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Hey, Students! Save 50% on a Yearly Envato Tuts+ Subscription

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If you're a student, you're in luck. For a limited time, you can save 50% on a yearly Envato Tuts+ subscription. That means you pay just $45 for a whole year of learning. 

Details of the Student Discount

Envato Tuts+ is all about learning, so we already give students heavily discounted subscriptions—the regular student price is $90 a year, instead of the regular $180. What we're offering now is even better—just $45 for your first year of learning, if you sign up before 10 November 2016. 

What you can learn on TutsplusWhat you can learn on TutsplusWhat you can learn on Tutsplus

Here's what's included in the subscription:

  • 900+ premium courses that you can either watch online or download from our library and take with you.
  • 22,000+ ad-free tutorials so that you can read, research and revise distraction-free.
  • 5 eBooks every month that you can download from our library and read whenever and wherever you want.

Our courses, tutorials and eBooks will teach you all aspects of web design, code, design, illustration, photography, video, and more. Take a look at some of our most popular courses.

You can also choose to learn in the way that works best for you: video or written, short or long, fast or steady, online or offline. Our huge library of learning content has you covered, and it's updated with fresh material almost every day.

Here's a sample video from our recent course on Flexbox, which takes you through six practical CSS projects for everyday use.

And here's one from a quick Coffee Break Course on building a desktop app with Electron.

Join Us Today

The special $45 price is available today, and the offer expires on 10 November 2016. So sign up now and grab your first year of value-packed digital learning at an incredible price!

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