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18 Best Law Firm Logos With Cool Legal Designs (For Lawyers & Attorneys)


To build trust with potential clients, you need a professional law firm logo. The best law firm logos:

  • make it easy to recognize your brand
  • allow you to connect with your audience
  • represent what your brand does
legal logo from Placeit Logo Maker
The KH Law Firm Logo Maker is just one of the many logo makers available from Placeit.

Your lawyer logo lets you to stand out from other lawyers in your area. That’s why it’s important to create a unique and customized law firm logo design. Make sure your law firm logo uses the right icons, fonts, and colors to convey the right message.

Start your logo design with an online logo maker like Placeit or a template from Envato Elements, which make it easy to create cool law firm logos without needing a design degree or knowledge of expensive software.

In this post, we’ll share the best lawyer and law firm logo designs as well as show you how to use Placeit to quickly and easily make your logo.

Inspiration: 18 Best Lawyer and Law Firm Logo Designs

Placeit is an online marketplace and logo generator where you can find dozens of premade logo templates. The cool law firm logos below are all easy to edit and you can use them as an inspiration for your own law firm logo design or as a starting point.

1. Law Firm Logo Maker for Monogram Logos

Law Firm Logo Maker for Monogram Logos

If you want a monogram-based logo, give this law firm logo maker a try. The template makes it easy to change the letters and rearrange them to your liking. You can also experiment with adding a custom shadow or a subtle glow to create a unique lawyer logo.

2. Logo Maker for Law Firms and Attorneys

Logo Maker for Law Firms and Attorneys

This logo maker is another good choice if you want a typography-based logo. The example uses a monogram design, but you can easily customize it or remove it completely. The template also makes it easy to add a background texture or an inner glow for a more custom look.

3. Online Logo Maker With Law Icons

Online Logo Maker with Law Icons

Try this online logo maker if you want to add icons to your logo. The template uses a column icon, but you can replace it with a hammer icon or a justice scale icon if you’d like. The colors are also easy to customize and you can rearrange the logo elements to have a different layout.

4. Legal Aid Logo Maker With Balance Icon

Legal Aid Logo Maker with Balance Icon

The Legal Aid Logo Maker is a great example of how to use color to achieve a professional look. The logo uses a blue background and the color blue traditionally symbolizes trust. Paired with bold fonts, this logo is sure to stand out and grab your client’s attention.

5. Logo Maker for Attorneys With Scale Icon

Logo Maker for Attorneys with Scale Icon

This logo maker is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an elegant yet minimal logo. The logo uses a timeless black and white color scheme, but don’t let that stop you from using your brand colors. You can also adjust the layout of the elements, either manually or by using one of the premade alternate layouts.

6. Lawyer Logo Maker With Custom Badges

Lawyer Logo Maker with Custom Badges

The Lawyer Logo Maker offers a modern and bold logo template with a badge that gives it a more dynamic look. You can customize the colored background as well as change out the fonts. Don’t forget to customize the background color as well.

7. Legal Firm Logo Maker

Legal Firm Logo Maker

Consider this Legal Firm Logo Maker if you want a simple design. This lawyer logo template uses a solid-color background paired with modern typography so it’s a perfect choice for a young law firm. Customize the colors and the fonts to match your brand and consider adding a subtle glow to make your logo more memorable.

8. Online Logo Maker for Attorneys

Online Logo Maker for Attorneys

Any attorney looking for a logo should consider using this online logo maker. The logo design uses bold typography paired with a blue background, which is sure to create trust with potential clients. You can manually rearrange the placement of your law firm name and the tagline as well as customize the fonts and the colors.

9. Law Firm Logo Template

Law Firm Logo Template

The logos from most memorable brands often use nothing more than typography. Such is the case with this logo template. It’s a great choice for a female-owned law firm practice, considering it uses elegant and airy fonts. But, with a simple change in fonts, this logo template can easily turn into a more masculine looking logo.

10. Legal Consultant Online Logo Maker

Legal Consultant Online Logo Maker

If you’re a legal consultant, check out this online law firm logo. The template makes it easy to change the background color or add a texture or a glow as an accent. You can also manually adjust the layout of the elements and change the fonts to match your branding.

11. Attorney and Law Logo Maker

Attorney and Law Logo Maker

This Attorney and Law logo template features an elegant and classic typography and monogram design that would be well-suited for more established law firms who have been in business for a while. As with other logo templates, you can customize the colors and fonts or experiment with adding a texture or a glow for a custom and unique look.

12. Legal Services Logo Maker for Monograms

Legal Services Logo Maker for Monograms

This Legal Services Logo Maker is a great choice for a law firm company that's got multiple partners. You can easily add the initials from all the partners and adjust the text positioning. Customize the colors to reflect your brand and add a glow to make the initials stand out.

13. Logo Maker to Design a Lawyer Logo

Logo Maker to Design a Lawyer Logo

The Logo Maker template for Lawyer Logos features a dark color scheme with golden typography, which adds a touch of elegance and class to this template. If you’re a lawyer working with corporate or upscale clients, this would be a great starting point. You can even adjust the layout as well as add background texture and an inner glow.

14. Custom Logo Maker for Law Firms

Custom Logo Maker for Law Firms

Consider this Logo Maker for Law Firms if you want a traditional take on a law firm logo design. The template features a column icon, but you can easily replace it with an icon of a scale or the hammer. You can also completely remove the icon and leave just your wordmark. Experiment with a different layout and take advantage of color and font options to incorporate your brand.

15. Logo Template for Law Associates

Logo Template for Law Associates

Try the Logo Template for Law Associates if you've got multiple partners in your law firm. The template features modern and minimal fonts and a solid color background. You can add your tagline beneath your names and drop in a custom background texture for a unique look.  

16. Professional Law Firm Logo Template

professional law firm logo template

Check out this professional Law Firm Logo template if you want a serious and professional style. The template comes with a dark blue background paired with light typography and allows you to add a subtle texture or an inner glow. You can also change the colors to match your brand and opt for different fonts.

17. Attorney Logo Maker for Monogram Logos

Attorney Logo Maker for Monogram Logos

Monogram logos are a popular choice for law firm logos as you can easily add initials of all your senior partners. For a more distinctive look, consider changing the tagline font into a sans-serif font to create a nice contrast.

18. Online Logo Maker for Lawyers

Online Logo Maker for Lawyers

The last template from Placeit is a law firm logo with a modern design featuring a subdued color scheme and bold typography that’s easily noticeable. You can adjust the layout of the logo elements and change the fonts and the colors as well as experiment with background textures or an inner glow.

5 Quick Tips to Create a Cool Attorney Logo

Creating your logo with Placeit is easy considering the online logo maker uses drop-down menus to allow you to make most of the customizations. However, there are a few basic logo design principles that you've got to keep in mind when designing a logo with Placeit. Below, we’ll show you how to create a cool attorney logo with Placeit.

Placeit Logo Templates

1. Create Your Placeit Account

The first step towards creating your attorney or lawyer logo is to go to Placeit and create your account. Then, click Logos, choose Law from the drop-down menu and browse through the logo templates to find the one you want to use. You can then begin to customize the template.

Customizing a logo template on Placeit

2. Choose Your Fonts Carefully

Choosing logo fonts

When it comes to law firm logos, they traditionally use sans-serif or serif fonts. Stick to that tradition and avoid using script or decorative fonts as they can be quite hard to read. Choose the sans-serif fonts for a more modern look and opt for serif fonts if you’re going for a more elegant, classic look.

3. Mind Your Colors

Choosing logo colors

Similarly, familiarize yourself with basic color meanings and choose the colors for your law firm logo carefully. Opt for darker shades to maintain a professional look.

4. Decide on Your Logo Style

Keep your law firm logo simple. In other words, don’t mix in a monogram design with an icon with an added tagline. Choose whether you want to use a monogram design or an icon as too many elements in your logo will make it hard to remember.

5. Download Your Finished Logo Design

Downloading your finished Placeit logo design template

When you’re done customizing your logo, click the Download button and download your newly created law firm logo for a small fee.

Find More Awesome Law Firm Logos on Envato Elements

If you want to see more awesome and cool law firm logo designs, be sure to stop by Envato Elements. Envato Elements is a premium, subscription marketplace with thousands of design assets such as logo templates. Each of the logo templates features a modern and professional design that’s easy to customize.

Law firm logo designs on Envato Elements
You can find lots of great legal logos on Envato Elements.

A great example of a versatile law firm logo is this Law Firm Logo template. Not only can you use the template for lawyer agencies, law firms, and judicial and legal agencies, but you can also resize the logo and use it for your website, business cards, stationery, and other brand assets without any loss of quality.

Law Firm logo template on Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a more traditional design, this Column Logo Template is a great choice. The template can be edited using Adobe Illustrator and you can customize colors, fonts, and resize the logo as needed.

Column logo template

The best part about Envato Elements is that you can download an unlimited number of templates and use them in an unlimited number of projects so you can experiment with different designs until you find the perfect law firm logo template for your legal practice.

Design a Cool Law Firm Logo With Placeit

Creating a unique law firm logo doesn’t have to be difficult. With Placeit, you can design your logo and download it for a small fee even if you've got no design skills and don’t want to master design software.

You can also create a beautiful logo using premade lawyer logo templates from Envato Elements so be sure to stop by this subscription marketplace and find your perfect law firm logo.

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