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20 Best Free Real Estate Flyer Templates (Designs Ideas for Agents 2020)


Looking to create a flyer for your real estate business or property? A professionally designed real estate flyer template could be just the boost your project needs. 

Whether you're looking for a little extra help, something to help speed up the process, or a complete, polished design, this list of templates has a little something for everyone!

Real estate template design
Get your real estate flyer design project off the ground in a snap with a professionally designed template.

Using a template can be a strong choice in many scenarios. It saves you time. Having an arsenal of tools to help streamline your workflow can be a great idea. 

Start your next project with a professionally designed real estate flyer template. There are a lot of awesome real estate marketing flyers out there. So, let's dig into looking at some real estate flyer design ideas and inspiration.

We're going to look at a list of great, free finds, in this article. But we'll also look at some premium design inspiration too. Let's dig in.

Why Use a Premium Flyer Template? 

Working on a design project usually means managing project guidelines, schedules, and your budget. There's a lot to consider, and a real estate flyer template for free that helps you get the job done is an awesome find. However, that's not always an easy task or straight forward task. This can mean a lot of searching, testing, and extra time making customizations.

A premium solution can often save you a lot of time that you might need to spend doing research for the right free printable real estate flyer templates. Premium templates also tend to come with documentation, quality control, and even updates. Free solutions may lack these options, and often require more technical know-how on your part to get things completed.

If I'm in a hurry, nothing beats a collection of high-quality assets at my fingertips.

Envato Elements
Looking for unlimited downloads for one, low cost? Check out Envato Elements.

Sounds appealing? Check out Envato Elements. Not only are there plenty of real estate marketing flyers here to choose from, there's thousands of other assets here too—and they're all available for one, low, monthly cost. Yup, one subscription fee, thousands of assets. Download to your heart's content.

This means unlimited downloads for one fee. Try out more than one design. Mix and match content. The sky is the limit.

Real estate template design
This premium template and so many others are available for download right now, on Envato Elements.

It's easy too. Simply search, download, and open the content in the applicable software. Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, even Microsoft—filter your search and take a look. There's new content uploaded regularly. There's always something to see.

Real estate flyer design
Check out this classy premium real estate flyer template. It's available for download right now on Envato Elements.

5 Best Real Estate Flyer Templates from Envato Elements

Before we dig into our list of real estate flyer templates for free, let's look at some premium real estate flyer ideas from Envato Elements. Consider picking one up, or look at them as design inspiration for your project:

1. Double-Sided Real Estate Flyer

Real Estate Flyer

This double-sided flyer is so welcoming and earthy. Selling a property in a region with a lot of greenery? Check out this template. There's a lot of room here for content too. So, if you've got a lot of text and imagery to work with, an approach like this could work well. 

2. Real Estate Flyer Set

Real Estate Flyer Set

Check out this set of templates, specially designed with real estate in mind. Not only do you get a flyer template design, but you get matching social media designs too.  

3. Greenland Real Estate Flyer

best real estate flyer design

This design is open, clean, and modern. This stylish approach could be a great fit for showing off beautiful photos. Have you thought about what aesthetic best suits your real estate business ventures? This one might be it. 

4. Clean, Modern Real Estate Flyer

Real Estate Flyer Design

This grid-based design has a clean, modern look. But it's rather earthy at the same time. It's a versatile design too; imagine this one with different images and a different focus. 

5. Real Estate Flyer Template With Photos

Real Estate Flyer Template

Looking for a real estate agent flyer template? This one's got a big placeholder for your agent photo and information. How many photos would you want to include in your real estate agent flyer? What key parts of the property would you want to show off?

5 Best Real Estate Templates From GraphicRiver

But maybe a monthly subscription doesn't suit your project or your needs. Do you prefer something with a one-time fee, a la cart? 

If you're looking for a no fuss, premium solution, check out GraphicRiver. Buy only the real estate flyer you want without any reoccurring fees or extras. 

There's so many premium real estate flyer templates to check out on Graphic River. Take a look for yourself.

This can be a big benefit, if you're not looking for a collection of assets and you don't necessarily need or want unlimited downloads. This way, you're in, you're out, and you've got the premium content you were looking for. Easy!

Before we dig into our list of free templates, let's close off with some real estate flyer design inspiration from GraphicRiver too. There are so many awesome real estate flyer design ideas to see:

1. Elegant Real Estate Flyer Template

Real Estate Flyer Template

This design is elegant and print ready. Jump right in and add your text and visuals to make this design your own. Prefer a different color scheme? You can edit that aspect of the design too.  

2. Real Estate Flyer Design

Real Estate Flyer Design

This template puts a lot of emphasis on a specific property. Notice how it makes some of the most important details clearly visible and a focal point in the composition. What content will you emphasize in your real estate agent flyer?

3. Real Estate Flyer Design Template

Real Estate Flyer Design Template

Looking for a template that's got a lot of space for imagery? Check out this template. It also comes with some alternate color scheme, ready to go, for your convenience.

4. Stylish Real Estate Flyer Template

Real Estate Flyer Template

This A4 real estate agent flyer is so stylish and versatile. It's easy to picture this one with many different properties in the image spaces, isn't it? Are you looking for versatility, when it comes to your own real estate flyer design?

5. Colorful Real Estate Flyer

Real Estate Flyer

How about working with vibrant, saturated colors to bring some added energy and excitement to your composition? Will you go with color that complements your branding, the property itself, or a different direction?

20 Best Real Estate Flyer Templates for Free

Now, let's look at some awesome, free printable real estate flyer templates from around the Internet. If you need to, pick these up and add them to your collection:

1. Real Estate Flyer Design

Real Estate Flyer Design

How cool are the image areas in this design? Showcase your property in this stylish and visually engaging design. It even comes with two color options included.

2. Microsoft Word Real Estate Flyer

Prefer working in Microsoft Word? Check out this real estate flyer design. It's free to download, open, and customize for your project.

3. Folded Real Estate Flyer Brochure

Folded Real Estate Brochure

Have you considered a folded flyer or a brochure for your real estate flyer project? How about this design? It's free, so there's no harm in downloading this design and giving it a test run.

4. Multi Property Real Estate Flyer

How about a free real estate flyer design that showcases more than one property at a time? Check out this free design for Microsoft Word.

5. Simple Real Estate Flyer

Simple Real Estate Flyer

Looking to keep things simple and visible? Check out this template for Microsoft Word. Jump in, add your photos, and print.

6. Sell by Owner Real Estate Flyer

Selling your own property on your own? There are real estate marketing flyers out there for you too. This real estate agent flyer template for free has space to showcase your images and your content. It helps make your listing look professional to prospective buyers.

7. Colorful Real Estate Flyer

Colorful Real Estate Flyer

Here's a simple but colorful template for Microsoft Word. Download, add your content, and customize to your heart's content.

8. Tear Off Tabs Real Estate Flyer

How about a flyer that lets viewers tier off a tab and take your information with them? Check out this free printable real estate flyer template. It's got a fun, geometric design, and plenty of tabs for interested parties to take along with them. 

9. Builder Real Estate Template

Builder Real Estate Template

Focused on properties yet to be built? This template is great for projects with a lot of content to organize and share with your viewers.

10. Photoshop Real Estate Flyer Design

Looking for a real estate template especially designed for Adobe Photoshop? Check this one out. It's free and ready for your customizations. 

11. Dark Real Estate Flyer

Dark Real Estate Flyer

How about a dark real estate template theme, instead? With colorful gradients and plenty of space for your content and photos, this free template is worth a look.

12. Real Estate Email Flyer Template

Looking for something better suited to a digital format, like email? Check this template out. This PSD is free, ready for your content, and has place holders for so many listings. 

13. Clean Real Estate Flyer Template

Clean Real Estate Flyer Template

This template is clean and sophisticated. It might be the right fit for showing off your property. If you're looking for a free real estate design flyer, this one could be a great choice.

14. Simple Microsoft Word Real Estate Template

Looking for a quick and easy real estate agent flyer template, built in Microsoft Word? Here you go. Download and use this template today. 

15. Dream Real Estate Flyer

Real Estate Flyer Template

Check out this lovely real estate flyer. It's got plenty of room to show off your property, as well as ample space for more info on the property and your business. Oh yeah, and it's free.

16. Wave Real Estate Flyer Design

This real estate agent flyer has a wave design. This could be a nice approach if blockier design elements aren't really your style. Check it out and start editing it today in Microsoft Word.

17. Dream Home Real Estate Flyer

Dream Home Real Estate Flyer

Bold type and contrasting color make this template really stand out. Not only that, it comes with three color options included, all free to download and use today.

18. Real Estate Agent Flyer Design

This simple real estate flyer has plenty of space for sharing your agent information. Show off a selection of your properties. Best of all, this Microsoft Word template is free.

19. Photoshop Real Estate Template Design

Looking for a solid freebie in Photoshop? Download this free PSD template today. The navy blue and white layout could have so many design possibilities.

20. Real Estate Flyer Template Design

Real Estate Flyer Design Template

This template has bold type that's sure to grab your viewer's attention. It also comes with four color options included, for your convenience.

5 Quick Design Ideas to Make Great Real Estate Flyers

So, what makes a great real estate flyer design? How do we customize a real estate flyer template and keep the aesthetic looking strong and professional?

We've looked at a lot of real estate flyer examples in this article. Now, let's take a moment to discuss what makes them tick. What makes a great flyer? And how do we use some of those strategies in our own work?

Here are some design tips to get you started:

1. Make Sure Your Info Is Easy to Find

A beautiful design is great to look at—but a great design both looks good and works good too. When it comes to the very best real estate flyer design, it's going to draw in potential viewers with nice visuals. Plus, the relevant information is going to be easy for the eyes to zone in on. 

When working with your own design, keep a list of what information is most important. How will you include it? What's more important and what should your audience potentially see first? Answering these questions can help you make stronger design decisions. 

Real Estate Agent Flyer
In this template, the real estate agent's info is available right at the top. Check this premium template out now.

2. Command Attention With a Pop of Color

Contrast can really make something stand out. Where do your eyes first go when you look at the composition, below? Mine go right to the 20% off. 

Why? Well, it's big, and the red color stands out. It's got a lot of contrast against the white background.

Think about what content you want to stand out the most in your design and how you might achieve that. Contrast might just be what the doctor ordered. 

Flyer Real Estate Design
Prefer a different key color? Easily swap out the color for your favorite in this premium real estate flyer template.

3. Visual Associations Can Unify Your Design

Check out this beautiful real estate flyer design, below. Doesn't it look earthy, homey, and welcoming? Notice that the design itself is very much inspired by the photography. We see similar whites and browns, which makes the composition itself feel more interconnected, or unified.

Consider making visual associations or connections like this in your design work to try to push for a more unified look and feel. 

Real estate design flyer
This premium real estate marketing flyer has such a classy, unified design. You can download it right now and check it out.

4. Color Communicates Volumes

Think about it for a moment—what does the color blue make you think of? How about the color red? You see, we've all got preconceived ideas and associations with color. The colors we choose in our designs are more than just picking a favorite. We've got the potential to be strategic and to communicate and reinforce ideas about our brand.

When working with color, think about what your color choices might communicate to your audience. Are you going for an energetic feel? Something comforting and welcoming?

Design Color Choices
Looking for something fun and different? Check out this quirky premium real estate template, it's such a fun approach.

5. Keep Things Organized

It can be tempting to include as much information as you can—photos, texts, links, and more. Yet, like many things in life, less is often more. Organization can make a world of a difference. 

Don't hesitate to leave some "breathing room" in your designs too. This is often referred to as negative space in design. Just like you wouldn't want to cram furniture into every space in your home, design often benefits from open space too. 

best real estate flyer templates
Try to keep your content organized and decluttered, like in this premium professional real estate template.

Looking for More Flyer Templates?

When I'm working on a design project, I can never get enough inspiration. Want to check out even more flyer design templates? Take a look at some of these awesome round ups to get your design inspiration fix:

Learn More about Flyer Design

Want to know more about flyer design? There are so many awesome tutorials on Envato Tuts+ that focus on that. Check these out—they're free walk-throughs, if you're the sort who'd rather design your real estate marketing flyer from scratch:

Help Attract Interest to Your Real Estate Business With a Professional Flyer Design in 2020

Thanks so much for joining me through this survey of awesome designs and design tips. I hope you found some helpful content that'll come in handy.

Looking to get started on your design project right now? There's even more real estate flyer designs on Envato Elements to check out. Remember, if singular designs are a better fit for your budget and your project, there's many real estate flyer templates on GraphicRiver too.

Download your favorite templates and get started today!

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