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12 Best Free Real Estate Brochure Design Templates (Download for 2019)

Despite the popularity of online real estate property listings, a real estate brochure is still an important part of your properties. It's a tangible visual that people can hold and see immediately without the need to search online. 

Potential clients can even take the real estate brochure with them wherever they go. So, they'll always be reminded about your property listings.

Bifold Brochure
Premium Bifold Brochure template on Envato Elements.

Designing an effective real estate brochure is easier said than done. It requires time, effort, and careful planning. We've done the nitty-gritty part for you. Choose from our well-designed premium real estate brochure templates or use our list of free real estate brochure templates.

Our premium property management brochure templates come in a variety of themes. So, you’ll get the best design that highlights your properties. For example, the Bifold Brochure template can be customized with your own logo, images, and content.

From inviting homes, to luxury hotels, to business properties--you'll find the right template for the perfect price for you.

Find The Best Premium Real Estate Brochure Templates on Envato Elements

Home is where the heart is, they say. As a real estate agent or a property manager you're not just selling houses. You're a catalyst for building homes for every family. This is also true for other real estate properties like offices. You're part of making a workplace come to life.

You may want to save money when purchasing premium real estate brochure templates. And a free real estate brochure template may save you a few cents.  Imagine all the lost opportunities because your potential customers weren't impressed with your real estate brochure.

Real Estate Brochure Templates from Envato Elements

For top-notch business real estate brochure templates, Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download resource for creatives. As an Elements member pay a low monthly fee to unlock access to thousands of premium, professional resources. Your membership includes:

  • professional brochure templates
  • stock photos and royalty free music
  • graphic templates, fonts, and more

Premium templates from Envato Elements are the place to start your project professionally. Real estate brochure templates you get for free are often not as robust as professional premium templates like those available from Envato Elements.  

Or, you may wish to download real estate project brochure templates one-at-a-time. Unlike the unlimited download model found at Envato Elements, our GraphicRiver marketplace is built as a pay-per-download platform. This is perfect if you want to download a premium template right away without paying a monthly membership. 

Best 5 Premium Real Estate Brochure Templates

You need real estate brochure templates to promote the full potential of your properties. Envato Elements offers premium real estate brochure templates that'll help you beat the competition and grab the attention of quality, potential customers.

We’ve combed through our entire Envato Elements real estate brochure catalog and handpicked the top best-in-class premium templates. These will give a run for your money. Each real estate listing booklet is unique and well-thought-out so you can make a lasting impression.

1. Real Estate A4 Brochure Template

Real Estate A4 Brochure Template

Start with 20 pages of incredibly unique, modern, and clean looking designs. This real estate project brochure is perfect for any kind of property.

It comes with a fully layered template that can be easily customized to suit your own branded and sophisticated real estate brochure. Your potential customers will walk away with all the necessary information.

2. Properties Trifold Brochure Promotion

Properties Trifold Brochure Promotion

Put your property management business on the map using this real estate listing booklet. This stunning template makes your properties the center of attention.

It features a minimalist and modern design with plenty of space for photos and content. This will impress your future next homeowners or commercial property buyers.

3. Real Estate Trifold Brochure

Real Estate Trifold Brochure

Ready to be the king or queen of real estate in your city? Sell your first home with this amazing real estate brochure template. It allows you to add a full-page cover photo.

Inspired by simple yet stylish details, this template is perfect for home properties, apartments, condos, and vacation rental houses.

4. Real Estate Brochures Bundle

Real Estate Brochures Bundle

With its sleek design and sharp layout, this eye-catching real estate listing booklet is ideal for modern real estate agencies.

This premium template strikes a perfect balance between respectable professionalism and engaging personality. It's got easy-to-edit placeholders for your photos and texts. So, you can highlight your properties and contents instantly.

5. Real Estate Trifold Brochure

Real Estate Trifold Brochure

There's one word to best describe this real estate brochure design: elegance. Built for luxury hotels and five-star properties, this template centers around the images of your property.

It allows you to display the best image of your property on the front page. Then, on the succeeding pages change the image placeholders to put a spotlight on the other spectacular parts of your property.

12 Free Real Estate Brochure Templates

If you want more real estate brochure templates for free, we've curated some samples. These property management brochure templates cost nothing, but it may take extra effort to customize them to meet your branding.

For your real estate agent brochure ideas, here are our top picks of free real estate brochure templates to get you started as soon as possible:

1. Free Estate Agency Printable Brochure Template

Free Estate Agency Printable Brochure Template

There are many property management brochure templates out there. But this simple, elegant template is an alternative way to highlight more benefits and features of your property listings.

2. New Listing Brochure

The New Listing Brochure is the perfect size to mail out to potential buyers. Or hand it out yourself during open houses.

3. One-Page Real Estate Brochure

This one-page real estate brochure features an attractive modern design. You'll find yourself using this one for lots of different properties.

4. Stylish Tri-Fold Real Estate Brochure

Stylish Tri-Fold Real Estate Brochure

This free real estate brochure template is ready for you to edit with Adobe InDesign. The download includes files for InDesign versions CS6, CS5, CS4, or CC.

5. Quarter-Page Real Estate Flyer

This real estate brochure template for MS Word is set up with four on a page. Customize it by adding your own logo, photos, and company color scheme.

6. Modern Realtor Brochure

Don't overlook this free modern realtor brochure. There's space for images and all your contact information. Plus, you can also get a free matching business card template.

7. Leaflet With Agent Information

Here's another Word doc real estate brochure template for free. The template has placeholders for six images. It's also got a place for you to include your agent info. 

8. Real Estate Business Brochure (Tri-fold)

Real estate business brochure tri-fold

This Word template has a large space for property descriptions and attention-grabbing headlines. This will help you convey relevant messages to your readers.

9. Full Page Real State Brochure

Here's another free one-page real estate brochure with a flexible design. Use this for a wide variety of property listings.

10. Tri-Fold Brochure PSD

This tri-fold marketing brochure makes the perfect real estate marketing brochure. Customize it to meet your needs.

11. Business Tri-Fold Brochure Design

This Photoshop brochure design template works well for just about any business. It'll work for your real estate agency. The design is fully layered and easy to edit.

12. Corporate Real Estate Brochure Design

Corporate Real Estate Brochure Design

Here's an attractive real estate brochure design you can download for free. Use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or InDesign to customize it for your needs.

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Real Estate Brochure Designs

A highly impactful real estate brochure is centered on educating the readers first. Content must be your top-most priority. Yet, this shouldn't be your only focus. Your real estate brochure design will also be one of your main selling points.

A well-designed real estate brochure will convey your content even more persuasively. To help you design your real estate brochure, here are some quick and easy-to-follow design tips and best practices: 

1. Choose the Perfect Layout for Your Real Estate Brochure

Visualize how you want your brochure to appear. To do this, list all the contents you need. Include images, headlines, copy, and logo placements. You need to see which type of brochure layouts will work for your content.

Real Estate Tri-fold Brochure Template
You can find many trifold options at Envato Elements just like this Real Estate Tri-fold Brochure Template.

Choose from a variety of brochure layouts like bi-fold, trifold, z-fold, four-panel accordion fold, and so on. Trifold is one of the most widely used layouts for real estate brochures. They fit in standard envelopes. 

2. Don't Clutter Your Brochure

There's a lot of information that you want to relay to your audience. So, the tendency is to put so many details at once. This could contribute to visual clutter in your overall real estate brochure design.

Don't crowd your layout by putting too many content and design elements at once. Leave some white spaces to better organize your content. Balance your layout by allowing gaps between texts and graphics.

Real estate flyer template
The Real estate flyer template is a perfect example of how white spaces can reduce visual clutter.

3. Add Professional Photography

Your property image is the holy grail of your real estate brochure. Without high-quality professional imagery of your properties, you can't effectively market your business.

Imagine being handed a brochure with nothing but text. How would you feel?  Images provide visual information that texts won't be able to convey.

Real Estate and Property - Bifold Brochure
The Real Estate and Property - Bifold Brochure template allows you to simply add the perfect images using grid boxes.

4. Build a Typographic Hierarchy

Fonts are also crucial in effectively communicating your messages to your audience. If you use too many fonts, your brochure will look unprofessional.

A typographic hierarchy will help you manage your fonts. For example, you want to use one to two fonts only to divide headings, sub-headings, and copy. You can also assign different font sizes for each of them.

5. Use a Consistent Color Palette

Align your real estate brochure's color palette to your branding. The wide range of Envato Elements templates enables you to change the colors to match your branding requirements.

Make sure that your color palette is consistent throughout your brochure. Don't use a color that's associated with your competitors.

Let Your Brochure Do All the Talking

There are many ways where you can use a real estate brochure. Use them for open houses, listing appointments or walk-in meetings. Handing out a real estate agent brochure can make the difference.

As with all the premium real estate brochure templates available on Envato Elements, you get plenty of value for your money. Just choose the most suitable template. Then create a strong brand identity that'll shine through in your real estate brochures.

Drive more sales and stay in touch with your potential customers by using our professional-looking premium real estate brochure templates and our 2019 best-selling brochure templates. We update our list weekly, so be sure to keep on coming back.

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