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20 Top Graphic Design (Branding) Project Proposal Templates


If you're in business, branding is an important part of that. Branding affects how others perceive your business, and ultimately it affects your bottom line since people choose whether to do business with you based on their perception of you.

Strengthening your brand identity is important as you start your business or if you've changed your branding strategy. Branding is never more important than when you send out a design project proposal.

Proposal Example
This high quality design proposal template is just one example of a template proposal that you can find on Envato Elements.

The right graphic design proposal templates can help you grow your own brand since they let you to incorporate branding elements right into your design proposal. Fortunately, there are plenty of branding proposal templates that'll help you strengthen your brand. In this article, we'll explore twenty design proposal templates to help you build your own brand and also land design clients. 

We'll also share five project proposal tips in this article to help you create the best design proposals for your needs.

What Is a Design Proposal?

A design proposal is used by a freelance designer, design agency, or other design business. It's sent out to prospective design clients to provide details on design and branding work.

A design project proposal needs to be crisp and professional since it represents the business that sends it out. It also needs to be consistent with the organization's own branding. For more information on branding, review this tutorial:

Top Branding Project Proposal Templates (2019 Product Showcase) with Unlimited Use on Envato Elements

Here's a curated selection of some of the top graphic design proposal templates from Envato Elements. The great part about Envato Elements is that you don't have to choose a single template. With the all-access subscription, you've got a complete free pass to everything in the Elements library. That includes stunning proposal of work templates and complementary files like fonts, stock images, and more.

One of my favorite parts of using Elements is how simple the licensing model is. While you're a part of Elements, you can download and lock in usage for any file you want. Even if you stop subscribing to Elements, you can continue to use the files that you downloaded for the purpose.

Browse through these branding project proposal templates to find the right one to download for your next project, all included in Envato Elements:

1.  Design Proposal Template - Easy to Customize

Design proposal template

This 36-page design proposal template is ready for you to customize. Here are some of the convenient features you'll benefit from:

  • based on free fonts
  • one-click color customization
  • use with popular paper sizes, A4 International & US Letter
  • grid-based layout
  • layered document
  • and more!

2. Clean Proposal - Flexible and Easy to Edit

Clean Proposal Template

This 16-page proposal template is a great find if you're looking for a proposal with a clean, attractive look. There are two different proposal cover page designs. INDD and IDML files are included. Plus, it's fully editable and easy for you to add your own information!

3. Apps Design Proposal - Great for Creatives

Apps Design Proposal

Whether you're an agency or a solo creative, the Apps Design proposal has a clean, modern look that you're going to love. This 24-page design project template supports both A4 and US Letter sizes.  The images, text, and objects are all on different layers--making it easy for you to edit. Plus, there's an auto page numbering option!

4. Creative Branding Proposal With a Clean, Modern Look

Creative branding proposal

Impress your clients with the clean, modern look of this creative branding proposal template. You may even find this ideal for building your corporate identity. Some of the user-friendly features include:

  • based on free fonts 
  • print-ready 
  • well-organized design 
  • help file included 
  • and more!

5. Branding Proposal Template With Multiple Templates

Branding proposal template

With 14 templates, this proposal package has everything you need to make a pitch. You'll find templates for a cover letter and resume as well as templates for project proposals and design quotes or estimates. There's even a matching invoice for billing.

The template's easy to use and customize. Plus, you can change the colors in the proposal to match your own unique branding.

6. Graphic Design Project Proposal Template

Graphic Design Project Proposal

This 40-page proposal template boasts a 12-column grid and also includes a baseline grid. Icons are included with the template. The graphic design proposal template also has many popular proposal sections including a table of contents, an about section, a case study, and a project timeline. There's even a section for frequently asked questions (FAQs). It's print-ready and works for both A4 and US letter size pages.

7. Landscape Graphic Designer Proposal

Landscape graphic designer proposal

With a unique landscape format, this professional proposal is bound to catch your client's eye. The fully editable graphic design proposal template file includes 30 professionally designed pages. There's also a professionally designed front and back proposal cover page design to further enhance your brand. And you'll get a file with help and instruction text to make using the template even easier.

8. Creative Design Proposal - Bold Design

Creative Design Proposal

The bold design of this creative design proposal template is bound to impress. The template comes with 24 pages, but you can add more pages by duplicating existing page layouts. Personalize the colors in this template using the one-click color panel. A documentation file is included for your convenience.

9. Graphic Designer Proposal - Clean Design

Clean graphic designer proposal

The clean design of this modern graphic designer proposal is good design project template choice for creatives and anyone else who needs their proposal to have a clean, professional look. The portrait proposal template design is 26 pages long and based on free fonts. In addition, you'll find:

  • automatic page numbering
  • master pages
  • grid-based layout
  • documentation included
  • supports A4 and US Letter sizes  
  • and more!

10. Elegant Proposal - Professional Design

Elegant proposal

The professional design of this creative proposal template is sure to please. It's got a master page for layout consistency. You can customize the fonts and colors to reflect your company's branding. The template is 18 pages long, but it's easy to add additional pages as needed. Plus, there's an invoice template included to help keep your project branding consistent.

Pay-As-You-Go on Proposal Templates with GraphicRiver

While Elements is an all-you-can-download service, you can also purchase graphic design templates on GraphicRiver one at a time. These proposal of work templates are just as good as what's available on Elements, but you only pay for what you use. Purchase and download these files for a low-cost, easy to build proposal of work template build process.

1. Rubicon Branded Identity Kit Bundle

Rubicon Branded Identity Kit Bundle

Choose between four different design templates with cover letter and table of contents. Use the free fonts and choose between three different color combinations.

Keeping your branding consistent for all of your communication needs is easy with this bundle. The template set also includes business card templates and a Facebook timeline template as well as some high-resolution background textures.

2. Full Business Proposal Template

Full business proposal template

This full business proposal template is a great choice for your design and branding proposals. From start to finish, this professional proposal leaves a powerful impression. It's perfect for agencies and other creative professionals.

Start by choosing one of three eye-catching different proposal cover page designs. Then take advantage of some of the unique features such as a milestone schedule, portfolio section, and pricing plans. The proposal template even includes a section for terms and conditions and a contract.

3. Well-Organized Project Proposal Template

Well-Organized project proposal template

This well-organized proposal template makes it easy for your design project proposals to look good. It's been separated into five layers to make it easy for you to work with. Plus, the template includes a help text file.

Customers love this one. Here's just some of what they say:

"This is really good work!"
"With this design the project is already a success! =) Great Work!"
"Great product!"

4. Agency Proposal Template - for Design Agencies and Other Creatives

Agency Proposal Template

This gorgeous creative proposal template is designed to meet the needs of creative professionals. With this template you'll find lots of agency-friendly features such as:

  • a project timeline
  • room for client testimonials and templates
  • one-click color adjustments
  • numbered master pages
  • free invoice template
  • and more!

5. Brand Logo Document - Great for Client Branding

Brand logo document

No discussion of branding guidelines would be complete without a look at this brand logo document. If you do a lot of banding work, you'll want this to use with your own clients. The beautiful design is based on a document grid and can be used for both print and web guideline documents. You'll find this design project template has titled master pages with real text.

6. Quoter Professional Proposal Template With Invoice

Quoter professional proposal template

The image your branding project proposal projects is important. This professional-looking template is great for branding and other creative projects. Plus, it's full of features to help you succeed. Choose from two layout sizes and customize the colors to match your company's brand. The bonus invoice template includes the Autosum feature. 

7. Kinney Design Proposal - Flexible Format

Kinney design proposal

The flexible format of the Kinney Proposal template makes it perfect for use by an agency or creative professional. The design is aligned to a 12-column grid. Images, text, and background are all separate layers to make it easy for you to edit. Plus, you'll get a help file.

Here's what customers say about this popular proposal template:

"Spectacular work!"
"Stylish Work And Great Item. I Like It." 

8. Bright Brand Proposal

Bright Brand Proposal

Take full advantage of the way this design proposal template bundle uses color to help your proposal stand out. You can use this proposal template with A4 or and US letter size pages. Here are some of the other powerful features that make this creative proposal template work:

  • includes vector infographics
  • aligned to a 12-column grid
  • help file included
  • editable text and color swatches
  • master pages
  • and more!

9. Project Proposal Template With Eye-Catching Graphic

Project Proposal Template Eye-Catching

This print-ready project proposal is great for creatives or anyone who needs to make a good impression. It's easy to customize--add your own colors with the palette. It's based on free fonts. Plus, all the graphics are included with the template. The design project template files include a PDF preview file and a help file.

10. Big Brand Proposal - Easy-to-Edit

Big Brand Proposal

This comprehensive, easy-to-edit branding proposal is a great template choice for many reasons. It's based on a 12-column grid. It includes clearly labeled layers as well as paragraph and character styles. Plus, it has editable tables. It's no wonder that customers said this about this template:

"Looks great and really easy to use template!"
"really delicious work…."

How to Write a Design Proposal for a Project (5 Easy Tips)

If you're writing a design proposal and need some help, here are some tips to help you create a more effective proposal:

1. Solve a Problem

One of the most common professional proposal mistakes is a failure to think of the customer's needs. No matter how wonderful your product or service is, your customer won't purchase unless they believe they need it. One good way to demonstrate need is to explain how your product or service solves a customer problem.

2. Be Sure to Show Benefits

Solving a customer problem is great (and a benefit in itself), but many customers want more than that. They want something that'll give their business an edge. If you can explain how your product or service does that in your proposal, you've got a better chance of closing the deal.

Proposal of Work Templates
The Design Proposal Template option has a table of contents that can show all of your benefits in the proposal at one time.

3. Use Powerful Design Elements

I can't say it enough. Appearances count. This is especially true when it comes to creative and design proposals. One good way to ensure your proposal looks good is to use a professional proposal template. You can find professional proposal templates at Graphic River and Envato Elements

Price and deliverables
Use powerful design elements like this one in Apps Proposal to show the timeline and deliverable schedule.

4. Name a Price

To make the decision to buy, your customer needs to know whether they can afford your product or services. The best way to let them know that your proposal is within their budget is to clearly state cost. Don't be afraid to offer several different pricing options for varying levels of service.

5. Ask for the Business

Make it easy for your customer to make a purchase. Ask for their business and tell them exactly what they need to do to accept your proposal. This call to action is usually found in the conclusion of a professional design proposal.

Ask for biz end
At the end of a presentation, it's not the time for modesty—use the final slides to leave contact details and ask for the business.

Start Building Your Graphic Design (Branding) Project Proposal Today

Get started by downloading a professional design proposal template. Browse through the templates to find the perfect graphic design (branding) project proposal template. You can find a ton of great proposal templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Add your own ideas and branding to quickly create a powerful professional project proposal.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding the best new proposal design templates with creative and professional designs.

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