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Series: Creating Landing Pages That Convert

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Are you about to launch a product on the web? If so, you want the sales to jump. To do that well, you need to learn the core concepts of creating landing pages that convert.

In this rapid-fire, three-part series, written by David Masters, you'll discover the core knowledge you need to create compelling landing pages. Jump into the fundamentals of how to design effective landing pages, write sales copy like a professional copywriter, and learn how to optimize your landing page to maximize conversions. Master this material and you'll improve your bottom-line.


Fundamentals of Effective Landing Page Design

In this tutorial, we cover the basics of good landing page design. It’s like we’re running a relay together. By showing you what works well, I’m running the first leg. But to make it work for your business, you’ve got to take the baton and continue running, until you discover the landing page design that works for your business.


How to Optimize Your Landing Page for Conversion

An effective landing page is made up of three key elements: attractive design, compelling copy, and optimization. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to optimize your landing page to maximize conversions. That said, all three elements of effective landing pages overlap and interact, so this tutorial will also touch on landing page design and copy.


How to Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

The role of the copywriter is to harness the power of words for monetary gain. More than anywhere else, the landing page is where the skill of the copywriter is put to the test. In this tutorial, I’ll you'll learn how to write a landing page that makes your prospects sit up and listen, and move them to purchase.

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