then, simply click on the text on any slide. Highlight the text by pressing CTRL+A and then type in your own information.

Adding your content Adding your content Adding your content
Adding custom content 

3. Customize Fonts

As you’re replacing content, customize the fonts used in the education PPT presentation. Highlight the text you want to customize and then select the new font from the drop-down menu.

Adding custom fontsAdding custom fontsAdding custom fonts
Add custom fonts

4. Customize Colors

You can also customize colors used in your PowerPoint school presentation. To do this, click on a colored shape and select Format shape. Then, choose a different color under the Solid Fill option. 

Adding custom colorsAdding custom colorsAdding custom colors

5. Add Your Images

The last step is to replace images with your own. You can easily do this by selecting an image and then clicking on Picture dialog. Choose Picture from file. Locate the photo you want to use on your computer and press Insert.

Adding imagesAdding imagesAdding images
Adding custom images

Pretty easy right? These simple steps will help you make the best presentation on education from a template.

5 Quick Strategic Tips for Better Education Presentations in 2022

The goal of any education presentation is to make it easy for your students to remember the material and the topic. But for your presentation to be effective, it needs to be engaging. Here are a few strategic tips that'll make your education presentation even better:

1. Use as Many Slides as You Need

A common myth is that the best presentations on education or other topics need as few slides as possible. This isn't true for educators. Your presentation should have as many slides as you need to convey the information effectively.

The number of slides you use will depend on the audience. For example, a high school presentation might need less slides than a presentation of the same topic for university students. 

2. Mind Your Word Count for Lower Grade Presentations

If you’re a student or a teacher giving a presentation to lower grades, keep the word count on each slide low. Stick to one bullet-point per slide and use simple and short sentences to convey the main idea. 

Back to School Presentation TemplateBack to School Presentation TemplateBack to School Presentation Template
The clean lines in the Back To School Presentation template make it a good choice for lower grades.

3. Reduce Transitions and Animations for University PowerPoint Presentations

Animations and transitions can work well to introduce the next idea of your presentation, especially for lower grades. But university students should reduce the number of transitions and animations used. A lot of transitions can look unprofessional and distract the students from the topic. 

4. Provide Resource Material

For longer presentations, and especially those for university students, provide extra resource material. By doing so, you’ll avoid your presentation being too long and ensure your students can refer to the material provided for more information. 

Edunesia - Education PowerPoint TemplateEdunesia - Education PowerPoint TemplateEdunesia - Education PowerPoint Template
Edunesia - Education PowerPoint Template has a great slide layout for creating a resources list.

5. Don’t Read the Slides

There’s one surefire way to make your high school or university presentation boring: reading the slides. Remember, the slides are there to help you present the main topic of the presentation.

Focus on talking about the subject. Engage your audience with questions and invite them to take part in the discussion.

5 Top Educational PowerPoint Presentation Design Trends for 2022

Aside from the topic of your presentation, the design of your slide deck matters as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep up with the presentation design trends. Here are five top educational PPT presentation design trends to ensure your slide deck looks modern and professional. They're useful even if you use PPT templates for college project and academic presentations:

1. Minimalistic Design Is Still Popular

Minimalism is a very popular design trend that’s making its way into presentation decks and templates. Plenty of white space, sans-serif fonts, and a simple or monochromatic color scheme helps your content stand out. 

Cosive Minimalist Education PresentationCosive Minimalist Education PresentationCosive Minimalist Education Presentation
Cosive Minimalist Education Presentation

2. Illustrations Instead of Photos

If you’re creating a presentation for a younger audience, consider using illustrations or hand drawn elements. They're a great substitute for photos. This will help present your idea and keep the presentation engaging and relevant to your students.

3. Gradient Overlays

Using color in your presentation is a good way to call out important details. But calls to action and text aren't the only way to use color. Make your presentation more visually appealing by using gradient overlays on images. 

Schoolar PowerPoint TemplateSchoolar PowerPoint TemplateSchoolar PowerPoint Template
Schoolar PowerPoint Template is one of the best presentations on education with gradients.

4. Custom Icons

Use custom icons as bullet points or next to slide headings. Luckily, most premium PowerPoint templates come with custom icons that you can use in your presentation design. 

5. Bright And Bold Colors

Forget subtle and subdued color schemes. Go bright and bold. It shows the difference in your PowerPoint ideas for school, subtopics, and other important information. 

Education PowerPoint TemplateEducation PowerPoint TemplateEducation PowerPoint Template
Education PowerPoint Template

5 Easy PowerPoint Presentation Ideas for Schools

To help an audience learn, speak to them directly. There are some techniques to capture their attention and make your presentation memorable. Here are a few good tips that'll make your PowerPoint school presentation more effective:

1. Match Your Subject to Your Audience

Every presentation starts with two things in mind: a subject and your audience. It’s where these two meet that the magic happens.

The better you match your topic to your audience, the more they’ll engage with your presentation. They’ll easily follow your lesson and remember your points.

Education PowerPoint PresentationEducation PowerPoint PresentationEducation PowerPoint Presentation
Fully animated and attention-grabbing Education PowerPoint Presentation for younger audiences. 

If you've got a complex subject, pare down how much you cover in your presentation. Or if you’re a student delivering a well-researched report, hit the highlights and tell a compelling narrative. Avoid details that may lose your audience or go over your allotted time.

Have a goal and structure your presentation so that it hits your mark. Learn more about how to plan and write a memorable school PowerPoint presentation:

2. Help Your Audience Learn More Easily

There are a few techniques to help your audience retain what you teach more easily, such as:

  • Use Lots of Relevant Visuals. Instead of spending lots of time talking over one slide, work to match your lesson to some slides that visualize each of your points. For example, use infographics from the Infographics - PowerPoints For Teachers. Remember: visuals help explain concepts quickly and can work as memory triggers.
  • Highlight to Call Attention to Ideas. Use arrows, circles and pointers to call attention to important parts of a photo or graphic. Use bold type or different colors to highlight important words so they stand out.
  • Reduce Visual Clutter. Cut out any unnecessary elements, such as headers or page number. Remove anything that can distract from the message the slide is intended to communicate. The Simplicity PPT Template is a great choice to keep your presentation clear and focused. The Simple Education PowerPoint Presentation Template has clean modern slides to use as well.
  • Pace With Transitions. Pacing your presentation with clear transitions can help give students enough time to process what you’re teaching. This is great when moving from subject to subject. Animate to reveal, use simple transition effects, and full photo slides to create breakpoints.
  • Tell a Story. Keep in mind that whatever your subject, stories are how we perceive and process the world of facts around us. They’re the glue that holds information together and gives it meaning. Take advantage of this and construct a compelling presentation narrative.

These are just a few presentation techniques that can help your audience remember the big picture of your discussion as well as the details. Here are a few more helpful PowerPoint school presentation tips:

3. Communicate Enthusiasm Without Overdoing It

Your slides are there to back up what you’re saying, not say everything for you. Slide designs should emphasize, reinforce, and support your points. Be careful not to overwhelm your audience.

That said, you also don’t want to bore them. You should engage your audience, ask them questions, add a dash of humor, and make your subject fun. Pay attention to your pacing and read the room—making sure you bring everyone along through your talk.

Discover more creative presentation ideas that can help make your presentation more engaging:

4. Keeping It Fresh

School PowerPoint TemplatesSchool PowerPoint TemplatesSchool PowerPoint Templates
This student PowerPoint presentation sample is found on Envato Elements.

The right academic PowerPoint template can really help with the task of educating your audience. Besides that, here are a few other things to keep in mind when you prepare your next presentation. 

  • High Quality, Fresh Templates. A dated template can be extremely distracting for your audience. It'll also keep them guessing if your content is as outdated as the template. 
  • Appropriate Fonts. Can your slides be read, even by the person right at the back? For example, you’ll want to avoid cursive fonts as they're hard to read. 
  • Good Choice of Colors. A few things to keep in mind when picking the color of your slides or objects in the slides itself—will these slides be printed? Is the font vs background color readable from afar? Are the color choices distracting the audience from the important bits? Is there too much color on a slide? 

5. Cross All The Ts and Dot All The Is

Espada - Education Powerpoint PresentationEspada - Education Powerpoint PresentationEspada - Education Powerpoint Presentation
Espada - Educational PowerPoint Presentation Template

When you work on a presentation for a long time in a stretch you can easily start making careless mistakes. You might miss a slide or make typos. It's crucial to check your spelling and grammar. You should also check your photos, document formatting, animations, and extra media. Try to do these checks after a short break or even the next day. This will help you look at the presentation with fresh eyes. 

If you feel you need more help, get someone to proofread your slides. Your proofreader can also double up as your audience. They can help you rehearse and perfect your presentation.

10 Best Education Topics for School Presentations

So far, we’ve covered a lot about presentation design and templates that you can use to create your education presentation. We’ve also covered tips on making your presentation even better. 

Now, let’s talk about educational presentation topics. Here are 10 topics that would work well for educational presentations: 

  1. How Do Vaccines Work? This is one topic that's currently on trend and can help educate students on the importance of vaccinations and how they work in general.

  2. The Effects of Climate Change on the World Around Us. Climate change is another relevant topic that can help raise awareness of the effects of global warming and ways to help reduce its impact.

  3. What Is White Privilege? Help your students learn more about racial inequality and the difference in world experience between races.

  4. 10 Most Influential Historical Persons. You can approach this topic in two ways: 1) Let them pick influential persons from a certain period in history. 2) Or go wide and let them pick people from different eras.

  5. How Were the Egyptian Pyramids Built? Students will learn the fascinating history between Egyptian pyramids and what they represented.

  6. What Is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is gaining in popularity. With this topic, your students can learn more about it. 

  7. How to Use Social Media Responsibly. Social media is a double-edged sword. Help your students learn the common pitfalls and teach them how to use social media responsibly and safely. 

  8. The Evolution of the Internet. Use this topic to teach the students of all ages about the Internet’s beginnings and how it evolved throughout the years.

  9. The First Man on the Moon. Moon landing is always a fascinating topic, so this is the perfect subject for students of all ages.

  10. The History of the Car Industry. Help your students learn more about how the cars came about. Explain how they evolved with time all the way up to self-driving cars.

5 Benefits of Using Professional Education PowerPoints Templates

Are you still on the fence about professional education PowerPoint templates? Here are five great reasons why you should use the best presentation templates on educations:

  1. Using a template saves you time. You don’t have to waste hours choosing colors or fonts or coming up with an engaging layout. All the design foundation is already there, all you've got to do is add your content. 
  2. Your presentation will have a professional and polished look. The professional look will provide your audience with the best possible experience. 
  3. All the slides you need are already in the presentation. Adding a graph or sharing more information about your idea is easy thanks to a variety of slide designs.
  4. Reuse the template. With Envato Elements no matter how many education presentations you make you can reuse the same template. Just replace the contents for each new presentation. 
  5. Customize the template to your liking. Choose a different color or opt for a different font. Academic PowerPoint (PPT) templates are easy to customize and most of them include several premade color schemes.

Benefits of Envato Elements (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a unique service. For one low monthly fee, you get access to tons of gorgeous academic PowerPoint templates that are easy to customize.

Education PPT Templates from Envato ElementsEducation PPT Templates from Envato ElementsEducation PPT Templates from Envato Elements
Try the premium PowerPoint presentation examples for students and educators on Envato Elements.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You can instantly download premade education PPT templates. There are also unlimited icons, and other design assets—all for a single, flat-rate price. 

More Great PowerPoint Template Designs

If you didn’t find a school PPT template that fits your subject best in the list above, then dig deeper. We've got a bunch of PowerPoint teacher templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Or browse through our best-curated template showcases. They're found in our Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint Templates:

Common PowerPoint Presentation Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you’re getting ready to create an education presentation, you probably have a lot of questions about PowerPoint. Here, we've gathered some of the most commonly asked questions along with their answers: 

1. Can I Use PowerPoint For Free?

Microsoft PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office Suite, which is a paid suite of office apps. But you can use Microsoft PowerPoint Online for free. The free version will give you the basic functionality.

This tutorial explains about the various versions of MS PowerPoint:

2. What Types of Presentations Can I Create with PowerPoint?

There's no limit to the kind of presentations you can make with PowerPoint. From educational presentations to business portfolio presentations, PowerPoint can handle it all.

3. Can I Use My Excel Spreadsheets With PowerPoint?

Yes, you can. Linking the two applications is easy as is adding your Excel data to PowerPoint to create graphs and charts in PowerPoint.

Learn how in this tutorial:

4. How Can I Print Out My Slides?

Printing out your slides isn't difficult. You may want to print out your slides as handouts. We've got a tutorial that'll help you learn everything you need to know about preparing your slides for printing:

5. Can I Work With Others on My Presentation?

Yes, you can. Collaboration is a great way to share your PowerPoint ideas for school among team members. Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easy to collaborate with others. We've got a detailed guide to help you set it up:

Learn More About Working With PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful program that can help you design any type of presentation. If you want to learn more about working with PowerPoint we've got plenty of tutorials to help you master PowerPoint: 

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

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How to Make a Great Presentation Free eBookHow to Make a Great Presentation Free eBookHow to Make a Great Presentation Free eBook

Get an Education PowerPoint Template Today

You've just seen some of the best education PowerPoint presentation templates. We've also shared some education topic ideas for presentations. Plus, you've read about some of our best tips and PowerPoint ideas for schools.

You're ready to create your next education PowerPoint presentation!

If you've got an upcoming academic presentation, premium slide designs will help highlight your points. Don’t rely on free academic PowerPoint templates for teachers. They often have dated styles that end up showcasing your lessons poorly. 

Instead, grab a premium education PowerPoint PPT template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. The best education PPT templates for college project and academic presentations have the slide designs you deserve.

We’ve featured many great designs above. Or browse through our newest school PPT themes or most popular education PowerPoint templates for more options.  

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron and Nathan Umoh. Brenda is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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