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30 Best Free & Premium Iceberg Diagram PowerPoint PPT Templates 2023 Presentations

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Read Time: 19 min

Do you need to use an iceberg diagram? Iceberg diagrams can be used for a wide variety of projects. If you’re looking for iceberg PPT templates, look no further.

Iceberg Diagram Template PPTIceberg Diagram Template PPTIceberg Diagram Template PPT
This premium iceberg template from Envato Elements features iceberg diagrams.

When creating an iceberg presentation, you want one that looks professional and unique. So, why not let an expert design a template for you?

Pre-built iceberg templates from Envato Elements are designed by experts. This way, you can have a professional and stylish result without much effort.

In this article we look at free iceberg diagram templates that we found online. We also look at premium iceberg PPT templates from Envato Elements.

So, let’s continue to find out which iceberg diagram template is right for you!

5 Premium Iceberg Diagram Templates

Here are five of the best PowerPoint templates with iceberg diagrams:

1. Iceberg - PowerPoint Template

To get a closer look at the Iceberg PowerPoint template click on the  thumbnail above.

The Iceberg PowerPoint Template comes with five premade color schemes. Easily add an image by dropping the picture of your choice into the placeholder. Top iceberg templates like this feature graphics to help you illustrate your point.

2. Iceberg Diagram PowerPoint Template

Iceberg diagram templateIceberg diagram templateIceberg diagram template

An Iceberg diagram PowerPoint can be used to illustrate many different points. This iceberg infographic template features:

  • 20 different iceberg diagrams
  • easily editable assets
  • a nice blue and white theme

This iceberg chart template is great! Use it if you need to add several iceberg diagrams in your presentation.

3. Glace Iceberg Chart Template

Glace Iceberg PPTGlace Iceberg PPTGlace Iceberg PPT

Glace is a top iceberg chart template that comes with three premade color schemes. You'll also get light and dark versions. This iceberg template comes with picture placeholders to easily add images.

Its modern and professional design make it one of the best iceberg templates.

4. Pencil Iceberg PowerPoint Template

Pencil, Iceberg, Road & Brain PowerPoint TemplatePencil, Iceberg, Road & Brain PowerPoint TemplatePencil, Iceberg, Road & Brain PowerPoint Template

This iceberg diagram for PowerPoint comes with 20 unique widescreen slides. This iceberg template has many color scheme options, with over 90 XML files included. You can also choose between dark and light backgrounds. It's a great iceberg infographic template to work with! 

It's one of those iceberg templates that come with icons and graphs. And it's fully customizable!

5. Business Iceberg PowerPoint Infographics

Business Iceberg PowerPoint InfographicsBusiness Iceberg PowerPoint InfographicsBusiness Iceberg PowerPoint Infographics

This is a top iceberg infographic template that's full of cool assets. It's suitable for many different business purposes. It features over 20 unique iceberg slide options.

The iceberg charts are great to explain all sorts of concepts with clarity. 

25 Top Free Iceberg Diagram PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds to Download for 2023

Before looking for a free iceberg diagram template online, check Envato's free offerings. Try premium template files (not always iceberg infographic templates) at no cost.

Free Envato FilesFree Envato FilesFree Envato Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try.

Every month, Envato Elements offers 12 hand-selected files (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

But what if you don't have the budget for a premium iceberg diagram for PowerPoint? Here are 25 of the best free iceberg diagram PowerPoint templates to help you out: 

1. Iceberg Infographics Template

Iceberg Infographics TemplateIceberg Infographics TemplateIceberg Infographics Template

Simple, elegant, and self-explanatory iceberg chart template. This iceberg diagram with infographics is perfect for explaining a company's evolution. Plus, you get 30 different types of charts. 

2. Free Iceberg PowerPoint Template

Do you need to explain something step by step? This iceberg template might be the best option for you. Download an iceberg PowerPoint diagram with elements that will adapt to any content.

3. Creative Iceberg Diagram PowerPoint

This iceberg model template includes top and bottom sections for different texts. Also, edit the iceberg diagram and its slides with fully customizable elements.

4. Funnel Iceberg Model Template

The best thing about this iceberg template is that you won't work with a blank iceberg diagram. Instead, you'll be able to work with a colorful iceberg with many eye-catching elements.

5. Iceberg Concept PowerPoint Diagram

The tip of the Iceberg PowerPoint TemplateThe tip of the Iceberg PowerPoint TemplateThe tip of the Iceberg PowerPoint Template

This iceberg infographic template shows two sides to express contrasting ideas. It comes with a single iceberg slide with two shades of blue and room for text.

6. Iceberg Model of Meaning for PowerPoint

This free iceberg diagram template comes with three slides. You can easily edit this iceberg PowerPoint diagram if needed.

7. The Tip of the Iceberg PowerPoint Template

The free iceberg diagram for PowerPoint comes with two slides. It's great to show a small part of a big problem.

8. Change Management Iceberg Template

This free iceberg diagram template has three iceberg slide options with infographics. The color scheme of this template is blue and white.

9. Iceberg PowerPoint Template

The free iceberg diagram template contains a title slide. It also has standard iceberg PowerPoint diagram slides.

10. Free Iceberg PowerPoint Template

Free Iceberg PowerPoint TemplateFree Iceberg PowerPoint TemplateFree Iceberg PowerPoint Template

The Free iceberg diagram for PowerPoint features glaciers with a blue sea. This template is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016.

11. Polar PowerPoint Template

This iceberg infographic template is great to discuss winter things. Talk about icebergs, penguins, and polar bears.

12. Free Ice & Sky PowerPoint Background

If you don’t want the iceberg diagram to be the center focus, then this template is right for you. The Free Ice PPT has a light blue background with glaciers at the bottom.

13. Iceberg With Four Layers

Get the perfect four layers to add all the information you need to your iceberg diagram template. With graphics and icons available.

14. Ice Breaker Iceberg PowerPoint Template

This iceberg model template has different types of icebergs and slides for you to work with. Add some versatility to your iceberg slide designs and start creating!

15. Free Iceberg Diagram

Iceberg Diagram for PowerPoint and Google SlidesIceberg Diagram for PowerPoint and Google SlidesIceberg Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

This free iceberg diagram for PowerPoint gives you the right amount of space. Start working on your project seamlessly! Edit the iceberg and the slides to create an eye-catching presentation. 

16. Abstract Iceberg Presentation Template

Adding your text to this template and draw an iceberg diagram. It's an abstract representation of an iceberg using a cold tone of blue. 

17. Free Free Penguin on Ice PowerPoint Illustration

Let your ideas flow with this free penguin on ice PowerPoint template. It can work as a free iceberg diagram. The iceberg chart template includes a fantastic illustration. This will help represent your concepts in a better way.  

18. Free Glacier PowerPoint Diagram

Customize this iceberg model template to fit a variety of topics. Start editing from the glacier, slides, placeholders, and add your own content. 

19. Free Climate Change PowerPoint Template

This iceberg diagram template is perfect for natural resources and climate change subjects.

20. Arctic Iceberg PowerPoint Diagram

Instead of taking off with a blank iceberg template, grab this iceberg slide. It's a good starting point for those who want something creative and easy to edit.

21. Free Iceberg PowerPoint Diagram

Experiment with this iceberg diagram template. The best thing about this iceberg PowerPoint diagram is the depth of analysis it offers. You can explain different layers to any topic. 

22. Drift Ice for PowerPoint

Do you need to explain three different coexisting ideas? Try using iceberg charts like this iceberg model template! It features bits of drifting ice on the blue ocean. 

23. Free Glacier PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint presentation might look like a blank iceberg template. Truth is, it's so much more than that.
Go ahead and start working with a beautiful image of glaciers and icebergs! It's got plenty of space to add your information.

24. Free Arctic PowerPoint Template

Design an eye-catching presentation with this beautiful template. Work with glacier and iceberg slides to communicate all your ideas.

25. Iceberg Diagram Free Business PowerPoint Template

Iceberg Diagram Free Business PowerPoint TemplateIceberg Diagram Free Business PowerPoint TemplateIceberg Diagram Free Business PowerPoint Template

Turn your data into a fantastic PPT with this iceberg diagram template. It's one of the iceberg templates that include editable infographics. It features one of the best free iceberg charts out there!

Find the Premium Best Iceberg Diagram Templates on Envato Elements in 2023

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service. You'll find premium templates for any project, including iceberg templates.

Premium templates from Envato Elements are a great base for any project. These are made by pros and are always high quality. You'll notice free iceberg diagram templates on the web aren’t as good.

Pay a low, flat-rate monthly fee to become an Envato Elements member. This gives you more than just PowerPoint templates. Get unlimited access to stock photos, fonts, royalty-free music, and much more.

Iceberg Diagram PPTs

Iceberg PPT Diagrams on Envato ElementsIceberg PPT Diagrams on Envato ElementsIceberg PPT Diagrams on Envato Elements
Find the best premium iceberg infographic templates on Envato Elements.

How to Customize Your Iceberg PowerPoint template

This tutorial will show you how to edit your iceberg diagram template in PowerPoint.

We'll personalize the premium Pencil & Iceberg PPT template from Envato Elements. It has five beautiful iceberg slides that you can use.

This premium template is from Envato Elements.This premium template is from Envato Elements.This premium template is from Envato Elements.
This premium iceberg template is from Envato Elements.
I’m using Microsoft PowerPoint version 16.61 with a macOS.  If you've got a different operating system or software version, results may vary.
Let's get started:

1. How to Change the Color of an Object

In this tutorial, I’ll use slide 13 of the Pencil & Iceberg Infographic PowerPoint Template. Here’s what the slide looks like without any edits made:

How to change the color of an objectHow to change the color of an objectHow to change the color of an object
How to change the color of an object

This slide looks nice already, but If you want to change the colors of an object on an iceberg diagram slide, you can.

Start by clicking on the object that you want to change the color of. Next, click on the Home tab. Then click on the Shape Fill button in the toolbar.

When you click on this button, a color menu drops down. Choose the color that you would like to use.

2. How to Add Text

How to add textHow to add textHow to add text
How to add text

To add new text to your slide, you need to add a text box to your iceberg diagram template slide.

First, click on the Insert tab. Next, click on the Text Box button in the toolbox. Next, click where you want to place the text box and draw a diagonal line where you want the box to be.

Then type your text into the new text box.

3. How to Change the Font

How to change the fontHow to change the fontHow to change the font
How to change the font

If you want to you can change the font. Changing the font can give your PowerPoint slide a personal touch.

First, highlight the text that you want to change the font of. Next, click on the Home tab. In the toolbar, there's a font menu with the current font.

Click on the arrow next to the current font. When you click on the arrow, a font menu drops down.

4. How to Add an Icon

How to add an iconHow to add an iconHow to add an icon
How to add an icon

You can also change the icons because they don’t work with your theme.

It’s easy to change the icon. First, delete the icons that are already there. Next, click on the Insert tab.

Then, in the toolbar, click on the Symbol button. A drop-down with icons appears where your cursor is. Choose the icon that you need.

5. How to Change the Color of the Font

How to change the color of the fontHow to change the color of the fontHow to change the color of the font
How to change the color of the font

Changing the font color on your iceberg PowerPoint template allows you to make it your own.

First, highlight the text. Next, click on the Home tab in the toolbar and you’ll see a Font Color button. Click on the arrow next to this button.

When you click on the arrow, a color menu drops down. Choose the color that's right for your iceberg diagram.

5 Quick Iceberg Diagram PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2023

A part of choosing which template you want is choosing a template with the right design for you. Here are five design tips to help you out:

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is important when you’re presenting your iceberg PPT template. It can help you know which PowerPoint design to choose.

For example, if you’re talking about a serious subject you don’t want to have a cute slide design. Knowing your audience can also help you choose parts of the slide design such as font size or font. If you've a big audience, you want a font size and font that can be read at the back of the room.

Iceberg Diagram TemplateIceberg Diagram TemplateIceberg Diagram Template
This modern premium iceberg template in PowerPoint adapts to many types of audiences.

Check out this tutorial to learn more:

2. Go for Simple Slides

Simple slides have been on trend for a long time. You don’t want to have a slide full of text that can be distracting to the audience.

It's best to limit the amount of text and visuals on your slides. 

You want the audience to listen to what you’re saying and not reading the slide or looking at all the pictures. Simple slides keep your audience focused on what you’re trying to say and your main point.

3. Use High-Quality Graphics

Eye-catching Iceberg DiagramEye-catching Iceberg DiagramEye-catching Iceberg Diagram
This iceberg diagram premium template includes modern and eye-catching visuals.

When designing your iceberg infographic template, use high-quality visuals. Blurry images can be distracting.

Visuals are important because they can help illustrate a point that you’re making. If your visual is blurry it can hinder you from making that point. Envato Elements has lots of stock image offers that you can choose from.

4. Limit the Colors

It's best to keep the number of colors on your slide to at the most five colors. Too many colors on your slide can be distracting for the audience.

When choosing which color scheme to use, select colors that complement each other. This is an advantage of using a premium template. Most come with premade color schemes that go well together.

5. Keep a Contrast Between Text and Background

Everyone in the room has to see the text on your iceberg PPT template. For that, you need to have contrast between the text and the background of the slide. For example, if you've got a light purple background with light purple text, it'll make things hard.

Komplet PowerPoint TemplateKomplet PowerPoint TemplateKomplet PowerPoint Template
The text contrasts with the background in this iceberg diagram from Komplet.

A great example of contrast is having white text on a dark background, or the other way around. 

Trends are important so that your presentation seems modern and relevant. Here are five of the latest infographic design trends:

1. Illustrations & Charts

Data and visuals on your iceberg template such as infographics and charts are a common trend.

Visuals such as infographics and icons can help you to explain complicated subjects. Charts and graphs are great data visualization tools to make your data clearer. Learn more in this tutorial:

2. Interactive Infographics

A new infographic trend is interactive graphics. With this type of graphic there's a link or a button in your infographic that links to more information.

This is a great tool you could use if you're emailing out your presentation. Having this tool is a great way for the audience to interact with the infographics.

3. Line Art

Line art infographics are simple and easy. They don’t have unnecessary details that make the illustration too complicated.

Typically line art infographics use a few colors. This is great because it won’t be hard to add them into your color scheme.

Line Art PowerPoint ExampleLine Art PowerPoint ExampleLine Art PowerPoint Example
The premium Wokerz template is a good example of line art used in PowerPoint. 

4. Muted Colors

Bright neon colors used to be the trend. The new trend now is muted colors. Muted colors are easier to add text to because white and black font show up better.

Muted colors can be nice pastel or darker muted colors that can look retro.

5. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes can give the audience a sense of nostalgia. They're a simple and bold design can work with any subject that you're discussing. Geometric designs are great to achieve an interesting result without distracting the audience.

Geometric PowerPoint templateGeometric PowerPoint templateGeometric PowerPoint template
You'll find plenty of geometric shapes in the premium Geologic template. (Not an iceberg PPT template)

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Didn’t see a template that you liked or needed? Here are more templates to explore:

5 Benefits of Using an Iceberg Diagram Premium Template in PPT With Pro Designs (In 2023)

Don't think twice. Our premium templates always come in handy when it comes to speeding up your design process.

In case you need some peace of mind, check out these five reasons why some prefer our iceberg diagrams in PTT:

  1. Save more time. There's no need to start with a blank iceberg diagram from scratch. Download one of our premium PowerPoint presentation templates and focus on what's important. 
  2. Make the most of your template. Once you download your iceberg diagram, it's all yours. Use it to your advantage and reuse it for as many projects as you want. Customize it according to your presentations.
  3. Quality designs. Our eye-catching PPT templates will make you look good when presenting your project. Start to edit the iceberg slides on your template and experience the quality of our designs. 
  4. Creative assets that are available to everyone. That's right. Anyone can work with our iceberg diagram templates, from experts to newbies. Work with tons of design assets that are easy to use in your projects. 
  5. Good design on a budget. Sometimes companies have a limited budget and cannot outsource their design work. Our flat monthly fee gives you access to creative assets with unlimited downloads.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Iceberg PPT Diagrams on Envato ElementsIceberg PPT Diagrams on Envato ElementsIceberg PPT Diagrams on Envato Elements
Envato Elements offers assets such as iceberg diagrams, web templates, photos, and more!

Discover millions of premium designs by subscribing to Envato Elements. Sign up now and get started with the only creative subscription you need. Get high-quality:

  • assets
  • iceberg diagrams
  • presentation templates
  • stock photos
  • tutorials
  • and more!

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

As you can see, working with a custom-made business card template is very simple. You'll be able to master it after a few weeks of practice. But before you begin your project, you should think about what kind of software you'll be using. 

PowerPoint is a powerful tool that can help you create tons of designs with easy-to-use tools. If you're not familiar with this software, don't worry. In this section, we've covered the most common questions users have about PowerPoint. 

1. What Kind of Projects Can I Do in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is famous for creating slide show presentations. But there are plenty of things you can do with this program. Opportunities are endless. 

Here's a list of a few things you can create besides presentations:

  • flyers
  • posters
  • resumes
  • custom-made business cards
  • animations
  • motion paths

Learn how to get started with PowerPoint here:

2. How Can I Add a Video From My Computer to My Slide?

Videos can be beneficial to enhance a PowerPoint presentation. Follow these steps to embed a video in your slide:

  1. Select the desired slide where you'd like to add the video.
  2. Go to the Insert tab and click on Video.
  3. Select your file (Use MP4. files for better compatibility)
  4. Click Insert.

Read this guide to learn how to add different types of media to your slides:

3. Can I Add YouTube Videos in My Slides?

Yes, adding YouTube videos to your projects can make a presentation more dynamic. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you’d like to add to PowerPoint.
  2. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  3. Go to the desired slide where you’d like to add the video.
  4. Go to the Insert tab.
  5. Click on Video>Online Video.
  6. In the Online Video box, paste the YouTube URL. 
  7. Select Insert.

This article gives you a faster way to insert a YouTube video into your PPT presentation:

4. How Can I Add Icons to My Slides?

PowerPoint has galleries with many icons for you to choose from. Here’s how you access PowerPoint's icon gallery:

  1. Go to the desired slide where you’d like to add icons.
  2. Go to the Insert tab.
  3. Click on Icons.
  4. The icon gallery will pop-up, with different icon categories.
  5. Select the desired icon.
  6. Click Insert.

If you’re having a hard time looking for the perfect icon, here’s an article with more for you to download. 

5. How Can I Save My PPT Presentation as a Video?

Share your presentation in video format for an easier visualization. This is how you do it:

  1. Open your presentation.
  2. Click on File > Export > Create a Video.
  3. Select the desired Presentation Quality for your video. Largest file size is the recommended format.
  4. Click Use Recorded Timings and Narrations if applicable. 
  5. Customize the Seconds Spent on Each Slide box.
  6. Click on Create Video.
  7. Select a location to save your file.
  8. Name your file.
  9. Select the MPEG-4 Video (.mp4) as the desired format
  10. Click Save.

Here’s more information on how to save your PowerPoint as a video:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

Do you still have questions about making a PowerPoint presentation? Whether you’re looking for a PowerPoint tutorial guide or articles, we've got you covered:

Get a Premium Iceberg Infographic Template Today!

Effortlessly get a professional and well-designed PowerPoint presentation! Just use a premium iceberg diagram template. Start by looking at the options of premium iceberg templates on Envato Elements.

Not sure you want to pay for a premium template? This article has some of the best free iceberg diagram templates on the internet. Download a template and get started today!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Gonzalo Angulo, Sarah Joy, and Renata Martin Intriago. Gonzalo is an Associate Editor for Tuts+ Video. Sarah Joy is a freelance instructor. Renata is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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