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25 Marketing PowerPoint Templates: Best PPTs to Present Your Plans in 2019

This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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Do you have an upcoming marketing presentation to make in PowerPoint?

Need to showcase your latest social media campaign? Present fresh content marketing ideas? Or, demonstrate how your digital marketing results are stacking up with a great PPT marketing presentation?

Marketing presentation slide designs from The Digital Agency PowerPoint template
Marketing presentation slide designs from The Digital Agency PowerPoint template for 2019.

The right (ready-made) PowerPoint (PPT) templates for marketing will save you a ton of time. Also, it'll give you a wide-selection of creative marketing slides to make your next presentation deck. 

Here we showcase 25 of the best marketing PowerPoint templates from both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. They’re packed with professional design features—including marketing layouts, digital marketing presentation examples, and a ton of modern PowerPoint options.

Jump in and find the marketing PPT templates that fit your presentation just right!

Best Marketing PowerPoint (PPT) Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Find hundreds of the best PowerPoint PPT Marketing templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for a single monthly fee. 

unlimited access marketing PowerPoint templates
Marketing templates for PowerPoint (PPT files) on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Each of the many marketing plan PPTs and strategic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements have hundreds of awesome presentation options. They're packed with creative advertising slide layouts, nice marketing background designs for PowerPoint, and tons of professional sales graphics.

PowerPoint PPT Marketing templates on Envato Elements
Hundreds of PowerPoint PPT Marketing templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

There are lots of different types of marketing presentation examples, such as:

  • selling your marketing services to a new client
  • engaging your investors with new marketing plans
  • presenting marketing strategies to your team

Envato Elements has marketing presentation example templates for each of these situations.

Top 5+ PPT Templates for Marketing (New Presentations on Envato Elements - 2019)

Here are the top strategic marketing presentation PowerPoint templates (with great marketing layouts and unique slide designs for presenting your advertising, planning, or sales ideas). 

These marketing PPTs templates are trending on Envato Elements in 2019: 

1. Marketing Plan PPT - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Marketing Plan PPT Powerpoint Presentation Template Design

If you need a great PowerPoint template for making your marketing plan presentation, then this professional set from Envato Elements has the slide designs you’re looking for. Showcase your marketing strategy and highlight your data with compelling infographics. Use it to make your marketing ideas stand out. 

Learn how to quickly make a great marketing presentation using this powerful PowerPoint marketing plan PPT template: 

2. Social Media Trends - PowerPoint Template Design

Social Media Trends PowerPoint Template Design

If you’re looking to make a marketing trends presentation, then this PowerPoint template is a quick starting point. It's got a well-designed framework of over 100 unique slide designs.

This top PPT for marketing features digital research from trending social media marketing topics, like influencers, Snapchat data, live video, and more. This marketing PPT set will help you turn your data into a beautiful marketing presentation fast.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy - PPT PowerPoint Plan Template

PowerPoint Plan Template for Digital Marketing Strategy Presentations

This trendy digital marketing strategy PowerPoint template for 2019 is not only designed to make potent marketing plan presentations, but it features a number of stylish elements, such as:

  • 40+ unique PPT slides for each theme
  • 2 pre-made marketing presentation example themes
  • professional handmade infographics
  • fully editable, modern graphics
  • object and slide transition animation

There are also plenty of colorful vector illustrations to make your marketing ideas pop. This set of strategic marketing PPT templates has slides designed for numerous presentation needs, like social media, SEO, and both inbound and outbound digital marketing.

4. Content Marketing Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Design

Content Marketing Presentation PPT PowerPoint Design

Content marketing is a popular and growing marketing strategy. Great content will continue to be the cornerstone of digital marketing. If you work in a digital agency, social media service, SEO company, or are a professional digital marketing strategist, then you may need to give a content marketing presentation. Why not use a stylish PowerPoint template, that’s designed specifically for making this type of presentation?

5. Connect - Marketing Communication PowerPoint Template

Connect Marketing Communication PowerPoint Template

Don’t your marketing ideas deserve to be heard? Most of all you want your message to connect with your audience. To make that connection you need to present your message clearly with slides that help persuade and convince.

The Connect marketing PowerPoint template is designed to do just that. It comes with over 700+ total professional slides, witch compelling designs, and easy to edit features.

6. Social Media Pro - PowerPoint PPT Plan Template

Social Media Pro PowerPoint PPT Plan Template

Are you looking for a modern social media presentation template? Social Media Pro is packed with slide designs that'll help you make your marketing presentation right. It's got multiple color schemes, over 35 unique marketing PPT slide designs, plenty of colorful infographics, and stylish social media illustrations.

7. The Digital Agency - x Plan PowerPoint Template

The Digital Agency Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

This is a powerful marketing PowerPoint template with plenty of the professional features you’d expect in a Premium design. Grab it now from Envato Elements. Make quick use of the social media elements, digital marketing infographics, as well as the bevy of marketing-forward slide designs.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative assets and marketing PPT templates for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all-inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, cool marketing presentation templates, pre-made video files, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional PPT marketing templates and advertising graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your business project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy strategic PowerPoint presentation templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative PPT designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

17+ Best Marketing PowerPoint Templates on GraphicRiver (Buy PPTs One at a Time) 

These pro marketing plan template PowerPoint (PPT) designs are made for a variety of marketing presentations, such as: marketing plan presentations, social media reports, SEO service demonstrations, digital marketing updates, and more.

Browse through this curated selection of the best marketing template PPTs to find just the right one for your next PowerPoint marketing presentation (for 2019):

1. Volax Business Presentation Template

Volax Business Presentation Template

When you're choosing a PPT for marketing, it's a great idea to get a template that you can use over and over again. And that's where Volax really shines, thanks to more than 200 unique slide designs with animation and 30 color schemes. That helps you guarantee that you never build the same marketing presentation twice!

2. Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Template

The Business Plan template has everything you might need to develop your marketing PowerPoint plan. That includes drag-and-drop slides that are a breeze to update with your imagery.

Key features in Business Plan also include:

  • 417 unique slide designs with classic marketing slides like team slides, services, timelines, and more
  • widescreen format to fill the typical conference room screen
  • vector maps that scale beautifully for geographic slides

3. Business Plan - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan Presentation Template

This marketing plan PPT is the perfect starting point if you've never built a marketing plan on your own. That's because it's got all of the ideas you might need to develop your next marketing PowerPoint plan. Fill in the slides with your own ideas and you'll have a marketing plan in less time than ever.

4. The Digital Marketing Pro - PowerPoint PPT Template

The Digital Marketing Pro PowerPoint PPT Template

Made for agencies and business professionals, the Digital Marketing Pro has all the creative elements to make your marketing presentation quickly. It’s packed with easily editable slide designs, multiple colors schemes, and more. This marketing PPT template is also set up to feature your digital assets, with device mockups and screenshot image placeholders.

5. Marketing Plan - PPT PowerPoint Presentation Template

Marketing Plan PPT Theme for PowerPoint Presentations

This is a comprehensive marketing PowerPoint template. Not only can you use it to present your business go to market plan, but it also has slides for a wide mix of marketing needs. A few example slides included are for showcasing: 

  • marketing research
  • demographics 
  • your social media plan
  • competitive analysis
  • and more!

6. Digital Marketing - Business Strategy PPT Presentation

Digital Marketing Business Strategy PPT Presentation

Impress your audience with an awesome marketing presentation design. This digital marketing PowerPoint template has over 160+ modern slides with stylish features. This PPT for marketing design comes with plenty of easy to use graphics and modern elements. Make quick use of the infographic designs, editable charts, device mockups, marketing strategy PowerPoint and image placeholders.

7. Marketofy - Ultimate Marketing PowerPoint Template Set

Marketofy Best Marketing PowerPoint Template Set

Are you ready to make a great marketing presentation? Marketofy is one the most popular and robust PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver. Put this powerful set of 390 unique slides to work for you. This is one of the best marketing PPTs that's got all the creative elements you could possibly need, from stylish infographics, to colorful vector graphics, and pixel-perfect illustrations.

8. Marketing Idea - Powerful Modern PowerPoint Template

Marketing Idea Powerful Modern PowerPoint Template

Skip the marketing PowerPoint templates you might find for free online that often have dull designs. Instead, think big and bold with this fresh marketing PowerPoint template.

It's got a powerful set of unique marketing PPT template slide designs that'll help your marketing ideas stand out. It features over 100 unique slides, and plenty of creative components, to make a professional presentation fast.

9. Marketing Toolbox - Strategic PowerPoint PPT Template

Marketing Toolbox Strategic PowerPoint PPT Template

Marketing Toolbox is an aptly named PowerPoint template.

With this set of numerous marketing slide designs, you can create powerful marketing plans. Quickly customize it with slides to showcase your market growth, competitor analysis, marketing strategy PowerPoint PPT designs, and more.

It's got a minimal, modern design with bold typefaces and simple color use that'll allow your clients to keep their focus on your data and analysis.

10. Marketing Kit - Template for PowerPoint Presentations

Marketing Kit PPT Template for PowerPoint Presentations

Why use a free marketing plan PowerPoint template? You don’t want a dated and dull design, which is what free PPTs often look like. Instead grab this comprehensive Marketing Kit PowerPoint template. This kit is overflowing with 180 unique slide designs, custom graphics, well-balanced designs, and easy to edit elements.

11. Marketer Pro - PowerPoint Strategy PPT Design Template

Marketer Pro PowerPoint Strategy PPT Design Template

Marketer Pro is one of the most popular marketing PPTs PowerPoint template available on GraphicRiver. After hundreds of sales it's got a near five-star rating, and great customer reviews, like this one:

“Great design, easy to use and customize.”

Here are just a few of the many, hassle-free highlights of what this PPT for marketing template includes:

  • numerous unique, color-rich slide designs
  • easy drag-and-drop image and graphic setup
  • full animated slides/transitions/object options
  • handcrafted infographics and editable charts
  • ready to use vector icons, and more

If you need to make a unique marketing strategy presentation—especially one that's got high energy slide designs—then use this striking PowerPoint template today.

12. Business Plan - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan

Marketing plans don't have to be drab and monocolor, and this template is a perfect reminder of that. It not only has a bright set of splashy slides that are sure to grab an audience's attention, but it's also is easy to update. Try out any of the 160 slide designs to build your next marketing plan.

13. Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan PPT

Bold imagery can really make an impact on an audience, and this marketing PPT plan shows you how. Simple ideas paired with large images helps you say less with more. This is another easy-to-use template for the marketing beginner.

Top features for this marketing PPT template include:

  • more than 44 unique slide designs, in light and dark editions
  • drag-and-drop photo masks that create custom shapes
  • everything included in one package for a low "total cost"

14. Business Marketing

Business Marketing

PowerPoint marketing plans outline your offerings to the world. That means they really need to have a sleek and vibrant design. This streamlined marketing plan presentation PPT has just that, coupled with 496 custom slides and beautiful color options.

15. Clean Marketing

Clean Marketing

The goal of any marketing PPT is to wow your audience. Marketing plan presentation templates like this one make it easy.

Choose from hundreds of slide designs, each beautifully styled for widescreen displays. Explore 18 custom color palettes, and drop in your content in seconds, thanks to easy placeholders. Every marketing plan deserves to look its best, and getting there's never been simpler.

16. Digital Marketing - PowerPoint Template

Digital Marketing - PowerPoint Template

Finding a strong digital marketing PowerPoint template isn’t easy, so why not turn to this versatile option? It includes all the content you’ll need to portray your winning marketing plan. Focus on features such as:

  • fun graphics and charts to share data
  • smooth, professional animations
  • easy-to-edit custom shapes
  • light and dark color schemes

17. Clean Content Marketing Presentation

Clean Content Marketing Presentation

A marketing strategy template PPT like this one should be a top choice for anyone looking to bring a professional vibe to their slides. This clean and elegant theme uses color for emphasis, offsetting content brilliantly against a blank backdrop. In doing so, it boosts audience engagement and helps you steer focus to key ideas.

18. Digital Marketing

DIgital Marketing Template

When you purchase a marketing plan presentation template, look for extra value in a single download. This powerful pack is an excellent example of a flexible marketing strategy template PPT.

Built for data-driven decks, Digital Marketing includes a full suite of charts, tables, and infographics. These are tools you can use to illustrate data. Audiences love them, and they’re the perfect tools to support your narrative. You’ll also find device mockups, maps, images, and more. This unique design can work brilliantly with any marketing plan.

Inspiration: PowerPoint (PPT) Marketing Plan Presentation Slide Designs

It's true that every marketing PowerPoint plan is going to differ. But that doesn't mean that you can't find common elements that work well for every marketing plan. Borrowing from the best ideas is a great reason to use PPT for marketing templates that already have ideas for you.

Let's take a look at five types of slides that you'll find in many marketing PowerPoint templates. We'll sample from templates from Elements and GraphicRiver. Consider using these when you're building your marketing plan.

1. Mission Slide

A mission is that core idea that drives what you do. It's a great litmus test when you've got a new idea to measure your tactics against that mission. Does what you're doing fit with your mission? That's the question all businesses should constantly ask themselves.

So, why not use a mission slide in your next marketing PowerPoint? Use a slide to capture that single idea. It creates an understanding of your goal with your audience and collaborators.

The Mission Slide
Use the critical mission slide like this one in Business Plan to capture that single, central idea that drives everything that you do.

2. The SWOT Slide

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: they exist for every business, and considering them properly is crucial. That's why they're condensed into a key idea and common approach called a SWOT.

You'll find a SWOT analysis slide in many PPT for marketing templates. Use a SWOT and fill it out to show proper consideration of each force in your business.

SWOT Analysis in Marketing Plan
A SWOT analysis slide like this one in Marketing Plan will help you show that you've considered each of the key forces for your business.

3. The Team Slide

No matter what type of presentation you're building, showing off the team behind the work is a good idea. A team slide can make your co-workers feel celebrated and recognized, and it also builds familiarity with your audience. 

Almost all of the marketing PowerPoint templates we've featured in this round-up will include a team slide. Use one of them in your marketing PowerPoint plan to "put a name with a face" for your audience.

The Team Slide
The team slide in Business Plan is the perfect example of showing off the members behind your hard work.

4. The Map Slide

Most marketing plans need to include a geographic consideration. That might mean showing trends or specific plans that'll help you reach targeted audiences.

That's why you want to use a map slide to do just that. Bringing specific geographics to life will help cement that there are specific, targeted plans. In the best marketing PowerPoint templates like the example below, you can see how to use a map slide.

Map Slide
Use a map slide like this one in Social Media Trends to help your audience connect the plans to specific areas.

5. The Infographic Slide

Infographics can help you explain a process. Instead of just listing the steps in a process, use an infographic to make it highly visual.

Your business plan should include some tactical plans. These are the specific steps it takes to execute the marketing plan. Those are best shown with infographics that illustrate ideas easily.

Infographic Example
Infographics like this one included in Business Plan are the perfect way to help your audience understand with a simple visual.

5 Quick PowerPoint Marketing Presentation Tips

Designing a great PPT marketing presentation takes not only strong ideas, but refining them, and putting those ideas into the best visual slides that tell a compelling story. 

Your aim is to make your points resonate with your audience and deliver them key takeaways that fit your marketing presentation goals. 

Here a few quick tips to help you do that:    

1. Focus Your PPT Marketing Message

Take your marketing topic and simplify it. Hone it down to connect with your audience boldly.

Your goal is to get into the head of your audience. Think about how your topic will resonate with them. What question, statistic, or quick point could grab their attention right away?

A good example of quick audience engagement is the question “What is the purpose of this email?,” from the SlideShare presentation “Email Marketing 101: Strategy,” by SendGrid. This is then followed by another question: “Or rather, what do you want your recipients to do?”

These questions help draw the audience into your presentation topic, before they show potential purposes of email campaigns. Questions are a great way to lead your audience to a clear point.

After you’ve got them hooked into your topic, then look to hold that attention throughout your marketing presentation, before you end strong. Discover more about how to engage with your audience more powerfully:

2. Use the Right Presentation Slides

There are many types of presentation slides, from those set up for showcasing your team, your products, roadmaps, timelines, market strategies, and more. It’s helpful to choose a marketing PowerPoint template that's got the slide designs you need for your presentation.

For example: Use the Marketing Plan PowerPoint Design if you've got fresh marketing ideas, strategies, or plans to showcase. Whereas, if you've got a more narrow focus like social media to present on, then the Social Media Pro theme would be a good choice.  

Not only is it important to use the right slide designs, but you also want to use high quality images and graphics to showcase your marketing ideas. Whether you need a photo for just the right visual metaphor or to blur stylishly in the background, you can find a bevy of royalty-free photos and professional graphics on Envato Elements.  

Envato Elements - Design without limits
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

With Envato Elements, you get unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee. It’s a digital buffet of marketing presentation templates, pro graphics, and creative assets—available to download whenever you need them for any project.

Learn more about how to design better PowerPoint slides:

3. Use Evidence to Prove Your Points

Whether from case studies, quality marketing studies, or your own research, real marketing data speaks to an audience better than generalizations or assumptions.

While your logic and ideas can carry quite a bit of your presentation, showcasing a few key numbers inside easy-to-understand infographics will make your points more credible.

Use a marketing PowerPoint template that comes with great infographic slides, like The Digital Marketing Pro or the Marketing Toolbox. With the right data slide designs, your audience will understand your points with more clarity and exacting depth.

Find more top PowerPoint templates that are overflowing with infographic slide designs:

4. Provide Clear, Actionable Takeaways

Great presentations tell a story that puts the spotlight on solving problems. They clarify with examples, but that information needs to make clear points that the audience can make use of.

Provide takeaways throughout each section of your presentations—especially in your conclusion. You want your audience to be driven take notes, and recall your takeaways, so they can put your ideas into action.  

There are a number of takeaways in the SlideShare “5 Storytelling Lessons From Superhero Stories,” by HighSpark. The presentation makes this quite literal by titling them as such, as shown below:  

That way, the audience can easily recall the key storytelling points of this presentation, such as: connecting with shared desires, identifying common villains, demonstrating solutions to problems in stories, and more.

5. Format for Live vs Distributed Release

Before you jump into designing slides, be sure to consider: how will you use the presentation deck you’re making? Your presentation format will differ when giving a live presentation versus one that'll be distributed.

In the live presentation case, you’ll want your slides to be concise, and support what you’ll be speaking. Your visuals need only compliment and highlight your key talking points. You can use impactful visuals, but it’s often best to keep text short and your points bold.

Your presentation needs take a different approach when you’re making it for digital or online distribution. For example, if you’re designing a marketing presentation to be emailed to your team, or if you’ll be uploading your deck to SlideShare. In those cases, each slide in your presentation needs to communicate your point fully on its own, much like a PDF document would.

Here are some great PowerPoint SlideShare examples you may want to look at:

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint Marketing PPT Slide Designs

A PowerPoint marketing plan is a must for sharing your vision. Thanks to pre-built professional templates, you don’t need any design skills to create an amazing presentation. Let’s dive in and look at three marketing presentation examples, and learn how to customize each slide in seconds.

Marketing plans should be visual. Anyone who’s suffered through long presentations understands the importance of diverse slide content. 

Elements like images, charts, and infographics help to break up the monotony of a slide deck. They’re also key to explaining complex concepts and presenting data in style.

In this section, we'll use Marketing Plan Volume 2, a multipurpose marketing presentation template from Envato Elements.

1. The Intro Slide

Let’s begin by customizing a simple image-and-text slide. This one is near the beginning of the presentation, so it’s well-placed to introduce your team and roll out your marketing plan slogan.

The Intro Slide
Use an intro slide to set up your presentation for success.

Outlining your slogan and guiding principles early sets the stage for the balance of the presentation. It places your message into context. When your audience knows your motivations, they’re more likely to engage, understand, and follow along.

The text is easily replaced. Simply click to select it, then type over it with your own words. Of course, you can freely adjust the font size and styling up on PowerPoint’s ribbon. Then, add in your own photo. 

The placeholders in this marketing plan presentation template make this a breeze. Just click in the gray box, navigate to your image, and click to Insert it. PowerPoint will drop it onto the slide, already perfectly scaled and ready to share.

Intro Slide Finished
Just add your text and a photo to the placeholder to create a strong intro.

2. The Charts and Graphs Slide

Charts truly are the best way to illustrate numerical data. And thanks to PowerPoint, they can be created and edited in seconds. This slide includes a pre-built column chart with data already included. 

Naturally, you’ll need to customize it with your own numbers. To do that, right-click on one of the bars and then select Edit Data. PowerPoint will launch an embedded Excel spreadsheet right inside the app. There, you can easily type in your own data. The chart will scale and resize automatically with every change you make.

Charts and Graphs Slide
Customize charts and graphs by right clicking on the object and choosing Edit Data.

3. Device Mockups

Finally, let’s check out device mockups. Device mockups help you showcase your website or app on representations of real devices. You’ll find mockups for smartwatches, phones, computers, tablets, and more.

Device Mockups
Start with a device mockup template to drop your app specifics into it.

As you can see, this mockup slide focuses on a smartphone. The centerpiece is the mockup itself; the 3D representation of the device. Beside it, you can see plenty of text placeholders, in which you can provide details about the app or website. Whether your marketing PPT features digital ads, or exists to sell a digital product, mockups can be a crucial element when communicating your plan.

To customize a mockup slide, you’ll first need to capture a screenshot on a real device. Transfer it to your computer, and then you can add it to the mockup. Click on the image placeholder inside the phone screen, browse to your screenshot, and click to insert it. PowerPoint will import the image, scaling it automatically to fit inside the mockup. From there, you can easily swap the placeholders for your own text to create a compelling marketing PPT slide.

Device Mockup Finished
You get a realistic-looking device image with your screen on it.

Thanks to Envato, building a marketing PowerPoint has never been easier. Your slide deck will be at the forefront of professional design—and you won’t need any editing skills to get there! By using one of these marketing plan presentation templates, you’ll gain more time to build a visionary plan, without focusing on mundane and tedious editing.

For more on that, you’ll want to check out our helpful tutorial:

Download Our New eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free PDF)

Need more help? We a helpful resource that'll walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully. 

Grab our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

Free eBook PDF Download Make a Great Presentation

Learn More About How To Use PowerPoint (Tutorials)

PowerPoint can be a bit intimidating to get started with. And you're usually on a deadline to prepare the presentation that you'll use to support your speaking engagement, so you hardly have time 

That's why it helps to review a few tutorials that can help you ease the learning curve when you're out to learn Microsoft PowerPoint. You can start with a comprehensive guide like How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide), which many users have found to be the perfect starting point.

Here are other tutorials you can use to really solidify your PowerPoint knowledge:

Design Your Next Marketing PPT Presentation Right (In 2019)

Grab all the assets you need to make great marketing presentations quickly:

There are so many types for great digital marketing decks, advertising presentation designs, and sales PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. 

Grab the best marketing PPT templates for numerous uses, such as decks with designs for: 

  • digital marketing strategy
  • digital marketing proposal PPT
  • social media PowerPoint template,
  •  go to market strategy template 
  • PowerPoint product marketing PPT presentations
  • marketing campaign presentation designs
  • brand plan templates
  • marketing management PowerPoint presentations
  • integrated marketing communication plan PowerPoint
  • market analysis and proposal PPT templates
  • and more!

Whatever your marketing presentation needs are, we've got you covered!

Find the best PPT marketing templates on GraphicRiver. Purchase professional PowerPoint design sets individually and at reasonable prices. Then download them right away.

Or, if you need regular access to lots of PowerPoint marketing templates, then head over to Envato Elements. For a single monthly fee, you can download unlimited assets. You get a full assortment of presentation templates, website designs, creative assets, and more.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, marketing PowerPoint templates with the best, trending marketing plan and strategy PPT presentation designs.

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