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25 Best Free Corporate Financial Annual Report Themes for Your Business in 2023

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Delivering a great financial annual report that's easy to digest can be difficult. Choosing a simple and modern template with the best annual report design. This way you'll deliver a memorable annual report. 

Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report
Annual Report is one of the many premium templates available on Envato Elements.
Use a modern and minimalist financial annual report theme for your next project!
Start your presentation with a well-designed theme to show off in your annual report. The elegant and modern corporate annual report themes are sure to help you deliver a great one. In this article, we'll share both free annual reports and premium annual report themes.
Not sure what is a business annual report or how it looks like? Let's go over the best-selling premium corporate annual report themes from Envato Elements.

Stay up to date with the latest designs for the best annual reports. Here are five trending corporate financial annual reports available on Envato Elements:

Try Annual Report and create a comprehensive annual financial report for your team!

Find eye-catching graphics and charts in premium corporate annual reports like this one. It's a great choice if you need to create a comprehensive financial annual report. Here are a few notable features that you can expect from this template:

  • A4 size & US letter size
  • CMYK at 300 DPI print-ready
  • Adobe InDesign for CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC 
  • paragraph and text styles included

2. Red Annual Report

Annual Report by designsoul14Annual Report by designsoul14Annual Report by designsoul14

This is one elegant looking annual report template you can use for any industry. This modern design will make a lasting impression on your audience. The color and text are editable. All you need to do is to type in your information and add your images.

Don't miss out on this stunning looking business annual report!

3. Annual Report Brochure

Annual Report by Creativity-DesignAnnual Report by Creativity-DesignAnnual Report by Creativity-Design

This template allows you to go into great detail about your annual report in a pleasing design. Everything is editable and ready for you to customize.  It's that easy to work with premium annual report themes.

Some of the features for this template include:

  • A4 size ( 210x297 mm + 3 mm Bleeds ).
  • 16-page layouts
  • print ready - 300 DPI
  • free fonts used

4. Mark Annual Report

Annual Report by MaltooAnnual Report by MaltooAnnual Report by Maltoo

Professional annual report themes like this one come with all you need. This template is split into two parts. The first part contains photos and text that provide all the interesting information about the company. The second part contains the growth and future plan details with high-quality graphics. 

Here are a few notable features:

  • file size: A4 with bleed 3 mm
  • 36 pages included
  • compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 & CS6
  • well organized in layers

5. Elegant Annual Report

Annual report themeAnnual report themeAnnual report theme

This Annual Report is a clean and creative template. This layout is suitable for any type of business presentation or report.

Here are the features of this professionally designed template:

  • A4 size and US letter
  • master pages
  • grid-based layout
  • free font used
  • help file included

Best Corporate Financial Annual Report Themes on Envato Elements

When it comes to themes for annual reports, premium templates will give you the best results. Free annual report themes are great to get you started. But they don't have the professional polish that premium themes do.

Try Envato Elements' monthly subscription. You'll get access to all the professionally designed financial annual report themes on the marketplace.

Access this massive library of templates. Take your financial annual reports to the next level! Not only can you access financial annual report themes, also get other resources creative resources. All for a low monthly cost! 

Premium Annual Reports

Best-Selling Financial Annual Report Templates on Envato ElementsBest-Selling Financial Annual Report Templates on Envato ElementsBest-Selling Financial Annual Report Templates on Envato Elements
Best-Selling Financial Annual Report Templates on Envato Elements

These professional themes for annual reports transform your data and text into a full report. It'll stand out in any business. The features in these premium templates can't be found in free downloads.

Most premium financial annual report templates include:

  • graphs, charts, and infographics
  • high-quality images and icons
  • detailed layered designs

Consider these important features included in the premium themes for annual reports. That's what separates free from premium ones. 

On a budget and can't afford these premium templates? Check out some of the best free corporate financial annual reports available on the web.

25 Top Free Corporate Financial Annual Report Themes Download for 2023

One thing before looking for a free business annual report template online. Check out Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not only business annual reports) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

premium free itemspremium free itemspremium free items

The premium themes for annual reports listed above have the highest quality design. But what if you can't afford these templates now?

Here's a list of the best free corporate financial annual report themes for 2023:

1. Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial ReportAnnual Financial ReportAnnual Financial Report

This free financial annual report has tables, line graphs, and a spot for your report's main metrics. This template will be fit for any type of financial annual report but would work well as a small business annual report example.

2. Annual Report Template for Word

This corporate annual report for Word has eight pages including a cover page. Also included is a table of contents. Graphs and images can be added to this Word document.

3. Simple Annual Report Template

This small business annual report example is available in MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages formats. It comes in A4 US letter size and features all the essentials for an annual report.

4. Modern Annual Report Microsoft Work

This yellow comprehensive annual financial report allows you to add all your content. It includes charts for you to transform your information into data.

5. Business Brochure Design

Business Brochure Design Free DownloadBusiness Brochure Design Free DownloadBusiness Brochure Design Free Download

The Business Brochure has a black, gray, and red color scheme. Everything is customizable in this Adobe InDesign template.

6. Business Annual Report Template

Business Annual Report Template features a standard template with simple text. If you just need the basics for your annual report, then this free download can suit your needs.  

7. Business Report

If you're looking for a corporate annual report that's editable in Microsoft Word, then this template can be a good fit. It uses styles, pictures, and SmartArt graphics to present information in the template. 

Business ReportBusiness ReportBusiness Report

8. Annual Business Report Template to Edit

You can expect a 12 page document with business standard fonts in A4 and US letter sizes with this corporate annual report. The file is compatible with MS Word and Apple Pages.

9. Business Report Templates #1

You'll have fields for date, details, and amount in this basic template. It features a black and gray color scheme and only has one page. It would make a good small business annual report example.

10. Free Business Annual Report

Free Business Annual ReportFree Business Annual ReportFree Business Annual Report

You'll find a multi-colored title page and the body broken into three headings with complete instructions on how to use it. Use this for any type of business report.

11. Annual Report Format Template

This simple annual report only features text. Has the basic information included in corporate annual reports. Download this small business annual report for free!

12. Free Mass Corporation Annual Report

This report template has a cover page with extra-large title text and an abstract section. It also includes a three heading body and a sidebar text box. 

13. Business Report Templates #5

Business Report Templates 5Business Report Templates 5Business Report Templates 5

Use this template for business trip reports. This will help your company detail each specific trip that you and your employees might take. Compile this information for your annual report.

14. Bold Business Annual Report

This comprehensive annual financial report contains enough pages to present your information. Use it for any type of annual report. The free download includes a Microsoft Word file. 

15. Annual Sales Report Sample Template

This small business annual report example is another bare-bones template that can be used to start your annual report. It's fully editable and images and graphs can be added where you see fit.

16. Business Report Notebook Kit

Business Report Notebook KitBusiness Report Notebook KitBusiness Report Notebook Kit

The business notebook template comes with a cover page. You'll also find various sizes of binder spine inserts. Plus five divider tabs each with a table of contents.

17. Annual Financial Report Template

This popular annual financial report template is compatible with Apple Pages, MS Word, and Google Docs. This template is appropriate for all types of finance and business presentations.

18. Corporate Annual Report Template

This corporate annual report has a cover page, table of contents, and over four report pages. Edit this template any way you see fit.

19. Finance PowerPoint Template

Finance PowerPoint TemplateFinance PowerPoint TemplateFinance PowerPoint Template

The cover of this template has a finance department catchword and a tower of coins behind them. Use the template for presentations on finance and investments.

20. Financial Report

Financial Report is a blue-themed template that's got layered images and many page layouts. This is a very versatile template that can be used for any type of financial or business presentation.

21. Business Report Annual PowerPoint Templates

Find graphics, timelines, and various page layouts in this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template. The template contains 26 unique slides.

22. Annual Reporting PowerPoint Templates

Annual Reporting Powerpoint TemplatesAnnual Reporting Powerpoint TemplatesAnnual Reporting Powerpoint Templates

27 unique slides come with this free business annual report. This template is unique in that it contains hand-drawn colored graphics on many of the slides?

23. Free Annual Financial Report Template

Check out this free comprehensive annual financial report. It has space to add your company logo. Download it now and start customizing in Word. 

24. Business Team PowerPoint Template

Check out this versatile presentation template. It's suitable for any type of business project or financial report. Still not sure what is a business annual report? Get some guidance with this free download. 

25. Finance Management PowerPoint Template

Finance Management PowerPoint TemplateFinance Management PowerPoint TemplateFinance Management PowerPoint Template

This Finance PowerPoint template will help you give a monetary briefing and to show how to manage your own finances. The file size is 1.7 MB and in PPT format.

Let's now have a look at a few design tips. These can help you improve the quality of your annual reports!

5 Quick Financial Annual Report Theme Design Tips for 2023

Looking to get the most out of your financial annual report themes? In this section, we'll go over five quick design tips to help you create the best possible report for your company:

1. Use Cool Colors

Using cool colors such as green, blue, and purple are ideal for annual reports. These colors help build trust and viewed as professional-looking colors. Use two to three different colors in your color palette. This will be more than enough for a financial annual report. 

Use Cool ColorsUse Cool ColorsUse Cool Colors
This premium annual report template features cool colors throughout the entire template.

2. Include Color Block Layers

Create a sense of three-dimensionality and interest to your business annual report. Add a sizable colored block that's in your color palette to your layouts. You could add text or leave the top blank, which will help separate the layout on a particular page.

Include Color Block LayersInclude Color Block LayersInclude Color Block Layers
This premium annual report template has a page with two-thirds of the page covered by a blue block.

3. Include Multiple Types of Layouts

Help spice up your report and make it more enjoyable to read. Include different layouts for the different sections of your report. It's okay to have some similar looking layouts. But also not having enough change will lead to a stale looking report. Many of the premium themes for annual reports available on Elements.

Include Multiple Types of LayoutsInclude Multiple Types of LayoutsInclude Multiple Types of Layouts
The premium annual financial report comes with various eye-catching layouts.

4. Include Charts and Graphs

What financial annual report would be complete without any charts or graphs? These reports will all contain data. These visuals will help give the viewer a clearer idea of what you're presenting. Simple charts and graphs work well here. Use these charts and graphs for only the most important data that your report is detailing. 

Include Charts and GraphsInclude Charts and GraphsInclude Charts and Graphs
This premium annual business report has plenty of graphs, charts, and icons.

5. Include Photo Pages

Every page in your report doesn't have to be packed with data and text. To help break up all your financial data, try adding in a page at the beginning of each section. Just feature an image and a paragraph or two of text explaining what's in the upcoming section. This will help make the template much more enjoyable to read.

Include Photo PagesInclude Photo PagesInclude Photo Pages
This premium annual financial report has a page with an image and a paragraph of text.

Looking for even more best-selling financial annual report designs for 2023? We'll go over where you can find even more top designs in the next section.

5 Awesome Business Annual Report Design Trends for 2023

Now that we've seen enough to know what is a business annual report, lets create one! Here are some trends to look out for in 2023 before you get started.

1. Photographic Design

A corporate annual report doesn't have to fall flat with all charts and graphs. Use the beautiful spreads to showcase your company's personality and values. If you're looking for striking annual report themes, this is a strong contender. Comes with 16 beautiful pages and is fully editable on Abobe InDesign.

Corporate Annual ReportCorporate Annual ReportCorporate Annual Report
This premium annual business report template offers spreads for company photography.

2. Concise

When creating a business annual report, it's important to choose the most important data to share. The best annual reports out there give a comprehensive overview of the company's fiscal year with both a retrospect and also, with goals for the upcoming months.

3. Contrast

More often than not, professionals might overlook the visual aspect of an annual financial report. Creating points of interest in your document can be game changing. Board members and stakeholders have to get through pages upon pages of data. 

Annual Report TemplateAnnual Report TemplateAnnual Report Template
This premium annual business report template puts contrast at the forefront.

4. Visual

Make your corporate annual reports easier to digest. Use infographics, flow charts and graphs to illustrate key information. Annual report themes should have a balance between text and visuals.

5. Simplicity

What is a business annual report's main feature? There are many answers to that. But something that should always be present, is simplicity. Use blank space to highlight the key features in your  comprehensive annual financial report. 

business annual reportbusiness annual reportbusiness annual report
Use this premium corporate annual report to present your results to investors.

Common Annual Report Questions Answered (FAQ)

Ready to work with the best annual report design out there? If you still have questions, here are some answers to get you started.

  1. What Is an Annual Report? An annual report is a detailed document presented to shareholders. It touches on a company's financial situation and operations.
  2. Why Is an Annual Report Important? Even a small business annual report is important to disclose relevant the company's activities to its shareholders. That way, the can make well-informed investment decisions.
  3. What Should Be Included in an Annual Report? A corporate annual report should include financial statements as well as accomplishments, key activities and statements from the Board chair as well as the CEO.
  4. How Do I Structure an Annual Report? In general, an annual financial report should include a relevant title, a table of contents, the year's most important achievements and financial data as well as other information like industry overviews or statements from your leadership team. It all depends on what you want your mass corporation annual report to do for you.
  5. How Do I Choose a Design for an Annual Report? When it comes to best annual reports design practices, we've got you covered. First, make an outline with all the information your corporate annual reports should include. Based on that, choose the bes annual report design to fit your layout.

Discover More Top Annual Report Designs

While the best Annual Report designs mentioned in this article are some of the highest quality that you can find, they may not fit your particular needs for the report you're working on. 

To help you continue your search for even more high-quality professionally designed templates be sure to check out all these other templates available in the articles below:

Learn More About Making Financial Annual Reports

Need help with making the best annual reports? We've got you covered! Feel free to check out all our articles on how to write, design, and present great financial annual reports below:

Choose Your Favorite Financial Annual Report Theme Today 

To find the best financial annual report themes, Envato Elements is a great resource for you to explore. It's got tons of high-quality professional templates. You can use them to create not just annual reports. Also find templates for any type of business report.

Do you regularly need PowerPoint business templates and other business and design resources? Envato Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. Don't miss out on these stunning themes for annual reports! 

This post has been updated with contributions from Lex Soto. Lex is a staff writer for Envato Tuts+.

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