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25 Best Free Funeral & Memorial PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download 2023

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When we lose someone we love, a memorial is often a fitting tribute to remember them well. PowerPoint is a great tool to build a slideshow, and it's easier when you use premium memorial PowerPoint templates like the ones in this article.

Elements Funeral PowerPointElements Funeral PowerPointElements Funeral PowerPoint
The premium memorial PowerPoint templates in this article are easy to use. Get the memorial presentation you need quickly and easily.

In this article, you'll see options for in memoriam PowerPoint templates for free. You'll also see a better option in the form of premium funeral PowerPoint designs with unlimited downloads. 

5 Top Premium Memorial PowerPoint Templates

Let's see five of the best premium funeral templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements:

1. Gorewa - Funeral & Memorial Presentations for PPT

Slide through the gallery to see more of this memorial presentation
These funeral PowerPoint template features:
  • 60 funeral PowerPoint slides.
  • light and dark versions of funeral PowerPoint slides.
  • 16:9 HD widescreen format
  • image placeholders
  • drag and drop functionality.

2. Qyzoa - Funeral Slideshow Background

Qyzoa Funeral PresentationQyzoa Funeral PresentationQyzoa Funeral Presentation

This PowerPoint funeral template includes:

  • 60 PowerPoint funeral template slides.
  • 2 color theme variations.
  • 16:9 HD widescreen format.
  • image placeholders.
  • drag and drop functionality.
  • fully editable text.
  • icon variations.

3. Florist Memorial PowerPoint Template

Memorial PowerPoint templateMemorial PowerPoint templateMemorial PowerPoint template

Download this floral funeral PowerPoint template and get:

  • 30 funeral slideshow examples.
  • overlay picture effect.
  • fully animated memorial presentation slides.
  • well documented.
  • free fonts.
  • resizable vector elements.
  • object placeholders.
  • free and fast support.

4. Candelu - Memorial PowerPoint Template

Candelu Memorial PPTCandelu Memorial PPTCandelu Memorial PPT

Candelu is a great "in loving memory" PowerPoint template. Download this premium memorial presentation and get:

  • 150+ funeral PowerPoint slides.
  • 30 funeral PowerPoint slides for each template.
  • section break slides.
  • 5 color variations.
  • handcrafted Infographics.
  • pixel-perfect illustrations.
  • drag and drop functionality.

Why not give this "in loving memory" PowerPoint template a try?

5. Exposure - Celebration of Life PowerPoint Template

In memoriam PowerPoint templateIn memoriam PowerPoint templateIn memoriam PowerPoint template

Exposure is a useful funeral PowerPoint template. Download and get:

  • 30 unique memorial presentation slides.
  • easy color changes.
  • fully editable.
  • funeral slideshow backgrounds.
  • clean and modern slides.
  • built-in free fonts.

25 Top Free Funeral & Memorial PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2023

Before looking for a free funeral PowerPoint presentation templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files at no cost to you.

Envato Elements Free FilesEnvato Elements Free FilesEnvato Elements Free Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. 

Here's our offer:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

Still haven't found your memorial PowerPoint file?

Let's see free funeral PowerPoint presentations from around the web. They're usable options for in memoriam PowerPoint templates that we've found for you:

1. Funeral Slideshow Template with Free Download

Free funeral PowerPoint presentationFree funeral PowerPoint presentationFree funeral PowerPoint presentation

This free funeral PowerPoint presentation has many photo layouts. Use it to share special moments.

2. Flowers Red Frame - Free Funeral Slideshow Template

You’ll find a floral border in this in memoriam PowerPoint template free. It adds a soft and warm dimension to your content.

3. Free Funeral Slideshow Template for Free Download

Zane is a multipurpose deck that you can use as a funeral template PowerPoint. There are 11 layouts inside, and you can make your own with built-in features.

4. Free Funeral PowerPoint Template

As a free memorial PowerPoint template, this one gives you many options. You can find a variety of layouts in PPT, including plenty of space for photos.

5. Free In Loving Memory PowerPoint Template

In memoriam PowerPoint template freeIn memoriam PowerPoint template freeIn memoriam PowerPoint template free

Here's a free funeral PowerPoint presentation with a pink background. It supports images, written memories, and more.

6. Free Funeral PowerPoint Template

When you choose a funeral PowerPoint template, chances are you don’t want flashy graphics. This one's an option, with a neutral background and the option to customize each slide.

7. Memorial Park - Funeral Slideshow Template Free

A white dove and praying hands feature in this funeral template PowerPoint. Abstract colors are on various slide designs.

8. Vintage Moodboard - Free Funeral Slideshow Template

Vintage Moodboard is a timeless in memoriam PowerPoint template (free) with a retro style. It lets you share photos, new and old, in a memorable style. 

9. Floriculture In Loving Memory PowerPoint Template

With warm floral tones, this template is a funeral PowerPoint template available now. Use it to remember loved ones with photos and quotes. 

10. Vintage Presentation - Free Funeral PowerPoint Template

Funeral template PowerPointFuneral template PowerPointFuneral template PowerPoint

This memorial PowerPoint template free has a dark background and elegant script. Add photos for a somber, reflective tribute deck.

11. Free Floral - Celebration of Life PowerPoint Template

Here's a funeral PowerPoint template with a red rose border. Slide designs are left up to you, with memories on each.

12. Vintage Floral - Free Funeral PowerPoint Template

This vintage memorial PowerPoint has flowers in a grayscale layout. That helps your favorite photos stand out in any tribute PPT.

13. Free Flower - Funeral Slideshow Template Free

Frame precious memories with this free funeral PowerPoint presentation. Add your own content to each slide.

14. Grey Frames - Free Funeral Slideshow Template Free

Need minimal backgrounds for your funeral PowerPoint? This one has a basic gray outline that you can add your own media to.

15. Free Funeral Slideshow Template

Free funeral presentationFree funeral presentationFree funeral presentation

Pastel tones border this free funeral PowerPoint presentation. The slide layouts give you the space to add your own material.

16. Helen Free Funeral Slideshow Template

Watercolor styles feature in this funeral template PowerPoint. It’s an option for memorial and tribute PPT decks.

17. Flower Lily - Celebration of Life PowerPoint Template

Flower Lily is an in memorial PowerPoint template for free. Purple and green tones feature throughout and border any content you add to each slide.

18. Dark Wood - Free Funeral Slideshow Template

A dark memorial PowerPoint template like this is a background for images of your choice. Use it for a tribute montage or to collect favorite memories.

19. Custom Free PowerPoint Funeral Template

Flowers and a green border outline this memorial PowerPoint template. A set of basic slide layouts is included.

20. Free Memorial PowerPoint Template

Free funeral PowerPoint templateFree funeral PowerPoint templateFree funeral PowerPoint template

This free funeral template PowerPoint has white flowers and a dark backdrop. Adapt it to share arrangements, photos, and more.

21. Day of the Dead Free Funeral PowerPoint Template

Hera is a basic in memoriam PowerPoint template (free) that leaves designs up to you. Choose a default layout and drop in favorite photos and memories.

22. Portia Funeral Slideshow Examples

Portia has a solid black backdrop, letting your own content stand out. It’s a choice for your free funeral PowerPoint presentation needs.

23. Free Simple Celebration of Life PowerPoint Template

This memorial PowerPoint has 23 slides inside. You’ll also see space to add quotes, text, and more.

24. Free In Loving Memory PowerPoint Template

The Nell free funeral PowerPoint presentation features a blue background with flowers. You’ll find 25 slide designs to work with.

25. Eco Concept Presentation

Slideshow funeral PowerPointSlideshow funeral PowerPointSlideshow funeral PowerPoint

Eco Concept is a versatile in memoriam PowerPoint template free that can fit your needs. Lean on PPT’s built-in features to make it happen.

Modern Funeral Slideshow Examples for PowerPoint on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Later in this article, we're going to share a collection of free funeral PowerPoint presentations. We've searched the web for in memoriam PowerPoint templates for free that keep your costs at zero.

Before we show you the free funeral PowerPoint presentations we selected, it's important to see a better option. Free funeral PowerPoint presentations aren't as easy-to-use as the premium memorial PowerPoint templates in this article. The premium funeral PowerPoint templates from sites Envato Elements are truly the best way to design a great memorial.

Explore Modern Memorial Presentations

Elements memorial PowerPoint templateElements memorial PowerPoint templateElements memorial PowerPoint template
One subscription gives you unlimited to assets like premium funeral slideshow examples for PowerPoint and so much more.

On Envato Elements, the secret sauce is that you get "all-you-can-download" access. That includes background music and other files that are sure to help you create a great PowerPoint.

How to Customize Funeral & Memorial Presentations (PowerPoint PPT Templates in 2023)

If you’re making a funeral PowerPoint, you want to pay tribute in the best way possible. But don’t worry if you aren’t a PPT expert. With a premium funeral PowerPoint template, it only takes five quick steps.

Gorewa funeral PowerPointGorewa funeral PowerPointGorewa funeral PowerPoint
A premium funeral PowerPoint template like this helps you build a tribute deck easily.

Follow along with this quick tutorial by downloading the premium Gorewa - Funeral Services PowerPoint from Envato Elements. Or use your own memorial PowerPoint template.

1. Select Your Memorial Presentation Slides

A funeral PowerPoint template like this will include slides of all kinds. The key for you is to choose only those that work best for your needs. On the View tab, choose Slide Sorter

Slides funeral PowerPoint templateSlides funeral PowerPoint templateSlides funeral PowerPoint template
Start customizing your premium memorial PowerPoint template on the View > Slide Sorter menu.

From here, rearrange each slide in the deck. You can also delete unwanted slides. When finished, click Normal on the View tab to start editing.

2. Import Photos to Your Funeral Slideshow Background

You might want your funeral PowerPoint to be a photo montage of favorite memories. Photo placeholders make them easy to add. Browse to an image on your computer, then drag and drop it over the placeholder. 

Photo funeral PowerPointPhoto funeral PowerPointPhoto funeral PowerPoint
A premium memorial PowerPoint template really comes to life when you replace the image placeholders with your image selections.

PPT will import each photo, scaled to fit perfectly. Repeat as needed.

3. Copy Funeral PowerPoint Slide Layouts

Wondering how to make a funeral slideshow on PowerPoint? The easy way is to copy a photo slide and use it again and again. On the sidebar, right-click on your photo slide and choose Copy. Then click immediately below the slide in the stack.

Photo memorial PowerPoint templatePhoto memorial PowerPoint templatePhoto memorial PowerPoint template
Copy and paste a slide layout to save time while customizing your advanced funeral PowerPoint template.

Right-click again and choose Paste. You’ll see an exact duplicate of the original slide. Delete images and replace them by following step two.

4. Add Arrangements to Your PowerPoint Funeral Template

It’s easy to list arrangements in a funeral PowerPoint like this. Highlight a block of text and type in your own details. 

Customize funeral PowerPoint presentationCustomize funeral PowerPoint presentationCustomize funeral PowerPoint presentation
Customize a premium funeral PowerPoint template by adding an arrangements box.

If you need to make changes, come up to the font menu to add bold text, italics, and more. Follow these same steps to customize text anywhere in your slide deck.

5. Add Background Music to Your Funeral PowerPoint Template

Soft background music can be a soothing complement to your funeral PowerPoint. To add it, find the Insert tab and then click the Audio button on the far right. 

Music funeral PowerPoint templateMusic funeral PowerPoint templateMusic funeral PowerPoint template
Background music is the perfect way to round out a premium memorial PowerPoint template.

Browse to a file stored on your computer, then click Insert. Once imported, you’ll see a variety of playback options on the menu.

Don't forget, your subscription to Envato Elements unlocks so much more than funeral PowerPoint templates. You also have unlimited access to music tracks that act as the perfect backing to memorial PowerPoints.

Memorial music funeral PowerPointMemorial music funeral PowerPointMemorial music funeral PowerPoint
Use the audio library on Envato Elements to complete your in memoriam PowerPoint template.

You won't find audio in free funeral PowerPoint presentations around the web. Access to music is just one more reason Elements is the best way to create memorial PowerPoints.

5 Tips for Your PowerPoint Funeral Template

Here are five tips to make sure that you have a professional-looking presentation: 

1. Reduce Distractions in Your Memorial Presentations

Many things can be distracting for the audience, such as too much audio or flashy animations. You want the audience to be focused on what you’re trying to say about the departed. Distractions are especially bad during this trying time.

When adding anything to your presentation, think about whether it'll be distracting for the audience. Learn more about how to customize a PowerPoint template here:

2. Funeral Slideshow Backgrounds with Consistent Look

Memories Memorial PowerPoint TemplateMemories Memorial PowerPoint TemplateMemories Memorial PowerPoint Template
Consistent use of font and colors can help a funeral PowerPoint template (premium example).

If you want your memorial presentation to look nice and not sloppy, then be consistent throughout your presentation. Choose one font and use that font throughout the entire presentation. Keep the same color scheme on every slide.

3. Use a Memorial PowerPoint Template

Templates not only save you time but are professionally made. Not everyone can create a professional look PowerPoint presentation, and that’s okay. High-quality premium templates are customizable, so you can still add your personal touch to the template.

Learn how to work with a template in this tutorial:

4. Choose a Memorial PowerPoint Template Theme

Sadness Funeral TemplateSadness Funeral TemplateSadness Funeral Template
The black and white theme of the premium Sadness presentation template lends a sombre air to the slideshow.

Many templates come with a theme. This makes choosing the right design for your memorial presentation easy.

For example, if you'll be talking about many events from the deceased's life, a template with a timeline may be helpful. Ideally, the template would come with a few timelines to choose from, making it easy to use the best timeline for your funeral presentation. 

5. Use Photographs in Your Funeral PowerPoint Templates

When a slide is nothing but text, it's boring for the audience. Use photographs that support what you’re saying about your loved one in your funeral presentation. Photos capture the audience’s attention and can bring back memories. 

Learn how to add images to a presentation here:

Here are five PowerPoint trends for 2023 that you can use for your funeral PPT template:

1. Add Visuals to Your Funeral PowerPoint Template

This premium template from Envato Elements features many visuals that could work well for a memorial presentation.

A common trend that you can use in your funeral PPT template is visuals such as icons and timelines. Timelines are a great way to show events that happened over a period of time. Icons can help you explain about your loved one by grabbing the reader's attention and visualizing your point.

Interactive presentations keep your audience’s attention and brings them into the conversation. You can make it interactive in your memorial presentation by adding a section where the audience can share a short memory of your loved one. 

3. Add Video to Your Funeral Slideshow Examples

Try adding a video to a premium PowerPoint funeral template.

People listen the best when there is a matching visual element. One way to do that is to add a video featuring your loved one to your memorial presentation. Adding a short video to your memorial service PowerPoint template will help you to show what type of a person your loved one was.

4. Custom Font

Custom fonts are a way to customize your funeral presentation template without changing the template too much. Adding a custom font adds personality to the presentation. When adding a custom font, make sure that it's readable to everyone in the room.

5. Short Presentation

Short PresentationShort PresentationShort Presentation
Keep the presentation short (premium template example).

The longer a presentation is, the more likely people are to lose focus. This is especially true for a funeral presentation, when people are likely upset.

Keeping your presentation short is a good way to say what's really important. The short presentation trend is like the minimal presentation trend. They both focus mainly on the important information.

Discover More Top PowerPoint Template Designs

We're passionate about using PowerPoint templates to save time. It helps you focus on the task at hand and create a great looking PowerPoint presentation. We keep our selection of the best designs up to date in our article, Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT.)

See even more PowerPoint templates in our articles below. You know how to make a funeral slideshow on PowerPoint by customizing templates, and these designs work perfectly.

Learn More Microsoft PowerPoint in 2023

As you're working with a memorial PowerPoint template, you might find that you're still learning the app. We're passionate about teaching skills to presenters so that PowerPoint is easy to use.

We keep the best tutorials in one easy-to-browse place, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) See three of our favorite tutorials that help you customize your in memoriam PowerPoint template:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you've questions about PowerPoint, it’s okay. Not everyone can be an expert in PowerPoint. Here are five questions and answers that can help:

1. Is There a Way to Reduce my PowerPoint File Size?

Yes, there are many ways you can reduce the file size. One way to reduce the file size is by compressing the pictures in your PowerPoint.

There are many reasons that you may need to reduce your PowerPoint file size. For example, if you want to email your PowerPoint funeral presentation, reducing the file size will make it easier. Learn more in this tutorial:

2. Can I Change My PowerPoint Slide Background?

You can change your slide background. You can change the color of the background, or you can add an image as your background.

Adding an image or graphic of something that was important to your loved one as your slide background makes your memorial presentation slides unique.

Discover how to edit PowerPoint slide backgrounds in this tutorial:

3. Can I Share My Funeral Presentation Over Zoom? 

Yes, it’s possible.

Sometimes friends or family members can't be present at the funeral or memorial in person. It’s helpful knowledge to learn how to show your PowerPoint presentation in Zoom. Here's what you need to know:

4. Can I Add Narration to My Memorial Presentation?

Are you dreading standing in front of a memorial service and talking about your loved one? With pre-recorded narration, you don't have to.

This tutorial will show you how to add narration to a PowerPoint presentation:

5. How Do I Get the Images in the Presentation to Look Good?

Images are important because they can show the audience what you’re talking about. If your image is sloppy looking, it could be less impactful.

To learn more about how to work with images, read this tutorial:

Start Using Memorial PowerPoint Templates Today

This article showed you the top free funeral PowerPoint presentations. But more importantly, it showed you the best funeral PowerPoint templates with unlimited downloads. Plus, the single-download options for memorial PowerPoint templates are another cost-effective option.

We're sure that your memorial PowerPoint is going to be a fitting tribute. Our designs are here to help you create a great memorial presentation.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Sarah Joy and Gonzalo Angulo. Sarah is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Gonzalo is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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