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20 Best Free Microsoft Word Corporate Letterhead Templates (Download 2021)

Want to make a good first impression for your business? Pay attention to your letterhead. Use a letterhead design in Word that portrays your business as professional, credible, and authoritative.

Letterhead Template Word from Envato Elements
A premium letterhead template for Word, like the one shown above, makes it easy for anyone to create an impressive business letter.

A great corporate letterhead design expresses your visual branding and conveys your value proposition.

You could commission a designer or agency to design your corporate letterhead. Or do it yourself with the help of Microsoft Word templates. By starting from a company letterhead template, Word lets you achieve a professional and impressive design. 

Some of the best letterhead templates for Word are actually premium templates. You'll find these on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. In this post, we share some top premium Word business letter templates. For tight budgets, we'll also share some free letterhead templates for Microsoft Word.

Find the Best Premium Business Letterhead Templates on Envato Elements (2021)

For top-notch premium business letterhead template designs for Word, Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download resource for creatives. As an Elements member, you’ll pay a low monthly fee and unlock access to thousands of premium, professional resources that include:

  • professional company letterhead templates for Word
  • stock photos and royalty free music
  • graphic templates, fonts, and more.

Envato Elements is the place to look for premium Microsoft Word letterhead templates. Free letterhead templates for Word are often not as robust as professional premium templates like those available from Envato Elements.

Microsoft Word Letterhead Templates from Elements
Professional business letterhead templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access

Premium Elements themes include professional design options. Plus, the Word business letter template features go beyond the free Microsoft Word templates available around the web.

Elements is intuitive and easy to use. It's the perfect tool for making a statement with your business letters in 2021. It includes hundreds of business letterhead templates for Word.

5 Best Premium Letterhead Template for Word From Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

With a quick web search, you can easily find a free letterhead template for Word. To avoid common free Microsoft Word templates, consider premium Microsoft Word letterhead templates. You'll get a more unique result. 

These are made by professional designers, with the aim of making them simple to customize. As a result, premium templates save you time while delivering extraordinary letterhead designs.

To create a variety of corporate letterhead designs, look to Envato Elements. Download an unlimited number of templates. Plus, you get all the fonts, icons, photos, and other design elements you want—all for one fixed subscription price. It’s a terrific deal if you make many marketing and communication assets.

Below are just a few examples of the premium business letter templates for Word available from our marketplace:

1. Modern Letterhead

Modern Letterhead

This letterhead design in Word features a modern and clean design, perfect for any business purposes. The MS Word letterhead template also comes in PSD format, includes five color variants and it's print ready!

2. MS Word Letterhead Template

Letterhead Template

Do you need a MS Word letterhead template with a fresh design? This letterhead in Word format is perfect if you don't want a hard, corporate look for your letterhead. 

The floral abstract letterhead design in Word is easy to customize and print ready. The pack includes Photoshop and Illustrator files as well.

3. Letterhead Template 04

Letterhead Template 04 for Word

For an urban feel with global appeal, check out Letterhead Template 04. The modern and colorful template has two color options built in. But you can also customize it with your own brand colors. Available in both A4 and US letter sizes, this template is also compatible with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

4. Letterhead by LeafLove

Letterhead Template for Word by LeafLove

This company letterhead template for Word delivers. It features free fonts and editable files. Every object, color, and text in these A4-sized templates are editable. Aside from Word, the files in this template pack are also compatible with all versions of Adobe InDesign.

5. Letterhead Template 03

Letterhead Template 03 for Word

If a clean, minimalist design is more in line with your visual identity, then Letterhead Template 03 is a good choice. Ample white spaces keep your message front and center. The template also provides plenty of for your contact information. This template comes in A4 and US letter sizes, and the template for a coordinating business card is available as well.

5 Best Premium Letterhead Template for Word From GraphicRiver (Pay-Per-Use)

If you only need a single company letterhead template in Word, then GraphicRiver is the budget-friendly option for you. Here, choose from a large library of premium business letterhead templates for Word and pay only for each use:

1. Letterhead and Business Card Template Pack

Letterhead and Business Card

This is a nice MS Word letterhead template because it includes a business card template as well. The letterhead design in Word is modern, clean and professional. 

Get this pack with Photoshop and Illustrator files included and design a very professional letterhead and business card for your company.

2. Minimalist Letterhead

Minimalist Letterhead

This MS Word letterhead template is perfect if you prefer a minimalist and clean design. The letterhead in Word format is organized and labelled, so it's really easy to use and edit. There's a bonus business card template as well. Photoshop and Illustrator files included.

3. Corporate Letterhead Pack

Corporate Letterhead Pack

If you're looking for a complete MS Word letterhead template pack, this is a great option for you. Check its best features:

  • modern and corporate design
  • A4 size with bleeds
  • easy to customize
  • 3 color versions
  • Total of 7 letterhead templates
  • Edit in MS Word or Photoshop

4. Clean & Modern Stationery, Invoice and Identity 

Clean  Modern Stationery Invoice and Identity Template

This template pack provides the total identity package. Aside from a letterhead template, you also get templates for:

  • invoices
  • cover page
  • binder
  • business cards
  • envelope
  • logo

Available in both A4 and US letter sizes, its files are also compatible with InDesign and Photoshop.

5. Be Letterhead

Be Letterhead Template Word

The striking design of this letterhead template is sure to make a good first impression. This A4-sized letterhead template for Word comes with a choice of three colors. Change the color to anything you want. 

When you download this template, you get files in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign (CS5 and CS Layered), and EPS formats. Whichever application you choose, you’ll find this template easy to customize.

20 Free Letterhead Templates (Word)

Before looking for a free letterhead designs in Word on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always MS Word letterhead templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

We've already explained how premium letterhead templates for Word are better than free Microsoft Word templates. But if you're on a tight budget you may have no choice. If you’re looking for free letterhead templates for Word, I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting and versatile designs below.

1. Business Letter (Sales Stripes Design)

Free Business Letter Template for Word Sales Stripes Design

This business letter template for Word features stripes that are customizable by editing the file in Word.

2. Business Letterhead with Blue Waves

The cascading waves in this letterhead format in Word free to download make it suitable for specific industries.

3. Blue Curve Letterhead

Here's another free corporate letterhead template for Microsoft Word with blue waves. Blue Curve Letterhead is slightly more formal. This is a nice letterhead template Word free to download.

4. Business Letterhead Template 06

Free Business Letterhead Template 06 for Word

A thin border, a striking shape for the company logo, and geometric shapes in the background characterize this business letterhead template for Word.

5. Business Letterhead Template 08

This letterhead template for Word offers partial upper and lower borders. You could also use it as free personal letterhead templates for Word.

6. Letterhead Example 03 (Nature)

This letterhead template for Word is designed especially for businesses and organizations related to nature, science, and the like.

7. Rose Suite Letterhead

Rose Suite Letterhead - Free Template for Word

Rose-colored circles with a hand-drawn effect make this corporate letterhead template for Microsoft Word unique.

8. Formal Business Letterhead

As the name implies, this letterhead format in Word free to download makes for a more formal, traditional letterhead.

9. Business Letterhead with Dots

Blue circles of varying shapes provide the accent in this business letterhead template for Word.

10. Bold Logo Letterhead

Free Bold Logo Letterhead Template for Word

This letterhead template Word free to download puts all the emphasis on the logo.

11. Letterhead Example 01

Colored bands in the header and footer of this letterhead format in Word free to download give it a unified look.

12. Pinstripes Letterhead

This corporate letterhead template for Microsoft Word is characterized by stripes, sharp corners, and hard edges.

13. From The Desk Of Letterhead

From The Desk Of Letterhead - Free Business Letter Template Word

This free MS Word letterhead template features a simple layout and fancy script font. This letterhead template is suitable for personal branding.

14. Geometric Letterhead

The geometric shapes in this letterhead template convey motion, energy, and dynamism. This is a good letterhead format in Word free to download.

15. Sophisticated Green Letterhead

A colored background and curvy green and brown stripes make this letterhead in Word format unique.

16. Technical Letterhead

Company letterhead template for Word

This corporate letterhead template design works well for many industries. Try this letterhead template Word free to download for your engineering or technology company.

17. Business Letter (Apothecary Design)

Do you need nice free business letterhead templates? The solid grey border provides a sharp contrast in this striking letterhead design.

18. Business Letterhead with Globe

Looking for a different letterhead template Word free to download? The globe icon and metallic band make this business letter template for Word unique.

19. Business Letter (Green Forest Design)

Free Business Letter Green Forest Design Template for Word

This unique corporate letterhead template for Microsoft Word gives plenty of space for a photo without overshadowing the business logo. 

20. Legal Business Letterhead

This letterhead template features a maroon sidebar and justice scale icon. It's designed specifically for organizations related to the law. This closes our selection of free business letterhead templates.

How to Make Great Corporate Letterhead Designs in MS Word

The time and energy you spend at this point will be well-spent. Everyone in your office can use the customized template for their business correspondence. It'll give your business a consistent and professional image.

After you’ve chosen a Microsoft Word letterhead template, it’s time to customize it and make it your own. Download the template file and copy it, so you can revert to the original, should you need it again. (If you're new to Microsoft Word, read this tutorial on how to create, save, and open files in Word.)

Follow the steps below to transform the template into a personalized template with your company branding and information. 

For this example, I am using premium Letterhead Template 04 from Envato Elements.

Letterhead Template Word - How to Customize

Let's get started:

Step 1. Add Your Logo

Select and delete the placeholder logo image. Insert your business logo, then resize and drag into place as needed.

Letterhead Template Word - Insert Logo

Step 2. Add Your Tagline

Most company letterhead templates for Word include a placeholder for your company’s tagline. If not, insert a text box for it. Place it underneath the logo.

Letterhead Template Word - Tagline Added

Step 3. Personalize with Your Contact Information

Replace the template text with your business address, telephone number, and website URL. And any other contact information you want to include.

Letterhead Template Word - Personalize with Your Contact Information

Step 4. Apply Your Brand Fonts

After you’ve added all the text you want in your letterhead template, it’s time to use your brand fonts. 

Select the text, then choose the font you wish to use from the font selector. You can change the font size as well. Take note that it may be necessary to change the size of the text box to maintain the page layout.

Letterhead Template Word - Apply Brand Fonts

Some templates use styles to automatically apply to format to specific types of paragraphs. If the template you’re using is based on styles, this tutorial shows how to format your document.

Step 5. Apply Your Branding Colors

Finally, it’s time to apply your branding colors to the letterhead template. Double-click on an object to select it. The Shape Format dialog box opens.

Letterhead Template Word - Branding Colors

Choose your branding colors from the color selection panel.

The business letterhead template has been customized using Word.

Letterhead Template Word - Customized in Microsoft Word

5 Quick Design Tips for Better MS Word Corporate Letterheads

You've seen our best premium MS Word letterhead templates and some free business letterhead templates. Now, let me share some business identity design tips with you so you can create an effective and professional letterhead: 

1. Simplicity Is Key

Remember that the purpose of a business document is to communicate a formal message. So, while the letterhead design is an important aspect, it's more important to never let the design overpower the content of the letter.

Simplicity is key in your letterhead design. It doesn't mean you need to choose a boring design. Instead, choose a clean design with just the necessary elements. Don't go for a cluttered, too colorful or distracting design, or your message won't be taken seriously.

Simple letterhead
This premium letterhead design in Word is simple and minimalist.

2. Apply a Hierarchy 

Decide the information hierarchy you'll apply to your letterhead design. Think about the information details that need to be on the letterhead and establish a hierarchy. Key information should be positioned obviously and accessible. The less important bits can be smaller and placed in less visible areas.

Here are the elements a letterhead should include:

  • Company logo. Is the visual identification of your business. It should be well-fitted, clear and visible
  • Company name. It can be placed at the top or bottom of the logo
  • Contact information. Phone number, email, website and postal address
  • Company's slogan. Place this at the bottom of the page, in the footer

3. Consider Your Audience

Another important tip is to think about who will receive your business letters. Will they be sent to high-level business directors? To every employee? To investors? To young people in startup businesses?

The audience will determine the type of design you can go for. Choose a sober, formal design if you're sending it to high-level positions and rest of employees. Choose a more relaxed, modern design if you're in creative fields.

Creative Letterhead
This premium letterhead in Word format is perfect for creative industries. 

4. To Print or Not To Print

Letterheads used to be designed only for printing, but in the digital era, perhaps your letterhead won't make it to a piece of paper. If your business letters will circulate online, you don't need to think about printing specifications. You can add more color or use detailed designs.

But if you're printing your business stationary keep in mind these details:

  • Always verify the file format and make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi if you're working with Photoshop or InDesign.
  • If you're printing at your office, use generous page margins and avoid light colors.
  • Choose a high-quality paper.

5. Represent Your Brand

The letterhead is the perfect opportunity to show your business brand. Add your logo but don't stop there. Also include your company color scheme, fonts and brand design. The letterhead should fully represent your brand.

Builder Construction Corporate Branding Identity
This premium corporate branding set is the perfect way to incorporate branding identity to stationary.

5 Top Microsoft Word Corporate Letterhead Style Trends for 2021

After choosing the template that you want to use, you’ll want to customize it. Here are some of the latest letterhead trends:

1. Contrasting Colors

Envato Template With Contrasting Colors
Stationary is a premium letterhead template that's got contrasting colors in the design.

Adding contrasting colors is a way to add color to your letterhead design in Word without going over the top. Contrasting colors in your letterhead design in Word is a popular trend. This trend adds a modern look to your template without distracting the reader.

2. Logo in the Letterhead

When adding a logo, whether it's a company logo or brand logo, to your MS Word letterhead template a trend is to add the logo to the top of your letter. The logo is how the reader will recognize your brand or company, so you want it to stand out. Consistent branding is important to remember when designing your MS Word letterhead template.

3. Solid Background

Envato Template With a Solid Background
Word Premium template has a design that features a solid background.

A new and bolder trend is to create your letterhead design Word template with a solid background color. This trend will cause your template to stand out among all the black and white letters. When your letterhead design Word template stands out, it becomes more memorable for the reader.

4. Colorful Border

If having a solid background on your Microsoft Word letterhead template is too bold, you could have a colorful border instead. The colorful border gives your Microsoft Word letterhead template a pop of color without being too risky or bold. A colorful border is simple but can be effective in making your letter unique.

5. Geometric Design

Envato Template With a Geometric Design
This premium template from Envato Elements has a geometric design.

If you want to add a modern touch to your business letterhead template Word design a geometric design is the way to go. A geometric design is simple but yet eye-catching and creative. There are many business letterhead templates for Word that have different types of geometric designs for you to choose from.

Discover More Letterhead Inspiration

Do you need more letterhead design inspiration after going through our amazing premium MS Word letterhead templates and free business letterhead templates? Check these useful resources about letterhead design in Word and other design software:

5 Benefits of Using the Best MS Word Letterhead Templates in 2021

Are you not sure if you want to use a premium MS Word letterhead template or a free letterhead template for Word? There are benefits of using a premium template do you know the benefits?

Here are five benefits of using a premium MS Word letterhead template for your next project:

  1. Save time. When using a premium MS Word letterhead template, you start with an already built design. All you need to do is add your information and images.
  2. Professionally designed. When a Microsoft Word letterhead template is professionally designed, you end up with a nice clean letterhead. Most people cannot design a template as well as the professionals.
  3. Prebuilt color schemes. Your letterhead template for Word comes with prebuilt color schemes, although you can easily customize it to incorporate your company colors.
  4. Easily customizable. Even though the MS Word letterhead template is prebuilt, you can still customize anything you want in the template. Premium templates allow you to fully customize the template without sacrificing quality.
  5. The letterhead stands out. When you use a premium template, people will notice the professionalism of your letterhead. Your letterhead stands out because it's unlikely that coworkers have used premium templates.

Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements
Envato Elements has hundreds of premium templates for Microsoft Word

Envato Elements is a subscription service where you pay a low monthly flat rate price. In the subscription, you get thousands of premium templates for unlimited use.

When you sign up for Envato Elements, you not only get premium templates but also you get graphics, fonts, images, and more.

Common Microsoft Word Questions Answered (FAQ)

After downloading a template and customizing it, you might have some questions. Here are five common questions and their answers:

1. I Don’t Have A Brand. What Do I Do?

If you don’t have a personal brand, that’s okay. Personal brands can help a client recognize you immediately. For information on how to create a personal brand so that you can include it into your letterhead design in Word, here's a helpful guide:

2. How Do I Quickly Format Images in Microsoft Word?

Images can help a reader understand your business better. If you need to add images to your business letterhead template in Word but aren't sure how to do it, we can help. Study this article on how to add images and format them in Microsoft Word:

3. How Do I Create a New Document in Word?

There are many reasons you may need to open a new document in Word. If you need to open a new document in Microsoft Word but aren’t sure how, here's an article explaining how:

4. Can I Change My Text Style in Word?

If you don’t like the text style that your template comes with, you can change the style. To learn how to format and change the text style check this article out:

5. What Are Some Keyboard Shortcuts That I Can Use?

There are many different keyboard shortcuts you can use in Microsoft Word. There are Keyboard shortcuts for managing documents, editing, formatting text, and for graphics. For a full list of shortcuts and what they do, here's an article that showcases Word shortcuts:

Learn More About MS Word

Microsoft Word might be one of the most popular and most used software packages in the world, but there are always new tricks to learn. Check these cool resources and our complete guide here: Learn How to Use Microsoft Word (Beginner Tutorial Guide). Here are more resources:

Use a Letterhead Template for Word

Convey professionalism in your business communications by using a well-designed letterhead template. Word makes it easy for you to customize a template with your own information and branding. You and your colleagues will use the company letterhead template for Word for all your business correspondence. So, it pays to choose a good Word business letter template to begin with.

That’s why we recommend using a premium letterhead template for Word, although free templates are available. For unlimited downloads of letterhead templates go to Envato Elements. You’ll find professionally designed letterhead templates for Word that you can easily customize. There are thousands of templates for other marketing materials you’ll be needing as well.

But if you’d rather pay per use, then search in GraphicRiver for a Microsoft Word letterhead template. The rates are extremely budget-friendly, and the quality of the templates remains exceptional. The positive reviews attest to that.

It’s easier than ever to create a letterhead template in Word that supports your business branding and goals.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding corporate letterhead templates with the best, trending letterhead designs.

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