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Session: Leveraging Public Speaking for Your Business

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If you're a business owner, engaged in freelancing or running your own online business, you're on the look out for opportunities to advance your goals: grow your reputation, make connections, and bring in more income. Public speaking is a viable business path to pursue.

Are you interested in excelling at public speaking gigs to promote your business and bring in a new channel of direct income? If so, jump into the following material written by freelance entrepreneur Thursday Bram. This Session will set you on a profitable and rewarding public speaking path.


How to Land Your First Speaking Gig

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to land your very first speaking gig, before you have any experience speaking in public. It's an approach that can get you more than just one speaking gig, so that you can get on your way to establishing a speaking career.


What You Need to Know to Improve Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is hard: we've all heard that it's the most common fear, above and beyond death. Everybody in the room is staring at you, which is enough to make most of us want to run. For the majority of us, there are always steps to take that will make us steadier on stage.


What Should You Be Speaking About?

In this tutorial, we'll cover how to select topics for speaking engagements. Your topic can make or break you, if your goal is to sell a product or a service to your audience. Choosing the right topic to cover is crucial in engaging your audience and building a reputation as a great speaker.


How a Creative Professional's Portfolio and a Speaker's Reel Can Work Together

While a speaker's reel — clips of examples of your public speaking — isn't strictly necessary, having a great speaker's reel makes it a lot easier to land speaking opportunities, particularly the big ones. Put together, your portfolio shows that you can do what you say, while your reel shows that you can talk about what you know. The combination makes you a double threat, far more able to land both client work and speaking gigs in the long run.


Using Speaking to Market the Products and Services You Sell

While many speakers earn money for each speaking engagement they land, the real money is often in using your speaking engagements to sell the products and services you offer. That's because you have attendees who already know on some level that you're an expert — otherwise they wouldn't be coming to hear you.


What It Takes to Drive Home a Paid Speaking Gig

To actually receive payment for your speaking gig, beyond travel expenses or an event ticket, requires a different approach. You need to be more targeted, at the very least, in order to get paid for your talks.


7 Ways to Monetize Your Speaking, Beyond Selling Your Services

There are other ways to make money once you've managed to get on a stage in front of an audience. The obvious option is to pitch those audiences on your services: just by talking about how awesome you are and how you've helped your other clients, you can often convince people to hire you on the spot. But there are other effective options to monetize your speaking, as well.


How to Keep a Steady Stream of Speaking Gigs Coming In

To build a speaking career, as part of a strategy to promote your larger career, you can’t afford the time to contact every single organization that you could possibly speak in front of. You need a system that brings speaking opportunities to your attention, quickly and easily. Then you can submit proposals to the appropriate organizations.

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