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25 Best Event Sponsorship Proposal Templates (Example Downloads for 2020)


Have an upcoming event where you need help from sponsors? Is it challenging to attract sponsors for your events? Start with the right event sponsorship proposal.

If you're unsure how to write a proposal for an event, using an event proposal template will help you win the hearts of potential sponsors.

Event Proposal Template
This attractive and convincing Event Proposal Template from Envato Elements will have your prospective sponsors knocking at your door.

The key ingredients of an effective event sponsorship proposal are: 

  • persuasive content 
  • easy-to-follow structure 
  • visually captivating designs 

Don’t know where to begin?

Learn how to write a proposal for an event with simple steps from real-life practices of some of the best event proposals out there. In this article, you'll learn the fundamentals in writing effective event proposals with practical formats to stick to.

We've also included some of the best event proposal examples to draw inspiration from. You can easily edit these event proposal samples to better suit your event needs and communicate your event as worth sponsoring.

Best Event Proposal Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements curates some of the most effective event proposal templates today. You’ll only need one subscription. With Elements you won’t just get access to event sponsorship proposal templates. You’ll also enjoy thousands of digital assets that are included with your subscription.

Envato Elements
For a low monthly fee you get unlimited access to thousands of high quality design assets on Envato Elements.

While you may be tempted to download an event sponsorship proposal template for free online, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. High quality premium proposal templates, such as those available through Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, offer more choice and better design options than event sponsorship proposal templates you find for free.

Event Proposal Templates
Make your event proposal count. Choose between thousands of event planning proposal templates on Envato Elements.

Not yet convinced? Envato Elements understands the importance of branding to winning an event sponsorship proposal. These templates are customizable so you can easily make each event proposal unique.

5 Great Examples of Event Proposal Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

To get you started, here’s our latest list of the 2020 best event planning request for proposal templates available on Envato Elements:

1. Event Proposal Template

Event Proposal Template

This sharp and professional-looking event sponsorship proposal template doc will get the right sponsors for your next event. It’s completely editable in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word so you can brand it according to your needs.

2. Event Page

Event Page

This straightforward and clean event sponsorship template is perfect for your next product launch, digital marketing event, startup convention, and any other business-related events. 

3. Event Proposal

Event Proposal

Get your sponsors lined up using this event proposal template with a modern and minimalist finish. It comes with 16 custom pages document, so you’ll have plenty of inspiration to choose from. 

4. Client Proposal Template

Client Proposal Template

This ready-to-print event proposal example contains 25 templates with A4 Size. It's perfect for any type of event and other business purposes.

5. Guvana: Event, Seminar, Conference PowerPoint Proposal

Guvana Event Seminar Conference PowerPoint

If you fancy something bolder and more exciting, this event proposal format is within your taste. With 50 unique and editable presentation proposal slide designs, you’ll get a visual style that'll surely captivate your potential sponsors. 

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from creative website themes to event proposal templates, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional proposal templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Or, if you only need a single event proposal template download it from Envato's pay-as-you go template marketplace, GraphicRiver.

20 Best Event Proposal Template Designs Examples from GraphicRiver for 2020

Envato Elements is such a steal for anyone who wants to get unlimited downloads and access to digital assets. But if you just need one event proposal template for now, then GraphicRiver could be the best alternative.

GraphicRiver event proposal templates
You can find tons of event proposal examples available for individual sale at GraphicRiver.

To help you find the right template, here are some of editable and visually stunning event proposal templates on GraphicRiver in 2020: 

1. Event Proposal Template

Event Proposal Template

Edit this modern event sponsorship proposal template doc with InDesign or Word. The template has a bright and colorful yellow color scheme, but you can easily customize it and change it. The template comes with image placeholders. Easily insert your own images.

2. SEO Proposal Template

SEO Proposal Template

If you’re looking for a trendy and professional proposal that'll catch the eye of potential clients, this template is a great choice. Edit it with InDesign. It comes with 16 pages total to share information about your team, SEO packages, and other relevant information.

3. Clean Landscape Proposal

Clean Landscape Proposal

Consider this clean landscape proposal if you’re looking for a clean and minimalistic template. This template comes with 40 pages and can be edited in InDesign. The template was designed in A4 format and comes with 10 different color schemes.

4. Festive Sponsorship Proposal

Festive Sponsorship Proposal

Designed perfectly for event managers and organizers. Get the right sponsors using this bold and engaging event proposal template. This is highly recommended for music events, award shows, cultural festivals, and other celebrations because of its festive graphics. 

5. Proposal Fashion Show

Proposal Fashion Show

Have an upcoming fashion show to organize? This event proposal format is modern and clean so you can showcase more photographs of your clothes and models. 

6. Clean Media Sponsorship Proposal Template

Clean Media Sponsorship Proposal Template

With 36 proposal pages, this event sponsorship proposal template gives you a variety of design options to choose from. The finish is professional and modern so you can get the right sponsors in no time. 

7. Web Design Proposal

Web Design Proposal

With a modern and corporate look, you can secure a big-time sponsor with this event proposal template made for digital and web design events. 

8. Content Marketing Proposal

Content Marketing Proposal

Available in 10 modern color designs, you can surely get the attention of the perfect sponsor for any kind of event. It’s easy to change the colors, the dimensions, and the content. 

9. Yoga Flyer Template

Yoga Flyer Template

This template is for any event where health and wellness are promoted like yoga and other related activities. It uses vibrant colors with bold typography. 

10. Landscape Auto Car Brochure

Landscape Auto Car Brochure

Planning an automobile show or a car dealership event? This template is perfect for events where cars are the main star of the show. 

11. Sponsorship Proposal

Sponsorship Proposal

This event proposal template is designed for any kind of project or events. It showcases essential information and combined with modern illustrations. 

12. Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Get that project secured with this proposal template for any kind of event or project. Easily change colors, dimensions, or use different design combinations to match the feel of your event.

13. Sponsorship Proposal

Sponsorship Proposal

If you need visually striking graphics, this event sponsorship template will do the job. It comes with a huge option of 32 pages, so you’ll have plenty of designs and formats to choose from. 

14. Simple Landscape Proposal Templates

Simple Landscape Proposal Templates

For more reserved and traditional companies, this event proposal template balances the modern and professional looks. 

15. E-Commerce Business Proposal

E-Commerce Business Proposal

With 20 page designs, showcase your eCommerce store event more effectively. It's got outstanding future-forward graphics perfect for online businesses. 

16. Travel Proposal

Travel Proposal

Travel companies, hotels, booking sites, and other hospitality-centric services can use this event proposal template because of its tourism-focused look and feel. 

17. Catering Proposal

Catering Proposal

Anyone in the food business will want this event proposal template. Conveniently showcase your food and menu options easily. 

18. Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsorship Prospectus

If you're looking for a more futuristic look, this event proposal template is the perfect cut. It’s unique, sleek, and a visual breath taker. 

19. Business Proposal Template

Business Proposal Template

This template has a multipurpose, versatile design. Use it for sponsorship proposals and general business proposals. This template is actually a bundle with three proposal templates in one. Edit all the templates with InDesign or Word. 

20. Sports Sponsorship Proposal Template

Sports Sponsorship Proposal Template

If you’re looking for a sports sponsorship proposal, this template is a great choice. It's got a bold, dark color scheme, but you can easily customize it to your liking. Edit the template in InDesign. It includes 24 pages in A4 format. 

5 Quick Event Sponsorship Proposal Design Tips for 2020

You may be wondering how to write a proposal for an event. To save you time, we’ve outlined the right ways to write, design, and format your event proposal: 

1. Follow Your Branding Style

The first tip is to follow your branding style guidelines. This will ensure that your proposal is easily recognizable. It'll also reinforce your brand. Use your brand colors and fonts and a consistent image and photo style throughout your proposal. 

Temply Proposal Template
Temply Proposal Template would work well as an event sponsorship proposal example.

2. Keep It Easy to Read

The second tip is to keep your proposal easy to read. Aside from using a legible font, use proper text formatting. Stick to short paragraphs and use headings and bullet points to make the copy easy to skim through. 

3. Pay Attention to the Cover

Put as much thought into your proposal cover as you do in the rest of the proposal. Use a high-quality photo and make sure to include your company’s logo. Or, consider using your main brand color with a shape overlay. Also, add your website address to the bottom of the page.

Event Brief Proposal
Event Brief Proposal has an attractive event proposal design.

4. Mind the White Space

White space refers to the space around each individual element. Be sure to leave enough space between your text, images, and other elements to avoid your proposal looking cluttered. 

5. Style The Call To Action

Lastly, make sure to include a call to action at the end of the proposal. This should clearly outline what the next step should be, whether that’s filling out a form, calling you, or emailing you. Use a contrasting color to make it stand out from the rest of the proposal.

This template proposal would work will for an event sponsorship.

How to Write a Proposal for an Event

You may be wondering how to write a proposal for an event. To save you time, we’ve outlined the right ways to write, design, and format your event proposal. 

Step 1. Briefly Introduce Your Organization, Event, & Goals

The first step is to let your potential sponsors know about your organization. Even if you're a well-known organization, it’s good to start with a bit of introduction about who and what you are as a company.

Then, go ahead and tell about the event you’re going to launch. Answer these must-know questions: 

  • What's the event all about? 
  • Why are you doing the event? 
  • What are the goals you want to achieve? 
  • How does this event correlate with your company?

Your potential sponsors must be able to understand why you’re creating an event. This shouldn’t be too long. The more concise and brief you are, the better.

Project Proposal Contract  Invoice Template
This Project Proposal Contract & Invoice Template has a dedicated section where you can highlight your company history, experience, and vision.

Step 2. Explain How Your Potential Sponsors Will Benefit 

This part is very crucial. What’s in it for them? 

The idea is sponsorship is a two-way relationship. You benefit from their financial or non-financial support. In return, your sponsors get something too. It’s good to note what benefits they can get before, during, and after the event.

What are you offering to them? What makes the event sponsorship so tempting?  There are many ways you can present the benefits of sponsoring your event. Here are a few well-rounded justifications:

  • Get potential leads. They’ll get the opportunity to generate potential customers.
  • Network with other businesses. Aside from exposure to new audiences and customers, sponsors can also find new business partnerships.
  • Add to their corporate social responsibility. If your event benefits a charity or for a good cause, potential sponsors will get a positive brand image. 

Step 3. Offer Sponsorship Levels

In event sponsorship, it’s common that sponsors are offered different sponsorship levels. This leveling often comes with a package where price has already been set and the inclusive benefits attached to it.

Use tiering to divide the sponsorship levels. Some use package names such as platinum, gold, silver, or bronze package. You can get creative at this point. Make sure that you clearly define the inclusions and the distinctions for each sponsorship level. 

Step 4. Lay Out Your Terms & Conditions

Every event sponsorship proposal must include the terms and conditions of the proposed partnerships. To ensure that sponsors won't take advantage of you, define the limitations of the sponsorship clearly.

Also, this section should also include your negotiation terms. Of course, there will be sponsors who will ask for discounts or extra perks on top of the inclusive benefits. You want to appear as open as possible so that potential sponsors won’t be put off easily.

Project Proposal Contract  Invoice Template
This is an example of an event proposal template doc where you can write the terms and conditions of your event sponsorship.

Step 5. Close With a Persuasive Call-To-Action

Finally, your event sponsorship proposal must include an action step from your sponsors. Don’t let them get away easily. Make sure that you’re closing your event proposal with an urgent call-to-action.

One way to do this is to add a deadline to your event proposal. This way, your potential sponsors know when they must decide. But, to make it more effective add a time-sensitive offer to your call to action. For example, add a huge early bird discount or savings to the first five sponsors.

To learn more compelling strategies and practical tips to close any business deals, read the following tutorial:

Find More Consulting Proposal Templates

Aside from event sponsorship proposals, you'll find yourself dealing with other business negotiations. From making project proposals, getting more clients, or simply closing any type of business deals, you've got to always plan accordingly.

To help you with your business proposal needs, here are some great roundup posts that you can read and win your business proposal any time of the year:

Common Proposal Questions Answered (FAQ)

Are you still wondering what to include in your proposal? Below, we’ve gathered the most common questions about proposals and our answers to them:

1. What's the Recommended Structure of a Proposal?

A proposal usually consists of the following sections:

  • an introduction
  • the main problem outline
  • proposed solution
  • qualifications
  • and an overview of costs and benefits

After that, wrap up the proposal with a conclusion and next steps. We've got a detailed guide on writing a winning proposal that you can use as a reference:

2. What Programs Should I Use to Design My Proposal?

Use a professional page layout and publishing program. Some examples include InDesign and Microsoft Word. Learn more about publishing programs in these tutorials:

3. What Types of Proposals Are There?

There are several different proposal types. The main three types are:

  • unsolicited
  • formally solicited
  • informally solicited 

Other types of proposals include:

  • continuation
  • renewal
  • supplemental proposals

4. What Is a Request for a Proposal?

Sponsorship Proposal Example
This popular event proposal template from Envato Elements is perfect for responding to an RFP.

A Request for a Proposal (RFP) is sent out to possible suppliers or vendors of a desired product or service. The document includes the specific requirements needed.

If interested, potential suppliers or vendors respond with a proposal that addresses the points listed in the RFP. Pricing and timelines are usually also included.

5. How Long Should My Proposal Be?

The length of the proposal depends on the nature and scope of the project. You need to cover everything the client needs to know without overwhelming them with too much information. Typically, it takes between 10-15 pages to cover everything important, but more complex proposals may need to be longer.

Learn More About Making Awesome Proposals in 2020

Creating a great and engaging proposal that wins clients is no small feat. Luckily, we've got plenty of tutorials to help you make an awesome proposal in 2020 and beyond. Start with these tutorials: 

Download the Best Event Sponsorship Proposal Templates Today

As you write your event sponsorship proposal, remember to keep your sponsors in mind. Write your content according to your potential sponsors’ point of view. This way, they can easily understand what you’re trying to relay. At the end of the day, sponsors want to know what’s in it for them.

Remember: the key to designing a successful event proposal is always making sure you’re unique, visually captivating, and benefits-driven.

To design and format your event proposal, get inspired by the best event proposal templates from Envato Elements made for various industries. Also, check out highly customizable event proposal examples on GraphicRiver for any business needs. 

Why not download your favorite event sponsorship proposal template now and get started?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding great new innovative sponsorship proposal designs that you can use to make your next proposal stand out.

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