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25+ Fun PowerPoint Game Templates & Creative Puzzle PPT Designs (2022)

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Creative PowerPoint games templates and puzzle piece templates can make a boring subject seem interesting. They can liven up a presentation--adding an element of fun. 

PowerPoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerPoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerPoint Puzzle Pieces Template
One of the many premium puzzle-themed presentation templates you can find on Envato Elements

Not only will having fun PowerPoint slides help keep your audience captivated, by using a template you'll also save time. Creating a presentation from scratch could take hours. With a template, the hard work is done for you.

Using a puzzle slide template will not only be fun for you and your audience, but lets you bring out your creative side. There are many types of different puzzle presentations to choose from. 

Are you ready to try some of these feature-rich, fun presentation templates? Two great places to find the best puzzle theme PowerPoint templates are Envato Elements and Graphic River. While we're happy to share free creative PowerPoint games templates, you'll see that these premium PowerPoint games designs are truly the best options.

Fun Puzzle Piece Template Designs on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Using a creative PowerPoint game or puzzle template for your presentation is easy to do. All the game templates for PowerPoint are easily editable and ready for you to customize them to fit your needs.

Envato Elements Unlimited UsesEnvato Elements Unlimited UsesEnvato Elements Unlimited Uses
You can find premium PowerPoint puzzle piece templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

 You can easily access the Envato Elements fun presentation templates. All you need to do is subscribe and pay a low monthly fee. With this monthly subscription, you get access to:

  • thousands of downloadable presentation ideas templates
  • stock photos
  • fonts
  • stock video
  • sound effects
  • and so much more
Find puzzle templates on Envato ElementsFind puzzle templates on Envato ElementsFind puzzle templates on Envato Elements
Browse through the premium puzzle templates and other fun templates on Envato Elements to find the perfect template for you.

You can swiftly add your business ideas, insert your data, and craft exactly the PowerPoint slides you need to attract your readers.

Get started with these and professional presentations download your PowerPoint puzzle-themed or game template today. 

5 of the Best Premium Fun Presentation Templates (Elements)

Here's a list of some of the top fun presentation templates from Envato Elements:

1. Noah Business PowerPoint

Puzzle TemplatePuzzle TemplatePuzzle Template

This creative PowerPoint games template has eighty different slides. All the slides are high definition and come with icons that you can use. You get puzzle diagrams and tree diagrams with this template. Every slide is easily customizable so that you can make this presentation what you need.

2. Puzzle Templates for PowerPoint

Puzzle Piece TemplatePuzzle Piece TemplatePuzzle Piece Template

This is a multipurpose fun gaming PowerPoint template. Here are some key features of this puzzle template:

  • comes with basic fonts
  • high-definition template
  • easily editable
  • 22 unique slides

Puzzle templates for PowerPoint is the right template for you if you're looking for a simple and easily customizable template. Free puzzle PowerPoint templates simply won't give you the designs you need compared to this one.

3. Puzzle Education Template

Powerpoint GamesPowerpoint GamesPowerpoint Games

Are you an educator and looking for a presentation template to keep things fun? This presentation is excellent for you. You get three premade color schemes and thirty creative and fun slides. Easily place pictures into the slide by dragging and dropping the image you want into place. This puzzle PowerPoint template even gives you custom image shapes to use with your favorite photos.

4. Puzzle Diagram Template

Powerpoint Game TemplatePowerpoint Game TemplatePowerpoint Game Template

With this jigsaw puzzle template, you get up to twenty different puzzle diagram templates. You can easily edit the diagram templates. Puzzle Diagram template is a fun and creative template that lets you customize it to fit your needs. A free puzzle PowerPoint template is likely much more limited than this outstanding design.

5. Puzzle Infographics Template

Game TemplatesGame TemplatesGame Templates

This puzzle template has a total of 385 high definition slides to choose from. Here are some highlights of this puzzle PowerPoint infographics slide presentation template:

  • 11 color variations to choose from
  • easily editable
  • comes with animated slides and slide transitions
  • 35 puzzle-themed slides

With this template, you can create a presentation that'll make you proud and keep your audience interested. You get lots of customization options to make this slide what you want.

Fun Puzzle Template Designs on GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver has thousands of templates, icons, and more. By using GraphicRiver, you make a one-time purchase of the puzzle piece template that fits your needs. You can use this for business or whatever purpose that you need.

Here's a peek at just some of the puzzle templates you'll find on GraphicRiver:

GraphicRiver puzzle piece templatesGraphicRiver puzzle piece templatesGraphicRiver puzzle piece templates
You'll find many fun and puzzle-themed premium PowerPoint presentation slide designs on GraphicRiver.

15 Fun Premium Puzzle Templates to Download From Graphic River Today

Here's a list of the best fun templates on GraphicRiver for you to check out:

1. Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Game TemplatesGame TemplatesGame Templates

With this fun gaming PowerPoint template, you get over ten slides. You can quickly change the text, shapes, and charts. Add any photo you like by dragging and dropping the picture into place. With this fun PowerPoint template, you'll be able to create a professional and vibrant presentation.

2. Puzzle Presentation

Fun Powerpoint TemplatesFun Powerpoint TemplatesFun Powerpoint Templates

This puzzle piece template is easily editable and very colorful. This template comes with lots of fun designs. Here are some key features:

  • eight video slides
  • over 150 unique slides
  • easily editable icons
  • high definition
  • comes with maps, tables, and graphs

By using this template, you'll be able to add as many different types of charts as needed. Since it's so easy to edit that you'll be able to make a presentation that fits your needs.

3. Puzzle Chart Diagrams

Jigsaw Puzzle TemplateJigsaw Puzzle TemplateJigsaw Puzzle Template

Puzzle chart comes with icons and several different diagrams. You can easily customize the slides, and all of the slides are high-quality. Just drag and drop a picture into the placeholder for easy image placement. This is an excellent presentation template to use if you're planning to use many diagrams in your presentation.

4. Puzzle Assembling Template

Cute Powerpoint TemplatesCute Powerpoint TemplatesCute Powerpoint Templates

In this colorful presentation template, you get multiple puzzle piece template options. You can easily add any image you want to by dragging and dropping the image into place. You get free icons with this high-quality template. These slides come with a fun puzzle piece background that ties in with the puzzle theme.

5. Puzzle Diagram Template

Powerpoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerpoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerpoint Puzzle Pieces Template

This is a versatile template you can use it for business or fun. You can change styles by using the professional style slide or the modern style slide. Here are some key features of this template:

  • fully editable
  • free fonts
  • comes with customized icons
  • drag and drop images to easily add them

Along with the key features you get 23 ready-to-use puzzle diagram templates and puzzle symbols to make this presentation what you want. This presentation can be used for professional purposes or for fun purposes.

6. Puzzle Infographic PowerPoint Template

Puzzle Piece TemplatePuzzle Piece TemplatePuzzle Piece Template

In this minimalist puzzle template, you get 15 unique slides. Also, there are twenty color scheme options to choose from so that you can make the presentation any color scheme of your choice. Not only do you get lots of color scheme options, but you get a light and dark version. Included with the puzzle template, you also get an icon pack, and you get two free fonts.

7. Puzzle Chart Google Style

Cute Powerpoint TemplatesCute Powerpoint TemplatesCute Powerpoint Templates

With this jigsaw puzzle template, it comes in a widescreen and standard format. Here are some highlights of the template:

  • compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • drag and drop images
  • fully editable
  • many color options

If you're looking for an easy to use PowerPoint puzzle pieces template, then try this one. Since you can edit or customize the entire template, you'll be able to easily personalize the slideshow for your needs.

8. Infographics Bundle

PowerPoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerPoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerPoint Puzzle Pieces Template

This infographics bundle is perfect to help you create fun PowerPoint presentation games. You get over 750 infographic elements and 1,200 different slides.

This is a multipurpose bundle that can be used for business or personal use. In this bundle, you get photo slides, maps, charts, diagrams and much more. You can even change the style from minimal to abstract.

The Premium Infographics Bundle is the best bundle if you're looking for many options. This bundle also can be used for any purpose from professional to hobbies because of all the options you get with this bundle.

9. Happy Bundle Template

Powerpoint GamesPowerpoint GamesPowerpoint Games

This cheerful template comes with 133 unique slides. Here are some key features of this bundle:

  • animation for each object
  • 20 color schemes
  • easy to edit
  • comes with 3,000 editable icons
  • comes in widescreen format and standard format

This bundle is perfect for you if you're looking to make an upbeat presentation. You can easily make this presentation as optimistic and fun as needed.

10. Tree Template

Game TemplatesGame TemplatesGame Templates

Are you making a nature related presentation or maybe you love nature? This presentation is a fun presentation for you. You get 30 different slides. Easily add an image to a slide by dragging and dropping the image into place. With this modern presentation template, you can show off your love of nature in a professional way.

11. Power PowerPoint Template

Fun Powerpoint TemplatesFun Powerpoint TemplatesFun Powerpoint Templates

If you're looking to make a powerful impression than get this presentation template. You get over 100 unique high definition slides. All the slides in this PowerPoint gaming template are fully animated. With the black background and the colorful design, your charts will pop out at the audience. This puzzle PowerPoint template comes with maps, timelines, and graphs to make this template easy to use for anything you want.

12. Coloura PowerPoint Presentation

Fun Powerpoint TemplatesFun Powerpoint TemplatesFun Powerpoint Templates

Do you love colors? Then look no further than this template. Here are some highlights of this fun PowerPoint template:

  • light and dark version
  • 40 already made color schemes
  • 50 unique slides
  • fully animates slides
  • comes with maps

This gaming PowerPoint template is easy to edit. The colorful presentation template is vibrant and perfect for anyone who loves color. With all these color options you can easily use this presentation for many purposes.

13. EyeQ PowerPoint Presentation

Jigsaw Puzzle TemplateJigsaw Puzzle TemplateJigsaw Puzzle Template

EyeQ comes with over 90 unique slides and 50 premade color schemes. All slides are easy to edit and comes with a light version and dark version. With this template, you get infographics and charts and two free fonts. This is a minimal and professional template that can be used for any purpose.

14. XZ Presentation Template

Cute Powerpoint TemplatesCute Powerpoint TemplatesCute Powerpoint Templates

This presentation template comes with eight premade templates and over 2,000 slides. There's a dark and light version option for any template you choose. With this presentation template, you get a free font and 16 premade colors. You can easily edit this template, and each slide has custom animation. You get two formats: widescreen and standard format.

15. Timeline Arrow Puzzle Template

PowerPoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerPoint Puzzle Pieces TemplatePowerPoint Puzzle Pieces Template

This arrow puzzle themed presentation is easy to edit. Here are some key features of this presentation:

  • fully editable slides
  • drag and drop images into place
  • comes with both widescreen and standard format

You can easily show the flow of a process using the arrow theme. With it being easily editable and easy to use you can create a professional presentation with this PowerPoint puzzle pieces template.

7 More Fun PowerPoint Game & Puzzle Templates (Free to Download 2022)

So far, you've seen premium options for game templates for PowerPoint. These are truly the best and most polished gaming PowerPoint templates that help you create PowerPoint games.

Before looking for a free creative PowerPoint games template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint presentation games) at no cost to you.

Free Files on ElementsFree Files on ElementsFree Files on Elements
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver. 

Here's the deal:

But sometimes, you just don't have the budget to spend on a template. For those occasions, free game and puzzle and PowerPoint templates might be "good enough." Here are some of the best from around the web.

1. Free Chess Game PowerPoint Template

Game templates for PowerPointGame templates for PowerPointGame templates for PowerPoint

PPT game templates like this chess layout offer a fun-filled look for your next presentation. Chess games symbolize strategy and can be used for professional or lighthearted topics alike. All it takes is adding your own content with the simple placeholders.

2. Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Template

Creative PowerPoint games make excellent party activities. The best bet is to use a premium option, designed by creative pros. They simply offer better styling, design, and features than their free gaming PowerPoint template counterparts. But, if you're in need of a free template, this Wheel of Fortune-inspired PowerPoint game is a place to start.

3. Free Video Games PowerPoint Template

fun PowerPoint gamesfun PowerPoint gamesfun PowerPoint games

A free PowerPoint gaming template featuring video games lets you show off your hobby with a slide deck. Included are several basic layouts for all of your content. Creative power is left to you as you build each slide.

4. Free Editable Jigsaw Pieces PowerPoint Template

Game templates for PowerPointGame templates for PowerPointGame templates for PowerPoint

A gaming PowerPoint template can be a simple, effective way to explain a concept. A jigsaw puzzle like this is one way to do it. Each piece is customizable, with options to adjust the text, color, and more.

5. Bingo PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint PPT game templates for free aren't as advanced or stylish as premium options. But they can serve as basic frameworks for your next game night. This bingo layout helps you get your party started with fun PowerPoint games.

6. Free Puzzle Game PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint presentations gamesPowerPoint presentations gamesPowerPoint presentations games

If you want to learn how to make creative PowerPoint games designs, keep in mind that you don't have to start from scratch. It's best to begin by using a template. This free puzzle PowerPoint template option uses jigsaw pieces throughout the design and can be quickly customized.

7. Animated Timeline Game PowerPoint Template

This basic animated timeline game doesn’t have the advanced animations found in premium game themes. It can be used to highlight events past and future in a creative way, by making them part of a fun PowerPoint game. You can change up animation speeds and styles to make them more distinctive.

How to Make Great PowerPoint Presentation Games Quickly

The best PowerPoint presentations aren’t lectures. They’re interactions with your audience that are engaging and fun.

That’s where fun PowerPoint games come in. When you use PowerPoint game templates, you can quickly make your own fun games! You’ll save time, and audiences will thank you. Let’s learn how to make PowerPoint game designs today.

PowerPoint gamesPowerPoint gamesPowerPoint games
Puzzle Diagram PowerPoint is a beautiful set of premium PowerPoint PPT game templates from Envato Elements.

Want to follow along? Visit Envato Elements and download the stunning Puzzle Diagram PowerPoint template today.

Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Slides

Game templates for PowerPoint include dozens of fun PowerPoint presentation games. The trick is to choose slide layouts that work best for you. In this PowerPoint gaming template, we’ll build a simple quiz slide.

Game templatesGame templatesGame templates
Use Slide Sorter in the premium Puzzle Diagram gaming PowerPoint template.

To get a quick overview of these PPT game templates, go to the View tab and click Slide Sorter. Here, you can click and drag the thumbnails to rearrange slides. This is a great way to find gaming PowerPoint template slides that work well for you.

Click slide 11’s thumbnail, then choose Normal on the View tab. You’re now ready to begin

2. Add Custom Text

Fun PowerPoint games will always include your own custom text. The words you see on the gaming PowerPoint template slide are simply placeholders. Your task is to replace this text with your own words.

Game templates for PowerPointGame templates for PowerPointGame templates for PowerPoint
It's easy to add custom text in a premium gaming PowerPoint template like this.

To do that, click into any of the text boxes and select the contents. Then, begin typing on your keyboard. The existing PPT game templates text disappears, replaced by your own words. Repeat these steps throughout your game templates for PowerPoint.

3. Edit Font Designs

With text selected, you've got style options too. Remember, PowerPoint games should be fun! They’re an outgrowth of your personal style, so be creative.

PowerPoint game templatesPowerPoint game templatesPowerPoint game templates
Don't forget to customize fonts with the Puzzle Diagram PowerPoint game templates (premium.)

Text and font options are on the Home tab, found on PowerPoint’s ribbon. The dropdown menus let you change the size and style of your PowerPoint gaming template font. Plus, you can click the buttons to add underlines, italics, and more. This is a quick way to make creative PowerPoint games look their best.

4. Change Shape Colors

Premium game templates for PowerPoint like this include bright, bold colors! You won’t often find these stylish designs with a free puzzle PowerPoint template. But you still have the ability to add your own custom colors.

To do that, click on any shape to select it. Notice now a new tab on the ribbon: Shape Format. Click this, and then open the Shape Fill dropdown menu on the left.

Gaming PowerPoint templateGaming PowerPoint templateGaming PowerPoint template
No PowerPoint game templates premium design is complete without customizing colors.

Inside, you've got a wide array of color choices. Click on one of the thumbnails to change the shape color. This is how to make PowerPoint game layouts that fit your personal style. Once again, you can repeat this with other shapes in the PowerPoint gaming template.

5. Remove Extra Text

Once you've got your PPT game templates built out, you may find yourself with extra objects on the slide. No worries. This demonstrates the flexibility of premium game templates for PowerPoint. You can customize only what you need and remove the rest.

PowerPoint presentation gamesPowerPoint presentation gamesPowerPoint presentation games
Delete unwanted content from premium PowerPoint presentation games like this.

Let’s delete the number placeholders on the right side. To do so, click on one to select it. Then, press Delete on your keyboard. The text vanishes. Repeat with the other boxes if you wish.

As you can see, it’s easy to create fun PowerPoint games fast. It’s all thanks to premium creative PowerPoint games from Envato Elements. They offer styling and design not matched by PowerPoint game templates free.

5 Quick Tips to Build the Best PowerPoint Games in 2022

We’ve explored some of the very best game templates for PowerPoint. These are the perfect choice for you in 2022. They've got more style than any free PowerPoint games templates that you might find online.

But to ensure success, it’s always helpful to embrace the latest design tips. These help you wow even the toughest audience. Let’s look at five tips:

1. Use Illustrated Designs

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. That’s especially true with a puzzle PowerPoint template. Use images to add visual interest, or even as part of your PowerPoint games. For example, you could use photos in a trivia quiz!

How to make PowerPoint gameHow to make PowerPoint gameHow to make PowerPoint game
The premium Puzzle Business PowerPoint template has plenty of room for photos.

Free puzzle PowerPoint templates don’t often include image placeholders. But these are very common in premium game templates for PowerPoint. You can drag and drop images right onto your slides. PPT imports and scales them perfectly - no extra work required.

2. Highlight Text to Call Attention

Want audiences to focus on specific parts of your PowerPoint presentation games? Highlighting text is a quick way to do just that. Color catches the eye, and it’s easy to add to text in your PowerPoint gaming template.

For example, you might have a trivia game, and want to highlight the answers. Easy. Simply select your text. Then, use the Text Highlight Color button on the ribbon.

Want to learn more? We've got a full tutorial all about highlighting in PowerPoint. Try the techniques out with your next PowerPoint puzzle pieces template.

3. Animate Your Slides

Games are interactive. So, it follows that slides with animations are more engaging. With premium PPT game templates, you don’t have to spend time adding animations yourself. Many of these are pre-animated, with the animations already built in by the designer.

PPT game templatesPPT game templatesPPT game templates
The Gaming PowerPoint template premium from Elements is already animated for you!

Animations are stylish and fun to watch. Plus, they help you control the flow of your fun PowerPoint games. You can display specific pieces of content at will, rather than all at once. It’s a great way to keep things moving, and animations are hallmarks of the best PowerPoint games.

4. Create a Fun PowerPoint Games Video for Sharing

Need to share your PowerPoint games with the world? A great option is to create a video of your PPT slides. This way, you can create a shareable file that doesn’t need PowerPoint to be opened. You can even pre-record narration, creating a professional production in moments.

By making a video of your fun PowerPoint games, you can reach a bigger audience. Plus, you don’t have to be physically present to share. This lets audiences work through your gaming PowerPoint template at their own pace.

Learn more in our full PPT puzzle PowerPoint template tutorial:

5. Try Dark Backgrounds

When you build game templates for PowerPoint, consider where you’ll be sharing them. For example, you might be in a large room. That means it’s key to choose clear layouts that are easy to read.

PowerPoint gaming templatePowerPoint gaming templatePowerPoint gaming template
Dark PPT game templates like Valox (premium) from Envato Elements are easy to read.

Dark backgrounds are popular for this in 2022, with good reason. Dark backgrounds with light text are gentler on the eyes, especially for long periods of time. The key is to maximize contrast while pairing it with crisp, large fonts.

A premium template like Valox is a great choice. It's got all these style elements and more that you won’t find in PowerPoint game templates free.

5 Amazing PowerPoint Design Trends For 2022

Design trends are a great way to ensure your presentation looks modern. Here are five PowerPoint design trends to keep in mind for all your 2022 presentations: 

1. Plenty of White Space

One of the trends that never seems to die out is the white space use. It makes every design more spacious and elegant. Not to mention, it makes the main content stand out. This Puzzle Infographic Template is the perfect example of how white space can be used effectively in your presentation.

Puzzle Infographic TemplatePuzzle Infographic TemplatePuzzle Infographic Template
Puzzle Infographic Template (premium template) from Envato Elements

2. Clean Fonts

Clean, sans-serif fonts make your presentations look more contemporary and make your text easier to read. 

3. Bright Colors

Bright colors, such as those seen in the Puzzle Infographic PowerPoint Presentation, work well for any presentation that's got a light topic matter. 

Puzzle Infographic PresentationPuzzle Infographic PresentationPuzzle Infographic Presentation
Premium Puzzle Infographic Presentation from Envato Elements

4. Colorful Overlays

Images are a great way to spice up your presentation. But this year’s trend is to use colorful overlays to make the text on the images stand out more. 

5. Custom Graphic Elements

The best way to make your presentation stand out is to use custom graphic elements. This can include custom illustrations as well as custom icons. Take cues from this Infographics PowerPoint Presentation.

Infographics PowerPoint PresentationInfographics PowerPoint PresentationInfographics PowerPoint Presentation
Infographics PowerPoint Presentation (premium) from Envato Elements

Find More Fun Gaming PowerPoint Templates

Didn't see a PowerPoint template that you liked? Here are some articles that may help you find what you're looking for.

5 Benefits of Using the Best Premium PowerPoint Presentation Templates With Pro Designs

Are you still wondering about the advantages of using premium PPT game templates for PowerPoint? You might wonder about the value of outsourcing the design work. 

Here are five reasons to use a great PPT template for your next presentation in 2022:

  1. It saves you time. When you use one of the best PowerPoint presentation templates, you start with much of the work and content already built. All you've got to do is replace the placeholder content with your own. 
  2. The finished slide deck is the best possible presentation. Design is best left to the professionals. The best PowerPoint presentation PPT templates end up with a better-finished product.
  3. Slides have built-in content ideas. Wondering what all should go into your presentation? Look no further than your template. A good PPT template has plenty of ideas for the content that every presentation should include.
  4. You don't give up customization. Just because you start with a good PPT template doesn't mean that you can't totally customize it. Even the best attractive PPT templates can still be modified and adjusted to include your personalized details.
  5. The slides stand out. Most presentations will use the Microsoft built-in presentation templates. Professionally-designed attractive game templates for PowerPoint are sure to stand out because it's unlikely that your peers will use custom PPT designs.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has a compelling offer. One flat-rate subscription gives you access to thousands of great PowerPoint templates and other creative assets. 

The benefits of using Envato Elements are too numerous to count.The benefits of using Envato Elements are too numerous to count.The benefits of using Envato Elements are too numerous to count.
The benefits of using Envato Elements for premium PPT game templates are too numerous to count.

Sign up for Envato Elements. Download as many unlimited use graphics and game templates for PowerPoint as you want. Use them for any type of project. Choose from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

PowerPoint can be used to create any type of presentation. But you might have some questions about how to best get started with PowerPoint or if it’s the right choice for you. 

Here we’ve gathered some common questions about PowerPoint along with their answers. 

1. Is PowerPoint Better Than Apple’s Keynote?

Both programs are a great choice to create a presentation. Both programs have their own set of pros and cons. The final choice depends on your personal preference and the features you need. To help you decide, we’ve put together a detailed comparison between Keynote and PowerPoint:

2. Can I Use PowerPoint For Free?

While PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office suite of tools, there's an online version with basic features that you can use for free. Learn more about what it includes in this guide:

3. How Do I Create a Chart In Microsoft PowerPoint?

Charts and graphs are a great way to present complex data. PowerPoint comes with a robust set of tools that make it easy to create different types of charts and we've got a detailed guide that walks you through the entire process:

4. Can I Learn PowerPoint Quickly?

PowerPoint is a robust and feature-rich program. But sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time to get up to speed with a new program. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks shared in this tutorial you can learn the basics of PowerPoint quickly and move on to creating your presentation:

5. Can I Share My Presentation Online?

Yes, it’s easy to share your PowerPoint presentations online. We've got a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through the entire process. 

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

If you're looking to learn more about how to make the best PowerPoint presentation games you can, here are some article with great advice about PowerPoint

Add Some Fun to Your Next Presentation With a Fun PowerPoint Games or Puzzle Piece Template

Are you looking to add a little excitement to your next presentation? Consider adding a creative PowerPoint games or puzzle template.

Remember: we showed you the best free puzzle PowerPoint templates, but they simply aren't your best option. Why not download your favorite fun gaming PowerPoint template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver and start your fun PowerPoint games presentation today? You'll be glad you did.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress and Brenda Barron. Andrew and Brenda are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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