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22+ Professional (HTML + PSD) Email Signature Templates: With Unique Designs


A great email signature is noticeable, it catches the attention of a reader, and comes across in a positive, professional light.

How’s your email signature look right now? Is it basic—or is it beautiful?

Beautiful Professional Email Signature Template Example
Creative email signature Photoshop + HTML template 

Your email signature is part of your personal business branding and so it needs to be remarkable. It not only represents you and your business, but it also helps persuade those you contact to reply back, or to check out your website for more details about your business.

If your email signature needs a better design, don’t worry; it’s fixable.

In this article, we curate over twelve professional email signature template designs from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. You can use one of these unique designs to quickly make your email signature more creative, more bold, and more memorable.

Professional Email Signature Templates - One of the best email signature templates that are trending in 2019
Professional Email Signature Templates - One of the best unique email signatures that are trending in 2019

The Best Professional Email Signature Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover tons of the Creative Email Signature HTML Templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of these awesome HTML email signature examples from Envato Elements has professional and beautiful email signatures design options. While stacked with pro design features, and great visuals to choose from, they're also quick and easy to work with.

Responsive Email Signature Templates on Envato Elements for 2019
Responsive Email Signature Templates (HTML + Photoshop) on Envato Elements, for 2019 & 2020.

Grab one of these responsive email signature templates to quickly create a modern and professional look to your emails. You may also want to include additional details that a standard email signature lacks, such as taking advantage of these advanced options:

  • modern, creative layout designs
  • bold typography and clean fonts
  • dynamic graphics and color sets
  • business logo and photo setups
  • multiple contact and social links
  • fully-layered, and editable PSD files
  • responsive HTML file formats

The creative business HTML email signature examples featured here include these elements and many more.

Just add your personal text, creative graphics and preferred colors to these already visually impactful corporate email signature templates. Swiftly prep your business email signature with your custom info. Include it in your emails and you're all ready to impress your contacts. It's that easy!      

3 Best HTML Email Signature Templates (New From Envato Elements - For 2019)

Here are three of our favorite creative email signatures from Envato Elements:

1. Professional Modern Email Signature Templates

Professional Email Signature Template

A whole redesigned collection of professional HTML signature templates is now available to empower your brand experience and create a positive impact on your customers. We’re proud to introduce the new layouts that combine minimalist HTML signature design and responsive feature, you’ll get in love with them. 

The item includes 20 creative email signature PSD template layouts in 12 on-trend color combinations. Open up the smart catalog in order to choose the signature that best suits your need and customize the HTML file with your photo, name, and contact details.

This set of HTML + PSD best email signatures 2019 is ideal to be used by small and medium businesses, agencies, companies, offices, marketers or corporations. This premium template is definitely the better choice compared to many free email signature templates online.   

2. 360 Professional HTML Email Signature Code Template 

360 Professional Email Signature Templates

A gorgeous set of 360 simple, modern, flat, clean and professional email signature template that'll suit your business email signature or even just for a personal email signature. 

Customize your modern email signature Photoshop template with your creative logo, electronic e-sign, avatar, social network links, and personal information. You can easily change the text, images & colors of these best email signatures 2019 from the HTML files and the Photoshop versions included. Free HTML email signature templates out there will fall short in comparison to this premium template. 

3. 1000 HTML Email Signature Design Template

1000 HTML Email Signature Template

Give your email signature a fresh new look with this modern email signature templates set for your business or personal use. A premium Photoshop email signature template like this will help you save time and look professional. This is something many email signature templates for free download out there can't guarantee. 

This item includes 50 beautiful email signatures 2019 designs in 20 color mixes. The set includes 1000 email signature Photoshop + HTML template files ready to use. With these professional Photoshop + HTML signature designs, you can make any design change you want fast!

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from HTML Email Signature Examples to royalty free audio tracks, ready-made website designs, and more—all for one low price.

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many creative templates, graphics and royalty free audio files as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new creative and modern HTML + Photoshop email signature templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our Envato Market below.

The Best HTML Email Signature Templates on Envato Market (Buy It One at a Time)

We also have you covered if you need to buy email signature designs one at a time in 2019 or 2020, in our HTML + Photoshop email signature templates category on GraphicRiver (Envato Market). Here are a few creative HTML email signature examples from our best-selling templates from the last year:

GraphicRIver professional email signature templates
Best unique email signatures (HTML + Photoshop)—available for sale on GraphicRiver.

20 Best Professional Email Signature Templates 2019 (Design From Envato Market – For 2019)   

Here are some beautiful responsive email signature templates from GraphicRiver:

1. 138 Professional HTML Email Signature Templates. 2019

138 Professional Best Email Signatures 2019

This popular, four-star rated set of responsive email signature templates is designed for professionals. Use it to brand your business emails, make your important contact info stand out, include quick links, and more. It’s packed with:

  • 138 Photoshop email signature templates
  • 23 different layout variations
  • fully editable via PSD
  • professional multipurpose designs
  • six color variations

There are a ton of style options included. They’re ready to work with. Set up your email signature quickly. Don't gamble with your company's brand name by using free responsive email signature templates. Grab this email signature template PSD set to give your email signature a distinctive, creative style—one that'll make a memorable, professional impression on all of your contacts.  

2. Premium, Professional Email Signature Template Collection

Premium Email Signature Templates Professional Collection

Need an upgrade after using free HTML email signature templates? This unique set of beautiful email signature design templates has multiple modern options made for personal or business use. With over 100 professional best email signatures 2019, 50 unique layout design, and 20 color options, this creative set of files is ready for customizing to the design you want. It's got special features as well, like a smart catalog and responsive Photoshop + HTML signature design files.

3. Modern Business - HTML Email Signature Templates Set

Modern Format Business Email Signature Templates

This modern set of HTML email signature designs has a bevy of creative options unlike many free responsive email signature templates online. With 43 unique layout designs, multiple color variations and over 301 fully editable Photoshop PSD & HTML files, this template pack is ready to go.

You can personalize these corporate HTML signature templates to your business brand quickly, add in your own signature details like your logo, your social profiles, and your text and exact color combinations. Make your business contacts sit up and take notice!

4. Klambi - Unique Email Signature Design Inspiration

Klambi - Unique Email Signature Design Inspiration

Whether sending your email from Outlook, Gmail, or another popular email software client, a great email signature design template PSD will help you stand out professionally. Don't take your chances with email signature templates for free downloads online. This premium set of email signature PSD template designs comes with a number of HTML options to make a custom business email signature fast. Add your own photo, title, and all your contact details to one of these modern, HTML signature design formats.

5. 360 Professional Email Signature Design Templates With PSD + HTML

360 Professional Esignature Templates PSD HTML Formats

This is a gorgeous set of professional email signature templates with flat, clean, modern designs. There are over 360 HTML files, 12 color styles, and 30 different layout options. It’s one of the best email signature templates set on GraphicRiver, with positive user feedback like:

The email signature template HTML code is understandable, very easy to customize and super-flexible, really responsive, looks nice on mobile devices. Great work as always from CreaKits, I can only recommend to everyone!

There’s everything included that you’d need to create your business email signature quickly, without having to start from scratch or taking the risk of using free email signature templates found online!

6. Otrion Best Email Signature Templates

Otrion E-Signature Professional Email Template Builder

No coding skills are required to work with this professional email footer template. Make your signature in just a couple minutes. Use the included PSD + HTML files, or work with the easy to use online builder to add your content.

Edit in your own text, change the colors to your brand, and add social links fast. Then quickly upload your logo or profile image to customize this set of modern email signature templates for a creative, unique style that’s fit for your business. A premium email footer template that can showcase your brand professionally. A tall order for many free email signature templates found online.  

7. Bold Black Email Footer Template Designs

Black Email Signatures With Proper Professional Template Formats

If you’re looking for responsive email signature templates with bold fonts and proper layouts, then this black and white set is ready to customize quickly. It’s a modern email signature templates set that comes with 30 layout variations, PSD and HTML files included, as well as free icons and beautiful, striking designs. 

Trying to create a unique, modern and professional email signature by using a free responsive email signature template found online could be tricky. It's best to go with a premium email signature HTML template like this.  

8. 20 Best Email Signature Templates - With Modern Formats

Best Email Signature Templates With Proper Modern Formats

Make a great impression with modern beautiful email signatures. Many email signature templates for free download online aren't as impressive as this template. This template set is ready for business use or personal branding. These files are fully customizable as proper Photoshop and HTML file formats. 

The downloadable set comes with 20 creative email signature design options that have clean layouts and beautiful typography. Make your name, title, and contact details stand out uniquely.

9. Professional Email Signature Templates - PSD & HTML Files

Professional Email Signature Templates PSD HTML Formats

Need a unique email footer template for signatures that stands out and is creatively designed for professional business branding? A template that's much more impressive and professional than free HTML email signature templates online? This set of flat email signature PSD templates is loaded with awesome design options, that includes:

  • 35 modern email signature templates
  • clean, professional layouts
  • multiple design & color options
  • 350 HTML Files + 35 PSD Files
  • fully customizable file setup

It comes with properly formatted template files, nicely layered PSD groups, and well documented HTML signature template files, so you can work with them easily. Have a look at the various email signature mockups by clicking on the screenshots button. Get your business email signature ready to go quickly with a great design!

10. HTML Email Signature Code Template With 5 Creative Designs (+PSD)

Email Signature Template With Creative PSD HTML Formats

If you want a professional email signature with a creative design, then this template set is exactly the right choice for you. With email signature PSD templates + HTML files, and vibrant designs, it's got everything you need to make a great unique email signature.

It's got a handful of unique and beautiful email signatures design options with a great mix of modern, colorful features: from dynamic shapes, to cropped photo areas, and composed type for inserting your name and personalized contact details. Make it your own today!

11. 15 PSD + HTML Email Signature Code Template

15 Email Signature Template PSD  HTML

Simple, modern, flat and clean multipurpose unique email signature design inspirations, unlike any free email signature templates out there. It helps you create a professional look and feel to your email communications. It's also suitable for all business of personal emails. This beautiful email signature template HTML code is designed with clear and simple instructions making it easy to edit if need be. Not big on codes? That’s fine—just work on the easily customizable email signature template PSD instead.

12. InSpired - 12 Unique Email Signature Design Inspirations

InSpired - 12 Email Signature Design Inspirations

Included are a PSD file and 12 HTML files. The help files are well documented making this email signature template HTML code not only easy to understand but also easy to edit. The Photoshop file, on the other hand, is well layered and grouped with proper names. Overall, these email signature design inspirations are very easily customizable both in PSD & HTML.

13. 46 Email Signature Template HTML Code

46 Email Signature Templates

46 PSD + HTML email signature code template with designs for you to pick from. Have a look at the various email signature mockups by clicking on the screenshots button. These email signature mockups help you compare various designs and select the best one for you. Far more professional options and control over the final outcome compared to many email signature templates for free download found online. The files consist of vectors that are 100% scalable, layered files and free Google fonts.

14. 11 Modern Email Signature HTML Templates

11 Modern Email Signature HTML Templates

Simple, modern, flat and clean email signature HTML + PSD templates suitable for business or personal email. It's perfect if you need a professional look and feel to your email communications. Have a look at the email signature mockup as shown on the preview image. Email signature template HTML code editing is made easy with the well-documented HTML file that's included. 

15. 1100+ Email Signature Pack

1100 Email Signature Pack

If you prefer to have loads of choices, this pack is excellent! Have a look at the email signature mockup shown on the preview image. It gives a feel for what you can expect from this pack. It comes with 100% editable PSD files, smart objects, and free fonts. To add more value to this already awesome pack, how do free updates sound? When you purchase this pack, you get a lifetime of free updates.

16. Corporate Email Signature Template

Corporate Email Signature Template

Corporate Email Signature Template is a very modern and creative corporate multipurpose PSD creative email signature featuring editable layers, vector shapes, and professional design. This is one of the best premium templates to use compared to many free responsive email signature templates online. 

17. 100 Photoshop + HTML Signature Design Template

100 Photoshop  HTML Signature Design Template

This template set gives you 100 email variations to pick from. These easily customizable PSD+HTML templates are nicely layered and grouped with proper names making your editing process a breeze. It also comes with well-documented HTML help files which are always handy. 

18. 20 PSD Professional Email Signature Templates

20 PSD Professional Email Signature Templates

An email signature design inspiration that can is 100% editable on PSD and easy to customize. Include your profile picture, social media links & contact details in a clean and simple way. 

19. Business Email Design Inspiration

Business Email Design Inspiration

This is a clean and professional layered file. Quickly change the image in PSD with Smart-Object by dragging and dropping your image. The dimension of the email signature is 1200x450 and uses free fonts. This is an ideal multipurpose email signature template for your business. 

20. 5 Creative Email Signature Template

5 Creative Email Signature Template

This is a creative email signature design that stands out from the rest. Free HTML email signature templates out there may not give you a creative yet professional feel like this template does. Pick from five PSD templates and customize the colors, shapes, and info without any loss of quality. This template is perfect for creative agencies or any businesses alike.  

3 Quick Email Signature Design Tips

Here are a handful of quick tips to help you pick an email signature with the right design that fits your brand and business goals:

1. Start Simply and Stay On-Brand

360 Email Signature Design Inspiration
Simple and Clean Email Signature Design Inspiration

When choosing an email signature template to work with, keep in mind that readability is as important as style. It helps to look at simple designs to begin with, which include only the info you need and don't clutter your email signature with unnecessary details.

If there's too much going on, the reader can get turned off. You can get creative but take care and consider each element you include in your signature. If one phone number is enough, then don’t add two. If a clean design looks best, then don’t overdo it with too many elements.

It’s also important to use a design that fits your company’s brand well, with colors, fonts, and a design layout that feels on target with your business. Some companies may also have specific brand guidelines you need to match, which will dictate how creative you can get with your email signature.

2. Design for Simplicity (or Go Bold)

Considering your brand and marketing goals will help you narrow your choices. You should pick a unique email signature template that's got the right blend of creativity and professionalism that fits your business best. Here are a few design styles to consider:

There are a number of additional features to look at beyond style as well.

3. Make Best Use of Multiple Options

1000 Email Signature Design Inspiration
Multiple Options - 1000 Email Signature Design Inspiration

Email templates come with many options, such as areas designed to add your logo or photos. They also include pre-formatted text to place your name and contact info, but also special icons made for linking to your social profiles and website. They often come with graphics and colorful creative design elements as well.

You may want to grab an email signature PSD template that's got advanced features and multiple layout options. It can be really helpful to pick a template that’s flexible, so you've got the right design options you need now and in the near future.

Learn More Helpful Email Tips

Discover more great email signature tips:

It's important to close your email professionally. Learn more about how to both sign off right and highlight your email signature so you're on target with your message and stick in the mind of your contacts: 

Also, if your email inbox is becoming a mess, and you're struggling with keeping on top of all your incoming emails in a timely fashion, then you need a professional solution. 

Sign up for the Tuts+ Business Newsletter and get the free Inbox Zero Mastery eBook now. Learn how to organize your inbox and master your approach to emailing.

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Where to Find the Best PSD + HTML Email Signature Designs in 2019 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have trendy, popular email signature HTML templates with high-quality visual designs. They lead the pack in 2019. But, should you use GraphicRiver or Envato Elements? And what are the key benefits of each?

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service that gives you unlimited creative template downloads for a single monthly fee. That’s a powerful offer. 

You can download as many creative email signature templates as you need to use at any time, as well as: web templates, fonts, add-ons, and graphic assets. There are loads of quality HTML email signature design templates with on-trend designs available on Envato Elements:

Best HTML Email Signature Design Templates on Envato Elements 2019
Best HTML Email Signature Design Templates on Envato Elements (2019).

2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

GraphicRiver is the leading digital marketplace for purchasing single-use graphics and visual assets. It’s part of the Envato Market suite of online marketplaces that cater to various creative digital asset needs.

When you need a Photoshop email signature template, to use right now on your emails, then head over to GraphicRiver to make a purchase and download your files. Here are the best modern email signature templates that are currently trending on GraphicRiver:

Best Photoshop Email Signature Templates on GraphicRiver 2019
Best Photoshop Email Signature Templates on GraphicRiver (2019)

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

If you’re a serial entrepreneur launching new brands regularly, a digital marketer with multiple projects to promote, or a graphic or web designer with numerous clients to serve, then Envato Elements offers a great bang for your buck. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements - Design without limits
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

Or, if you just need a PSD + HTML email signature design template or another file type to download right now, then head over to GraphicRiver (or another Envato Market site) to find just what you need.

Create a Professional Email Signature Quickly!

You can make a great email signature fast, without needing to be a professional graphic designer. With the right design, you can brand your emails with confidence.

Browse through our wide-selection of creative HTML email signature templates from Envato Elements or pro email signatures for Photoshop on Envato Market. 

Grab one to quickly customize so your corporate email signature templates and stands out professionally—with your name, title, and contact details boldly added to all your future emails.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new corporate email signature templates with the best, professional designs.

Looking for something to help kick start your next project?
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