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Series: Working with CSV Data Files


Being able to manage data and move it between apps is a marketable skill. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can save a lot of time, which allows you to make more impact in your workday.

In this quick series, written by Mark Boyd, you'll learn how to work with CSV files. They are not intimidating and quite easy to use, once you get familiar with them. After learning the basics, then dive into how to use data files in connection with keyword research and managing social media accounts—just two of the high value tasks you can use CSV files for.


How To Clean Up Data in a CSV File

Regardless of the size of your business, there are growing expectations that you will be data proficient. Whether it be from transferring keywords into a spreadsheet, scheduling tweets, or syncing data between business apps, it's helpful to learn how to clean data from a spreadsheet and organize it into a format that any online app or software can read.


How To Clean Up Keyword Research Data in a CSV File

Keyword research is a part of a data-driven approach to your content marketing efforts. There are strategic keyword tools that work well to bring more eyeballs your way when coupled with a foundation of great content. Let’s look at how to plan your keyword research and format it into a CSV file you can put to use.


How to Auto-Schedule Tweets in Hootsuite From a CSV File

As service providers and online business owners, we are often expected to maintain the social media profiles of our clients, as well as use social media accounts to promote our own work. This tutorial helps you provide a tweet scheduling service to your clients and includes tips on best practices for managing social media. Learn how to schedule tweets using Hootsuite Pro’s bulk scheduling feature, which utilizes easy to manage CSV files.

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