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18 Best Free Annual Report Template Downloads 2021 (Word Designs & More)


Annual reports are a crucial part of your business and its yearly operations. If you need to present department or company results to your boss or to potential investors and partners, creating an annual report can seem daunting. That’s where an annual report template download comes in handy. 

Annual Report from Envato Elements
A Premium Annual Report from Envato Elements

In this article, you'll learn all about annual report template docs. We'll show you how to create the best annual report. We'll also share some top premium and free annual report templates.

Design an Annual Report Quickly With Premium Templates (Designs for 2020/2021)

Before we dive into free annual report templates, let’s look at some of the premium annual report templates. You can buy premium annual report templates on marketplaces like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. 

Envato Elements offers thousands of beautiful premium annual report templates that can easily be customized to your liking. Plus, you’ll find thousands of other design templates and assets that you can use to spice up your annual reports. 

annual report templates on Envato Elements
Choose between hundreds of premium annual report template docs on Envato Elements.

The biggest advantage of Envato Elements is that you can download as many templates as you need for one low monthly price. 

While free creative report templates are a decent starting point if your budget is low, a premium template will have more options. It'll also have more features including more premade page templates, visual elements to support your design, and more. 

5 Best Annual Report Templates From Envato Elements for 2020/2021

Let's look at some of the best annual report templates from Envato Elements below:

1. Annual Report - Modern Annual Report Template

Annual Report - Modern Annual Report Template

This modern and simple annual report template was designed for InDesign. It comes with 20 premade pages designed for A4 and US letter size. The template includes all the pages you need to present key business statistics and data from past year. 

2. Annual Report - Creative Annual Report InDesign Template

Annual Report - Creative Annual Report InDesign Template

Try this creative annual report template if you want your report to stand out. Edit the template InDesign. It comes with 20 premade pages. It's also got well-organized layers. Add the following:

  • company information
  • working structure
  • procedure
  • data analysis
  • performance analysis
  • company’s financial health
  • and more 

3. Annual Report - Professional InDesign Annual Report Design

Annual Report - Professional InDesign Annual Report Design

This annual report design template has a professional look with over 40 custom pages. It was created for InDesign. All the pages are based on master pages so you can easily customize them. The template comes with more than enough space to include information about your company, data, and financial status.

4. Annual Report - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Annual Report - Minimal PowerPoint Template

This annual report template was made in PowerPoint, which makes it very easy to edit. The template has 49 unique slides based on master slides. It includes image placeholders for easy editing. This template was designed in full HD resolution.

5. Annual Report PowerPoint - Clean Template Design

Annual Report PowerPoint - Clean Template Design

If you’re looking for a clean and minimal design that’s easy to edit, look no further than this annual report design template. This annual report comes with many different slides for presenting business goals and objectives, financial information, data and statistics, and more. The template also includes 800 professionally designed icons that you can use in your annual report.

Top Annual Report Templates on GraphicRiver for 2021

Another place to find premium annual report templates is GraphicRiver. It offers thousands of premium annual report templates that you can buy individually. 

annual reports on GraphicRiver
Creative report templates from GraphicRiver

Look at some of our best-selling annual report templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Annual Report - Simple Annual Report Template In InDesign

Annual Report - Simple Annual Report Template In InDesign

This annual report features a simple and clean design. It was made in InDesign and based on master pages for easy editing. The template comes with 24 pages in A4 size. It also includes a detailed help file with a bonus list of fonts used in the template. 

2. Annual Report - Stylish Annual Report Template

Annual Report - Stylish Annual Report Template

This stylish annual report was made in InDesign and has an elegant design. It comes with 24 pages that use a grid-based layout. It's based on master pages for easy customization and editing. 

3. Annual Report - Versatile Template Design

Annual Report - Versatile Template Design

This versatile annual report template includes 16 customizable pages that make it easy to add information about your business objectives, financials, and other statistics. The template was designed in A4 size. 

4. Annual Report - Clean InDesign Template

Annual Report - Clean InDesign Template

This template has a minimal design. So, it’s sure to make the contents of your annual report stand out. Customize it with InDesign. The template was designed in A4 size and comes with 24 pages. 

18 Best Free Annual Report Templates to Download for 2020/2021

Before looking for free creative report templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always corporate report templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

Now let's look at 18 best annual report templates from around the web that you can download for free. As mentioned earlier, free templates are a good choice if you’re just getting started and don’t have a big budget for marketing and other materials. Luckily, there's no shortage of free annual report templates available online.

Here are the free creative annual report templates:

1. Free Annual Report Template In Word

Free Annual Report Template In Word

Check out this free annual report template doc if you need a template that’s quick to customize. The template was designed in Word and includes simple instructions for editing.

2. Free InDesign Annual Report Template

If you're looking for a free company InDesign annual report templates, this is a good choice. Use this corporate report template to create a financial report for your company. It includes 12 premade pages along with a cover page.

3. Free PowerPoint Annual Report Template

If you prefer working with PowerPoint, give this template a try. It’s based on master slides for easy editing. It also includes drag and drop image placeholders. The template comes with 15 pages. 

4. Free Word Annual Report Template

This company annual report format template has a simple design that can be edited in Word. It comes with several premade pages necessary for showcasing financial and other information about your company.

5. Multipurpose Free Annual Report Template

This is another Word annual report template design to download for free. Use it for annual reports as well as proposals. 

6. Free Annual Report Template for InDesign

Free Annual Report Template for InDesign

With the help of this template, create a complete financial report for your company. The free InDesign report template has some premade pages based on master pages. It also includes premade character and paragraph styles.  

7. Free Business Annual Report Template

This free annual report template uses a custom theme that you can customize with your own fonts and colors. The template includes a completely designed cover page and several inner pages. This is a good option if you're looking for a report template free download.

8. Annual Report Free PowerPoint Template

Consider this annual report template design for free if you use PowerPoint regularly. The template includes a cover page and various inner pages for creating financial reports, data analysis, and more. The template includes eight pages.

9. Free Annual Finance Report PowerPoint Template

This free template is a good choice for any type of financial report. The template has four master slides for cover page and various financial reports. It comes in both full HD and standard resolution.

10. Free Word Annual Report Template

If you use Word, use this free template to create your annual reports. The template includes a cover page as well as some inner pages. 

11. Free Corporate Executive Report Template

Executive Report Template

This free annual report template has a corporate design. It comes with a cover page and various inner pages. Customize colors and fonts and add your own images.

12. Business Annual Report Template Free Download

This bright corporate annual report template has a cover page and various inner pages for financial reports, marketing data analysis, and more. Customize this free creative annual report format in Word and change colors as well as fonts. 

13. Free Minimalist Annual Report Template Design

Try this company annual report template design for free if you’re looking for a minimalist template. It's got a simple cover page and inner pages. Use it for presenting important company data.    

14. Multipurpose Free Report Template

Don't miss this report template for free download. Use this report template as both brochure and report. It’s a good choice for a medical industry. Customize the template in Illustrator and Photoshop.

15. Free Brochure and Annual Report Template

Brochure and Annual Report Template

Check out this free annual report template if you want a modern design. The template includes 20 pages. It's a good choice for all kinds of financial reports.

16. Free Annual Report Template Word

Download this annual report template design for free and edit it in Word. It comes with a custom cover pages and inner pages for financial reports and data analysis.

17. Free Annual Report Template

This free template is a good choice for any type of annual report. It comes with a cover page as well as an index page. So, recipients can easily locate different parts of the report. Customize it in Word.

18. Free Strategic Annual Report Template

This free template is a good choice when you need to submit a strategic annual report. The template has a custom cover page. Customize colors, fonts, and add your own photos, all within Word. 

How to Customize an Annual Report Template in InDesign

Let's look at some quick tips to help you start customizing your annual report template today. For this demonstration, we'll work with an annual report template for Adobe InDesign. These processes will differ if you opt to use a different software environment. 

We'll use this annual report design, below. Feel free to download it now and work along with these tips or use a different annual report template of your choosing. 

Adobe InDesign Annual Report Template
Download this Adobe InDesign annual report template and many more designs on Envato Elements

1. Navigate Your Template's Pages

First things first, regardless of your chosen software environment, it's a good idea to scope out all your template's included pages. This way, mix, match, and decide which ones you'd like to include in your final annual template design.

In Adobe InDesign, we can check out our pages by going to the Pages Panel. Go to Window > Pages to open this panel up if you don't already see it. 

  • Scroll up and down, within this window, to view the pages included in the document.
  • Double click on any previewed page within the Pages Panel to jump to that page in your work area.
  • Right Click (on PC) or Command Click (on Mac) on any page to delete, duplicate, or move a page. 
Adobe InDesign Pages Panel

2. Edit the Text

One of the core components that you'll want to edit in your annual report template is the text itself. Thankfully, this tends to be a user-friendly process, in most software environments—and Adobe InDesign is no exception.

Use the Type Tool (highlighted below) to click on any existing text box and begin editing.

If you'd like to create a new text box—a container that "holds" text in your document—click and drag to draw your new text box. Then click to add and edit text, just as you would in an existing text box.

InDesign Type Tool

3. Change Template Colors

You'll likely want to change the colors within your annual report template to match your professional brand. 

Look at your Fill Color and Stroke Color at the bottom of your Tools Panel—they're highlighted below. Think of the Stroke Color kind of like an outline or line color. In contrast, the Fill Color will fill the inside of your rectangular frames.

In the example below, the selected rectangular frame now has a blue fill and no stroke color.

InDesign Annual Report Fill Color Change

4. Move Design Elements Around

But maybe you want to move and adjust entire design elements in your annual template design. That's a simple change too.

Select your Selection Tool, in your Tools Panel—it's highlighted, below. 

With this tool selected, click to select elements of your design. Then, click and drag to move them around. You can also use your arrow keys to reposition elements of your design.

If you can't select part of your design, check your Layers Panel (if you don't see this panel, go to Window > Layers to open it up). Some templates may separate elements on different layers—in this case, check to see if any layers are locked.

InDesign Selection Tool

5. Import Imagery

Let's walk through importing imagery into our annual report template design. If you need some professional imagery with a commercial license, check out Envato Elements.

To import an image into an existing placeholder, first select the placeholder (or rectangular frame) with the Selection tool.

Then, go to File > Place. InDesign will then prompt you to select the image file from your computer. Select it, click OK to continue, and InDesign will place the image into your document. It's that simple.

In cases where you don't have an existing placeholder, you can either:

  • Create your own placeholder by using the Rectangular Frame tool. Click and drag, with this tool selected, to draw new rectangular frames in your design.
  • Go ahead and use the File > Place method without a placeholder or rectangular frame. Then, when importing, click and drag to draw a new frame on the spot. Otherwise, InDesign will import the image at full size.
Place Imagery InDesign
Stock Imagery by photographer DragonImages on Envato Elements.

How to Customize an Annual Report Template in Microsoft Word

Now that you know how to customize an annual report template in InDesign, let’s take a look at how you can quickly customize it in Microsoft Word. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll use this annual report template from Envato Elements.

annual report template
Annual Report template on Envato Elements

1. Customize the Cover

First things first, let’s customize the cover of your annual report in Word. If you’re using the same template, you’ll notice that the cover page has a unique image placeholder. To insert your own image, click on the shape and select Picture or Texture Fill under the Fill tool. 

Customizing the cover for the annual report template
Customizing the cover for the annual report template

Microsoft Word will insert one of the built-in images. But if you click the Insert button, you can add your own image from your computer. 

You’ll also want to customize the year and add your own logo by clicking on the shape and selecting the Picture or Texture fill. Don’t forget to delete the text on the logo placeholder.

2. Replace Content

Once you’ve customized the cover, the next step is to add your own content. Simply double-click on any text area then press CTRL+A to select all the text. Delete it and then type in your own.

Replacing content in the annual report template
Replacing content in the annual report template in Word

3. Change Fonts

As you’re replacing content customize the fonts at the same time. Select the text and then choose a different font from the drop down menu. 

Changing fonts in the annual report

4. Customize Colors

Easily customize the colors in your annual report template. Using your brand colors is a great way to make your report look more cohesive and professional. 

To customize the colors, right-click on a colored area and press Format Shape. Under the Fill tool, select Solid Fill. Choose one of the predefined colors or enter the hex code for your own color.

Customizing colors in the annual report template
Customizing colors

5. Import Images

The last step is to import your own images. Start by right-clicking on the shape and select Format Shape. Under the Fill option, select Picture or Texture Fill and click Insert. Locate the picture on your computer and click Insert.

Importing images in the annual report template
Adding images to the annual report template in Word

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Annual Report Designs for 2020/2021

Once you've found an annual report template you like, it’s time to put it to use and create and design the actual report. Here are five tips that'll help you make a great annual report design:

1. Keep It Spacious

The most important tip when it comes to annual report design is to leave plenty of room between different elements on the page. Break up long paragraphs and use headings as necessary to make the report more appealing. 

Annual Report 2020
Premium Annual Report 2021

2. Use Visuals

Don’t forget to add charts, graphs, and various infographic elements to your annual report. Visuals like these will help break up your text and make the data easier to digest. 

3. Keep It Simple

While you want to use infographic elements, don’t go overboard. Keep your annual report simple so key stakeholders can focus on the content of the report instead of being distracted by the design elements.

ProBiz Annual Report Template
ProBiz Annual Report Template from Envato Elements

4. Make It Branded

Use company colors, fonts, and other brand assets throughout the report to keep it on brand. This will make it cohesive with the rest of the company’s documents.

5. Ensure There’s Plenty of Contrast

Contrast will make your report more legible as well as help certain elements stand out. An easy way to apply contrast is to use black text on white background. Use brighter colors for any other visual element.  

Business Report Template
Premium Business Report Template

More Annual Report Template Resources

Looking for even more annual report design templates? Check out these collections for even more design inspiration, or add even more designs to your collection today:

Where to Find the Best PowerPoint Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

There's a lot of really awesome content out there. So, how do you know where to find the best annual report design templates to fit your needs? Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are two outstanding choices for premium, professional designs at a competitive price.

However, these services differ. Here's some insights into how to find the right annual report template for your project and budget:

1. Key Benefit of Envato Elements

Often, when working on a project, you need more than one asset. Sure, you've got your annual report template, but what about fonts, photographs, and imagery? Finding everything you need can be a big-time investment—and a financial investment too.

With a service like Envato Elements, download as much as you want across a wide variety of content for one, low fee. That's one fee, unlimited downloads, from a huge library of varied content.

Envato Element Annual Report Templates
There's so many annual report templates to choose from on Envato Elements—all included with one fee.

2. Key Benefit of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

But let's say you're just looking for one, specific asset. Maybe you're looking to download one annual report design template, and that's it! In cases where you don't necessarily need unlimited downloads, look at a service like GraphicRiver.

GraphicRiver has a large collection of professionally designed assets with no strings attached. It's one payment, one download—simple, easy, and straight forward.

GraphicRiver Annual Report Templates
Choose from a wide variety of professionally designed annual report templates on GraphicRiver.

Your Choice (What's Right For You)

Professional ventures are rarely about one, singular project. We're out there working on annual reports, presentations, briefs, and so much more. When you're regularly invested in so many projects, a service like Envato Elements can be a time saving, cost effective investment. Sign up for Envato Elements now and take advantage of unlimited downloads.

Envato Elements
Envato Elements - Design without Limits

Or, if you're looking for a single download, check out GraphicRiver today. It's a quick and effective way to find just the right professional asset for your project—one download, one fee, no additional fuss.

Common Annual Report Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you're working on your annual report design, questions are bound to arise. Here's a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help supplement your progress:

1. What Should I Write? (How to Write a Great Annual Report)

The design and visual aspects of your annual report are very important. But, what's a strong annual report design without solid, well written content? It's important that your written components speak in a clear, direct, and professional manner to your audience.

  • Consider listing all the major components that your annual report should include. Having a solid outline will help you write with purpose, rather than rambling on.
  • Remember to check and double check your work for typos, grammatical errors, and awkward flow. 
  • Your target audience is important—know who they are and how to best communicate with them. This way, you can further write with strategy and purpose.

Here are some more tips and tricks to help you with the written part of your annual report design.

2. How Do I Use Microsoft Word Templates? 

Would you like to use Microsoft Word for your annual report template design needs? Luckily, this is not only a viable option but a flexible option, in this scenario. But, if you're not quite sure how to use Microsoft Word efficiently, check out this tutorial. It walks through some Microsoft Word basics that'll help you jump right in and get started.

3. How Do I Make an Annual Report in Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is a powerful design tool and a perfect fit for creating and designing your next annual report. Don't let the software intimidate you—it's never been easier to jump in and create an annual report in InDesign. Check out this tutorial, which walks through how to quickly work with an annual report template design in Adobe InDesign. 

4. Where Can I Find Creative Annual Report Design Ideas?

Coming up with visually engaging design ideas can be a real challenge, even for seasoned design professionals. So, don't be too hard on yourself if you find yourself stuck on what might (or might not) be the right design solution for your project. 

Visual research is an awesome way to get a feel for what others have done, and what you could potentially do, too. Keep in mind this is about observing application and not necessarily copying. It means checking out what works and trying to understand why.

Check out this collection of creative annual report templates, for example.

5. What If I Need to Share My Annual Report Virtually?

Being able to work and deliver content virtually is becoming more important than ever. It's likely that you'll need to share parts of your business offerings online and this might include your annual report. This could include exporting or publishing as web friendly formats or even presenting your content to your audience remotely.

Need to give a business presentation online? Check out this collection of live online webinar software.

Learn More About Creating Annual Reports

Creating a great annual report might seem daunting but we've got plenty of tutorials to help you out. Learn more about the process of writing and designing annual reports with these articles: 

Create an Annual Report Quickly With a Template

Creating an annual report doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With the right template, you can design and prepare an annual report quickly. Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have plenty of excellent annual report templates. 

Don't be fooled by free creative report templates you find online. Most of the time, report templates for free download lack the features and professional quality you need.

If you’re looking for an annual report template and want the flexibility to try out as many designs as possible as well as download unlimited design assets such as brochures or business cards, Envato Elements is a great choice. Sign up for the low monthly plan and start downloading annual report templates. 

If you only need a single template and know exactly what kind of style you’re looking for, check out annual report templates over on GraphicRiver.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting and creative animated presentation templates with the best, trending designs.

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