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25+ Best Free PowerPoint Timeline and Roadmap Templates PPTs for 2020


Whether you're pitching a new product or service or reporting on the progress of an existing project, you could use a timeline PowerPoint slide to showcase important dates and milestones. Timeline PowerPoint slides are a great way to visually illustrate time, but they can be time-consuming to create.

Premium Timeline Diagram Template on Envato Elements
Premium Timeline Diagram Template on Envato Elements

Fortunately, there are many PPT timeline templates that you can easily customize with your own information to create a timeline PowerPoint slide. The best PPT timeline templates are professionally designed, but if money is tight you can download a timeline PPT template free.

In this article, I share some awesome premium PPT timeline templates from Envato Elements and high-quality premium PPT roadmap templates from GraphicRiver. I'll also share over 20 timelines for PowerPoint templates to download for free.

Why Use a Premium Presentation Template in 2020?

You may wonder why I'm writing about premium presentation templates in an article on how to get PPT timeline templates free. The answer is simple.

Premium templates are quick way to get great-looking presentations. If you've ever tried to design a PowerPoint slide yourself, you know that it can be time-consuming. And unless you're a professional designer, the results may not be quite what you hoped for. 

With a premium timeline and roadmap template for PPT, you'll get professional results. Plus, when you take into consideration the time you'll be saving, and the number of options available, premium templates are quite reasonably priced.

Envato Elements
With Envato Elements you'll get access to hundreds of premium assets such as presentation templates, courses, WordPress themes, and more.

At Envato, we offer two options for premium presentation templates. Our first option, Envato Elements, is the best if you create presentations often. For a low monthly fee, you'll receive unlimited access to hundreds of professionally-designed presentation templates. Plus, you'll get access to other helpful assets such as our WordPress themes and our premium Tuts+ courses. 

If you just need a single premium presentation template, don't worry. We've got an option for that too. Simply pay for a one-time presentation template download from GraphicRiver to get all the benefits of using a premium timeline or roadmap template for PPT.

Let's go ahead and look at some premium timeline and roadmap template examples in PowerPoint so you can see what I'm talking about.

5 Top Premium Timeline & Roadmap PowerPoint Templates (From Envato Elements)

Here's a selection of some of our best premium roadmap and timeline on PowerPoint templates:

1. 50 in 1 Timeline Template PowerPoint (Pack)

50 in 1 Timeline Pack

Whatever type of timeline PPT template you need, you'll find a template for it in this pack with 50 unique slides. Choose from between 3-D graphic timeline PPT template and more traditional types of timeline on PowerPoint template. This retina-ready timeline PPT template is simple to customize. Simply type in your own information and you're ready to go.

2. Timeline PPT Template

Timeline PowerPoint Template

The Timeline PPT Template is ideal for marketing and business presentations. It comes with seven pre-made color schemes. Choose between 30 different slide designs. 

This retina-ready timeline PPT template is available in three common aspect ratios: 16:9 HD, 16:10, and 4:3. You'll get .ppt templates and .xml files with your download.

3. Rubick Presentation Template

Rubick Presentation Template

With its brightly colored, modern design, you'll capture your audience's attention with the Rubick Presentation template. Plus, it's full of features. Here's some of what you'll get from this eye-catching template:

  • Over 100 different slides
  • Files for both PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Easy-to-edit charts and infographics
  • And much more!

4. Oriola: Business Template (With Timeline Template PPT)

Oriola Business PowerPoint Template

This general-purpose business PowerPoint template has some great easy-to-use timeline in PPT templates. Choose between dark and light theme variations and 50 different slide designs including screen mockups for tablets and smart phones. Create the presentation you need by quickly adding your own text and images.

5. Leaf Multipurpose PPT (With Timeline in PPT Template)

Leaf Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

Give your presentation a fresh look with this gorgeous presentation template. There are eleven color variations of this template and it's got 150 different slides to choose from. Plus, there's animation and transitions with this template to help you engage your audience. This easy-to-use PowerPoint template comes with PDF documentation.

10 Best Premium Roadmap and Timeline PowerPoint Template Examples From GraphicRiver

If you're looking for a timeline or roadmap template for PPT, don't miss these from GraphicRiver:

1. Process & Timeline Template PPT

Process Timeline Template PPT

This Process and Timeline Template PPT comes with 80+ professional slides that include tons of presentation goodies like graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams. Easily edit these elements to suit your needs and create any timeline or roadmap you may need. A good template pack to have handy. 

2. Infographics - Timeline on PowerPoint Template

Infographics Timeline

This premium template comes with 75 unique slides to convert your data visually into an amazing presentation. If you're someone who created timelines often in your presentations, rest assured that with this professional and clean multipurpose timeline template PowerPoint you'll be spoilt with all the choices. 

3. Tables, Plan & Timeline Template PowerPoint

Tables Plan  Timeline Template Powerpoint

This is a premium tables, plan and timeline template. These 10+ professional slides allow you to change colors, change shapes, text and charts. As with any premium template, this item offers you upcoming updates for free—never pay again. Get free support—a response within 30 minutes. 

4. Roadmap Template in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Roadmap Template

The Roadmap Template in PowerPoint offers two presentation file sizes (4:3 and 16:9).  The download includes icons. It's easy to edit these professionally designed PPT roadmap templates to add your own information and details. Replace the image placeholders with your own images.

5. Product PPT Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template

Here's an attractive PowerPoint template that's full of PPT roadmap templates for your product development presentations. This highly editable PPT roadmap template makes it easy to create good-looking product roadmaps. Type in your own text details and replace the image placeholders with your own photos and images to create a top-notch presentation.

6. Business Pitch Template (With Timeline PowerPoint Slides)

Business Pitch Template

Although this template was designed for business pitches, you'll find that it also includes a professionally designed product timeline on PowerPoint template. This template includes both the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Plus, it's easy to customize and make it your own. Besides the timeline PPT template slides, you'll also find many other attractive slide templates.

7. Project Timeline PowerPoint Template

Project Timeline PowerPoint Template

Customers love this versatile roadmap template in PowerPoint. And with 83 unique slide designs and 10 color schemes to choose from, it's no wonder this template is so popular. Here's some of what our customers have to say:

"The quality of the material is amazing. Recommended to all the one who needs to prepare professional and stunning presentations!"
"Absolutely love these PowerPoint templates. Really flexible and of fantastic quality. Love them so much I've purchased two more from the vendor. Thanks for all your hard work. It has saved me masses of time!"

8. Success - Timeline for PowerPoint Template

Timeline Success PowerPoint Presentation Templatae

The Success - Timeline for PowerPoint Template comes packed with great features to help your presentation succeed. Here's just some of what you'll get when you choose this template:

  • 19 different slides
  • 10 different color schemes
  • Over 2000 icons
  • And much more!

9. 3D Infographic & Timeline Presentation Template

3D Infographic  Timeline Presentation Template

Over 1200 slides of 3D infographic and timeline elements. Create awesome and professional presentations with these creative layouts. These 3D elements will take your presentations to the next level and impress your audience by showing how professional and organized you are. 

10. Conservative - PowerPoint Timeline Example

Conservative - PowerPoint Timeline Example

A highly editable presentation template that includes a few unique and professional timeline slides in the same theme as the whole presentation. A clean and simple template that's multipurpose and impressive. 

25+ Free Roadmap and Timeline PowerPoint Templates for 2020

Getting a timeline or roadmap template for PowerPoint free of charge might seem like a good idea. But free presentation templates are often not as full featured as premium templates.

For many free templates, "what you see is what you get." They may not include support or documentation. So, there's no one to turn to if things go wrong. 

And remember, many people are looking for free templates to use—so it's possible that many others will pick the exact same free template that you use. Your presentation may wind up looking just like everyone else's, when you were hoping it would stand out.

Still, I know that many startups, students, and other small business don't have a budget for a premium template. If that's the case, there are plenty of free PowerPoint roadmap templates available. One great source is Envato Elements, which offers both free roadmap PowerPoint templates and free timeline PowerPoint templates for you to download and use right now.

Sources for the best free PowerPoint roadmap templates on this list include:

Note: The free Microsoft PowerPoint templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates have special requirements, such as that you provide attribution for your presentation. Read the terms of use carefully.

Here's your list of free PowerPoint roadmap templates:

1. Serpentine - PowerPoint Roadmap Template Free. Edit this colorful timeline diagram that resembles a winding road. Use the timeline horizontally, vertically, or reversed for a different look.

2. Blue - Free PowerPoint Timeline Example

Blue Timeline Slide

This timeline template from Microsoft Office features a blue background with horizontal chevrons where you add details. The aspect ratio for this PowerPoint template is 16:9.

3. Spheres - Free Roadmap PowerPoint Templates. This free timeline for PowerPoint template slide comes with a light and dark version. In this template each milestone is represented by a sphere. Available for widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) aspect ratio.

4. 4 Years - Free Timeline in PPT Template. This timeline in PPT template is pre-designed with four time slots, making it great for four-year plans, or any timeline that needs to show progression over four time periods.

5Simple - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. This seven-level linear timeline shows milestones as colorful circles. It comes with a light and dark version. Change the color scheme if you want to.

6.  Berlin Theme - Roadmap Template (PPT) Free Download. This interesting PowerPoint timeline theme from Microsoft shows the milestones as flags against a green background. This template is available in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

7. 6 Years Arrow - Free Roadmap Template in PowerPoint

6 Years Arrow Timeline PPT Diagrams

This linear free timeline diagram features six milestone placeholders along a horizontal arrow. The template comes with a light and dark version and is available in both 16:9 and 4:30 aspect ratios.

8. 3D - PowerPoint Roadmap Template Free with Arrow. On this timeline your milestones are represented by spheres along an upward sloping arrow. The design is in 3D to give the elements added depth.

9. Milestone Shapes & Roadmap Template (PPT) Free Download. With this time template, design your milestones are shown as traffic cone shapes along a roadway. The endpoint (goal) is a round sphere.

10. Free PowerPoint Roadmap Templates. This PowerPoint roadmap template free is fully editable. It features colorful milestones against a gray background depicted along a linear timeline. 

11. Five Data Points - PowerPoint Roadmap Template Free. This flat design timeline slide from Microsoft Office features five round colored milestone markers along a horizontal curved pathway.

12. Project - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. This timeline chart resembles a calendar week in a planner. With this download you get two background and two internal slides. Available for widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) aspect ratios.

13. Road to Success - Free PowerPoint Timeline Example

Road to Success PowerPoint Template

The Road to Success PowerPoint Template uses the illustration of a road to denote progress. The red yield-sign shapes represent fails, while success is pictured as a green sphere.

14. Roll Film - Free Roadmap Templates. In this PowerPoint timeline template, time is shown as a strip of film with seven frames. Each frame in the film strip is a milestone. Edit the text to add your own details.

15. Infographic - Free Timeline Template PPT. This horizontal timeline from Microsoft Office uses infographics to depict the timeline milestones. Use as is or change the colors and add text to customize it.

16. 5 Agenda - Free Timeline Template PowerPoint. Use this free PowerPoint slide design as a vertical timeline with five points. It comes in a light or dark version and is available for widescreen (16:9) or standard (4:3) aspect ratio.

17. Creative - Free Roadmap PowerPoint Templates. Here's a colorful horizontal timeline PowerPoint template that comes with three different slide layouts. There are slots for four milestones or levels in this design.

18. Bomb - Free Timeline PowerPoint Template. This free PowerPoint template comes in several different layouts. Use the bomb illustrations to represent milestones on your timeline or other crucial points.

19. Growth Timeline w/Trees - Free Roadmap Templates

Growthy Timeline wTrees for PowerPoint

This horizontal PowerPoint timeline slide design has a growth theme, which is shown by trees on the slide. This PowerPoint timeline template is available in both a light and dark version.

20. Timeline SmartArt Diagram - Free PowerPoint Timeline Example. This horizontal timeline from Microsoft Office uses the illustration of colored circles along an arrow to show the passage of time. Add your own tasks or goals.

21. Simple Table - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. This PowerPoint timeline slide includes a horizontal timeline with a table beneath it where you provide more details.

22. Placemark Icon - Free Roadmap Template PowerPoint. This PowerPoint has an interesting design with placemark icons. Use these to mark important milestones and add more details below each one.

23. Color Square PowerPoint Diagram - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. Use this diagram to show the timeline of a certain process or project with colorful squares that are aligned horizontally. 

24. Horizontal Rectangle - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. This PowerPoint timeline template has a rectangle arrow design to showcase various project stages.

25. Colorful Ribbons - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. If you're looking for a more colorful design, check out this free roadmap template for PowerPoint.

26. Chevron Highlights - Roadmap Template PowerPoint Free. This timeline design for PowerPoint has a creative design with different colored chevron arrows.

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint Timeline and Roadmap Template PPTs for 2020

So, you’ve chosen your favorite PowerPoint timeline template. Now it’s time to start customizing that roadmap template PPT to build your own amazing slide deck. Let’s learn how to get started, in five simple steps.

For this quick tutorial, follow along by using the Timeline 2.0 for PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

PowerPoint timeline template
Timeline 2.0 for PowerPoint features an array of timeline roadmap layouts.

Let's get started:

1. Choose Slides to Use

A PowerPoint roadmap template will include a plethora of unique slides. Begin by opening the file and finding the View tab in PowerPoint. 

Next, click Slide Sorter. Remove unwanted slides by holding down Shift while clicking on their thumbnails. Press Delete to remove them and return to work by clicking Normal on the View tab.

Step 1 PowerPoint timeline template
Start customizing a PowerPoint timeline template by holding using Slide Sorter view to select the slides to keep.

2. Add Your Own Text

Add custom text by highlighting the contents of any text box on the slide. Then, start typing. Repeat on every slide. Want a new text box for extra text? Add one of your own by going to the Insert tab and clicking Text Box.

Step 2 PowerPoint roadmap template
Use the Insert > Text Box option to add new space for text on your PowerPoint roadmap template.

3. Customize Text Styles

With your roadmap template PPT, you’re not constrained by the default font styles. Change features like size, color, and font type, along with adding effects like underlines and italics. 

Those options live on the Home tab, in the Font section. Browse through options in the dropdowns and click on your favorites to apply them.

Step 3 roadmap template PPT
On the Home tab, use the Font option to change the color of the text in your PowerPoint timeline template.

4. Change Shape Colors

It’s easy to change shape colors on your PowerPoint roadmap template. In this way, you can match slides to your branding, or simply apply your favorite colors. 

Begin by clicking on a slide object. Then, go to the Shape Format menu. There you’ll find the Shape Fill menu. From there, choose a preset color theme, or create your own.

Step 4 roadmap examples PowerPoint
Use the Shape Format > Shape Fill option to update shape colors to match your roadmap template PPT theme.

5. Add Images

Image placeholders are built-in spaces meant for photos. You won’t find them in any free roadmap PowerPoint template! To use one, simply drag and drop an image onto the placeholder. PowerPoint will instantly import your photo, perfectly sized and scaled to fit.

Step 5 PowerPoint roadmap template
Drag-and-drop images into placeholders to round out your roadmap template PPT perfectly.

5 Benefits of Using Professional Templates Section

Are you on the fence about using professional PowerPoint timeline templates and wondering why you should use them when there are so many free templates available?

Professional templates have a few benefits over free ones that you need to consider:

  1. Professional templates save you time because they've got all the necessary slides already designed. All you've got to do is replace the dummy content with your own. 
  2. Professional templates have a modern and polished design that free templates can't match.
  3. You can get plenty of ideas for what your presentation should include thanks to the slides that have built-in ideas. 
  4. Professional templates have plenty of customization options that go beyond mere fonts and colors.
  5. Finally, professional slides stand out since most companies use the default presentation templates that come with Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

If you want access to thousands of great PowerPoint timeline templates, check out Envato Elements. It's a marketplace with a unique offer: for one, low monthly fee you get access to thousands of great PPT templates and other design assets. 

Sign up for Envato Elements and enjoy unlimited use graphics and templates, including web themes, presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

5 Tips to Make Great Timelines and Roadmap Slides in PowerPoint

Now that you’ve seen all the great free and premium PowerPoint roadmap templates, the next logical step is to customize your chosen template. To make great timeline and roadmap slides, follow the tips below:

1. Use a Variety of Layouts

In most cases, your PowerPoint template will have a variety of different layouts for each slide type. Vary the layouts to keep the content visually engaging.

Timeline With Images PowerPoint Template
Premium Timeline With Images PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements.

2. Convey a Single Growth or Roadmap Message

3 Examples of Single Roadmap Message from Premium Timeline PPT Template by Envato Elements
3 Examples of Single Roadmap Message from Premium Timeline PPT Template by Envato Elements

For each timeline template, it's best to stick to a single growth or roadmap message per slide. It gets confusing for the audience when you try to cramp up a few different topics into a single slide. This also allows you to get creative with the images or way your present it. 

3. Pay Attention to Text Formatting

Make sure your text is formatted correctly. Remember to use a larger font size for the body text to ensure your content is visible even to those who aren’t sitting close to the screen. Use shorter sentences and bullet points to make the content easier to digest.

Project Timeline PowerPoint Infographic Template
Project Timeline PowerPoint Infographic Template, this premium template from Envato Elements has plenty of slides.

4. Use the Right Amount of White Space and Animation

Examples of Timeline Slides with Right Amount of White Space from Envato Elements
8 Examples of Premium Timeline Slides with Right Amount of White Space from Envato Elements

It's important to give your slides enough breathing room. Don't put too many elements on a single slide. Every element on the slide needs enough space so the slide is easier to read and digest. 

You can also use a little animation to hide and show sections of the timeline as you go along in the presentation. This professional and organized way of creating your timeline makes it easy to digest and doesn't confuse your audience.    

5. Spice Up the Design With Icons

Lastly, to make your presentation stand out even more, consider adding icons. Use them to mark a new section in your presentation or add them to the timeline itself.

Timeline PowerPoint template
Premium Timeline PowerPoint template includes icons.

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates for 2020

For more great PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, check out the roundups below:

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Templates With Professional Designs

Are you on the fence about using professional PowerPoint timeline templates and wondering why you should use them when there are so many free templates available?

Professional templates have a few benefits over free ones that you need to consider:

  1. Professional templates save you time because they've got all the necessary slides already designed. All you've got to do is replace the dummy content with your own. 
  2. Professional templates have a modern and polished design that free templates can't match.
  3. You can get plenty of ideas for what your presentation should include thanks to the slides that have built-in ideas. 
  4. Professional templates have plenty of customization options that go beyond mere fonts and colors.
  5. Finally, professional slides stand out since most companies use the default presentation templates that come with Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Learn More About PowerPoint Templates

I've just provided you with some great resources that'll help you to create PowerPoint timelines and roadmaps using a template. To learn more about using PowerPoint, study these tutorials:

Learn More About Presentations

Now that you've discovered where to find PowerPoint timeline and roadmap templates, you're ready to start creating your presentation. You'll want to take care to make sure that your presentation is the very best it can be. The right templates are just the first step in making sure that your presentation makes a good impression.

Another way to improve your presentation is to learn more about how to make a good presentation. To do that, grab our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available to download for free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.

Guide to making great presentations

Create PowerPoint Timelines and Roadmaps in 2020

Although you may be convinced that getting a PowerPoint timeline template for free is what you need in 2020, don't overlook the benefits of using a premium PowerPoint timeline template such as those available through Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Using premium PowerPoint templates means you're basing your presentation on professionally designed templates that not everyone has access to. Plus, you'll be able to put together a professional presentation more quickly. 

Why not download your favorite roadmap template for PPT today? Good luck on your presentation in 2020! 

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new premium and free PowerPoint Timeline and Roadmap templates with the best, trending designs.

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