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Session: Build a Profitable Authority Blog


In this comprehensive ten part series, professional blogger Tom Ewer, shows us how to launch a blog with impact, staying power, and authority.

This ten-part Session is comprehensive. Start at the beginning if you're just now looking to build a successful and profitable blog. Work through individual parts at your own pace. You'll learn each major component needed to launch your authority blog: discover the best tools, create epic content, pull-in an engaged audience, and earn a respectable income.


Best of Both Worlds: How to Build a Freelance/Passive Business Online

The fact is this: freelancing and passive projects can be complementary. You can build a successful authority blog alongside your freelancing business. Learn how your services and blogging can work hand-in-hand.


Two Very Different Ways to Create a Profitable Authority Blog

Discover two very different options you have when it comes to picking a topic for your authority blog. These two options, when combined, enable anyone to create a successful and profitable blog.


Creating a Successful Authority Blog: A Complete Guide to Branding

In this post we explore the importance of branding, give you examples of great branding across the web, then explain what you need to do in order to brand your authority blog in a compelling manner.


How to Setup Your Authority Blog With the WordPress Canvas Theme

Installing a premium theme can make all the difference in providing a more unique and pleasing experience for visitors to your site. Learn how to set up the Wordpress Canvas theme in this tutorial.


The Top WordPress Plugins You Need for Your Authority Blog

This step-by-step guide shows you how to install and setup each of the WordPress plugins that are must-haves for authority site owners.


Build an Authority Blog That Will Engage With Your Target Audience

It's time to focus on moulding your site for maximum engagement. You want to grab your target reader by the scruff of the neck when they hit your site and leave them with zero doubt as to what you’re all about.


How to Create Unique Content for Your Authority Blog

In this post learn how to create awesome, unique content—even in well-worn subject areas. There's no magic strategy at play here; just common sense gleaned from experience.


How to Build a Social Media Empire For Your Authority Blog

In this post, we focus on strategies for social media and discover tips specific to the two most important social networks for most bloggers: Facebook and Twitter.


How to Create an Audience for Your Authority Blog

Creating an audience for your blog isn’t nearly as complicated as many people make it out to be, especially if you’re willing to do the simple things well. That’s exactly what we’re going to explore in this post.


How to Monetize Your Authority Blog

The idea of making money from your authority blog can quickly become overwhelming. In this post we cut through all of the fluff and focus on the key considerations for effectively monetizing an authority blog.

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