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25+ Best Free Sales Flyer Template Designs to Download for 2020


Sales flyers are an effective way to market your business and must be included in your marketing campaigns.

Sales flyers are a cost-effective option that'll help you connect your products, services, or events with your potential customers. That's why you need a professionally designed flyer.

Sale Flyer TemplateSale Flyer TemplateSale Flyer Template

This is one of the many premium modern and stylish looking flyers on Envato Elements. 

Kick-start the design of your sales flyer with a professionally crafted template that'll help you raise your sales. Dynamic and contemporary flyers inspire your potential customers to take action and give your marketing efforts the best chance to succeed.

In this article, we'll feature some of the best-selling sales flyer templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. These premium sale flyer template designs feature stunning layouts that are sure to impress. On top of that, we'll also review 20 free sale templates if you're on a tight budget. 

Let's look at how Envato Elements can be a valuable asset to you for not only your flyer creation needs, but for your entire business.

Best Sale Flyers on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium sales flyer templates available on the web.

For a low monthly cost, you can access this massive library of templates and bring your presentations to life. Not only can you access all these sales flyers, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that could be helpful to you.

All the sales flyer designs in the Envato Elements library can be customized to fit your business. They can also be edited in a matter of minutes. 

Best-Selling Sale Flyer Templates on Envato ElementsBest-Selling Sale Flyer Templates on Envato ElementsBest-Selling Sale Flyer Templates on Envato Elements
Premium sale flyers are added weekly. Check out some of the newest designs on Envato Elements. 

High-quality flyer designs are a must if you're serious about increasing revenue. These premium templates contain the most appealing designs that have the best chance of connecting with your audience. 

You may be thinking about sales flyer templates for free download that you find online. But free sale templates can vary widely in quality. And there may be copyright or licensing restrictions. Your best choice is a premium sales flyer template for Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or other tool.

The premium sales flyer templates allow you to showcase:

  • your businesses message
  • engaging images and icons
  • an eye-catching design.

And if you need to buy sales flyer templates one at a time, you can find the same great quality available from GraphicRiver.

The premium sales flyers that Envato Elements and GraphicRiver provide are some of the best available on the web in 2020. The trendy designs and beautiful color schemes make them a must-have.

Next, we'll go over five of the best-selling premium sales flyers in Envato Elements.

5 Trending Sales Flyers (From Envato Elements - For 2020)

To help you with your search for the perfect sales flyer for your business, I've collected five best-selling flyers from Envato Elements: 

1. Fashion Sale Flyer

Fashion Sale FlyerFashion Sale FlyerFashion Sale Flyer

If your business is having a sale on its apparel, then this sales flyer template is a must-have. The design makes use of classic black and white colors with a hint of tan to highlight the discount. Here's what you can expect from this flyer:

  • 1 PSD File
  • A4 size 
  • fully editable
  • smart objects
  • free fonts

2. Christmas Sale Flyer

Christmas Sale FlyerChristmas Sale FlyerChristmas Sale Flyer

This “Christmas Sale Flyer” is perfect for the promotion for all your Christmas events, sales, parties or events. The bright and festive colors help this flyer design stand out and attract your potential customers. Here are a few notable features of this flyer design template:

  • fully layered
  • fully customizable
  • artboard size A4
  • print 

3. Sale Flyer Template

Sales Flyer TemplateSales Flyer TemplateSales Flyer Template

Sale Flyer Template gives you a versatile design that can fit any type of promotion or sale that you're having. The modern design and color blocking help create a unique flyer that your audience will love. The template comes with two different colors, two different sizes, and one fully layered Photoshop file. Add this premium sales flyer template to your marketing campaign today.

4. Fall Sale Flyer Poster

Fall Sale Flyer PosterFall Sale Flyer PosterFall Sale Flyer Poster

This well-organized PSD flyer template is sure to help you increase your sales. The images and text and interchangeable. Customize it to fit your business's specific needs. 

The fonts used are free and can also be customized. Photoshop 2018 or higher is needed to load this template. 

5. Black Friday Sale Flyer and Poster Template

Black Friday Sale Flyer and Poster TemplateBlack Friday Sale Flyer and Poster TemplateBlack Friday Sale Flyer and Poster Template

This premium template comes with a pack of minimal, clean and professional flyers. All the flyers are layered, fully editable, well organized and well recognizable. Here's what you can expect from this pack of sales flyer templates:

  • 4 flyer formats 
  • 2 poster formats
  • vector EPS and layered PSD files
  • help file

Now let's look at some of the best-selling premium flyer templates available for individual sale on GraphicRiver

Top 5 Sales Flyer Templates From GraphicRiver for (2020)

GraphicRiver is another high-quality store for you to buy the best premium sales flyers available. Here's a collection of five trendy templates that are ready to be downloaded:

1. Store Sale Flyer

Store Sale FlyerStore Sale FlyerStore Sale Flyer

This minimalist sales flyer will help you convey your business's message in a simple and professional way. The fonts, color scheme, and graphics work for a wide range of industries and are fully customizable. Featured in Store Sale Flyer is one PSD file, A4 size, and CMYK 300 DPI. Add this template to your collection now.

2. Product Sale Flyer

Product Sales FlyerProduct Sales FlyerProduct Sales Flyer

This flyer is sure to highlight any product you're putting up for sale and make it look attractive. The template comes with different color variations to ensure it fits your business. The flyer has seven different product image placeholders that'll allow you to display several products that are on sale instead of just one product. This sales flyer is ready for you to edit, print, and start generating revenue for your business. 

3. Five Color Sale Flyer

Five Color Sale FlyerFive Color Sale FlyerFive Color Sale Flyer

This flyer template is like the last one in that there are many slots on the design for you to showcase several products. It also comes with color variations. What separates this sales flyer is the layout and sizing of the fonts. The big "SALE" text is in the upper left, which catches the attention of your potential customer and lets them know of the great deals that you offer.  

4. Summer Sale Flyer

Summer Sale FlyerSummer Sale FlyerSummer Sale Flyer

This simple but stylish flyer is sure to make your marketing campaign a success. The size of this flyer is 8.5×11 and is 300 DPI. The paintbrush design pops out on the flyer and will grab the attention of your potential customers. While there are no image slots on this sales flyer, it's sure to deliver your message in a powerful way. 

5. Modern Sale Flyer

Modern Sale FlyerModern Sale FlyerModern Sale Flyer

Modern Sale Flyer is just that, modern. Give your business a sense of professionalism with this high-quality design. The spaced-out objects, intricate layering, and varied font sizes make for a visually appealing flyer. 

This template comes with a PSD file and InDesign files. Grab your copy of this sales flyer today.

Now let's go over 20 of the best free sale flyer templates.

20 Free Sale Flyers for Download in (2020)

The premium sales flyer templates give the most polished looking designs on the market. This ensures that you're putting your business's best foot forward. 

But, if you're on a tight budget, you might not be able to afford these premium templates. You still need a well-designed sales flyer.

That is why I've collected 20 free professional sales flyer templates that can be downloaded and edited right now. Let's look:

1. Fashion Big Sale Flyer Template

Fashion Big Sale Flyer TemplateFashion Big Sale Flyer TemplateFashion Big Sale Flyer Template

This free sale flyer template is best for promoting your fashion business as well as any upcoming seasonal type sale that you're having. The flyer comes with bright colors and a multilayered design. 

2. Hot and Fresh Pizza Restaurant

Use this flyer for promoting any type of restaurant fast food place, or anything food related. The flyer has big bold text and plenty of room for high-quality images of food.

3. Modern Sale Flyer Template

Whether you're having a big sale, Black Friday sale, Halloween sale, or any other type of special sale, this modern flyer will meet your requirements. Included is one PSD file in A4 size. 

4. Creative Dance Studio Flyer

Creative Dance Studio FlyerCreative Dance Studio FlyerCreative Dance Studio Flyer

This is a Creative Dance Studio flyer design, fully customizable, printable PSD flyer template. Use it to promote, dance studios, music bands, business parties, and any other event that you're having. 

5. Body Fitness Gym Flyer

Download this free sales template for businesses like muscle and fitness studios, gyms, sports, and wellness clubs. The template comes with two color options. 

6. Diwali Festival Sale Poster Flyer

This free sale flyer template is best suited for seasonal sales, campaigns, special offers, discounts, and any other promotions that you've got. The images used are from free stock image sources Pexels and Pixabay.

7. Season Fashion Sale Flyer

Season Fashion Sale FlyerSeason Fashion Sale FlyerSeason Fashion Sale Flyer

Here's an attractive for sale flyer template for free download. It comes with three color options so you can make it match your company's branding.

8. Holiday Travel Packages Flyer

This is a holiday travel package flyer template that's easily customizable and printable. There are three image slots on this sales flyer.

9. Premium Black Friday Sale Flyer

This free sale flyer template has a creative design. It'll help you promote your online shopping stores and any collection of products that your business has. The flyer features bright neon colors with a contrasting black background. 

10. Natural Beauty Spa Flyer

Natural Beauty Spa FlyerNatural Beauty Spa FlyerNatural Beauty Spa Flyer

This flyer is a professional beauty salon flyer design. It can also be used to promote spas and wellness centers. It features cool colors and circles graphic placeholders for you to promote different products within your business.

11. BBQ Party Flyer Design

This BBQ Party Flyer Design PSD is a unique and stylish flyer for promoting any kind of upcoming BBQ Party, backyard party, or weekly event. The flyer has red, white, and black contrasting colors to help the design stand out.

12. Property Promotion Real Estate Flyer

This real estate for sale flyer template you can download for free will give your company a sense of professionalism. The flyer features a layered design, multiple image slots, and plenty of room for contact details. 

13. Racing Event Flyer

Racing Event FlyerRacing Event FlyerRacing Event Flyer

This Racing Event Flyer PSD template is a great way to advertise and promote your motocross rally or any type of sporting event. The bright colors and fonts will help sell your event. 

14. Fruit Juice Shop Flyer Design

This is a Fruit Juice shop flyer template that's fully customizable and ready to print. The engaging layout and will help you sell whatever product or event your company is trying to sell.

15. Mobile App Promotion Flyer

This Mobile App Promotion Flyer is designed only for Mobile apps products and any promotions you're offering. The flyer is available in three different color variations. It's also A4 size print ready and available in CMYK colors.

16. Beauty Creative Studio

Use this template to create an attractive promotional flyer design. This sales flyer PSD file for free makes use of smart objects to help you easily customize the flyer to your specific needs.

17. Sportswear Sale Flyer

Sportswear Sale FlyerSportswear Sale FlyerSportswear Sale Flyer

This modern-looking for sale flyer template for free download is ideal for the promotion of your products. There are many image slots to showcase various products and the color scheme is bright and eye-catching.

18. Beauty Creative Studio Flyer

This free sale flyer template has a minimalist design. The design highlights a few lines of text for maximum impact on your audience. 

19. Season Flyer Design

Season Sale Flyer DesignSeason Sale Flyer DesignSeason Sale Flyer Design

The Season Sale Flyer Design (PSD) free sale template is available in three color options. Included are three PSD files that are fully editable. 

20. Great Fashion Collection Flyer

Show off your clothing store's products with this red colored flyer. While the design features clothing, any promotion that you're having will benefit from this free sales flyer template.

Now let's look at how you can make the most of your sales flyer templates.

Make Great Sales Flyers in 2020: 5 Quick Design Ideas

The premium and free templates mentioned in this article are more than enough to help kick-start the design process. To make the most successful sales flyer, you must edit the templates further. 

Below are five tips that can help you get the most of any type of sales flyer:

1. Include a Call To Action

It can be so easy to get caught up in the color schemes, images, and layout of a design that you forget to add a clear call to action. The whole point of your flyer is to notify your audience about your event and then have them attend the event.  Make sure to include this call to action right under the title of the flyer or under the description of the event to ensure that your readers will see it. 

2. Use Bright Colors

Bright colors such as yellow, orange, and light red work exceptionally well sales flyers. These colors pop out of the page and catch the attention of your audience. Using a mixture of these colors will work best on your flyer. 

Christmas Sale FlyerChristmas Sale FlyerChristmas Sale Flyer
This flyer includes bright colors that help it stand out.

3. Add a QR Code

A crowded design is a common design mistake that you must avoid. If you've got information to share that won't fit on your flyer, then a QR code can come in handy. This will allow your audience to view the extra text online. It'll also be a way for them to send in an RSVP. 

4. Optimize for Social Media

What's great about flyers is that they're printable and can be uploaded to social media platforms. By using these two channels of promotion, you'll have a better turn out for your event. But you'll need to resize your flyers to fit the particular social media platform. So, make sure you resize your flyers accordingly. 

5. Choose an Engaging Font

The font used on your flyer can make or break your sales flyer. Try using a font that's simple but stylish. This will help you deliver your message by providing your audience with an easy to read sales flyer. A few fonts that work well for sales flyers include, Helvetica, Arial, Future, and Avenir. 

Sunday Service Church FlyerSunday Service Church FlyerSunday Service Church Flyer
Sunday Service Church Flyer features engaging fonts. 

Discover More Great Flyer Templates for 2020

The templates outlined in this article will come in handy in your marketing campaigns. These templates are only a small collection of the flyers available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

By purchasing the low-cost unlimited subscription on Envato Elements, you'll have complete access to a library of all types of sales flyers. If you didn't find the perfect flyer for your business in the products mentioned, then browse through these other articles containing more high-quality flyers:

Get Your Sales Flyer Template Today!

Making a great sales flyer design couldn't be easier. If you start with a high-quality template, you're sure to get professional results. 

If you need a regular supply of flyers and other design assets on a regular basis, then sign up for Envato Elements. Check out all the sales flyer templates that are available. 

If you prefer buying templates individually, don't worry. GraphicRiver has sales flyers available for you to buy one at a time

What are you waiting for? Download your sales flyer template now and start earning more money for your business today!

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