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25+ Best Free Military, Army, & War PowerPoint Templates for 2020 Presentations

Do you need to create a presentation for the military? Do you represent the army for external activities like recruitment drives or national safety educational initiatives?

We've got ample army PowerPoint presentation templates in this article. They'll assist in creating the best possible presentation that's on-theme.

Special Force - Army PPT Slides a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements
Special Force - Army PPT Slides, a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements

It's important that this presentation is professional and of a certain standard. Creating a presentation from scratch can get tricky as you can't be too sure of what the end product will look like. It's also time-consuming. 

Start working on a fully customizable professional pre-built army PPT slides template. It helps you work smart, save time, and create the best possible on-theme presentation. 

In this article, you'll find 25 free army background for PowerPoint templates found online. We'll also explore premium army PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and premium pre-built military presentation templates from GraphicRiver.

Dive right in and discover the right military PowerPoint template for your needs!

Find the Best Premium Army PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (2020)

Want to create impressive army PowerPoint presentations each time? Envato Elements is the best starting point when looking for templates.

As an Envato Elements subscriber, you'll get unlimited access to an all-you-can-download library of premium creative assets including army presentation templates. All for a low monthly subscription fee. 

Army PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements for 2020
Army PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements for 2020

Many people opt to use free military PowerPoint templates. This can be risky. Here are a few common risks you've got to be aware of and prepared to work with:

  • Limited Choice. If you present frequently, you'd need to keep changing your template often. This may not be possible. Your presentation could also look the same as the next person's.
  • UnprofessionalYour audience may recognize it as a free template and feel that it's not professional for you to be using it. 
  • Customization. Not all free templates are easy to work with. You may end up spending loads of time on customization and infographics creation.

By going premium, you avoid these risks. Browse through loads of modern, updated, and on-theme template and pick the best fit. Impress your audience by creating the best possible presentation each time. 

Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them.

As soon as you sign up for Envato Elements, your possibilities become endless. Envato Elements has loads to offer, all for a reasonable subscription fee. You'll get access to premium digital assets like:

  • professional PPT and WP templates
  • high-quality stock photos and HD stock videos
  • royalty-free music
  • creative graphic templates, fonts, and so much more

Not a heavy user but still want to work with premium pre-built templates? If you're only in need of a single army presentation template, check out the selection of premium pre-built military presentation templates from GraphicRiver. You'll get the flexibility to download what you need one-at-a-time right away without the commitment of a subscription. We'll explore some army PowerPoint template options from GraphicRiver later in this article.

5 Best Army PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

Here are five of the best army PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements:

1. Camouflage - Army Background for PowerPoint

Camouflage - Army Background for PowerPoint

Camouflage - Army Background for PowerPoint comes with 32 masters in standard 4:3 size. Most objects in the template can be recolored, reshaped, moved, or removed. Choose the best layout for your information and edit the objects. 

2. GrozA - War Themed PowerPoint Template

GrozA - War Themed PowerPoint Template

This template offers 30 unique slides and five premade colors to choose from. GrozA - War Themed PowerPoint Template includes handcrafted infographics. These will come in handy if you need to turn complex data into easy to understand charts and graphs. The graphics are resizable and editable. 

3. Special Force - Army PPT Slides

Special Force - Army PPT Slides

Special Force - Army PPT Slides helps you present military-related materials and catches attention. It comes with 30 unique slides that are classy yet professional and on-theme. Pick between a dark or light layout. Sections found in this template are:

  • cover slide
  • welcome slides
  • about slides
  • introduction slides
  • review slide
  • portfolio picture slide
  • gallery slide
  • infographic slide
  • team slide
  • mockup slide
  • contact slide
  • thank you slide

4. Green Parit - Military Slideshow Template

Green Parit - Military Slideshow Template

This template comes with 30 slides and five premade color options. Green Parit - Military Slideshow Template comes with the right colors for a military presentation. Quickly add in your military images and other content. The handcrafted infographics are also easy to customize according to your data.  

5. Unleash - Army Presentation Template

Unleash - Army Presentation Template

Unleash - Army Presentation template is a simple and clean template. Use it for financial or technological presentations to the military. This template is right for you if you're tired of using camouflage background design. It's also a great option if you're looking for a clean look that subtly resembles a military theme. 

5 Best Premium Military Presentation Templates From GraphicRiver for 2020

Envato Elements is a dream come true if you're a heavy presentation user. It's got so much to offer for a low monthly subscription fee. But this option may not be for you if you're not a heavy user of digital assets or on a tight budget. 

Would you rather pay a flat fee to download a single best PowerPoint presentation template? Be sure to check out GraphicRiver's collection of premium templates. GraphicRiver is part of Envato Market.

Envato Market offers a pay-per-download model. It's the right choice for you if you need army PowerPoint presentation templates right now without signing up for a monthly subscription. Pick a template, pay the single fee, download, and customize. It's quite simple. 

Find loads of premium customizable PPT templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium customizable PPT templates on Envato Elements

Here are five war themed PowerPoint templates that you can easily pay-to-download and make your own:

1. Foxtrot - Army Background for PowerPoint

Foxtrot - Army Background for PowerPoint

This template comes with 100 unique slides and 11 color schemes for you to pick from. Foxtrot is everything you need for your military presentation. It comes with two aspect ratios, normal in 4:3 and widescreen in 16:9. It includes:

  • section breaks 
  • handmade infographics
  • animated slides
  • vector graphics charts
  • tables

2. B&W Elegant Army PPT Slides

BW Elegant Army PPT Slides

This is a multipurpose PowerPoint slide template that's clean and professional. It comes with 300 unique and elegant slides. This premium template gives you:

  • over 10,000 vector icons
  • fully editable vectors
  • smart and innovative presentation slides
  • handcrafted infographics
  • and so much more

With your images and text, this multipurpose template works well for a military presentation. 

3. Project - Army PowerPoint Presentation

Project - Army PowerPoint Presentation

This is a modern multipurpose presentation template. If you need to present to the military, this is a suitable template. Quickly change the colors, infographics, and include your text. This clean and versatile design will help you create slides that'll speak for your work. 

4. Drone & Aerial - Army Presentation Template

Drone  Aerial - Army Presentation Template

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones are a big help to the military. Do you need to present your aerial business to the military? This template will really come in handy. It's a clean and modern presentation that comes with 36 easy to edit slides for you to pick from. All graphics are resizable and customizable. 

5. ASGARD - War Themed PowerPoint Template

ASGARD - War Themed PowerPoint Template

ASGARD is a professional and modern military-themed design template. It comes with more than 40 unique slides and free support. Easily drag and drop your images into the placeholders to create your presentation in minutes. This template has a strong focus on typography and was designed with attention to detail. 

25 Free Military Presentation Templates for Download in 2020 (From Around the Web)

Premium military presentation templates are not only easy to work with, but they're also unique and modern. You'll be able to create many unique presentations with these professionally designed templates. 

Premium templates are the best option, but if you're on a budget it may not be an option for you now. Free templates found online may be your only choice at this point. But, before you dive into free templates, check out Envato's free offerings. Try out various premium template files (not limited to military presentation templates) at no cost to you.  

Here's the deal:

Now, let's look at 25 free army PPT templates from around the web:

1. Free Army PPT Templates has an army green camouflage image background with a small beige text banner. 

2. Veteran Day - US Army PowerPoint Templates Free comes with an image of the US flag waving in the wind with the blue sky as a background.

3. Navy - Free Military PowerPoint Templates Download. This template has a navy blue camouflage with a gray for text. 

Navy - Free Military PowerPoint Templates Download

4. Free Military PowerPoint Templates Download comes with a border of green camouflage and a sizeable beige text box. There's also a soldier at the left bottom corner. 

5. Free Air Force PowerPoint Template features a jet fighter with blue skies and a gray portion for text.

6. USA Veteran Day - US Army PowerPoint Templates Free is a US patriotic template featuring the US flag, silhouettes of soldiers, and stars. 

7. War Planes - Air Force PowerPoint Template FreeThis is a free background design with warplanes on a blue background.  

8. War PowerPoint Templates Free Download features a background image that's half green camouflage and half gray. Between these two areas is a design that looks like a fence.

War PowerPoint Templates Free Download

9. Tech - Free Military PowerPoint Templates Download is a multipurpose template that's got a simple green background. 

10. Patriotic - US Army PowerPoint Templates Free features an image of a patriotic soldier saluting against a US flag background. Patriotic - US Army PowerPoint Templates Free is better suited for the air force as it's got many slides with jet fighter images.  

11. Soldier in Action - War PowerPoint Templates Free Download features an army soldier firing a gun. It also includes more soldiers on foot, a tank, and war air crafts. 

12. Soldiers With Weapons - Free Army PPT Templates comes with a silhouette of military soldiers walking with bags and weapons. 

13. Humvee and Soldier - Free Military PowerPoint Templates DownloadThis template has a background image of soldier booking up a Humvee in an airplane. 

Humvee and Soldier - Free Military PowerPoint Templates Download

14. Submarine Sailing - War PowerPoint Templates Free Download features an image of a submarine in the water. The whole picture is edited to be a bit dark. 

15. Soldier and Children - Free Army PPT TemplatesThis template uses an image of a soldier and two children with a desert background.  

16. Pistol and Holster - War PowerPoint Templates Free Download includes one cover slide and two internal backgrounds. The template uses an image of a gun and holster with a beige background. 

17. Submachine Gun - Free PowerPoint Theme War Template features a soldier firing a gun and a bullet flying. It comes on a desert-like background. 

18. Squad of Soldiers in the Desert - Free Soldier PowerPoint Template uses an image of a team of five soldiers running with weapons in the desert. 

Squad of Soldiers in the Desert - Free Soldier PowerPoint Template

19. Jet Fighter - Free Air Force PowerPoint TemplateThis template uses an image of a jet fighter taking off with aircraft carriers and the sea background. 

20. Special Unit - Free PowerPoint Theme War is a free military slideshow template with a background image of tactics or special unit teams with weapons on a white background. 

21. Jet Fighter with Fire - Free Air Force PowerPoint Template features a jet fighter with fire or explosion background. This is an image taken at night.

22. Navy Ship - Free PowerPoint Theme War comes with an image of naval warship and patriotic marines saluting. The primary color used is blue. 

23. Military Boats - Free Soldier PowerPoint Template is a free military slideshow featuring an army boat with soldiers patrolling on the sea.  

Military Boats - Free Soldier PowerPoint Template

24. War Illustration - Free PowerPoint Theme War features illustrations related to the army and soldiers. This soldier PowerPoint template comes in green and yellow.

25. Free Soldier PowerPoint Template uses abstract shapes and an image of a soldier in a kneeling firing position. 

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Military PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Do you want to create better PowerPoint presentations in 2020? Here are five quick tips for setting you on the right path:

1. Work Smart (Leave the Designing to the Experts)

Special Force - Army PPT Slides a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements
Special Force - Army PPT Slides, a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements

When working on an army presentation, a certain standard and professionalism needs to be maintained. If you're not a designer, don't try creating a design from scratch. You'll wind up gambling with the outcome of your presentation and spending a lot of time designing too.

Save yourself the hassle and invest in a premium PowerPoint template. Improve the standard of your presentation by working smart and leaving the time-consuming tasks to the experts.

2. Use Interesting Copy

Besides the design of your presentation, the actual content or copy is also crucial. With well-written copy you:

  • engage your audience
  • illustrate your points
  • persuade your audience to take action 

Use simple, clear, and concise words. It'll make your presentation easy to understand and follow. Include introduction copy that grabs attention and conclusion copy that's got a clear call to action.

Check out this tutorial to discover the writing process:

3. Keep It Minimal (Use Fewer Words & Avoid Clutter)

Keep all slides clean and to the point. Try doing the following:

  • turn paragraphs into short bullet points
  • replace texts with image, photos, or videos
  • use infographics to visualize facts and figures
  • avoid clutter (text or graphics) on your slides
GrozA - War Themed PowerPoint Template
GrozA - War Themed PowerPoint Template, a premium template that uses infographics and images

The best presentations are always minimal, clear, and easy to follow. The key is to keep it simple and to break down your presentation well.

4. Reduce Transitions and Animation

Too much of transitions and animations would make your presentation look unprofessional. They can also distract your audience and make it hard for them to follow your presentation. You don't have to avoid transitions and animations entirely. But use them tastefully and minimally.

Check out these tutorials for more help:

5. Use High-Quality Visuals

Drone  Aerial - Army Presentation Template
Drone & Aerial - Army Presentation Template is a premium template on Envato Elements

A picture paints a thousand words and is an essential aspect of any presentation. Once an image is included on a slide, it becomes with the main focal point of that slide.

Use high-resolution images all the time because a poor-quality image can look very unprofessional. If you're unsure, double-check that the photos are sharp on a bigger screen. Replace or remove any that are of poor quality.

An Envato Elements subscription gives you access to over a million high-quality, royalty-free stock photos. Use them in your presentation and other marketing initiatives. 

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs for 2020

Looking for other professional Microsoft PowerPoint templates you can use in 2020? Check out our best presentation templates for 2020 below:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Could you use some help creating your next military presentation? Not to worry, we've got you covered! Check out our ultimate tutorial guide that's got loads to offer. Get started immediately with these tutorials:

Grab a Premium Army PowerPoint Template Today!

Create presentations efficiently without compromising quality by using a premium army presentation template. Start by browsing through Envato Elements. You'll find loads of premium military presentation templates that you can use for a low monthly fee.

Are you looking for a pay-per-download model instead? Be sure to check out the collection of premium pre-built army PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

Is premium not an option for now? We've listed some free army PowerPoint templates from around the web. If you're working on a school project or can't afford to buy a template, these free options will come in handy for sure.

A pre-built PPT template is a must. It allows you to work smart, save time, and create presentations like a professional.

Work smart and use a premium pre-built army PowerPoint template. Download one right now!

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