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25 Best Free Photography Proposal Templates for New 2023 Client Projects

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Read Time: 21 min

The perfect photography proposal template is both stylish and versatile. Here are photography proposal template free download files. Plus, explore tips on how to write a photography proposal and more. 

photography proposal templatephotography proposal templatephotography proposal template
This premium photography proposal template is available for download on Envato Elements.

An attractive photography business proposal template makes the right first impression. An unattractive photography proposal sample might cause you to lose a job. With a good photography proposal template all you've got to do is enter your information. The placeholders are already there!

We'll look at both premium and free photography proposal template designs. Choose the option that works best for you.

5 Best Premium Photography Proposal Template Designs

One thing before we dig into free photography proposal template designs. Let's look at some of the best premium designs over on Envato Elements. 

Enjoy this selection of commercial photography proposal example designs. They're great design inspiration! Here's our list:

1. Commercial Photography Proposal Template

Slide through the gallery to see more of this photography proposal template.
Let's start out with this commercial photography proposal template. You'll get an InDesign file with everything in place for you to add your text and photos. This download includes 26 pages with a grid-based layout. Also find free fonts and customizable brand colors. It could work as a cool photoshoot proposal template. Save this as a photography business proposal in PDF and you're ready to go! 

2. Photography Business Proposal Template

Photography Business Proposal TemplatePhotography Business Proposal TemplatePhotography Business Proposal Template

Check out this beautiful design for a photography proposal template. It features a host of elegant, modern layouts, perfect for showcasing your imagery. It could work as a cool photography bid template. Download this one today and edit it in Adobe InDesign. Change colors and text to make this photography proposal sample your own. 

3. Premium Creative Photography Proposal Template

Premium Creative Photography Proposal TemplatePremium Creative Photography Proposal TemplatePremium Creative Photography Proposal Template

Looking for a creative photography proposal example? This design is stylish, clean, and full of personality. Mix and match 32 included pages, 16 unique spreads. This means there's plenty of ways to beautifully showcase your work. You'll just have to save your photography proposal sample in PDF. It's a great sample photography proposal for your next project. 

4. Corporate Photography Proposal Template

Corporate Photography Proposal TemplateCorporate Photography Proposal TemplateCorporate Photography Proposal Template

This photographer proposal template is such a stylish option. There's 20 pages included, and you get an INDD and IDML file with your download. You can edit this in Adobe InDesign, as well as older versions of InDesign (CS4+). Edit this corporate photography proposal in some versions of Affinity Publisher.

5. Photographer Proposal Template

Photography Portfolio TemplatePhotography Portfolio TemplatePhotography Portfolio Template

Looking for a commercial photography proposal example? Check this photographer proposal template out. You'll find a collection of clean layouts designed with photography in mind.

This photography proposal template comes with 16 pages in InDesign. It's also A4 size and print ready. This could work as a clean photography budget proposal as well. Save your photography business proposal in PDF and you're all set!  

Best Premium Letterhead Stationery on Envato Elements  (With Unlimited Use)

Still looking for photography proposal examples? You can have premium downloads for a very low price. One low fee giving you unlimited downloads from a huge library of design assets. That's exactly how things work on Envato Elements.

Download photography proposal designs, fonts, and extra graphics—without any extra fees. Experiment and use these assets for all your professional projects.

Are you working on a photography proposal for a new client? 

Explore Proposal Templates

Letterhead Stationery on Envato Elements Letterhead Stationery on Envato Elements Letterhead Stationery on Envato Elements 
Enjoy unlimited downloads today on Envato Elements. Download as many premium photography proposal templates as you like.

Unlimited downloads means download as many premium assets as you want, no limits. Easily search and download from a huge collection of assets, all for one, low price. 

25 Top Free Photography Proposal Template Examples to Download for 2023

If you're looking for high quality free content, check out Envato's free offerings. You can download these high quality freebies right now, at no cost.

Free Premium TemplatesFree Premium TemplatesFree Premium Templates
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. 

Even better, there's new free files every month.

  • Envato Elements offers 12 free files every month. All you need to do is sign up for a free account to download these free files. They include content like fonts, graphics, and more. 

Didn't find what you were looking for in the free files? Let's check out some awesome free photography proposal template designs:

1. Photography Proposal Template Free Download

Photography Proposal Template Free DownloadPhotography Proposal Template Free DownloadPhotography Proposal Template Free Download

This stylish photography proposal template for free download is a wonderful fit. This was designed with portfolio purposes in mind. Use it also as a commercial photography proposal example.

2. Free Download Photography Business Proposal Template

Check out this free photography proposal template. This photography business proposal template is a layered PSD. It's perfect if you plan to work on your proposal in Adobe Photoshop. 

3. Lookbook Photography Proposal Template Free Download

This stylish design is a great commercial photography proposal example. Don't be afraid to look at lookbooks, magazines, and other multi-page documents. They can be adaptable.

4. Free Corporate Photography Proposal

Free Corporate Photography ProposalFree Corporate Photography ProposalFree Corporate Photography Proposal

Check out this stylish photography business proposal template. The included pages have so much potential. Mix and remix them to meet your project's goals. The best part: this photography proposal template is free to download! 

5. Free Corporate Photography Proposal

Looking for a corporate photography proposal with a lot of business appeal? This one's a great choice. Stylish blocks of color are the perfect complement to your photography.

6. Free Photography Portfolio Template

This photography proposal template is a great fit for creatives. It comes with a minimalistic style. Add your content and images into this sleek design.

7. Free Photography Budget Proposal Template

Free Photography Budget Proposal TemplateFree Photography Budget Proposal TemplateFree Photography Budget Proposal Template

This free photography proposal template is an example of the concept of "less is more." There's so much beautiful negative space. This is a wonderful way to add emphasis to your photos.

8. Black and White Free Photography Proposal Template

A black and white aesthetic can make for a classy presentation. If that look & feel suits your brand, give this photography proposal template a look.

9. Free Photography Proposal Template with Extras

Looking for a package deal? Check out this amazing photography business proposal template. You get a proposal template, business cards, a letterhead, and more! This is such an amazing free download.

10. Free Photography Project Proposal Template

Free Photography Project Proposal TemplateFree Photography Project Proposal TemplateFree Photography Project Proposal Template

Looking for a fun aesthetic for your photography proposal? This proposal template is definitely worth a look. It's a perfect choice if you're looking for a free photography proposal for use in Adobe InDesign.

11. Free Proposal Catalog for Microsoft Word

Prefer to work in Microsoft Word? Check out this proposal template. It's a simple one, so it's a great fit if you know you want to keep things straight forward.

12. Food Photography Proposal Template Free Download

Here's another great commercial photography proposal example. Adapt a multi-page document to work for your design needs, when designing a proposal. While this was designed for recipes, you could swap the images and content to meet your needs.

13. Free Corporate Photography Proposal

Corporate Photography ProposalCorporate Photography ProposalCorporate Photography Proposal

If you're looking to work with a stylish aesthetic, this template is a great choice. It's got lots of playful color without taking emphasis away from the photography. Give this free photography proposal template a try.

14. Free Photography Business Proposal Template

This template was designed with finances in mind. But it features beautiful layouts that are perfect for dramatic, full page photography. Edit this one in Adobe InDesign. It's adaptable into a great free photography proposal template.

15. Free Simple Microsoft Word Photography Template

Looking for something simple and straight forward? If you plan to work in Microsoft Word, this one might be a great fit. It's got large blocks of color, but you could replace those with your photos.

16. Free Photography Proposal Template

Free Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal Template

A photography magazine can be the perfect photography business proposal sample project. Check out this InDesign template. These free layout designs could definitely be adapted for proposal purposes. Save your photography proposal template in PDF and that's it!

17. Free Photography Proposal Template Textured

Here's another Microsoft Word template. This one features a lot of texture. Keep in mind that you could swamp that out for other imagery or photography.

18. Photography Budget Proposal Free Download

This Microsoft Word template is free to download and use today. It could be a great fit for proposal projects that have a lot of written content. Add your own photos and make this template work for your proposal project. 

19. InDesign Free Photography Proposal Template

Free Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal TemplateFree Photography Proposal Template

Aren't these layout designs stylish? They could be a great fit for many different photography proposal projects. Grab this free download today and edit these designs in Adobe InDesign. 

20. Corporate Photography Proposal Free Download

This design works with Adobe Photoshop. Expand the included layouts to add more pages to this document. This one could be adapted to be a wonderful commercial photography proposal example. Save your photography proposal template in PDF. Then, you're all set! 

21. Free Proposal Design Template Photography

Love a fashionable look and feel? This proposal was designed with fashion in mind. But it's got plenty of potential as a photography business proposal template.

22. Portfolio Photography Proposal Template Free Download

Portfolio Photography Proposal Template Free DownloadPortfolio Photography Proposal Template Free DownloadPortfolio Photography Proposal Template Free Download

Aren't these layouts beautiful? These layouts have plenty of potential for a photography project proposal template. Download this photography proposal template for free. Use it to craft the perfect InDesign photography proposal for your project.

23. Photography Business Proposal Template Collection

If Microsoft Word is your software of choice, check out this link. This is a whole collection of free business proposal templates. Check it out and download your favorites today. 

24. Microsoft Word Free Photography Proposal Template

Here's another Microsoft Word offering. You can even customize this one within your browser. Isn't that convenient? 

25. Fashion Lookbook Free Photography Proposal Template

Fashion Lookbook Free Photography Proposal TemplateFashion Lookbook Free Photography Proposal TemplateFashion Lookbook Free Photography Proposal Template

This beautiful lookbook could be the perfect commercial photography proposal example. Stylish layouts feature bold and beautiful spaces to showcase your photography. This one's a great fit for Adobe InDesign users. 

How to Make a Great Photography Proposal in Adobe InDesign (Quickly)

We’ve looked at some of the best photography proposal template designs from around the web. Now, it’s time to learn how to customize them. It’s always best to use a premium photoshoot proposal template.

Premium photography proposal templates offer superior features and styling. You won't find that in photography proposal template free download options.

Customize premium photography proposal sample templates in just five easy steps!

Photography proposal templatePhotography proposal templatePhotography proposal template
Use the premium Photography Proposal Template. Bring your work to life for your clients.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the Photography Proposal Template from Envato Elements. Download it now to follow along.

This tutorial was written using a macOS and Office 365. 

If you’ve got a different operating system or a different version of PowerPoint, your steps may be slightly different.

Let's get started:

1. Launch the InDesign Template

When you download your photography proposal template, you’ll find a .zip file. These help reduce the stored file size on your computer until you’re ready to begin making edits.

To get started, extract the folder’s contents and open it up. 

You’ll see a list of files. You’re looking for the .indd files. Notice in this template that you can choose between two page sizes. This controls the size of your document, and how it'll look in print.

Photography proposalPhotography proposalPhotography proposal
Launch your premium template by double-clicking on an .INDD file.

Double-click on the template file that you want. InDesign will launch, and you’re ready to begin editing.

2. Format and Customize Text

With a photography proposal example open, make sure you have the Layers panel turned on. 

The Layers panel works by clicking Window > Layers, or by pressing F7 on your keyboard. 

Text is a good place to start. While this is a photography proposal, you need supporting words to add context. Find a text layer in the Layers panel and right-click, choosing Select Item(s). 

Photoshoot proposal templatePhotoshoot proposal templatePhotoshoot proposal template
Style your premium photoshoot proposal template with custom text.

Next, find the Type Tool on InDesign’s left side menu. Click into the text box with the Type Tool active. Now, you can select the contents and replace them with your own words. 

3. Add Your Photos

A photography proposal sample needs to include plenty of images. 

They’re easy to add with premium templates, thanks to image placeholders. You won’t find many of these in a photography proposal template free download.

Photography proposal samplePhotography proposal samplePhotography proposal sample
A premium photography proposal example like this has customizable image layers.

Once again, these are on the Layers panel. On most pages in this template, the placeholders are the Rectangle layers. Repeat your earlier step of right-clicking and choosing Select Item(s). You’ll see the image placeholder selected on the page. Now, you can drag and drop images right onto the photography proposal template.

Repeat as needed throughout your photography proposal. In no time, you’ll bring your ideas to life in a beautiful, inspired way. 

4. Style With Creative Color Use

Fill layers with colors to add a dash of new style to your photography proposal example. 

With a layer selected as we’ve done above, find the Properties sidebar over on the right side of InDesign. 

Photography proposal examplePhotography proposal examplePhotography proposal example
Use color to match this premium photography proposal example to your own style.

Launch the Fill menu and choose the artist palette icon in the upper center. Here, you can pull on the sliders to customize a color. Or, you can add in a color code for an exact match. 

As you can see, it’s easy to add unique colors to your favorite premium InDesign templates. 

5. Export the Photography Proposal for Sharing

Remember that InDesign is a creative app for building inspired documents.

It’s meant for editing, but not for viewing and sharing with clients. For a photography proposal, it’s a great idea to export your InDesign templates into PDF format. PDF files are widely shareable, and they’re easy to print.

PDF photography proposalPDF photography proposalPDF photography proposal
Exporting a premium template to PDF makes it easy to share and print.

Find the File > Export menu in the upper left corner of InDesign. Click it, name your file, and choose Adobe PDF (Print) from the Format drop-down menu. When you’re finished, click Save.

Build stunning documents fast with premium photography proposal template designs.

You’re sure to wow your clients and land your next photoshoot. Get started today! 

5 Top Photography Proposal Tips to Help Close Deals in 2023

So, you've found the perfect photography proposal design. Or maybe you're customizing or designing one of your own. What's next? What should you add, do, or use to make the perfect template?

Let's look at some photography proposal tips to help you make the perfect proposal. We'll also look at some photography business proposal sample designs for inspiration. Here are some tips to help you close deals:

1. Find a Balance 

Sometimes, less is truly more. Avoid "packing" the parts of your design too tightly. Leave some breathing room within your layout space. Why? 

Too much content might end up competing with each other. 

Instead, an elegant use of spacing can make for a very sophisticated presentation. Allow your photos to command attention. Leave other parts of the composition as supplements.

Check out this premium photography business proposal sample below as an example. 

photography proposal templatephotography proposal templatephotography proposal template
Give your layouts space to showcase your work. This premium photography proposal template does that.

2. Strategic Writing

Your design and imagery are both important parts of your proposal. But it's important to consider how to write a photography proposal too. Avoid excessive or repetitive statements.

Focus on the best way to communicate the objectives at hand. 

3. Keep Your Content Consistent

Remember, your photography proposal is one consistent presentation. Photos might vary, but the page layouts should look like part of the same visual family.

Look at the premium commercial photography proposal example below. Notice how consistent design elements guide the reader throughout the document. Consistent fonts, consistent colors, and consistent shapes. 

photography proposal template layout designphotography proposal template layout designphotography proposal template layout design
This premium photography proposal template has a consistent layout throughout the document. 

4. Remember Your Target Audience

It's so important to stress the importance of your target audience. 

Who's your target audience? Who's going to read and review your proposal? What kind of content will they need to see and read in order for your proposal to be a success? These are all valuable questions to consider. 

You're writing, designing, and presenting your work for that audience. If the content doesn't appeal you audience, then your proposal has the potential to fail. 

5. Consider Your Formatting

What format will you use to deliver your photography proposal? Will you work digitally and supply a PDF file? Or maybe you'll print your photography proposal, for a physical presentation. 

Consider the dimensions of your project. Will you go for a portrait, landscape, or square layout? All three have potential. Which would serve your work and your professional goals the best?

landscape photography proposal templatelandscape photography proposal templatelandscape photography proposal template
 This premium photography proposal template uses longer dimensions. It's a creative option for landscape photos.

The key to a successful design is relevance. That's why as creatives it's important to keep up with design trends in our industry. This way your photography proposal looks contemporary and updated. Here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2023: 

1. Eye Catching Typography

This year typography is no longer a secondary design element. Your sample photography proposal must feature bold and even distorted fonts. Make every word count. Guide your reader's attention throughout the entire document. 

Fashion MGZ LayoutFashion MGZ LayoutFashion MGZ Layout
Check out the font used in this premium commercial photography proposal example.

2. Data Visualization 

Infographics have been in trend for years, and 2023 is no exception. Instead of words and numbers, use charts and graphs. A successful photography proposal must show data in a visual way. 

3. Visual Storytelling

2023 is all about letting images tell the story for us. Look for a photography proposal template that emphasizes images over text. Let your photos tell the story behind its making. It's the best way to get potential clients to fall in love with your work.

Photography Portfolio TemplatePhotography Portfolio TemplatePhotography Portfolio Template
Every image of your photography proposal sample has a story to tell. (premium example)

4. Photographic Branding

The empire of logos as guiding principles of a graphic identity is coming to an end. In 2023 brand will stand out by their imagery. Make sure every image in your photography proposal supports your brand.

Forget about spending too much time on a logo design. Your photos will be your visual identity. 

5. High Contrast

In 2023, high contrast is everything when it comes to graphic design. Experiment with light text over a super dark background. Or try the other way around. Try to make intriguing and visually dynamic spreads.

Elegant ProposalElegant ProposalElegant Proposal
This elegant photography business proposal template is a premium example of high contrast.

Discover More Top Proposal Template Designs

Want to check out even more design inspiration? Still looking for the perfect photography proposal template? Check out these collections of awesome proposal designs.

From creative designs to even more free downloads, there's plenty to see:

Why Choose a Premium Photography Proposal Template Over a Free Download?

When it comes to finding the perfect photography proposal template:

  • Download a free photography proposal template. No financial investment required, but a lot of time invested in searching. Finding the right template for your project can be time consuming. Do you have the time and resources for extensive edits? What are the usage and licensing requirements you need? Just because a download is free doesn't mean it's free of copyright restrictions.
  • Download a premium photography project proposal template. This is a convenient option if you're looking for a photography proposal template. Unlimited downloads under a single fee keeps things simple and convenient. This option often comes with help documentation and licensing for commercial usage. 
  • Download unlimited photography proposal template designs. Interested in downloading a lot of assets, but you'd like to save money? This is a perfect choice. Download as many photography proposal templates as you want. Also find fonts, graphics, and more. All for one monthly fee.
photography business proposal templatephotography business proposal templatephotography business proposal template
A beautiful premium photography business proposal template from Envato Elements. 

So, why use a photography project proposal template? You could create your photography proposal from scratch. Are you short on time or you could use some extra help? A photography business proposal template can be a huge benefit.

Even experienced designers can benefit from using a template. 

Think of it like a design short cut. It's a great way to jump start your design process. The foundation has already been laid out for you.

That said, free is everyone's favorite price point. A word of caution. Free photography proposal template designs aren't always entirely free or without limitations. For example, a free template may have limited licensing.

photography business proposal templatephotography business proposal templatephotography business proposal template
This premium photography business proposal template comes with added extras for versatility.

A free photography proposal template has limited options and no support. Plus, it's much harder to find a perfect match. 

Learn More About Making Creative Proposals in 2023

Curious about the design part of proposal templates? We've covered plenty of photography proposal examples. But maybe you need some help with customization. Or maybe you're interested in making your own.

There's a wealth of free design tutorials on Envato Tuts+. Check these out:

Common Photography Proposal Questions Answered (FAQ)

You might be thinking about building a photography proposal of your own. You might want to know more about premium photography proposal templates. To help, we’ve compiled five top questions and answered them for you:

1. How Do I Start Using Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is a popular creative tool. It’s your best bet for creating your own photography proposal designs with templates. But like many apps, it can be daunting at first. The key is to start with a premium template, and then customize it.

To help you out here's a tutorial packed with useful tips:

2. How To Write a Photography Proposal For Big Clients?

A big part of a photography proposal is showing off your creative images. But you need to back these up with supporting text that tells your story and helps close the deal. Always consider your client’s needs and tell exactly how you’ll meet those needs. By crafting a unique proposal, you boost your chances of expanding your client base. 

Learn more about getting and keeping big clients with our tutorial guide:

3. How Do I Add Images to InDesign?


It’s easy! You can use the File > Place option to insert images on a blank canvas. Or, if you've got a layer that you want to add an image to, select the layer. Then, drag your image onto the layer and drop it into place. 

InDesign gives you many options for this. You can understand them all with our handy tutorial:

4. Where Do I Find More Proposal Templates?

It’s clear that a photoshoot proposal template is the best way to begin your work. But it always helps to find a template that fits your own personal style. Remember, proposals should be built to engage. A dull, flat offering won’t help you land any new clients. 

Explore a set of photography proposal example designs here:

5. How Do I Make Proposal Photos Stand Out?

Chances are that clients may receive several proposals for their next shoot. This means you need to stand out from others. A great way to do that is with the use of Photoshop actions. These style photos in new and creative ways. It only takes a few clicks.

Create Your Photography Proposal Template Today

The best photography proposal template is the one that best showcases your work. Is the one that works with your professional brand. What design choices do you prefer, and which help support your professional goals? Hopefully, you found some inspiration to help you with your design process.

If you need some extra help, there's a wealth of premium downloads over on Envato Elements. There's library of photography proposal template designs, ready to download right now. With unlimited downloads, you can download all the templates you'd like to try. 

There's no better time to get started on your photography proposal than right now! Good luck with your project.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress and Janila Castañeda. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Janila is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. 

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