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Show Us What You've Made With Envato for a Chance to Win $250!

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Have you created something using a tutorial here on Envato Tuts+? Whether it's an illustration, an audio project or pretty much anything else, you can submit it to this month's Made With Envato contest for a chance to win $250 in Envato Market credits!

There are also prizes up for grabs for items you've created using a purchase from Envato Market, Envato Elements, or Envato Studio. So if you've used any Envato products this month, read on to find out how you can enter and win.

 Made With Envato contest banner Made With Envato contest banner Made With Envato contest banner

The Prizes You Can Win

Envato is giving away $1,000 in Envato Market credits every month to the people who've created the best projects using Envato products. 

And this month, for the first time, there are prizes on offer in four different categories, which means more chances to win!

Here's how that prize fund is split:

  • $250: Best Audio & Video submission
  • $250: Best Web Design & Development submission
  • $250: Best Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo, or 3D submission
  • $250: Best Elements, Studio, or Tuts+ submission

How You Can Enter

To enter the Made With Envato contest, simply share the projects you've created using Envato products. It could be something you've created using a purchase on Market, a service from Studio, a tutorial you've used from Tuts+, or something you've used from your Elements subscription.

To enter, simply upload an image of your project to the Made With Envato forum thread. You must include the name and link of the item(s), services, or tutorials you used from Envato Market, Envato Elements, Envato Studio, and/or Envato Tuts+. You can also share your work on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #madewithenvato.

That's it! Pretty simple, and completely free. You can enter up to three projects per month, and even if you don't win this month, your entry will still be considered for contests in future months. So keep on entering, and you never know when you'll win!

The deadline is 31 January, so there's still time to create something new if you don't already have a project to enter.

Get More Info

For full details of the contest, along with those all-important terms & conditions, see the Made With Envato contest announcement page. And if you need some inspiration, check the December and November prize winners!

Made With Envato December winnerMade With Envato December winnerMade With Envato December winner
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