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Launch and Grow Your Freelance Blog, Series

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As a freelancer you're always marketing and trying new approaches to bring in clients. There is a proven method online to raise your profile and that's blogging. Done the right way, you'll bring in more clients than you need. If you're fresh to blogging, or have a blog that isn't getting the attention it deserves, then nows the time to sink your marketing time into this tactic.

In this Session, written by seasoned freelance blogger Carol Tice, you'll learn how to improve your freelance blogging performance.

Find out how to write effective blog posts, design your freelancer blog for conversion, hook client's on your content, and score guest posts on top blogs. You'll discover promotion strategies and methods for earning from your freelance blog as well.


10 Fundamentals of Good Freelancer Blog Posts

Many freelancers tell me they’re posting like mad on their blog…but nothing’s happening.
No comments. No shares on Twitter or Facebook. Even worse, no client nibbles, and especially, no firm new clients. Let’s see if we can fix this and get your blog some traction by focusing on improving your fundamentals.


The 8 Basic Design Elements That Turn Your Blog into a Client Magnet

Just as it’s important to write blog posts that attract clients, the design and layout of your blog is critical, too. A great design and feel on your blog will help attract better-quality clients — the ones you really want. What do you need to know? Here are eight basics of blog design and layout every freelancer’s blog should have to attract clients.


Do Freelancers Have to Blog To Get Clients?

Would you like to have a freelance blog that attracts clients? It’s a freelancer’s dream — you dash off short blog posts now and then, prospects read them, get impressed, and ring you right up. If you’re investing precious marketing time in writing and styling up your blog it needs to get you clients.


How One Blogger Gets Freelance Gigs: Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind

You can use your freelance blog as a portfolio sample to get freelance blogging gigs. That’s what UK-based freelancer Tom Ewer discovered — quite by accident — shortly after quitting his job and starting his blog Leaving Work Behind in mid-2011. He quit his full-time job in early 2012 to work full-time on his blog. Learn more tips from Tom in this interview.


40 Attention-Getting Post Topic Ideas for Your Freelancer’s Blog

It’s not easy keeping up a freelancer blog. You need a lot of ideas for posts! Meanwhile, you’re trying to get your work done for your current client. Here are 40 specific ideas for quick-and-easy blog topics that will attract quality prospects and then keep them interested:.


12 Ways to Keep Prospects Hooked on Your Freelance Blog

If you’re a freelancer and you have a blog, you’re probably hoping your posts will impress clients and get them to hire you. Unfortunately, most freelancer blogs don’t get so much as a nibble, much less a steady stream of clients. Here are 12 different ways to get prospects subscribing to your blog — and keep them on hooked your email list.


How to Score the Guest Posts That Will Get Your Freelance Blog Noticed

Is your blog a lonely place? Often, freelancers start a blog about the type of work they do, in hopes of attracting clients with their posts. But nothing happens. The reason is usually that your tiny startup blog doesn’t have much traffic. You can solve this problem, get higher rankings in search and attract more visitors who are prospects by guest posting on more popular blogs.


10 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Blog to Get Clients’ Attention

Here’s the problem — you’ve only done half the work when you post. Once you’ve written a blog post, you’ve created a powerful marketing tool for your freelance services. n the beginning especially, your own little freelance blog doesn’t have a lot of traffic. So how can you get your blog noticed and help it find a bigger audience? Here are 10 ways.


How to Earn From Your Freelance Blog — Without Driving Clients Away

A freelancer’s blog can serve two different goals — it can help you find clients, and it can be a niche business of its own, on a topic unrelated to your freelance services. But it’s tricky to combine those two approaches. It’s possible to earn well from your blog while also using it to attract new clients. Here are a few approaches that work well.

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