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Session: Profiting with Business eBooks


Ebooks are a fantastic way for freelancers and business owners to demonstrate their expertise. They are excellent lead generators and with a bit of promotion you can generate a good profit. If you're planning to write an ebook, then this Sessionwritten by ebook author David Mastersis for you.

Knowing how to write an ebook and making it successful can be intimidating. We'll help you out with each step of the process, such as: writing your ebook, formatting your ebook, listing on Amazon, writing killer ebook descriptions, promoting on social media, and even how to expand into ebook series. If you're serious about writing a successful ebook, get started today.


Using Scrivener to Write and Publish an eBook

What’s so great about Scrivener? Scrivener makes writing a breeze. As well as providing one of the best writing experiences, it helps with the heavy lifting of giving your ebook a solid structure, and it will format your ebook ready for self-publishing.


How to Format an eBook for Kindle

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to format your eBook using Microsoft Word, plus free online tools provided by Amazon. It’s a little more complicated than using Scrivener, but nothing to be intimidated by. Having your book properly formatted is essential.


Advanced eBook Formatting for Kindle

Formatting an ebook for the Amazon Kindle is simple – when you know how. In our previous Kindle formatting tutorial we showed you the basics of formatting an ebook, including headings, fonts, paragraph indents and line spacing. In this tutorial, you'll learn more advanced formatting options, including adding a Table of Contents and inserting images.


How to Write Fast (A Short Introduction to Speed Writing)

Most writers who’ve yet to be introduced to fast writing techniques can easily double their writing speed within a few days. If you can do that, you’ll also double your daily word count. If you’re paid per word, you’ll double your earning potential too.


How to Promote Your Kindle eBook With KDP Select

Amazon’s KDP Select program gives self-published writers an opportunity to punch above their weight when it comes to marketing their books. In this tutorial, you'll learn the lowdown on how Amazon KDP Select works, as well as tips and tricks on how to use it to give your book the best chance possible of finding readers and sales.


How to Choose Keywords and Categories for Your Kindle eBook

In this tutorial, you'll learn what you can do behind the scenes to market your Kindle ebook. Using keywords and categories, you decide how people find your book, and where it’s placed in the Kindle store.


How to Write an eBook Description that Sells

This tutorial will guide you through the process of writing an effective description for a nonfiction business book. You'll learn what to include in the opening section of your book.
A well-written book description will grab readers and make them feel your book is a must-read. They’ll be desperate to find out what’s inside.


How to Promote Your Self-Published eBook on Social Media

n this tutorial, you'll learn the right way to market on social media. It’s about building relationships, it’s about listening, and it’s about being a fun person to be around. As a business owner, you’re at an advantage over most self-published authors. If you’re marketing your business effectively, chances are you already have a presence on social media, and you will have attracted exactly the kind of followers who want to read your book.


How to Plan an eBook Series

Writing and publishing an eBook on Amazon feels great, especially when you pick up your first five star review. But even if you’ve written an enticing description and chosen killer keywords, sales can still be slow. What’s the best way to boost your sales figures? Write another book. In fact, write a whole series. In this article, you'll learn how to plan out a book series.

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