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20 Best (Unique) Restaurant Logo Designs (Inspiration for 2019)


When it comes to your restaurant, your logo is a great way to distinguish yourself from other restaurants. Not only does a great restaurant logo help you build brand recognition, but it also tells potential customers what type of restaurant you've got and what kind of cuisine they can expect.  

restaurant logo idea
You'll find this restaurant logo idea (and many others like it), at Envato's Placeit.

Luckily, you can create a great food logo for your restaurant once you:

  1. have a restaurant logo idea 
  2. know where to go to find resources to create a logo based on your idea 

In this article, learn how to use an online logo generator like Placeit to find restaurant logo ideasWe'll also share some restaurant logo maker templates for inspiration.

How to Quickly Make a Restaurant Logo With Placeit

Placeit is an online marketplace with hundreds of templates that make it easy to create any type of logo you need. The marketplace also has an awesome logo maker that allows you to customize a logo template you like right then and there so there's no need to download and learn a complicated design software.

To get started with Placeit and turn your restaurant logo idea into an actual logo, follow these simple steps:

Searching for a restaurant logo on Placeit
  1. Go to Placeit and sign up for a free account.
  2. Click on Logos in the top menu and then type in your restaurant name.
  3. Select Restaurant from the drop-down menu
  4. Browse through the selection of restaurant logos and choose the template that you like best.
  5. Make sure to change the text, edit colors, shapes, icons, and do any other customizations that you want. You can also try suggested presets or change templates.
  6. When you’re done customizing your chosen template, click the Download button and download your finished restaurant logo for a small fee. You can also subscribe to Placeit and download the logo with easy access to design resources for promotional material such as posters or flyers.
Customizing a logo using Placeit

Now that we’ve covered the basics of making a logo with Placeit, let’s take a look at what Placeit has to offer when it comes to restaurant logo templates.

15 Best Restaurant Logo Templates From Placeit

Below, you’ll find the best logo templates that you can use if you need a restaurant logo inspiration. You’ll find some of the best restaurant logos for fast food restaurants, pizza restaurants, as well as Chinese, Spanish, and other ethnic restaurants.

1. Pizza Logo Maker

Pizza Logo Maker

The first logo on the list is a perfect choice for a pizza restaurant. The logo features a dark background with flame and pizza icons, but you can easily customize them if you’re not a fan of the chosen icons. You’ll see several other pizza icons that can be used in the logo options on the right and you can also tweak the fonts and the colors.

2. Kitchen Business Logo Maker

Kitchen Business Logo Maker

The Kitchen Business Logo is another example of a logo with a dark background. The pop of green color in the icon adds a unique touch to the design and makes the logo stand out. With this template, you can change colors and fonts as well as the layout of the logo.

3. Restaurant Logo Maker With Pizza Clipart

Restaurant Logo Maker with Pizza Clipart

The Restaurant Logo Maker With Pizza Clipart is another example of a great logo design for a pizzeria. Choose between three different layout options and use any of the several pizza icons instead of the default one to make a truly unique logo. For example, you can use the pizza icon with flames if you specialize in making hot and spicy pizza.

4. Bar and Grill Logo Maker

Bar and Grill Logo Maker

If you own a grill restaurant, the Bar and Grill Logo Maker is the perfect starting point for your restaurant logo design. The logo is suitable for a high-end grill and bar thanks to its elegant typography and a classy background. 

5. Burger Logo Maker with Burger Graphics

Burger Logo Maker with Burger Graphics

Fast food restaurant owners can use the Burger Logo Maker as a starting point for their fast food restaurant logos. The template has an awesome burger icon and a playful and bold font that go well together. You can re-arrange the elements as you want and change the icon to a different one.

6. Restaurant Logo Maker with BBQ Clipart

Restaurant Logo Maker with BBQ Clipart

The BBQ and Grill Restaurant Logo template features a bold restaurant logo design so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a bold design. Aside from changing colors and fonts, you can re-arrange the elements and opt to add a subtle texture or a glow. 

7. Restaurant Logo Maker for Barcelona's Tapas Restaurant

Restaurant Logo Maker for Barcelonas Tapas Restaurant

The next restaurant company logo is a perfect choice for Mexican or Spanish restaurants. The logo features an elegant dark background, which contrasts with the yellow icon perfectly. You can modify the layout as well as colors and icons. Another option you have with this logo is the ability to add a glow or a texture to make it more visually appealing. 

8. Online Logo Maker for a Chicken Wings Restaurant

Online Logo Maker for a Chicken Wings Restaurant

The Online Logo Maker for a Chicken Wings Restaurant offers a lot in terms of customization. For starters, you can customize colors and fonts. You can also change the icons that are used as well as add a custom badge to make your logo stand out. Lastly, you can manually re-arrange the elements to a layout that you prefer.

9. Vegetarian Restaurant Logo Maker

Vegetarian Restaurant Logo Maker

Consider the Vegetarian Restaurant Logo Maker if you own a vegetarian restaurant. This logo offers 4 different logo variations and quite a few different icons that you can use for your creative restaurant logo designs. Tweak the colors, change the fonts, and add texture for a unique logo that you can download and use immediately.

10. Greek Restaurant Logo Maker with Trident Clipart

Greek Restaurant Logo Maker with Trident Clipart

As the name suggests the Greek Restaurant Logo Maker is a great choice for any Greek restaurant. This template features several Greek-themed icons and allows you to choose between four different layouts. You can also add a glow and change the colors and fonts to match your brand.

11. Online Logo Maker for Turkish Restaurants

Online Logo Maker for Turkish Restaurants

This Online Logo Maker for Turkish Restaurants can be used for any Middle-East restaurant. There's no shortage of icons that you can use in this template and there are several logo layouts that give the logo a completely different look and feel, so feel free to experiment.

12. Logo Maker for Italian Restaurants

Logo Maker for Italian Restaurants

If you own an Italian restaurant, look no further than this elegant restaurant logo for Italian restaurants. This template would require very little customization as green and red are the perfect colors for anything representing Italy. You can choose between traditional Italian icons such as pasta shapes and olives to customize the logo and make it your own. 

13. Restaurant Logo Maker For Gaucho Grill Restaurant

Restaurant Logo Maker for Gaucho Grill Restaurant

The next template is a perfect choice for South American restaurants. The logo can easily be customized to include your national colors and symbols as it comes with quite a few icons. It also allows you to manipulate elements manually so you can create a unique layout.

14. Chinese Restaurant Logo Maker with Dumpling Drawing

Chinese Restaurant Logo Maker with Dumpling Drawing

Use the Chinese Restaurant Logo Maker if you need a logo for your Chinese restaurant. The logo is perfect if you like simplicity and minimal design. You can change out the icon and the fonts and add a different colored background. 

15. Online Logo Maker with Koi Fish Art

Online Logo Maker with Koi Fish Art

The last restaurant logo design example is perfect for Japanese restaurants. There are four different layouts to choose from and a number of different Japanese-themed icons. You can also add a glow or a texture to your logo.

5 More Unique Restaurant Logo Templates From Envato Elements

If you need even more restaurant logo inspiration, then stop by Envato Elements. Envato Elements offers thousands of design assets, logo templates included that you can download and use in an unlimited number of projects for a low monthly fee. Here are five restaurant logo templates from Envato Elements that you can use as a starting point for your restaurant logo.

1. Logo Fish Tuna Seafood Restaurant Store

Logo Fish Tuna Seafood Restaurant Store

The first template from Envato Elements is a perfect choice for any seafood restaurant. The template can easily be edited in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and all the elements included are vector shapes so they'll look great no matter how big or small you make your logo. The template includes a help file with editing instructions and a list of free fonts, but you can easily change them into your preferred fonts and edit the colors to match your brand.

2. Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo

The Restaurant Logo is an elegant and minimal logo template that would be great for an oriental restaurant or a posh soup bar. The template comes in Illustrator format, which means all the shapes are easy to edit and won’t lose quality when you resize them.

3. Fast Delivery Burger Food Logo Template

Fast Delivery Burger Food Logo Template

Choose the Fast Delivery Burger Food Logo Template if you've got a fast food restaurant. This logo would also be perfect for a catering company or any restaurant that delivers thanks to the icons and elements used. You can customize the colors, the fonts and even play around with the element placement to create a truly unique logo design.

4. Restaurant Logo Templates

Restaurant Logo Templates

The Restaurant Logo Templates is a set of four different logo templates so you’re spoiled for choice here. You can easily customize colors and fonts and mix and match badges and shapes to come up with a unique design. The logo would be a great choice for a beerhouse, fast food restaurant or cafe.

5. Pizza Hub Logo

Pizza Hub Logo

Lastly, we've got the Pizza Hub logo, which would be a great choice if you've got a pizzeria or an Italian restaurant. The template comes in white and red color scheme; however, you can tweak the colors to your liking. The shapes included are in vector format so they'll look great no matter what the final size of the logo is.

What Makes a Great Restaurant Logo?

Before you set out to design your restaurant or food logo, it’s worth spending some time getting to know the basic principles of restaurant logo design.

  • Keep it simple. When it comes to logo design, take cues from famous brands like Nike. A simple logo is easy to recognize and can be used in print, web, and other types of media and in various sizes without needing to be heavily modified.
  • Keep it memorable. As mentioned earlier, your logo should distinguish your restaurant from other restaurants and make it easy for your customers to recognize your restaurant when they see your logo
  • Ensure your logo withstands the test of time. The best restaurant logos have a timeless design that doesn’t need to be changed when design trends change.
  • Make it appropriate for your industry. Your restaurant logo should be appropriate for the type of restaurant you run as well as the audience you’re trying to attract. An upscale logo for a fast food restaurant will convey the wrong message and attract the wrong customers.
  • Choose the right name. Lastly, make sure to choose the right name for your restaurant. Your restaurant name, like your logo, should tell the customers what they can expect and be memorable so you can stand out among your competition.

Once you know these basic design principles, you need to keep them in mind as your design your restaurant logo and the best place to go to quickly and easily make your own logo is Placeit.

Create a Memorable and Unique Restaurant Logo Quickly

Designing a great logo doesn’t have to take forever nor does it have to be expensive. Thanks to marketplaces like Placeit, you can quickly design a unique restaurant logo. Use our roundup as a restaurant logo inspiration and then visit Placeit and Envato Elements to find the perfect restaurant logo template.

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