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25 Best Free PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates to Download 2020


Creating an attractive presentation cover page for PPT can be challenging. Having the cover page pop is the first step in creating a memorable presentation. 

Create a stylish and eye-catching PowerPoint cover slides for your next presentation. Use a professionally designed PowerPoint template.

The premium template, Toetiec, features an attractive looking cover slide and stunning slide designs. 

PowerPoint templates help you focus on the most important aspect of the presentation, the actual content. If you're not a professional designer, creating a template that can compete with other high-quality designs may be hard.

Envato Elements offers a marketplace full of PowerPoint templates that can all be downloaded with a low monthly cost. If you prefer to just buy one template for your upcoming project, head over to GraphicRiver.

Best Premium PowerPoint Cover Page Design Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Free PowerPoint templates can help kickstart the presentation creation process. But using a professionally designed template will help you stand out from the competition. 

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium PowerPoint templates with high-quality cover slides available on the web!

Professional PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint templates with presentation cover pages on Envato Elements

For a low monthly cost, you can access this massive library of templates and bring your presentations to life. Not only can you access all these PowerPoint templates, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that could be helpful to you.

All the PowerPoint templates in the Envato Elements library are fully customizable, have trendy designs for 2020, and can be edited in a matter of minutes. 

Best selling PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements
Premium PowerPoint templates are added weekly. Check out some of the latest designs on Envato Elements

The unlimited downloads that Elements offer lets you download as many PowerPoint templates as you would like. 

Use the PowerPoint templates included in Envato Elements to present any type of business or personal presentation. A well-designed presentation makes your presentation more interesting and engaging to your audience.

The templates that come with Elements include a variety of features:

  • free fonts
  • tons of unique slides
  • fully editable text and images
  • slide transition animations

With these professionally designed PowerPoint templates, you don't have to worry about hiring a designer or designing the presentation yourself. Don't forget to check out Envato Market as well for more great PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint cover slide templates to download one at a time.

5 Best Top Trending PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates (From Envato Elements - For (2020)

Now let’s look at a few of the top premium printable flyer templates from Envato. We’ll first explore five of the best cool flyer designs from Envato Elements in this section:

1. The X Note

The X Note

This effective, modern, and easy to customize presentation will help you turn your ideas into persuasive presentations. Whether you've got a product design coming up, pitch deck, or any type of business presentation, this presentation will let your ideas shine. 

Here are a few notable features for this PowerPoint cover page template:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 screen layouts
  • slide transition animation
  • 40+ Unique slides
  • 4 pre-made themes 

2. Be.


Be. focuses on the creatives. The clean and minimalist layout gives you plenty of options to showcase any type of business or personal presentation. The PowerPoint cover slide is divided into two with one half featuring a place for an image and the other side for the title of your presentation.

Here's what you can expect from this template:

  • 125+ unique and creative slides
  • 550+ free font icons 
  • all objects are vector and fully editable
  • Easy drag and drop to change images

3. Expert


This high-quality PowerPoint cover page contains a whopping 620 unique slides. The cover page template has five triangle shapes that allow you to add images to, a title, and a section to add around three sentences. 

There are plenty of features that come with this template including: 

  • 100 theme colors 
  • white & dark versions
  • 620 unique slides
  • fully animated
  • 16:9 full HD quality presentation

4. Angle Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Angle Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

If you're looking for an all-in-one PowerPoint presentation template that can be used for business reports, annual reports, pitch decks, real estate presentations, education presentations, and for personal uses, then this is the template for you. The creators made this template to help you make the presentation creation process much easier and faster. 

A few notable features include:

  • 232 unique slides
  • 928 total slides
  • 52 special animation slides
  • 300 pre-made color themes
  • 6500+ icons included

5. Massive X Presentation Template

Massive X Presentation Template

Massive X is a powerful that lets you build whatever you like. The template is full of vibrant and colorful graphs and charts to help you deliver a presentation that'll catch your audience's attention. 

Features for this PowerPoint template include:

  • 74+ modern and unique slides
  • 16:9 screen ratio
  • 930+ DesignBall font & vector icons
  • isometric graphics
  • free and fast 24/7 support

Now let's have a look at the best free PowerPoint templates with high quality PowerPoint cover slides.

25 Top Free PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates to Download for 2020

Before looking for a free PowerPoint cover page template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Microsoft cover page downloads) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Do you need some more options for free PowerPoint cover page templates? Here's a curated list of options from around the internet:

1. Global Education Solution

Global Education Solution

This free PowerPoint cover page template features an abstract image to highlight the importance of education. You can include a title and subtitle for the presentation on this Microsoft cover page download as well. 

2. Designer Portfolio

The Designer Portfolio PowerPoint cover slide features a pink and blue gradient background with a title at the center and a clay-like image of a camera. This will work well for any creative presentation that you need to deliver.

3. Research Project Proposal

Featured on this PowerPoint cover slide is a graphic of a man working in front of many computer screens in his office. There's a section on the left side for the title of the presentation and a space under the title for a few short sentences.

4. Cool Squares

Cool Squares offers a mosaic tile cover page for PPT with different colored and sized squares with and without images. This PowerPoint will work well for a more casual presentation.

5. Creative Idea Bulb

Creative Idea Bulb

Creative Idea Bulb PowerPoint cover slide combines a pencil and a light bulb to express creative learning. Use this template for teaching and creativity presentations.

6. Orange Squared

You can expect a background image overlayed with a square image and title on the PPT cover page design download. This is a flexible template that can work for business or personal use. 

7. Blue Architecture

This Free PowerPoint cover page template has a background image of a city tinted with blue overlayed with a title and briefcase graphic. Use this for any type of business presentation.

8. City of Business Man

City of Business Man PowerPoint cover page template has a cityscape background overlaid in red. The title is in the center of the page with a circle around it. 

9. Analysis Consultant

Analysis Consultant

This template is ideal for any business presentation. The cover for PPT has a businessman background image with futuristic icon graphics overlaying the image. 

10. Green Finance

This free PowerPoint cover page template has a green background overlayed with numbers and money symbols. This template is ideal for finance presentations. 

11. Social Inclusion Project Proposal

Graphics of three people of different ethnicities are on the Microsoft cover page download along with colored circles. Any type of social inclusion template will benefit from using this cover template for PPT.

12. Architecture Portfolio

Architectural blueprints fill up the PPT cover page design download. Any sort of technical presentation can benefit from using this PowerPoint cover slide.

13. Businessman Cityscape

Businessman Cityscape

This cover template for PPT contains a confident businessman against the backdrop of an urban landscape. The template is fully editable and has 135 different icons to choose from.

14. Hexagonal Tech

This template is great for tech type presentations and features hexagons and icons pattern on the PPT cover page design. You can expect 35 different slides with this free download.

15. Annual Report

This Microsoft cover page download comes with a business graphic on the front. It's best used for economic type presentations. You could also use this for any type of personal finance presentation. 

16. Cool Professor CV

This cover template is full of color-rich graphics that are sure to help your PowerPoint CV stand out. Included are 43 different slides that allow you to showcase your skills.

17. Business Pitch Deck

Business Pitch Deck

The PPT cover page design download features an abstract blue-colored shape, some rows for titles, and a row for graphics. Just like the title says, this presentation cover page is best used for pitch decks.

18. Graphic Design Project Proposal

You'll find an illustrated graphic of a women working in front of some screens in her office on the cover page of this PowerPoint template. This template is geared toward project proposals for designers, especially graphic designers.

19. Blue Team Work

Any type of presentation that involves a team can benefit from this template. The Microsoft cover page download has a blue background with hand graphics to show teamwork. 

20. Scientific Project Proposal

This PowerPoint cover page features a pink rocket ship blasting off into outer space. Futuristic presentations can use this template.

21. Business Plan

Business Plan

This simple cover page template has dark-colored background with abstract shapes. The simplicity of the template allows it to be used for all types of business and personal presentations.

22. Cliad Creative Project Proposal

You can include details about your major requirements, goals, stages, and team. Add information in graphs on this Microsoft cover page download. The cover page has a creative illustration.

23. Data Analysis

This template design is suitable for the presentations crafted for graphical representation of businesses and economics. The cover page features an abstract spherical shape with a gray-colored background.

24. Modern Pitch Deck

Half of the cover page is an image. The other half is a black background with a spot for the title. The PowerPoint presentation cover page comes with 24 more slides that can be used for your business presentations.

25. CO2 Reduction Project Proposal

CO2 Reduction Project Proposal

Abstract shapes with images in one of them are what you'll find on this cover page. If you're presenting something scientific, then you may benefit from this free template. 

Looking for tips on how to create an eye-catching looking cover page slide design? We've got you covered with a few handy tips in the next section.

5 Quick PowerPoint Cover Page Slide Design Tips for 2020

You're looking for the right PowerPoint cover page. Use these quick tips to get the most from your cover page presentation design:

1. Split the Cover Page in Half

The half and half cover page design works great for all types of presentations. Include an image on one half and the title and short sentences on the other half of the slide to create this type of cover page design. 

Split the Cover Page in Half
A premium PowerPoint cover slide featuring a half and half design.

2. Feature a Center Design

Using a centered design for your slides can help your overall presentation by making the elements on the slides seem more important. When elements are centered, they're perceived as being crucial to the slide. When all the elements are centered, the audience will subconsciously view your text and images as all being important. 

Feature a Center Design
The center design on this premium cover for PPT will help your presentation stand out.

3. Include Graphics

While this may be an obvious tip, it's often overlooked. Adding graphics sparingly throughout your presentation will give your slides a professional touch and make the presentation more engaging. Be sure to include graphics that fit what you're presenting. 

Include Graphics
Premium cover templates for PPT often include interesting graphics.

4. Simplicity

While your cover page for PPT can work great with many different elements on it, you can still never go wrong with having a very simple cover page design. Including a graphic and title of your presentation in the center of your cover page is more than enough to set the stage for your presentation. 

Here's a simple premium PowerPoint presentation cover page from Envato Elements.

5. Include Skill Bars

Including skill bars in your presentations helps make it much more engaging and memorable. Whether you're giving a pitch deck, creating a project proposal, or showcasing an annual report, skill bars can be used in the presentation.

Include Skill Bars
Skill bars add interest to this premium PowerPoint template cover from Envato Elements.

Still looking for more high-quality PowerPoint templates? Let's have a look at even more options of templates for you to choose from. 

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Still haven't found the right PowerPoint template for your latest presentation? There are plenty of more high-quality and feature-rich PowerPoint templates with stunning looking cover pages available on GraphicRiver and Envato Elements. 

To help you continue with your search for more of these templates, feel free to check out a few more of our roundup articles below:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

You've got your PowerPoint presentation picked out. Now it's time to get to editing the template and customize it to fit your particular presentation. A basic knowledge of PowerPoint can take you a long way in the editing process. 

For more help with understanding how you can edit templates in Microsoft PowerPoint, go to our PowerPoint tutorial guide and take a look at the articles below:

Get Your PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates Today!

The templates featured in this article have incredible designs and feature eye-catching cover slides. Whether you're creating a resume, have a project proposal coming up, or need to showcase your portfolio, these PowerPoint templates can help you take your presentation to the next level.

Envato Elements offers you access to not only a massive library of high-quality PowerPoint templates but access to thousands of other creative assets that can help you with your upcoming projects. 

What are you waiting for? Get started on your next PowerPoint presentation with a premium PowerPoint presentation cover page template right now!

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