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Best of 2019: 20 Microsoft Office Word Document Templates to Download Now


Do you want to create beautiful, eye catching, professional resumes, proposals, flyers, business cards and more? Then you should use Microsoft Word templates.

The Resume
Just one of the many eye-catching Word templates offered at Envato Elements

Word templates are MS Word documents formatted with a specific structure and layout. So, all documents made with the particular template will reflect the exact same structure and layout. Users can make a template their own by adding their specific content to the layout and changing features like colours, fonts and graphics.

MS Word templates:

  • are a great branding tool that enable consistency in style across all documents
  • promote efficiency because you don't have to waste time recreating the same document layout over and over 
  • free you to focus on creating quality content
  • bring a level of professionalism to your documents that can set you apart from the competition

With all these wonderful benefits in mind, today we'll take a look at the 20 best Microsoft Word templates you can download from Envato Elements and Graphic River.

Best Source for Microsoft Office Word Document Templates (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements Word Templates
Envato Elements is a great source for Word templates

Envato Elements offers thousands of beautiful and professional Microsoft Office templates for Word. Customise each one to fit your needs.

The beauty of using Elements is that it saves you time. And it also saves you money as well because you can download as many templates as you like for one low monthly price.

Of course, you're probably wondering: why bother paying anything at all when there are so many free Microsoft Word templates online? Unfortunately, most Word document templates found online may appear to be free. But using them will certainly cost you in terms of quality and professional reputation. The bottom line is that if you want to create quality document then you need premium templates.

5 Best Microsoft Office Word Document Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2019)

Let's take a closer look at some of the premium Microsoft Office templates for Word that are the most popular on Envato Elements:

1. Blue Proposal

Blue Proposal
Blue Proposal

Get this gorgeous MS Word template and never produce lacklustre proposal again. This well-conceived grid-based layout will bring order and visual clarity to your material. Your proposal will be easier to scan and read. The template comes in standard A4 and US letter size formats. It also uses a handy one-click colour customisation system, which makes it super easy to add your brand colours.

2. Corporate Flyer Template

 Corporate Flyer Template
Corporate Flyer Template

Need to create professional flyers for a trade fair or business conference? Look no further than the stunning Corporate Flyer Template. This MS Word template provides an A4 size visually pleasing layout for both the front and back of your flyer. Use one or both, add your text, images and brand oculars and your document is ready to print. 

3. Modern Certificate 05

Modern Certificate 05

Are you planning a corporate event to recognise a valued employee? This certificate of appreciation template in Word is a perfect choice. It uses a standard A4 and a US letter size with a .25-inch bleed area. It's easy to customise and along with the Word doc, you also get Photoshop and Illustrator files in case you want to make changes to the graphic design elements. With its clean and modern design, this MS Word template will impress the recipient and convey the professional look you're going for. 

4. Business Card

Business Card
Business Card

As small as they are, business cards are huge in significance because they're all about first impressions. Make sure your business card conveys the right impression with this Microsoft Office templates for Word. It's specifically designed to deliver professional quality business cards. 

The template uses the US business card size and offers both a front and back design. To customise, download the template. Use Microsoft Word to add your details. Change the colours to your brand colours. And just like that you've got the perfect business card ready to print. 

5. Clean and Minimal Business Invoice

Clean and Minimal Business Invoice
Clean and Minimal Business Invoice

Do you need to create professional looking invoices? Well, Element's Microsoft Word templates can help you there as well. This invoicing template, which comes in US letter size, will help you create on brand invoices quickly and easily every time. Download it and give it a try.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Great template at one low price
Envato Elements - Great template at one low price

As you can see Envato Elements' Office Word templates are professional, versatile and easy to use. With unlimited downloads, choose as many Word document templates as you want. 

One low monthly fee = unlimited access to not just Microsoft Word templates you can download, but also to thousands of premium digital assets. You'll get access to:

  • logos
  • fonts
  • photos
  • business card templates
  • and much more

Though Envato Elements is an excellent option, if you're looking to buy just one Office Word template GraphicRiver may be a better option for you. 

15 Best Microsoft Office Word Document Templates on GraphicRiver (Buy One at a Time - 2019)

GraphicRiver is another resource that offers a plethora of excellent Microsoft Word templates. Buy these one-at-a-time instead of as part of a monthly plan.

Graphic River Word Templates
Graphic River is great source for Microsoft Word templates that you can buy individually.

If you need a one-off template and your budget is tight, Graphic River is a great option for high-quality Word doc templates. Let's take a look at the 15 best Microsoft Word templates to download found there:

1. Minimal Clean Resume

Minimal Clean Resume
Minimal Clean Resume

A visually appealing resume can make the difference between catching the eye of a potential employer and being overlooked. That's where using Office Word templates for resumes like this one can help. To use this modern one-page resume and cover letter download the Word template. Add your own information and photo. Your combo is ready to print.   

2. Blue and White Brochure

Blue and White Brochure
Blue and White Brochure

Create top quality brochures with this MS Word format brochure from GraphicRiver. The 16 page customisable document comes in two sizes A4 and US letter size. Add your own photos and text. Change the colours to reflect your brand. If you're proficient in Adobe InDesign, you can even edit the objects in the brochure. There's a helpful file guide included. 

3. Project Proposal Template

Project Proposal Template
Project Proposal Template

When creating a proposal for a client you need to put your best foot forward. You need to deliver a document that reflects your company's identity and communicates your services in a professional and engaging way. That's why you absolutely must use a Microsoft Word format template that can take care of the visual side of things. This project proposal template is one such template.

The US letter size template offers a plethora of useful pages like this "Meet the Team" page featured here. This page allows you to introduce the people who will be working on the project. There's also the quotation page (also shown here), which allows you to talk a little about what makes your company stand out. This is a terrific word template to use as you need. 

4. Project Proposal - MS Word Template

Project Proposal
Project Proposal

Here's another top-notch Word document templates to free you from the worry and hassle associated with creating a big proposal. This 22-page document was created in InDesign and Microsoft Word in A4 and US letter sizes. Though completely different in style, this proposal offers a wide range of different page types to suit a variety of needs. It's easy to customise with your own text, images and backgrounds. 

5. Minimal Invoice

Minimal Invoice
Minimal Invoice

Just because it's only an invoice doesn't mean it's got to be boring. Make your invoices another reflection of your awesome brand with this invoice template examples in Word. The template is structured with grid-based layout to keep your information in perfect order. It also auto calculates all numbers added. The template is US letter size and includes a PDF help file.

6. Rustic Wooden Wedding Template Suite

Rustic Wooden Wedding Template Suite
Rustic Wooden Wedding Template Suite

If you're planning your wedding, you likely need loads of different printed material like:

  • invitations
  • menus
  • RSVP cards
  • and so on

You're going to want to use Microsoft Word templates you can download and customise quickly and easily. The Rustic Wooden Wedding Template Suite is one such template. It bundles seven unique templates. So, you can create invitations, an RSVP card, menu, table numbering, etc. that all have the same look and feel. 

7. Denise CV / Resume Template

Denise CV  Resume Template
Denise CV / Resume Template

Here's another example of an effective MS word templates that'll free up your time so you can focus on other more demanding stuff. Just download this clean and professional one-page resume and cover letter. Add your own information and photo. And you're ready to print and send. It's that easy.

8. Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template
Funeral Program Template

Losing a loved one is hard enough without having to deal with the small stuff. Stuff like trying to figure out how to design their funeral programme. That's why we've included this tasteful four-page funeral program template. The US letter size template features four pages with plenty of space to add remembrance photos of your loved one.

9. Business Proposal

Business Proposal
Business Proposal

Here's another premium Microsoft Word online template that'll help your business proposal stand out. This clean modern template comes in A4 and US letter size. It offers 16 pages with auto page numbering and lots of layout variety. 

10. Corporate Letterhead

 Corporate Letterhead
Corporate Letterhead

Looking for a letterhead for your small business that communicates professionalism? Check out this US letter size template that comes in four colours. Of course, it's super easy to use. Just download the Word template. Add your business logo, business information and brand colours. You're done! 

11. Cleaning Company Flyer Template

Cleaning Company Flyer Template
Cleaning Company Flyer Template

Service companies who need to create professional flyers will be happy we've included this MS Word template. The template specifically targets cleaning companies. But it can be used by any service company that wants to promote their services. The template A4 size template offers three alternative designs and three colours. If the colours don't work for your brand or taste, it's easy to customise them. 

12. Multicolor Corporate Flyer

Multicolor Corporate Flyer
Multicolor Corporate Flyer

Here's another flyer for completely different purposes. This Microsoft Office Word template for download is specifically designed for recruiting drives. The A4 flyer comes in five colours. But it's completely editable so you can change the colours to suit your brand or taste. 

13. Word Resume Template

Word Resume Template
Word Resume Template

In our top 20 list for 2019, we've already included two single page resumes with photos included. This Word resume template goes in a different direction. The A4 size template offers up to three pages of resume for those of you who need more pages. There's also a cover letter template that can be used as a thank you template.

14. Professional Business Card With MS Word Doc

Professional Business Card With MS Word Doc
Professional Business Card With MS Word Doc

Don't be caught unprepared. Always have a professionally designed business card with you. Happily, you don't have to hire your own designer. With Graphic River you can choose your favourite business card design created by designers from all over the world. 

Once you've made your selection (like this Word template) it's easy to add your details and have a business card ready to send to the printers in minutes. 

15. The Resume/CV

The ResumeCV
The Resume/CV

We end our list of the 20 best Microsoft Word templates to download with this simple professional resume. Again, this resume template is quite different from the others featured here. It favours a scaled back full text header, one column and a completely scaled back minimalist layout. The package uses A4 paper size and offers a cover letter template to go with the resume template. 

Discover More Great Microsoft Word Doc Templates

To find out more about Word templates, check out this selection of great articles:

Choose Your Favourite Microsoft Word Template Today

When choosing templates for your precious business only the best will do. For premium Microsoft Word templates Envato Elements is an excellent place to start. Their templates offer a variety of designs and are versatile and easy to use. If you use a business or design resource regularly (such as a font, icon, or template), Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

If you're looking to buy an individual template, Graphic River is an excellent alternative for high quality Word templates.

Head on over to either site today to choose your favourite template. Start creating documents that'll do your business proud.

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